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Quotes (12/12): Coughlin, Rodgers-Cromartie

Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: Is there any thought of shutting down Jacquian Williams for the year?
A: We'll see. It has been quite a process. He is really not ready to practice right now.

Q: It has been a month. Has he had multiple concussions in his history, or is this [Williams'] first time having a concussion?
A: It would definitely contribute to it if it was… I am not going to tell you if it is his second one or his first one, to be honest with you. I can't recall. Definitely all the information we can get is a part of it.


Q: What about [Rashad] Jennings this week? **
A: He got better each day. He ran around pretty good today.

Q: Do you expect to alternate drives with [Jennings] and [Andre Williams]?
A: It won't necessarily be that way.

Q: Are you kind of a hot-hand guy when it comes to that?
A: Last week was one story, this week is different. I think [Jennings] is prepared to do more this week.

Q: Stevie Brown has obviously had his ups and downs this year, but he is back on the field for you… What has he shown you this year?
A: He fought back. He had a serious injury. He spent the whole offseason working on it. He really didn't get started very well. Pondered once he was replaced for a while. I told him that our team needed him to play the way he is capable of playing. He got back on the field and he has made a nice contribution. I am hoping he can do more. He does have outstanding hands and he does have the ability to maneuver in center field. You would like to think he can maybe get in position to have an interception.

Q: When you say pondered, what do you mean by that?
A: He was upset. He was internalizing all of that and didn't mind discussing that with anybody that would bring it up. He did it in the right way, obviously.

Q: When you talk about preparing for multiple game plans for the Redskins… Today, did you pair that down with [the Redskins] leaning towards [Colt] McCoy?
A: Well, from the information that we pick up on, McCoy will start, so that helps you reduce it. We still have to be ready for everything. A full gambit is going to be there.

Q: When you practiced today you primarily focused on McCoy?
A: Whether you hit walk-throughs with it or you hit it full speed, you are going to cover all the things you have to cover in order to be prepared for both quarterbacks with the strength of each. You do have to keep going with that.

Q: Do you find yourself wanting to look at some of your younger players?
A: We are looking at them. Who else would you like to talk about?

Q: Andre Williams…
A: He just had a pretty good game last week. He has been there all year long. Some games more than others, but he certainly has gotten a lot of playing time for a young guy.

Q: Has he progressed the way you expected him to?
A: Yes, he definitely has progressed.

Q: Do you feel better with him in the pass package than you did before?
A: I do. He has learned and understood and doesn't make many mistakes in pass protection.

Q: Rashad still brings a different element in that regard, though, right? That is why you brought him in that package last week, is that correct?
A: We wanted him to have the pass protection duties on third down, but Andre does know what we need and what is expected.

Q: Is that really where you see the difference?
A: No, not necessarily. You have a veteran guy that has done it all versus a young guy that some of this is still new, so you have a tendency in those situations, obviously. He has earned it, let's face it, Rashad has earned that.

Q: Do you think that the time Rashad was out helped Andre?
A: Definitely playing more and when you absolutely know that you are going to be the guy, it is a factor.

Q: Does Rashad jump back into the starting role?
A: Both of them will play. How they go in and when they go in – that is a big deal for you guys, it's really not for me. We will look at it and decide, probably based on the first few plays, on how the first 15 come off. We will be relying on both of them.

CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Q: As far as the Redskins are concerned… [Pierre] Garçon, obviously a very accomplished receiver, and DeSean [Jackson] is averaging 20 yards a catch… What do you have to keep in mind when you are going up against these weapons?
A: Tell the free safety to stay deep. With '11,' you know he is a down the field threat. With Garçon, you are going to have to challenge him because he plays with latitude. He is a guy they get the ball to and can make things happen. We definitely have to stay deep as a defense this week.

Q: We all know Alfred Morris has run for 900 yards, but are they still trying to get the ball deep downfield and make big plays?
A: Yeah, the offense is still run through play-action depending on which quarterback [is playing]. If you do have [Robert] Griffin, it is definitely run between him and Morris. They are going to try to get the running game going so they can open up that deep play-action down the field.

Q: You guys have had to practice against Eli [Manning]… How does he look this week?
A: During the one-on-ones, he still made all the throws that he normally makes. He looks good to me.


Q: You wouldn't want to face him? **
A: Yeah. No, I wouldn't want to face him. He looks good though.

Q: There are some question marks about who is going to be the Redskins quarterback… How does that change the way you guys prepare?
A: One of them is more of a read quarterback. You have to watch for the read and you know all the passes that come off that. Then with McCoy, there won't be so much of the read. He is definitely more of an accurate passer if you look at his completions ratings. One, you have to be more cautious of the run and the other one, it is still the same offense, but a little bit more passing out of it.

Q: Word is today that Desean Jackson is 50/50 [to play Sunday]…
A: That is good for us. Every now or then, it is cool for the other receiver to take it off a little bit. If he plays, you know we are going to be prepared, but we have to wait until Sunday.

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