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Quotes (12/18): Coughlin, Beckham Jr., Pierre-Paul

Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: Any update on Jameel McClain and Rashad Jennings?
A: Full practice for McClain. No practice for Jennings.

Q: What has Jennings been doing?
A: He lifts. He works. He hasn't been out here. He works in the training room.

Q: With their pass rush, how important is the running back and how is Andre Williams doing?
A: He's doing well. He's done well. You have those initial thoughts about a young guy facing sophisticated rushes, if you will, but as the season has gone on, he's gotten better. He certainly has shown that he can do it.

Q: Are the Rams a sophisticated rush or are they straightforward?
A: They've got it all.


Q: How do you view the performance of your special teams this year? **
A: We feel better about our punt return, even though… A couple of weeks ago we had stats and last week, we had none. Our kickoff coverage has done well all year. Kickoff return… we had a nice return last week with a 45-yard return last week. Our punt coverage is tested from time to time, but has done okay. Last week was outstanding with a number of punts downed inside the 20 and four down inside the 10. I think we have improved and as I said before, as our young guys get reps, a little bit later in the season and they've gone through it they seem to be handling it well.

Q: Have you gotten the results from special teams this year?
A: I'm not sitting down and analyzing the whole season right now. You're asking me for that and I'm not prepared to do that, but you certainly always would like it to be better than it is, but nevertheless, I think there's progress.

Q: Antrel Rolle said yesterday that he's had better seasons than the way he's played this year. For a guy not playing at his best, is there still value in his passion and energy?
A: No question, always. His sincerity, his work ethic, his passion for the game… There's no question about that part.

Q: Can you see that rubbing off on some of the younger players?
A: Well, for sure, they've been with him in the meeting rooms for the entire season and those that have that benefit have definitely had a veteran player show them the kind of spirit, passion and energy that you need to be able to play in this league.

Q: With two games left in the season, are there things you need to see from this offense before you head into the offseason?
A: I think you need progress. We've challenged them here at the latter part of the season for point production and you know the week we talked about the third quarter and we got some production then and the two-minute drill – we had a little production then. I'd like to see all of that put together. Now, obviously, I'm back to the running game after last weekend. You're always looking for something that gives you the opportunity to say there's consistency and that's probably the biggest thing over the next couple of games, if we can balance this thing off.

Q: Are there things you'd like to see specifically from Ben McAdoo's offense?
A: I'd like to see it in the end zone a bunch more. It doesn't matter what offense we're in for that matter.

Q: How big of a matchup is Justin Pugh vs. Robert Quinn?
A: He's on the other side. He's the right end. Wherever he goes, and they move him around a little bit… He's an outstanding pass-rusher. He's somebody that's going to challenge whoever you put on him.

Q: Has Andre Williams gotten better at locating the hole?
A: Two weeks ago, he did very, very well. Sometimes the blockers ought to make a little more hole. Sometimes when you run into the back of people, there's not a whole lot of space. I'd like to see that improve.

Q: What have you seen from Justin Pugh since he's come back?
A: He went through that. He was injured. He came back from the injury. He's had some very good games. He's had some games where he was just so-so. We count on him to be a guy that we can rally around up front.

Q: Do you watch Odell Beckham almost a little bit as a fan when he's doing his thing?
A: Not if I'm standing on the sideline. I'm rooting for him all the way, but I'm counting the impact that he makes in the game. When I get to Mondays, sometimes I'll run it back maybe an extra time or two.

Q: Do you take a glance at him in practice?
A: Every time he's got the ball or every time the ball is directed there, sure, just like anybody else. I follow the progression just like you would if you had the sheet that I'm looking at and so wherever the ball gets directed, through the quarterback's eyes, that's where I'm going if we're throwing it.

WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Q: Have you always done the routine you now do before games?
A: Yeah, to an extent.

A: It was just right there.

Q: Has Ed Skiba become the designated the guy for your pregame routine?
A: He's the designated guy, yeah.

Q: Does he do it right?
A: Yes, he does a good job, actually, gets the job done.

Q: Because he is throwing away from you?
A: Just somebody to throw the ball, he's there.

Q: Is that a derivative of what you used to do with Jarvis Landry? You said you guys would go outside and kind of throw and do the one-handed kind of thing.
A: To an extent, Jarvis Landry has thrown a lot worse balls. We are both competing in a way so we would throw it in places where we were like 'you're definitely not going to catch it.' RE: From the same distance or closer?
A: It was about the same distance, it depends. We will run all around the field and just throw it around. There wasn't like a ten-yard mark or anything like that. It's just kind of whatever you feel.

Q: Do you ever visualize how it is going to go in your mind, and how it is going to work out?
A: I kind of just have an idea of what I would expect of myself or what I would expect us to get done. Whatever happens, it happens. You just have to weather the storm. Of course, you go into the game with a set game plan and mind, but sometimes you exceed or fall short of that.

Q: Have you exceeded those expectations?
A: I don't know the exact number, but there have been times where I wouldn't say exceed the expectations just because I always set it a lot higher than what has been happening. I would say that each and every game, there is a standard set in place.

Q: The Rams have a rookie running back in contention for rookie of the year [Tre Mason]. Do you find yourself taking a look at the list of rookies and stacking yourself up for that honor?
A: It is always in the back of your mind, but right now, honestly, just finish out the last couple of games and whatever happens, happens. You can only control what you can control. I am just, whatever happens, happens. RE: It would be nice if it happens though.
A: Of course.

Q: How would you look at that?
A: If it were to happen, it would be quite an accomplishment, but that is not up to me, just keep doing what you're doing.

Q: With two regular season games to go, what else do you want to do that you haven't done yet?
A: When? RE: With two games to go.
A: Win the last two, finish strong. That is the biggest thing, just winning.

Q: With an offseason and having the offense under your belt for a year, how much more exciting do you think it will be with this offense for the fans?
A: I am really just looking forward to the offseason. Just to be able to get completely healthy and get your body right. Work on whatever you feel you need to work on and come back, and just the potential, everything is there. We just have to put it all together.

Q: If you had to vote for rookie of the year, who would you take?
A: Jarvis Landry.

Q: Who's two?
A: Jeremey Hill. RE: Sounds a little biased.
A: Maybe.

Q: If you could vote for yourself, would you vote for yourself?
A: No, I wouldn't vote. That is not up to me. If they vote for me and I win it, I win it. It's in the back of your mind, but at the same time you've still got two games left and you just have to finish strong, really.

Q: Are you at the point where when you get out there on the field you don't think any of the cornerbacks can guard you?
A: No, it is out of respect. I respect everybody that I go against. I thought Bashaud Breeland was great, I think we played some mind games and that is part of the game, and I may have won those. A lot of penalties that happened, I don't know if the coaches pulled him out or whatever it was. It went down the way it did. Anytime you step on the field, it is a respect thing. You fear no one but you respect everybody.

Q: Is that something you plan going into the game when you say playing mind games?
A: That is not really me. I just go out and whatever play is called, go down and block, run a route, whatever it is. It's just when I am out there to do all of the stuff in between that happens, that's just natural, that's instinct. Sometimes the game, that passion, takes you to a whole other level. You just have to be conscious of what you are doing, making sure you are not getting dumb penalties on the field. I had one against Tennessee, which is just dumb, but it is part of just playing the game.

Q: When you were rehabbing that hamstring early in the year, could you have thought that you would break Jeremy Shockey's receiving records for a rookie?
A: Never would I have expected it to happen. In the back of my mind, I set the bar as high as possible. I didn't even know that I broke the record until someone came and told me about it. To be in company with Jeremy Shockey is great.

Q: Making that kind of impact on an organization like the Giants, how special is that for you?
A: It means a lot. This is one of the best organizations I have heard, hands down. It has been a great franchise for a while, to be a part of it, to be mentioned by all of the other greats that came along is quite an honor.

Q: Do you play fantasy football?
A: I don't have time for that.

Q: 41 % of the teams in the finals this week have you on their team. Have you noticed a shift in the way fans talk to you about that?
A: All the time. People talk to me about fantasy all the time. It is something that I really don't pay much mind to it because I don't like ….I am on someone's fantasy team, "do good for me." I don't play football to play for someone's fantasy team. I play because this is what I love to do, this is now my job. Like I said, I really don't pay much mind to it. I know earlier when I was hurt and would see the little tweets, "oh, I dropped you from my fantasy team," and that is on them. I am not the coach, people tweeting asking "should I start you in fantasy.'' In the back of my mind, I'm like, "I'm not your coach, I am not the team's coach, so you do what you need to do."

Q: Do you laugh at how that seems to be all people talk about?
A: It is definitely pretty crazy.

Q: Do you expect it?
A: I didn't expect people to be so into fantasy football the way that they are. I guess being a part of where you can be picked up on a fantasy team, I guess you can see it more of how serious it is for other people.

Q: You wouldn't mind having another big game and helping people out I guess, right?
A: Of course not.

Q: A guy won $2 million dollars and another guy won $1 million dollars with you on their team.
A: Wow.

Q: You don't play at all?
A: No, it is not my thing. I don't have time to do substitutions and anything like that. It just too much time. I feel like it is too time consuming.

Q: Reality is more important than fantasy.
A: Right.

DE Jason Pierre-Paul

Q: Does achieving double-digit sack numbers matter to you?
A: Nope.

Q: A lot of guys see that as a benchmark for a good season…
A: I am just playing football. I think I am doing a great job at it.

Q: Antrel [Rolle] was saying how big these two games are… How big is it for you guys?
A: It is pretty big. Every game is big to me. We have to take care of the job and win out. We are trying to win out. This week we have to take care of St. Louis. They are a good team. We have to take care of them.

Q: Your sack numbers the last three games have gone way up… Do you look at those as a measurement of how well you are performing?
A: Not really. Before my sack numbers, I was playing well. Like I said, it is all about numbers, but I was playing well before that, way before my numbers.

Q: Numbers can obviously be big for a free agent… Do you look at it like maybe you needed some of these numbers for a contract?
A: Not at all, I just play my game. The guys on the defensive line are communicating well. I had to step up big time and play to the high expectations that everyone expects me to play at. I think most of all, it is the communication part. [Defensive Line] Coach [Robert] Nunn has done a great job of communicating with us on what he wants us to do on the field. We had that before, but the guys on the field weren't communicating right. You can see it if you go back and watch a couple games. I saw it. We weren't communicating. We are doing a great job now. There are a lot of young guys out there now. [Johnathan] Hankins is doing a great job. Damontré [Moore] is doing a great job. Kerry Wynn stepped up big time. He is playing the run. He has gotten way better since he has been here, and I stepped up big time.

Q: Have the defensive calls become more aggressive?
A: No, not really. It was mostly the communication part. Anytime the communication is not there, it will lead to chaos, especially on the [defensive] line. It has been there and we have been rolling with it with the guys that we have. I think we have been doing a very good job of that.

Q: Part of your game that doesn't really get a lot of mention is playing the run, which you have been doing very well… Has that had an impact on how people are playing you?
A: Don't come to my side. Or me and Hank's [Johnathan Hankins] side. I just take pride in playing the run and getting to the quarterback. You can't get to the quarterback unless you stop the run. I do a great job of it. I take pride in that.

Q: Do you see teams playing you differently because of you being a run stopper?
A: I think they run the opposite way.

Q: Do they block you differently for your pass rush now, too?
A: It is up to the teams. I don't really care what they do. I have one job and that is playing the run and getting to the quarterback. That is basically it. I don't really worry too much about what the other team is going to do. I am out there playing football and being the great football player that I am.

Q: Has Hankins' pass rush helped?
A: Me and Hank. I talk to Hank. Hank and I talk a lot on the field. He helps me out a lot and I help him out. He has become a very good player in his second year. I am proud of him. He has seven sacks now. He is dominating the pass rush now. He can play the run. So do I. We take pride in that.

Q: A few weeks ago, you said you could run the table… What would running the table mean to this team?
A: We are just trying to finish out and win these couple of games that are left. We have two more, but we have to start with one first. We aren't worried about what happened in the past. The past is the past. The only thing we can look towards is the future, and we have been winning, so we have the St. Louis Rams and they are a very good team. They are going to come play hard and we are going to, too.

Q: How hard is it to keep the intensity up these last two games?
A: It is not hard. Guys are coming in and being professionals. We know what we have to do to get the job done. That is play great football and execute the plays that are being called.

Q: What is the biggest difference you see in [Johnathan Hankins]?
A: I think once he got comfortable in the system, he just started letting it free. He just started playing well. Hank is a good player. I am not just saying that because he is my teammate, but he has been playing the pass. If I call something and it is not something that is supposed to be called and I call it, the communication is there with he and I. If I say let's run this and it is not the call – as long as he is getting it and I am running it and he's right behind me and he will do his responsibility, then it won't be a play that gets messed up.

Q: Do you feel that he has made you better this year?
A: Yeah. Anytime you have two guys on the same side that are working with each other, the numbers go up and the run won't be there. We have been doing a great job on the right side. I play both sides, but I am normally on the right side. The numbers don't lie. You see it.

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