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Quotes (12/13): Coughlin, Rolle


Head Coach Tom Coughlin**

Q: When you talk to refs before a game, Seattle's backs have a reputation that they hold a little bit at the line.  Is that something you discuss with the ref before the game?  Maybe something you ask them to keep an eye out for?
A: When the officials come into the locker room to visit with the coach, there's always spot in there where they ask do you have an unbalanced line, are you going to go no huddle, and then they give you a little open window and you have to make a decision on what you think are those issues that are priorities that you ask them to take a look at.  Each team might be a different circumstance.  That might be something that comes up throughout the conversation.  

Q: Now that you've had the whole week with the guys, have you noticed they're getting their disappointment phase out and moving toward game day?
A: I think they do a good job of that.  They've done a real good job of that all year long.  They've overcome disappointment in terms of going back to work and having enthusiasm.  Our morning meetings are very good.  Our practices have been good, with good enthusiasm, people really focusing on their job, we've had our one or two incidents, but overall the practices have been good.  I do think that the guys come back from disappointment and they recognize the importance of the next game and they go and prepare themselves for it.  That's a tribute to them.   

Q: Has JPP been advised not to play for the rest of the season?
A: Not that I know of.  I don't know who would advise him.  He won't be cleared until the doctors feel there's one particular part of the injury that is not going to occur.  Until then and if they do, with the remaining games, we're all in the same boat.  

Q: Is that closer to a dislocation or separation, or is it closer to a strain?
A: Well, there's no question it's a shoulder strain.  The exact definition of what happens, you'd have to get another update from some medical person.  

Q: Would you like to avoid what happened last year and if JPP needs surgery, have him do it early on?
A: No doubt.  If that's what the case may be.  I think they'll make the decision on that and do the best they can in his best interest.  If there is something required, it would be done right away.  It would have to be done right away.  

Q: He told us yesterday that he won't need surgery.  Is that inaccurate?
A: No.  Are you trying to catch me on something that I might have said?

Q: I was just trying to get a clarification.
A: Here's what I don't know.  I'm not a doctor and I only know at this point and time, if they can avoid it, they will and if they can't, there will be a surgery.  Not that that makes a whole lot of difference because the guy is not going to play in the game anyway.  Is there anyone in the game that you would like to talk about?

Q: Coach, what have you seen from Antrel this year?
A: Outstanding play, outstanding leadership, true team orientation, true everything.  I think everything he thinks of and does is in the best interest of our team and as I like to see, when he was elected captain, he's shown true ownership of this team.  

Q: How much are you counting on leaders like that?
A: You have to count on your leaders, always.  No matter what the circumstance is you have to count on your leaders.  This circumstance is obviously one of them.  We have five solid captains and they know what their job is right now and that is to keep our team focused, keep our team on the same page, practice well, prepare well. Nothing is going to be done any different.  

Q: Has Antrel sort of grown into that?  I mean he came in with a pretty good pedigree anyways, but did he sort of grow into that role?
A: I think he has, especially in the recognition on the part of his teammates.  That's why I would say how he was elected captain.  

Q: Could Hosley start over Mcbride?  What did you like (…)?
A: I'm just trying to get as many guys that can help us win on the field.  He performed okay and so did McBride.  The more the merrier.  

Q: You look at where you are this season and where a team like Seattle is.  I don't know if you need reinforcement about it, but does it prove your point on turnovers?  That you can really crystallize your season to turnovers, a lot of other things came into play, but (…)
A: There is no doubt about it.  Whether Seattle or anybody has that kind of number, I don't need the reinforcement.  I know what wins and loses and certainly giving the ball to the opposition does not allow you to win.

Q: You talked about Adrien Robinson being one of the guys that could possibly earn a suit.  Is that something you expect to happen this week?  Have you seen enough from him this week?
A: We'll see.  There's only so many guys that can dress.  It always comes down to that.  To encourage Adrien, to keep improving, to keep working hard, that's the whole point and hopefully the opportunity at some point would take place.

Safety Antrel Rolle

Q: How would you compare Russell Wilson to the other mobile quarterbacks that you've faced, like RG3 and Cam Newton?
A: I don't compare players. Yeah, I don't compare players.

Q: Have you seen an undrafted rookie fit in as well as Charles James has? What makes him so special?
A: He's a guy that has worked extremely hard since he's been here with the Giants. He's a guy that has made his way onto the active roster and he continues to make plays for us and be everything we need him to be, whether it's special teams or whether it's filling in for guys in defense.

Q: And personality-wise?
A: He's a great guy. He's definitely a great guy to be around, always energetic, always wants to lift up the next guy so it's something that we definitely need around here.

Q: I saw him run into the circle on Sunday.
A: Yeah, yeah. Like I said, he's a guy who is full of energy. He always brings a positive vibe and positive attitude, so it's something to look forward to whenever James is out there.

Q: Coach said today that you've really appreciated and taken in that captain role this year. Do you feel as if you've executed that role pretty well?
A: I feel like I've been myself. I've never tried to fill any shoes or play any particular role. I just go out there and try to be Antrel. That's the only guy I know how to be, that's it.

Q: Do you expect to be back here next year? We know your contract situation and their cap situation.
A: We still have three games left to go. I'm not speaking anything about a contract right now.

Q: You've been one of the most consistent guys on the defensive side of the football, have you been pleased with your personal success this year?
A: Yeah, absolutely. I've definitely been pleased with my overall success but it's about team. It's about team success, it's about how we go out there and establish ourselves as a unit. Personal accolades have never really been high on my priority list, it's all about wins and losses for me.

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