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Quotes - 11/30: Gilbride, Fewell

Head Coach Tom Coughlin

TC: Good afternoon, who do you want to know about that didn't practice?

A:Yeah, his back is bothering him so we thought we'd hold him.

Q:You expect him Monday night?
A:I would, yes.

Q:Is that something that has been bothering him in the past?
A:(It) just recently started bothering him.

Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride

Q:Obviously David Wilson will see an increased role now. What's it like with him coming in against a Redskins defense that is not only strong against the run but shows a lot of exotic blitz packages?
A:Same as anybody. You've got to be ready and know what you're doing and have an understanding of what your assignments are and what adjustments you have to make to handle the specific challenges or problems that the Redskins present. He's been working at it. He's certainly been around long enough to learn from the guys ahead of him that have done a great job with handling that stuff. There's no excuse for him not to be ready.

Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell

Q: Did you think the four-safety look worked last week?
A: Yeah. I thought they were very effective. I thought we had a chance to utilize our personnel and use their talents.

Q: Can that become the norm with a lot of the teams you face coming up?
A: It just depends on the teams that you're facing and what challenges they present to you.

RB Ahmad Bradshaw

Q:Talk about how you might have to carry the team more this week.
A:I got help. Kregg Lumpkin is coming in and the young boy is still here. So I got a lot of help. I can't put all the pressure on me right now and these guys are learning a whole lot right now to help me out.

Q:What was it like having Andre go down last week?
A:It's tough. We can tell Andre wants it more than anybody on this team and he wanted to be a part of this great year and it's a tough loss. Stuff happens and bad luck happened to Andre.

DE Osi Umenyiora

Q:Does Monday Night Football ever get old for you?
A:Yeah, actually. I'd much rather be playing on Sunday at one o'clock.

Q:Isn't there something special about playing in front of everyone?
A:No question. Definitely, but we definitely prefer the Sunday one o'clock games. Those are the best.


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