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Quotes (11/7): Tom Coughlin

Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: What would you need to see from Rashad Jennings to think that he could make this trip?
A: He practiced two days this week. He is running around and doing all those kinds of things. We are going to have to make sure that he is ready to compete in a game. We will list him as such and then talk about him when we get inside.

Q: How is [Zack] Bowman feeling?
A: As you would expect for a guy that has been in the hospital, he didn't seem to have an overly amount of energy, but he is out there and he is positive. I think another day with a good night's rest, some nourishment, etcetera, etcetera, hopefully he will be playing.

Q: Do you have to do anything special for these guys, given the long flight, to prevent swelling and all that stuff?
A: That is a very good question. We have done a lot of work on the sleep study stuff and all that business. We talk about getting them up and being active and not just sitting there and certainly don't sleep all the way out on a flight like this. You have to have activity. You have to walk a little bit. You have to do some stretching at your seat. All those kinds of things. We talk about the knees and the backs and the joints and those types of things. I don't know what [SVP, Medical Services] Ronnie [Barnes] can do about it, but he's got some magic.


Q: Have you seen progress with [Steve] Weatherford's back? **
A: Yes, he has made some progress. He punted today.

Q: Is there a big worry on how far he can go on Sunday?
A: The worry is can he make this flight. Anybody with that type of an injury -- He'll have to, as indicated, do some moving around and making sure the seat business doesn't take over.

Q: Last year Seattle gave up microscopic punt return yardage…This year they are giving up well over 10 yards per punt return… What has changed?
A: What has changed is not really noticeable other than the yardage that you are talking about. They are a good, solid unit. They have a lot of linebacker personnel involved. They have faced some really outstanding returners. There is no set answer to what you're asking. I think you have to study all the tape to see it. The obvious 90-yarder hurt them.

Q: It sounded loud out there today… Was that deliberate?
A: We always have noise, but this is special noise.

Q: Seattle-directed noise?
A: Sure, absolutely.

Q: Do you like it like that?
A: I like to hear.

Q: Do you choose the music?
A: Yes, I choose all the music. Most of it is crowd stuff. The idea of the guys responding to even the crowd noise; I found years ago when we would just go offense with the noise and not the defense, the defensive players wanted the noise, too. Not quite that loud, but they wanted it.

Q: Are you surprised with the starting fast stats that you have seen from you guys?
A: Disappointed. Disappointed is a better word than surprised. I'm disappointed. That is not the intent, believe me.

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