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Quotes (12/20) McAdoo, Beckham, Cruz


Head Coach Ben McAdoo

Q: What did you see from Janoris Jenkins?

A: He moved around a little bit on the field today, he was limited.

Q: You mentioned last week that because it's a short week you would be making some adjustments to the practice schedule. How do you think the team has responded so far?

A: I think we did a nice job yesterday coming out and getting after things mentally. Moved around a little bit more today, put the helmets on. Moved quick enough to get our jobs done on and off the field.

Q: Is Jenkins going to be able to go?

A: We'll see, it's still early to tell.

Q: Is he still really sore or is some of that alleviated?

A: There's still soreness, yeah.

Q: What will you do tomorrow?

A: Tomorrow will be different. It'll be a combination of fresh Friday and travel day.

Q: What did you do today?

A: Today was a situational football day. But we got on and off the field a lot quicker than we usually do, it was about an hour and a half.

Q: We saw Janoris and Jonathan Casillas wearing ski hats, they actually got out and did some stuff?

A: They were moving around a little bit, yes.

Q: Washington losing yesterday makes you guys a virtual lock to make the playoffs. How does that feel?

A: It's a short week, yesterday was a good mental day and we moved around a little bit. Today, had to take care of our bodies. This afternoon, get our rest and sleep in tomorrow and be ready to get our work done and travel and be ready for Thursday night.

Q: Making the playoffs is a goal and an accomplishment and part of what you're trying to accomplish here. Why do you not want to acknowledge that?

A: Doesn't have anything to do with the game on Thursday night. We have to be ready to play a game on a short week Thursday night against a division rival.

Q: Is it that you don't want the playoffs to be the end goal? You're thinking that it's just a step or why?

A: It's just something to talk about, it's a distraction if you let it be. We need to be focused on the game on Thursday night, on getting ready to play Philadelphia. That's what this week is all about.

Q: Do you consider it an accomplishment to make the playoffs or does that not even register for you?

A: Doesn't register at this point, no.

Q: B.J. Goodson played a few more defensive snaps than usual on Sunday. Do you think he'll see more playing time?

A: We liked the way he moved around. He was physical, played heavy-handed. It was encouraging to see.

Q: Are you going to add a quarterback now that Ryan Nassib is on IR?

A: It's a short week at this. Not this week, but never say never.

Q: What happened there?

A: His arm flared up, his elbow flared up again. It's unfortunate.

Q: Is that something he's dealt with because it just kind of cropped up midway through the year.

A: I don't know, it was sore, it was bothering him and flared up again this week.

Q: Is it something he'll need surgery for?

A: Yeah, he'll have surgery by the end of the week. He and Shane Vereen will both have surgery at the end of the week.

Q: Taking a look at the Eagles, what's the biggest difference you can see from watching the tape?

A: The Eagles team, they're getting healthy up front on the offensive line. That's something that they definitely have going for them. Their defensive line is playing well. So it will be a challenge for us on both lines of scrimmage. The skill players they have on offense, they have some guys that can make some plays. Looks like Darren Sproles is going to get back and that makes them a challenge to prepare for that way. Their linebackers are playing physical and they're playing downhill, fitting off the D-line well. So we'll have plenty of challenges.

Q: Any feeling that Shane Vereen was rushed back from his previous injury?

A: No.

Q: Is he more vulnerable after returning from that kind of injury and returning from that surgery?

A: I'm not a doctor. I just know that he was cleared to play, he was excited to play, he worked hard to get back. I'm disappointed for Shane. He was a good boost for our team but we wish him the best and he'll get healthy

Q: Why is this defense so good whether it's sudden change, whether it's the last few minutes of the 4th quarter, whatever the case may be? Your defense is losing key players but it seems to respond. Why?

A: Good defense fits together like nuts and bolts. I've said it before and I believe it. I think we have talented players who believe in doing their job and their job only. They're talented men of integrity. They're not chasing stats out there, they're just looking to play good defense and get off the field.

Q: When you look at the Eagles, do you put anything behind the notion that a team would want to be a spoiler out there and prevent you from clinching something on their turf?

A: The last thing you want to do is lose to a divisional rival, the last thing, especially at home. We're going to get their best shot; you can throw the records out the window. It's going to be a physical game, will probably come down to the end like they all do. It'll be exciting.

Q: Back when you got hired I think people wondered why you would have kept Steve Spagnuolo given how the much the defense struggled. Is this the performance you imagined from him and does that justify the choice?

A: I'll go back to 2007, the way the defense improved in 2007. We played them early in the season when I was in Green Bay and seeing them at the end of the year was a tremendous coaching job. They improved tremendously and our defense is taking steps this year; not only from year one to year two under Spags, but this year. They keep improving.

Q: How much has it helped you to come in and have a guy like him who's obviously done this for a long time?

A: He's a great resource.

Q: Coming from Green Bay, they're built so strongly through the draft. You built your defense with a lot of free agency. How surprised are you that you've been able to do that and been able to do it so quickly in that way?

A: I think we've been fortunate. When you look at it, when you go out through free agency, you're really not sure what you're getting character-wise until they're in the building. You have coaches and players that you lean on and talk to throughout the league who have worked with guys, but until you get them in a room, you're not sure what you get. We've got New York Giant character types and that's the biggest key to everything.

Q: Are you concerned that you're going to be personally fined for the walkie-talkie thing?

A: I haven't heard anything back from the league yet. I was on the field and in meetings all morning so I have nothing to report.

Q: What do you think would be fair?

A: Haven't thought about it.

Q: It's a bit of a different look for you guys this week on the field. What's your thoughts on the color rush jerseys?

A: I don't want to spoil anything for the fans, so we'll just leave it at that. I think the equipment guys have done one heck of a job, they worked their tails off this week.

Q: Is Janoris' injury such that you would treat him like any injured player? If he's ready to go, he would go?

A: He's a veteran player who's played a lot of football, so he'll have some input in it. But it's ultimately a medical decision.

WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Q: How exciting is it to have this in your own hands with a chance to clinch a playoff spot this week?

A: It's one game at a time. It's a good opportunity for us but we really just have to lock in and focus. It's such a short week. We haven't beat Philly at Philly in two years. I don't know how long its been. We need to come out and put our best foot forward.

Q: How do you think you and your teammates have adjusted to the short work week?

A: We're still adjusting, I guess. It's a quick turnaround. You're in and out and the next thing you know, you're back on the field playing.

Q: What does it mean to make the playoffs. You've talked a lot about it the last few weeks and now you have a chance?

A: That's the reason that you play. You play to be in those big games. Honestly, we just have to focus on this one right now. After, you can focus on the rest.

Q: What has this been like for you? It's the first time you've been in a winning situation with the Giants.

A: It's definitely better than a losing situation. We're pretty locked in right now. Just trying to make sure everyone stays focused and is doing what they're supposed to be doing.

Q: Pretty strong commentary on the Elliott non-fine for jumping in the Salvation Army can. What went through your mind?

A: First, I was just laughing. I love seeing Zeke out there just having fun. You're supposed to have fun. He's out there jumping into whatever it was, the Salvation Army cup. He's hiding in there and then gets up. I thought it was hilarious. It's not really a big deal, it's just the way the world works. There's double standards everywhere. It's just how life is. I'm absolutely positive if I would've done that, I would've been fined. It's whatever. It's nothing against Zeke. Zeke is my boy. I have a Zeke jersey right there, so there's no problems with anything like that. You set rules and limitations but you don't follow them.

Q: Why do you think you would've been fined?

A: Because I'm me. That's why I would've been fined.

Q: Why do you think they look at you differently?

A: I would've been fined. That's all I'm saying.

Q: How important would it be to clinch the playoff spot on Thursday rather than having to deal with scoreboard watching and all that?

A: Clinching or not clinching, I think Thursday we have full intentions of coming out and putting our best foot forward. Obviously the goal is to win. With the outcome of winning, it would be great as far as us clinching. The main focus is to win a football game and the rest would take care of itself. That's really where our mind's at. We have a tough challenge ahead. This has always been a good game. It's two rival teams so it should be a good matchup.

Q: You did some damage out of the slot the other day. What did you think of that and why were you able to be successful?

A: Just us putting our players in the right positions. You get inside to mix it up a little bit. It's not as easy to double someone when you're on the inside in the slot. It causes a lot of matchups that you would have to worry about in other areas when you try and take away someone on the inside. It just makes it a lot harder. Hopefully being able to come in on the inside and work a little bit will open up defenses even more for us to make even more plays.

Q: Do you think you've done a pretty good job managing your emotions the past few weeks? It doesn't seem to be an issue?

A: I mean not really an issue with me. That's just how I'm wired. Can't really explain it, I'm just wired that way. Just have to control what I can control. I feel like I've been doing a pretty good job of that for the most part. There's never going to be that part of me that loses who I am. I've tried it before and I can't really live with myself that way.

Q: You had several catches against the Lions and just walked back to the huddle matter-of-factly. A little more so than perhaps early on in the year, no?

A: I don't know. Sometimes you get out there and it depends where your mind is at. I'm just trying to stay level headed and clear. Just get back to doing what I love doing, which is playing football and competing at the highest level against the best of the best. That's why you're in the NFL. You want to do that. It's really a lot of fun to be able to do that on Sunday and play games. It's frustrating like I said, you pretty much work all week. You go through the meetings, your sitting here this that and the other. You go through all of that just to play in those games. When the preparation and everything else doesn't come into the field of play the way you expected it, it's a little bit harder to deal with. You feel like you worked so hard for it that you want it. You want it right then and there.

Q: The last few years in Philadelphia have not been good for the Giants. What would it mean to win in Philly?

A: Obviously, the history between these two teams, I don't think it really needs to be explained. Just to go in there, I think I'm more excited to have Vic returning to Philly. I feel like it'll be a huge stepping stone for him. This will probably be the biggest game that he's had all year. Just with everything going into play. What happened, I feel like we're going to come out fired up. Like you said, since I've been here, we haven't beaten the Eagles even at home besides this year. I don't think we beat them the past two years unless I'm wrong. Like I said, we just have to come out and put our best foot forward.

Q: You obviously have bigger goals but do you consider making the playoffs an accomplishment?

A: Yes. If it had a box by it, it would get a check but it's not the end all be all. Obviously it goes way bigger than that. It's a stepping stone.

Q: Sterling Shepard was saying that teams are doing everything they can to take care of the long play so you're seeing a lot of two-deep zone. Are you almost going to have to be content with dinking and dunking?

A: Yes. It's unfortunate. That's probably the hardest part. You can ask any receiver in the NFL, everyone wants to catch a bomb or make big plays. It's what you want to do. You want to make those plays. Teams are doing a great job of eliminating that. I think since, I can't even remember what week it started, but they're keeping a safety high. Green Bay, I think it started before Green Bay, but just keeping a safety high and over the top. Just really trapping and bracketing. Doubling or doing whatever. It hasn't really been too much man to man, so to say.

Q: Eagles tend to put two sometimes. Do you think that they'll stick to that?

A: I think they're going to stick to their game plan. I don't think a team is going to shy away from what they do. That's how they play. You just have to find ways to take advantage of that.

Q: How to you feel about the Thursday night game and how do you approach it?

A: The same way you would approach any other game. There's a part of me that feels like Sunday there still was a lot left out there. I always feel that way when I leave the field. You could've done, this you could've done that. With the quick turnaround going straight to Thursday, if I was a little sore, I would probably be complaining. I feel pretty good right now and I'm excited to get back on the field. I don't mind it.

Q: How do you handle the preparation?

A: I've been doing what I've been doing for the past two and a half years ever since I pulled my hamstring. Just exercising. Some of the older guys here just told me to take care of my body. It'll help me a lot. I do a lot of preventative stuff. I'm at home and I have two hour sessions. All that kind of stuff. I'll be doing some work today, too. WR Victor Cruz

Q: Do you think this game will be emotional because you worked so hard to get back. Do you think it is going to remind you of that journey?

A: I mean, absolutely. That right corner of the end zone down there was a place where it all kind of restarted for me, so obviously it will bring back some emotion and some memories, both good and bad obviously to be back out there, so I am excited for it, man. I am excited to go and make some new memories and some new thoughts to think about.

Q: Odell said he thinks this will be one of the most important games of your life because of all the symbolism of it. Do you agree?

A: I think so, to a certain degree obviously. Just to fight over that hump and to get through that game and to play well through that game and to hopefully catch a couple balls and get into the end zone one time in that game it would be the icing on the cake on a year that has been so fruitful for me in my opinion. Just to come back and to play on a team that has 10 wins and carry on destiny to the playoffs, it is just a moment where you want to be great and want to be a part of and I am just happy that this year, for me individually as well as this team has kind of been a dream come true.

Q: What sticks in your mind about that moment?

A: Pain. A lot of pain. Just that initial pain in the end zone, feeling a pain that you have never felt before and mentally having to deal with that in that moment and then 24 hours later and 48 hours later and then the rehabilitation process and going through that journey, so the only thing that goes through my mind when I think about Philly and being on that field is pain.

Q: Do you need to spend some time at the spot on Thursday?

A: Not necessarily. I will. I don't think I need to, but I will. But yeah, just to kind of reflect and reflect on that moment and reflect on that time, reflect on that feeling and then kind of wash my hands of it and then start to play.

Q: Is that the first thing you are going to do when you get on the field?

A: Probably. Probably, yeah. CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Q: When you look at the space up there (trophy case) and they say that they want the next team up there, how much of a motivation is it to say that your part of that team?

A: It's a big motivation especially when you realize that you have the team to do it. You have the coaches, the guys and the organization that spent some time and got everything together. The main thing is just you don't want to be a let down. You go out there and fight harder to do that.

Q: What was your reaction when Ben (McAdoo) started pressing that daily?

A: That's everyone's goal. You're going to hear it and hear it. To keep harping on it, I always said in your mind, you know what time it is. It's like all or nothing.

Q: What would you say of the things he's done well?

A: I would just say keeping everyone focused and grounded. Just remaining humble. Even when he had the adversity at first. Started off 2-0 and then you lose three in a row. Being a new coach, it hit hard. I think the main thing he did was just stay the course. He always comes in here and hasn't changed since day one. Most people get a little tight and jumpy but I think he stayed the course.

Q: When you think of after that third loss, there wasn't any change?

A: No. My man came in and put a slide up. It was a funny slide and a joke. I knew it was something funny because that's what he does.

Q: A couple of guys have said that he's funny?

A: Yes, he's very funny. Especially on Saturday meetings, he'll always have something for you.

Q: He's able to take a joke?

A: He's gives out jokes and he knows how to take them. He just knows how to have fun.

Q: The offense guys knew him to a better degree. How would you say he made himself known to the whole team? Did he have to make an extra effort towards the defense?

A: I think he did. I remember during the offseason when we got the offensive coordinator (as a head coach) and a lot of people were asking questions about him. I told them that I didn't know him much. He's a quiet guy and came in and just coached. I didn't talk to him as much as I talk to him now. I think he made himself available for us to talk to him, get a feel for him and understand him.

Q: Coach of the Year candidate?

A: Definitely. You look at the program; he's changed it around. We have 10 wins. It would be better if we just go out and finish this season. It would be a lot better for him.

Q: You obviously had big things that came up with Josh Brown and Colin Kaepernick how did he handle that internally with you guys?

A: He always did. When something came up he would bring it into a meeting and talk about it. He got a view of it. He let guys interact and make a decision from there. He's always been fair with that as far as getting the players involved and letting the leaders take that.

Q: What did you expect out of him as a head coach?

A: I didn't have any expectations. I was just trying to make sure that I was here.

Q: Not many of these guys have played in the playoffs. It's all new to these guys.

A: I think Snacks said it best last week. He stood up in front of the team and said that he didn't know how to win. He has never been to the Super Bowl. He said he knew guys that have. He called out Casillas and Cruz and told them that they were the guys that we have to follow and model ourselves after. That's the approach that most guys have to take.

CB Janoris Jenkins

Q: How are you feeling?

A: I'm feeling good. I'm feeling alright.

Q: Do you think you are going to be playing on Thursday?

A: I don't know. I am just focused on getting better every day and we will see what happens.

Q: What can you do now? Can you run?

A: I am moving. Like I said, I am just going to continue the progress every day and we will see what happens.

Q: You seem like you are in a pretty good mood, so I guess that is going pretty well.

A: I mean, like I said, I am just going to keep progressing every single day, trying to get better, staying on top of my treatment and staying focused.

Q: Could you take us through what happened on the field with your injury?

A: I think we were in a cover two and the tight end broke on an out route and I dove at the ball and I felt something kick me in the back and I didn't know what it was and then I found out it was Trevin Wade.

Q: How scared were you at the time?

A: I was scared, but I am glad that it wasn't anything serious and I am glad that I got the result that I got.

Q: Obviously Trevin didn't do it intentionally, but have you guys talked since?

A: Oh, no. He said sorry, he didn't try and do it. A teammate, I said that I understand, man. We were both playing football, trying to get a go at the ball and that was it.

Q: I think DRC said that you tried to come back in at halftime.

A: Yeah, I tried. But the doctors wanted to do what they wanted to do and I just stuck with it.

Q: Is it just a bruise?

A: It is just a bruise, man. That is what it is.

Q: Bruises can be very painful.

A: I mean, yeah, it is painful, but treatment, ice, stim, hot pack – just continue to stay on top of it and try to stay better.

Q: If this was a Sunday game, would you be more optimistic?

A: I am just focused on getting better, man. Each and every day.

Q: But your timeframe is more limited.

A: It is, but treatment and just staying on top of it and doing the right things about it, anything is possible.

Q: Is there anything that you feel you can't do right now, physically?

A: I have got feeling. I feel good sometimes, but then again it is pain, but I just have to take treatment.

Q: Is there pain when you run?

A: I haven't gotten that far. I have just been doing treatment and going through the progress.

Q: Do you have to think about the risk and reward with reinjuring yourself with such big games coming up in the future?

A: I just think about getting better and just being available when I am. Basically that is it, whether it is a Thursday or a Sunday. Q from Odell Beckham: I heard that you are the best corner in the league. The experts are saying that statistically and just off their eyes alone that you are the best corner in the league. How do you feel about that?

A: Well, Odell, I don't have anything to say. You know how I am. I just like to play football and have fun.

Q: You have been waiting your whole career to make the playoffs, I would imagine. Now it is here and you might not be on the field for the possible clincher. Is that hard to digest?

A: You can't predict the future, man. Like I said, continue to get better and if I am out there, then I am out there.

Q: What is it like to know that if you guys do win on Thursday you clinch the playoffs?

A: It would feel good. Especially on my behalf, me having not made the playoffs before or coming this far. It would be good; it would be a good feeling.

Q: I don't know if you know this, but DRC said that when you went down the rest of the secondary elevated their level of play for you. They were really strong about that feeling for you.

A: They understand how serious I take the game and how I try to let them feed off of me and they just want to go out and play for me. They are my brothers and I appreciate that.

Q: Have you ever had anything like this before?

A: I have had injuries, yes. But progress.

Q: Has that bond between you guys in the secondary gotten stronger as the season has gone on?

A: Of course. I can truly say yes. We do a lot of things together on and off the field and just joking around and having fun and no one gets mad for cracking jokes or telling stories, it is just brotherly love.

Q: Have you ever been in a situation like that?

A: Yeah, I have been around. But we are just so tight to where it is kind of different, so we are going to continue to build and see where it goes.

Q: Now that you are almost through a whole season with him, what do you think of Landon Collins?

A: Oh, terrific, man. He is a baller. They said that he had problems last year, but after this year, I see something different. He is making a lot of plays and just being a leader on the backend, just communicating, making the calls and keeping everyone on the same page.

Q: If you can't go, what did the secondary show you the other day in closing out that game?

A: The next man up can handle the business, can handle the responsibility that he has prepared for each game. G Justin Pugh

Q: Anything to say about playing in Philly?

A: What I will say is that I love the city of Philadelphia and I hate the Philadelphia Eagles. That is all that I have to say about that.

Q: You talked last week about being a playoff team. Now that you are on the cusp of being a playoff clincher, what would this one mean to you?

A: It would be huge. Obviously, we have two division games left and when you are going against those types of opponents, we are always going to play each other tough, so we know it is going to be a tough environment. We haven't been successful down in Philadelphia in these primetime games that past two seasons, so it is a big challenge for us. It is a short week, we have to focus in, lock in, and get ready to go.

Q: Have all the guys in this locker room talked about putting the hammer down this week?

A: Yeah, obviously we want to clinch this week. It has been, 'who is going to be the more focused team.' Obviously there is a lot going on this week, Christmas is right around the corner, it is a Thursday game, everything is a little bit different, different schedules, so it is just making sure that we are locked in to go in there and play some good football.

Q: How do you balance that? This is something that you have been waiting your whole life for, and it is 48 hours away.

A: Yeah, you get goosebumps thinking about being able to go to the playoffs, and then obviously once you get there it opens up whole new doors, avenues, whatever you want to say, so it is exciting and it should be exciting. Everyone should enjoy this, everyone should be soaking this in, because I have been in seasons where these last two games are meaningless and I am sitting here and you guys aren't even here because it is not even worth talking about. So this is a fun time to be a New York Giant and I am going to go out there and enjoy it with our teammates. We have to go out there and get a win and play a good game of football, play a complete game of football. We still have yet to do that.

Q: Given how the schedule has changed, do you feel like the guys are still locked in?

A: Yeah, I think so. I think everyone realizes that at the same time, we are professionals too. Coach is making sure that we are taking care of our bodies. That is the biggest thing on a short week. These are the toughest games to play in because you are playing four days after playing the previous game where you played against a playoff contending team, it was a physical game and we are sore. So you have to take care of your bodies, but as a professional, you have to make sure that you are doing extra stuff, so tonight after I leave here, I am going to get a massage, and then I am going to get stretched out after that, so I won't even get home until 9 o'clock tonight, so it is those extra things to make sure that you are doing that.

Q: Any extra special feeling that you can clinch it in Philadelphia, a place that hasn't been too kind to the Giants?

A: Yeah, it would be cool. It would be fun to clinch in front of my home and my family and all of that. At the same time, you can't put too much into it and like I said, I regret the way things were handled last time, so I am not saying anything about anything.

Q: What would you say that Coach McAdoo has done well this season as far as keeping you guys focused?

A: He is just consistent. He keeps it light, keeps everyone laughing. There is always something funny that he will put up, but I have known that side of him for the past three years now, so that is nothing new to us. The offense really gels well with coach and now I think the defense is really learning more about him and how he operates, so it is good. It is good to keep things light hearted, but at the same time, when it is time to put the hammer down and be all business, he is all business and he doesn't leave any stone unturned, so that is something that you expect from him and he consistently gives that to the team.

Q: Can you share a moment like that? Can you think of something funny he has done?

A: I don't know, the whole Christie debacle where he was coming at him, and then he kind of made a joke about it and you have to be able to laugh at situations that are comical, and that is just something that is fun. But things that happen in our team room, stay in our team room.

Q: Obviously if you win then you are in, but do you pay attention to any of your other tie breakers?

A: There are so many different things. We can't worry about anyone else's business, we have to handle our own business, so if we go out and win, then we are in the playoffs.

Q: How do you feel? Last time was the first time in five weeks that you played.

A: Yeah, I am sore. I was sore yesterday and today and I am just getting in here and making sure that I am taking care of my body. But Thursday everyone is going to be sore. All of those guys have been playing. John Jerry has been playing 14, 15 straight weeks, so he is more sore than I am going to be, but hats off to everyone taking care of their bodies. I am just trying to follow the guys, and they have been stretching and doing all sorts of stuff, yoga, and making sure that I just hop in line and take care of my body too.

Q: How is the knee?

A: Knee feels good. The knee feels really good, so just keep doing the things that I have been doing and keep my knee coming along, in terms of getting stronger and stronger every week, and that is exciting for me and just keep getting better.

Q: Are you giving the offensive line grief because you came back and the team rushed for 100 yards?

A: No, because before I left we didn't really get over 100 yards rushing, so we have been getting every week, the backs have been getting better, we have been gelling, and that is something that takes time and obviously you want that to be now, but we are just going to keep getting better, keep chopping and Coach Solari is going to keep coaching us and we are going to get better every week.

Q: Winning and getting to the postseason is probably something new for you personally. Will you reach out to someone like David Diehl or Chris Snee for some advice?

A: I talk to them consistently throughout the year. I talk to Diehl, I talk to Boothe, I talk to Snee and they will always send me little texts and we will go back and forth, so it is good to have those guys. But at the same time, they are living their lives, so you have to look to guys in the locker room and guys that have been there before – the Eli Manning's, the Zak DeOssie's, Marshall Newhouse, guys that have won and played in those games and see how they operate. Like they have said to me, just keep doing what you are doing. Be consistent and don't change anything. Obviously when you start pressing you end up creating more issues for yourself, so keep doing what we have been doing because it has gotten us this far.

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