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Quotes (12/11): McAdoo, Fewell, Quinn


Coach Ben McAdoo**

Q: The last three weeks, Rueben Randle has about seven receptions. What have you seen out of him lately as Odell Beckham has attracted more attention?
A: More balls have gone Odell's way. That's the way the game went last week. We like to distribute the ball. The coverage tells us where we're going to go with it. It just happened to fall like that last week.

Q: How would you describe Rueben's season?
A: He's been a little bit streaky. Some days better than others. We have a lot of confidence in him and expect him to continue to grow, get better. He's still a young player and we feel his best days are ahead of him.

Q: How long have you had the Beckham option pass available to you and what made you use it on Sunday?
A: We've had it oiled up for a little while. It's probably been in, I don't want to say Atlanta we put it in, his first week back, but we had it in pretty early. We've repped it a bunch. He had someone downhill on him pretty quick, so he didn't have a chance to work his way through the progressions like he would have wanted, but it was good to take a shot there.

Q: When it doesn't work, is that especially disappointing since the next time you try it, it will already have been seen?
A: No, any time you throw a deceptive, you'd sure like to hit it but with that being said, they're like screens – any time you call one, it helps you. It slows down the pursuit.

Q: Phil Simms always used to say on those plays, those flea flickers and things like that, it's usually the underneath guy that's open because the deeper guys are covered, the cornerbacks aren't looking at the action in the backfield. Do you find that to be the case?
A: That was the case on Sunday. That was the case there. He had someone, he draws a lot of attention when he puts his hands on the ball, so he had someone down on him pretty quick. The rotation was that way, so he had to pull the trigger quickly and didn't have the chance to work to number two. We feel, in the long run, those types of plays will help us.

Q: In his case, do you know based on his past that he can do that or is it something he talks about? Does he fill out a form that says, 'By the way, I can throw the ball down the field'?
A: Coming in, we knew he was a good athlete. He's done a lot of things in his past to help prepare for different opponents and things like that. He's a talented young man. The more you can do in this league.

Q: You knew he could throw the ball?
A: Yes, we were aware of that.

Q: Did you guys get Tom to sign off on that? It's a very un-Coughlin call.
A: Coach is involved in everything we do, absolutely. You don't ever want to make a call like that without the head coach being involved.

Q: Last time you played Washington, you put up 45 points. Is it too simple to think, 'They couldn't stop us last time, let's just roll out the same game plan'?
A: It's a division opponent. Things always change. It was a long time ago when we played them. We benefitted a lot from field position, whether it be from special teams or turnovers from the defense. Defense, special teams played lights out last time. We executed at a high level. To say we would go out and just roll the ball out there and do that again is ignorant. We know we're going to have to work for everything we get. They've been playing well on defense. They've been giving up some chunk plays, but they do challenge you schematically. We have to make sure everyone's on the same page and performing at a high level, playing fast and ready to execute.

Q: Did you see an improved Andre Williams? Obviously he had a big run, but in general, in terms of the way he's running over what you saw earlier in the year?
A: He had a nice day. It was good to see him get out and be explosive on the short yardage run in space. He looked like he was consistent with his courses. He pressed it, he had good vision. You give credit to the line, the tight ends and the receivers, they all blocked well for him. Henry (Hynoski) had a good day blocking for him. He took advantage of what was there and also gained some yards after contact, which was good to see.

Q: We spoke about patience with him a couple of times, did you think that bobble sort of created an artificial patience for him?
A: We'd like to do it without the bobble. I'm not sure that it helped him or not. I'm sure it got this heart rate up a little bit early on in the play, but he did a nice job setting his blocks and running to daylight.

Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell

Q: Devon Kennard was the NFC Defensive Player of the Week… What do you see from him and his development?
A: He is becoming smarter as a football player with the experience that he is getting. We knew he was a big, strong, powerful man. I think he is displaying that in his play, being a strong, powerful player. I think [Linebacker's] Coach [Jim] Herrmann has done a great job of bringing him along and developing him and we are trying to take advantage of his talents and trying to use him in the right ways.

Q: How has Johnathan Hankins grown as a player this year?
A: I think Johnathan has been steady for us. Johnathan is deceiving when you watch him because you just think he is a big man that can't rush the passer. I think he does have pass rush ability. I think he can push the pocket for us very well. Then in the run game, I think Johnathan does a good job with the center as well as the three-technique pressing the guards. Last year he was a spot player for us. Then when we started to use him and use him a lot more when we had an injury, we found out that he can play any position on that defensive line, which he showed us in college.

Q: The opportunity to see the younger guys out there… There was a time when [Jay] Bromley and [Kerry] Wynn were on the field at the same time… What are you guys looking for from them at this stage of the season with their development?
A: I think with Jay, he came to us as a guy that could push the pocket and we were trying to help him develop his run-game skills. I think he has developed some of his run game skills. We still like him as a guy who can push the pocket, especially in the pass rush. We are looking for him to develop more of his run game skills. Kerry Wynn had a solid preseason for us. He just had to continue to practice and what we are looking for from him is that experience factor. He is pretty disciplined in what he does in the run game as well as the pass game. He shows some power and strength in there. We are looking to see if he can continue to display that power and strength and how much stronger does he need to get over the offseason in order to be an every down player.

Q: When you talked about Kennard, you said he was a smarter player… Is he seeing the field better or understanding the offenses more or what?
A: I think when I say that, he is taking what he is learning in the classroom and applying it on the field. In the classroom, when you ask him a question, he is pretty sharp. A lot of times when they are out there on the field and it happens fast, as a ball coach, you can see them thinking, like, 'okay, I know what I am supposed to do, but I really didn't use my athleticism to do it.' He is starting to use his athleticism and executing those moves that we have talked about in the classroom. That is why I say he has become a smarter player.

Q: Is that what you needed to see from him to start blitzing him more?
A: We have always wanted to do that with him. Some of the opportunities have not presented themselves, but we always wanted to do that with him. Again, he is a big, strong, powerful man. Over the last two weeks, he has played a lot more and we have just tried to take advantage of those opportunities. We saw that early on in the season, and he got the hamstring in the Detroit game. We weren't able to develop that part of his game until he could get back, and get back into the flow, and then to develop his on-the-field presence and his classroom presence and put both of those things together in order for him to go out and play fast for us.

Q: What have you liked from Chykie Brown?
A: He is a young man that is very conscientious. He takes very good notes, and when I say takes good notes, he is a good film study guy. He doesn't have all of our techniques down pat, but he has the long arms. We like that, for jams, he has really good speed, so we like the speed that he can possess when he runs down the field. He is a pretty tough guy as a corner. Most corners are not physically tough guys, I think he is a pretty tough guy. I think he is a really nice addition to come in and help play in our secondary. We just like the speed factor, and some of the intangibles of what I just mentioned in his play.

Q: Was it the speed factor the reason why you went with him over Zack Bowman?
A: Yes, definitely.

Q: How hard is it to get ready for what could be any of three quarterbacks?
A: It is pretty difficult. You have to have two game plans, so to speak, you have to divide your practice time in two different types of styles of quarterbacks. Even though they may run the same plays, they run them in a different manner within a different speed. That is a juggling act that we are continuing throughout the week.

Q: Do you see a different Stevie Brown right now than maybe a month ago?
A: From his play? Yes.

Q: What is different?
A: I think he had made a conscious effort to be more assignment-oriented and play the techniques that we are asking him to play. We have tried to do more with him than just standing in the middle of the field, and be a post player. We have asked him to get down in the box a little bit, we asked him to have various roles. I think he has accepted that instead of just being a middle of the field player. We think he is a very good middle of the field player, don't get me wrong there, but we asked him to contribute and do more.

Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

RE: Situation with Weatherford during the game last week.
A: It was an unfortunate incident that transpired obviously, that we both wish we could have back. We are fiery, we're competitive, and it escalated way too far. I've got too much respect for the game and this organization and our head coach to have something like put out there. We apologized, we were good the next punt, just trying to communicate with him. He was frustrated with how he punted it, so that was it, just a miscommunication right there.

Q: What do you regret about it?
A: The fact that I put my hands on him. I let it get that way. When you coach special teams, your eyes are always on the field. So once he goes, he may not punt again for another ten, fifteen minutes, but I am going to have punt return, I could have field goal block, I could have kickoff return, so I was trying to get a point to him. It has happened before, it happened in the Super Bowl. He came off and he hit a punt and I got a correction to him. RE: By "happened," you mean just verbally?
A: Verbally, yeah. You try to catch him and get it done. It is unfortunate, but we are good. We communicate well with each other.

Q: You said you have too much respect for Tom Coughlin. Did you have to say anything to him?
A: No, we talked about it, he talked to me about it, and we're good.

Q: What was it about exactly?
A: No, I was just going to make a coaching point.

Q: Is he frustrated with himself, or with something you were about to tell him?
A: I think we were both frustrated about the punt.

Q: Washington Redskins have a good punter [Tres Way]
A: He's very strong, he's got one of the highest hang times I ever recorded, which is like 5.5, 5.3, 5.6 on a 55-yard punt, which is tough to do.

Q: His net is close to 40.
A: You want a 40-yard net, and they have done a good job of him coming in his first year. He is tremendous, big challenge; they will get it started with that amount of hang time.

Q: What is normal?
A: Once it gets over 50 yards and you can get it around 4.7-4.8, I think that is pretty good.

Q: It is almost a full second even beyond that.
A: It's looking up, looking up, looking up. He's good; he is a strong one.

Q: They gave up a long return last week.
A: They did, yeah.

Q: Was that a miskick?
A: No, it was good kick. Just lost one of their gunners out of bounds, and a couple of other things happened.

Q: How close is Odell Beckham Jr. to breaking one?
A: I hope pretty close. We put a lot of work into it and have been waiting a long time for it. I think they are blocking better, and they are getting a sense of timing. Pretty close that last couple of weeks. You just have to keep swinging away.

Q: In San Diego's game with the Patriots the other night, the punter got hurt. Do you guys have emergency guys?
A: Yeah, Josh Brown is there. It is not a big list. Josh Brown goes to punter and he had to work it a couple, probably two months ago now, when Steve Weatherford was ailing a little bit. Steve Weatherford is the backup kicker and Ryan Nassib is the backup holder. It becomes a little bit of circus when you lose one of these guys.

Q: Odell Beckham Jr. might be a decent option at kicker, too, now.
A: As long as he can catch it and spin it and kick, it will be good. He was a real good soccer player growing up. So he is a skilled athlete.

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