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Quotes 11/9 - Blackburn, Snee

Coach Tom Coughlin

Beautiful looking day, wasn't it? We would've loved to be outside.

Q: Why did you stay in?
A: It's too wet. Why would we go out there and fall down and slip and fall.

Q: How much was Chris Snee able to do today?
A: He did some. He did a little bit, enough to call him limited. We'll see. He feels better, but I think we'll see in another couple days.

LB Chase Blackburn

Q: How is it going to feel going back to Cincinnati?
A: It's going to be nice to go back to the great state and enjoy it a little bit and have the family there to see them after the game and hopefully it will be a win that I can celebrate with them after the game.

Guard Chris Snee

Q: How did you get injured?
A: First quarter, I got rolled pretty good. It's one of those things where I wasn't going to come out of the game and I just tried to push through it.

Q: That seems to be your mentality about playing.
A: I never take myself off, so it's got to be a pretty serious thing and I've gotten to rest some this week and do some rehab and I feel better every day.


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