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Quotes (11/8): Coughlin, Rolle, Hankins


Head Coach Tom Coughlin**

Q: No limitations on Victor Cruz?
A: None today.

Q: Is he good for Sunday?
A: I hope so, we'll see.

Q: Come on Tom. You've got to give us that one.
A: And don't quote me. Where's Tom (Rock)?

Q: Your defense hasn't allowed a touchdown in 10 quarters. Why is that?
A: Well, we've done a pretty good job of stopping the run all year. We are contesting better and we're getting turnovers, so we're denying opportunities and we're playing better. We're playing harder. We're more synchronized. I hope it just does nothing but get better.

RE: Coming off the bye week
A: I'm excited to play. It seems like a long time, but it's coming fast.

Q: Did Jacobs have a setback?
A: Not really. Were you here yesterday?

Q: I was not.
A: I thought so. He didn't work (much) yesterday either.

Q: It looks like Terrelle Pryor may be faster than some of the other running quarterbacks you've faced.
A: He is faster. He's bigger. He's just as big, anyway. That's part of the reason, but he's a gifted runner and he will run under whatever circumstance. If he doesn't like what he sees in the secondary, he pulls it down and runs and he does have designed running plays for him to keep the ball as well.

Q: It looks like when he runs with the ball it looks like he's a receiver.
A: That's your opinion. He looks like a quarterback to me when he throws it.

Q: What did you see from your guys this week off the bye?
A: They had good energy. We're excited about going forward. We're looking forward to the rest of the season. They practiced well.

Q: Do you view this as a must-win home stand?
A: The most important game of the year is the next one and that's this one.

Q: Do you have an appreciation for how resilient Andre Brown has been through injuries and cuts?
A: It's obvious how important it is to him and he did everything he could to get back out here and he's had three really good weeks of practice where he's gotten better each day out here. I mean he hasn't played in a while, but hopefully… You always think, number one, you've got to take care of the ball. He hasn't been hit and he hasn't been tackled, so you've got to take care of the ball. But hopefully he'll be able to do that.

Q: How careful do you have to be with the fact he hasn't played in a year?
A: First of all, he's in good shape. He's in excellent condition. You're talking about a day that's in the 50's, so I don't think there will be any conditioning issue, but we'll keep our eye on that part of it.

Q: How much can you expect from Adrien Robinson and what kind of role can he have?
A: He's working his way back. It's a shame that he's lost as much time as he did because obviously he had a chance to improve and help us, so now it's a tough role but he's got a good attitude about it.

Q: Oakland put up a lot of yardage against Philly. What did you see when you saw the tape?
A: Ninety-seven snaps. 560 yards, a lot of yardage, a lot of plays, but they, for whatever reason, weren't able to always put the ball in the end zone and, of course, Philadelphia had such a large margin that they prevailed.

CB Trumaine McBride

Q: Was there anything you were limited in that you couldn't do?
A: I feel good right now. I went out there today and I felt good running. I felt good turning. I felt good playing, so I'm ready to go for Sunday.

Q: Is Terrelle Pryor about as quick a quarterback as you guys are going to have to deal with?
A: He's pretty fast. He very well could be because he… I saw on film where he'll basically start out one way, turn around across the field and he'll still beat guys. He's fast.

Q: Have the coaches been talking about trying to contain Terrelle Pryor?
A: If you watch film, he's a huge part of the offense. He makes a lot of plays with his legs, so we definitely have to be aware of that and we definitely have a plan in place for that.

Q: What's the primary challenge for you guys in the secondary in stopping a guy like Pryor?
A: That's the biggest thing with us. He's going to scramble and he may get loose, so we have to make sure we're on our guys tight.

Q: How are you feeling?
A: I'm good. I'm ready to go.

DT Johnathan Hankins

RE: Possibly suiting up on Sunday
A: Hopefully, if I get the shot. If they call my name, I'm going to be out there ready to go. If they call my name, I'm going to be ready to go.

Q: You've talked from the very beginning about how much of a mentor Shaun Rogers has been for you. How tough was it to hear that news and to see him get banged up the last couple of weeks?
A: It was real tough. I was surprised. I didn't hear about it until later on in the day. It was definitely a blow to the D-line, he was definitely an impact player out there. I hope he can get healthy and get back, but if not, my prayers and my spirits go out to him. Hopefully I can learn from him and contribute that on the field.

Q: How excited are you for that opportunity?
A: I wouldn't say I'm really excited because a guy went down and he was hurt but the opportunity is there and it's there for me to take, so I'm going to take full advantage of it.

Q: How frustrating has it been here these last few weeks? You had that game and you maybe thought you kind of opened the coaches' eyes a little bit.
A: It's been tough. I've been talking to coach and the guys. It's not always going to be handed to you or given to you, so you have to learn how to work for it. I've been practicing my butt off every single week as if I'm going to go out there and play, so this week If my name is called, which I think it may be, I'm just going to go out there and give it my all.

Q: What do you think you can bring?
A: Well, of course, stopping the run. That's what they brought me here for. Doing that and getting a push up the middle and hopefully I'll get a sack on Terrelle if I can catch him.

Q: I would imagine you would have a better chance of catching him if he was going backwards.
A: Yeah. I don't have time to be chasing him unless JPP gets him tired and I can get the little slack off of it. It's going to be a challenge. I'm pretty excited to go up against him. I never really got the chance to hit him so if I get the chance, I'm definitely going to let him know I'm there.

Q: Were you guys friends at Ohio State?
A: We were cool. He was older than me and used to hang out with the older guys but he was a great teammate. You never could really touch him in practice, though. This is going to be the first time I really get a chance to hit him.

S Antrel Rolle

Q: When you watch Terrelle Pryor on film, is he about as fast a quarterback as you guys are going to deal with?
A: Absolutely. I think Pryor, he's a big guy. He's very, very athletic and he can hurt you with his legs as well as his arm so he's definitely a double threat. We understand what we have coming at us.

Q: Obviously you've had a lot of guys banged up in the secondary. With Jayron coming back and McBride is out there practicing, how important is it to get those guys back in there?
A: It's always important to have all your weapons intact. It allows you to build that chemistry, allows you to have that comfort zone and more importantly, it allows you to go out there and work with the guys that you will be working with throughout the course of the game.

Q: What's the key to the 10 quarters without a touchdown?
A: Everyone just flying around making plays. Coaches and players being on the same page at the same time and players just going out there and executing the game plan effectively.

Q: What's the mindset for this team going forward? You're coming off a bye halfway through the season, you have a three-game home stand here. Is this a must-win game?
A: Every game is a must-win game for us so that's going to be our mentality – win at all costs. Not every win is going to be the way you expected it to be, not every battle is going to be the way you expected it to be, but you just have to go out there and win at any costs.

Q: What have you seen from Hankins this year?
A: To be honest with you, I really don't focus on those big guys too much, but Hankins, I know when Shaun Rogers went down, he stepped in, he filled in quite well. He was plugging up those gaps, he was getting off the blocks, making tackles and just being effective. That's something that we ask him to do and he's stepped right in and he's been effective for us.

Q: Do you feel like your defense is just starting to hit its stride of late?
A: Yeah, I think so. I think our defense is coming together quite well at this point. I think we're on the same page at the same time and having Jon Beason here at the middle linebacker has definitely helped us out a lot. It clears up a lot of grey areas for us. He's the voice of the defense so we pretty much just rally behind him and everyone just takes

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