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Quotes (12/22): Giants postgame reactions

Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Opening statement:

"Alright, let me start with the injuries. [LB Alec] Ogletree – so he woke up this morning, he had some soreness in his back that affected his foot and he really tried like heck to go. He couldn't go, so he was just out there in emergency. Saw [WR Darius] Slayton got rolled up on a little bit – his knee, his ankle – but he was back out there. [T Mike] Remmers got the concussion and then we had a couple guys that were in and out. Hard fought game, so I think it's – we go through this or maybe a little bit of something as we go. We'll just see how the injuries play out, but I told the team, this is the time of year when teams can quit fighting and it's pretty obvious to me that our guys didn't. They fought hard. We made enough plays to win – certainly having to do it in overtime – but we fought hard, we made enough plays and I think there were some standout performances that say – and what I've been trying to say all along – that the future's bright with some of these young players. And when they're involved in games like this, just like when you're in close games where there's not a lot of scoring, there's something to be learned from it. So, the young players that were out there today will learn from what happened and we'll be able to enjoy the outcome."

On Quarterback Daniel Jones' performance:

"He played pretty heroic. You know, there's a couple times when the clock in my head goes off a little quicker than his, which he'll learn, but then he made some great throws. That last third-and-long throw in the overtime period was really good. He was good with some of his short and intermediate stuff. They were trying to take away the run and play sort of a cushion in the back, so we had to be more patient with the throws, which I thought he was very accurate with, and I thought the guys up front battled when [T Mike] Remmers went out and [T] Nick Gates came in, played another good game in a backup role, but I thought [QB] Daniel [Jones] played a pretty heroic game. Did a heck of a job."

On if he was referring to a Jones check-down play with clock:

"No, I wasn't speaking about that play. That was a great throw. Our clocks were set the same on that one. Just earlier in the game, you know, and what happens is he's pretty heroic in his attempt to make every play. As he goes along, you'll know at times when it's right and when it's not right. I think he's improved throughout in terms of that. The thing I got most upset about was when he scrambled and fumbled it. He's spinning like he's a running back. No, don't do that. Do what you can to get down, so I'll holler at him for that. Otherwise, five touchdowns and certainly a touchdown in overtime. Maybe I won't holler at him. I'll just talk to him."

On coaching Jones to play safer:

"You just teach them to be smart. It's like when you're coaching Little League, right? I used to coach Little League a little bit. You can deal with the guy that gets upset or a kid that gets upset and throws his bat because he cares, right? He's trying to do the right thing. The guy that just drops his bat and walks back to the dugout, you know – Daniel cares and he's trying to make plays and so we'll teach him all the particulars as he goes."

On RB Saquon Barkley's performance:

"He sort of alluded to the fact after last week that he's starting to get his groove back, so pretty good game. He and [QB Daniel Jones] had an outstanding game."

On QB Daniel Jones's first game without a turnover:

"I don't know. I'm sure that's not what he's thinking about right now. It's important that you take care of the ball. I think as time goes on, he'll get better and better at it in all situations."

On both Jones and RB Saquon Barkley performing well:

"Well, I think it's good for us to get these things lined up a little better going into next year. We've got a chance to do some good things."

On Jones's improvement throughout the season:
"Lightyears. He's going to have a moment in the middle of February somewhere, maybe back home, sitting on his couch up there in Hoboken, Weehawken, wherever the heck he lives. He'll be like, 'Holy smokes what happened to me?' He'll have one of those moments because that's what happens to rookies. I think he's only going to get better because he's a very, very talented guy that works hard. He had a good performance today."

On checking a box for Jones having an overtime win:

"Yeah, we'll check that box. Hopefully at some point he'll be able to check that box a few times in his career."

On the decision to go for a touchdown instead of a field goal:

"It was a 63-yarder and No. 15 was sitting under the goal post and you've got a bunch of linemen that would have to cover that, and I didn't want that to happen. I had a little flashback, didn't something happen like that in the Alabama-Auburn game or something? As you can imagine, the headsets were blowing up and we just decided that the best thing to do was try a Hail Mary. We had time outs, a lot of smart people trying to advise me. I think we did the right thing there."

On if the play was four-down territory:

"If we didn't get it, we probably would have kicked the field goal, I imagine. I don't know. Don't hold me to that. We scored. So, whatever the analytics guy said we should've done.

On Jones getting the win:

"Getting a win is important for all of us. You can substitute [Giants QB] Daniel [Jones] name with [Giants RB] Saquon [Barkley], T [Nate] Solder, mine. Anybody. Getting a win is important because that's why we do this. And to do it on the road and get ahead and get tied and come back and do it in overtime, it's good for everybody. I'm happy for our fans. As you go through this, you're sitting down on Sunday watching football and you want to see good ball and you want to see your team win. For our fans, they got to do that this week."

On improving draft position with a loss:

"Coaches don't think like that. All of the offseason stuff figures itself out in the offseason. We don't worry about that. We were here today to put a good performance on the field and do everything in our power to win a game and that's what we worried about today. Next week we'll do the same thing, and then we get to the offseason we're going to all have a lot of time to discuss what the heck goes on."

On the Redskins' 99-yard touchdown drive:

"We don't want that to happen. Our guys fought through it. There were a couple plays in there that obviously extended that drive that we would have liked back. But, our guys continued to fight and we found a way to win."

On proving that they are heading in the right direction:

"We're not doing it for those reasons. We're doing it because it's what we do. How anybody evaluates that, that's out of our control. It really is. We don't worry about that. What we're worried about is getting cleaned up, getting back to training, getting back up north and getting ready to go play the Eagles and enjoy Christmas. By the way, merry Christmas to all of you. We'll be able to enjoy it. So, our fellas are going to be off on Wednesday. We're going to do what we do on Wednesday on Tuesday."

On his emotions after the win:

"I seem emotional? Not really. I'm happy we won. I'm not emotional, I'm a little drained. This stuff takes a little bit out of you. I'm good. I'm great. When we win, I'm great."

QB Daniel Jones

On his ankle:

"It feels good. I felt fine throughout the game and I'll continue to stay on it and stay on top of it."

On his reaction to RB Saquon Barkley calling heads in overtime:

"I knew it was a big opportunity for us. The way overtime is set up, when you get the ball first it's a huge advantage. We had the opportunity to go down, score and end the game. So, we were confident we could do that."

On how much of a stepping stone this game is:

"I think each other games there's a lot to learn and a lot to build on, I don't think this game is any exception to that. We made some plays and found ways to move the ball, but there were opportunities we couldn't covert and things we could have done better, so I'll look at that and we'll continue to improve."

On not turning the ball over:

"It obviously helps us put us in a better position to win and I think that's been an emphasis of mine to improve and I'll continue to focus on that. I had the third down run when the ball popped out and [G Kevin Zeitler] got on it. So, it's still something I have to work and improve on."  

On the overtime win:

"You see it as a huge opportunity for the team and you're excited for that, that's kinda what you look forward to and what you play for, is an opportunity to do that. To go down and win the game, I think that's how we all felt. It was the second half, it was kinda up and down. We didn't make enough plays to hold our lead. So, the opportunity to get the ball first, it was exciting for us and we were ready for it."

On third-and-long to WR Sterling Shepard:

"He made a great play there obviously, the offensive line did a great job up front and I had time to see that. I think that was a big play but throughout the drive there were a couple runs that popped up here and there. It was a nice mix out what we've done all game."

On if Shepard was his first read:

"Based on the coverage, yeah he was the guy to get the ball to."

On comparison to where he was after draft:

"I think I have made a lot of improvements and certainly learned a lot. I think there is still a lot to learn, you know I realize that, but [Head] Coach [Pat] Shurmur, [Offensive Coordinator Mike] Shula, [QB] Eli [Manning], [QB] Alex [Tanney], help me out a ton. I feel like I have improved a lot. I understand a lot more and I look forward to continuing to do that."

On skeptical about time away:

"I don't know. I am still not sure sitting out is necessarily, or not playing, is always a good thing. It does force you to observe and see certain things a different way. I think watching [QB] Eli [Manning] prepare and watching him practice, watching him through the week and obviously watching him on game day there are things to learn, things to pick up and you just got to kind of keep doing that. Keeping learning and do your best."

On if this win felt different:

"No, I think last week we had this feeling. You know you want to play, you want to be out there, but we won last week. I am a part of the team and we won so that was exciting for me as well. I think being out there is a lot of fun and able to win a game is exciting."

On RB Saquon Barkley's showing today:

"I like it when he catches and when he runs and makes my time easier. I think you see how good he is and how much of a special player he is—the different things he can do to affect the game. I think that is obvious. The guys up front deserves a lot of credit for opening up holes for him and giving him opportunities to make plays."

On the 33-yard touchdown:

"First one was a great call by coach. It his [RB] Saquon [Barkley] up the seam there and they didn't see him get out there. Good call there. It took a little bit longer than it needed to, but I saw it and the touchdown was another good call and [TE] Kaden [Smith] did a good job of getting open and made a heck of a catch there. I look forward to watching that on film."

On meaning of today's win:

"I think it's always better to win. I think we've been close — we had been close throughout those eight weeks. It's good to get a win, but like I said we won last week, and I certainly enjoyed that. Good to get two in a row."

RB Saquon Barkley

On building the last couple weeks to a career game:

"I guess you could say so. Felt good today. Had a great game, great game plan. Coaches called it up great. [Giants QB Daniel Jones] put us in the right positions. [Offensive] line blocked perfectly. Tight ends and wide receivers blocked perfectly too. Besides having a good game statistically wise, we found a way to get the [win]."

On a balanced offense opening up the passing and running game:

"I think that is what they kind of envisioned when they drafted DJ and drafted me. I think we both have the potential and talent to play well together and open stuff up for each other. We showed that today with the help of everyone else and we were able to find a way to get the win."

On how he got open for his 33-yard touchdown catch:

"Yeah, so, seam. I'm reading the safeties and if there's two high, bend it, if there's one high, stay flat. I guess it was some kind of cover four. One safety kind of took the crossing, so it kind of made it, not a cover one, but a one high safety. DJ did a really good job keeping his feet in the pocket and found the right seam."

On what impressed him about Giants QB Daniel Jones in overtime:

"He a dog. He has that mentality. When they scored, I was like, 'Let's call heads,' and we get the rock and he already said we'd win the game. That's the mindset he has and that's the approach he has with everything, not with football but with outside football."

On Jones' potential:

"I think I've been quoted saying best quarterback someday."

On if there's something he likes about playing here:

"I don't know, I guess. No, I mean, every time here we kind of play them at the end of the year. I'm getting back healthy, I was telling the trainer that. That as the season goes, I'm getting stronger and stronger. I don't only feel it in the weight room. Kind of the same thing last year. That's what you want when we do become a playoff team. That's how you want to be. Unfortunately, we will not be, but we have one more game and try to finish up strong."

On if he normally calls heads at the coin toss:

"Yeah, I'm a heads guy."

On if he feels as good as he has felt all year:

"I haven't felt this good since the bye week. Opportunities, I feel like Philly [Philadelphia Eagles]. When you go back and watch Philly, we run the ball really well. Just because everyone doesn't get the sixes or sevens because when I hit six- and seven-yard runs, I don't want to take the short ones. Because of Philly, when I break the long runs, we are getting five, getting five. It is just how the game played out. We had to go away from the run and unfortunately, we lost that game. These last two weeks we were able to stay with the run and definitely run the ball in [overtime] and last week ground and pound with like six, seven minutes left."

On if it felt like last year with breaking short runs:

"Yeah, it felt like that. It starts up front. They did a real good job with stopping penetration, reestablishing the line of scrimmage. That's something that [Head] Coach [Pat Shurmur] always preaches. My job is to make that one guy miss and sometimes they are going to make a play but with the will I have more times than not I'm going to make that person miss."

On how big the win is for the team in a back-and-forth game:

"Big actually. I think this win will help us in the future. I would say, no excuses, we're a young group, but four or five weeks ago, we probably would have lost this game. We found a way to win this game, which is big. It starts off with the coaches. The coaches did a real good job game planning. DJ did a tremendous job with five touchdowns. And everyone else around us played well."

On what this game proves to ownership:

"I think that it just shows that we have grit. We have heart. A lot of people probably would have like us to lay down, lose for draft picks but we made a mindset as a team that we wanted to finish out the season strong. We have an opportunity to do that next week."

WR Cody Latimer

On making a comeback after the Redskins tied the game up:

"It's something we prepare for; we have been fighting all year. We fight every game and some games we come up short. We were able to make it into overtime, get the ball and win. Play makers mad their plays and got the job done."

On Giants QB Daniel Jones' performance:

"He is going to be great and I said that when he first got here. He is composed and doesn't play like a rookie. He took over and is a great leader and we all trust him, and he trust and believe in us to make plays."

TE Kaden Smith

On his first touchdown of the game:

"The coaches drew it up well. They did exactly what we thought they would do defensively, and I end up being wide open."

On his progress throughout the year:

"Now it is the matter of being consistent and being able to go do more. The coaches do a great job of getting you ready, we just have to do what they say when it comes to technique. I am young and I am just trying to learn a lot from other players and the coaches."

On Giants RB Saquon Barkley having a monster game:

"It is amazing, he hit all of the small holes and he hit them hard and would break free. I was just trying to open a little hole and he did a great job of finding it."

On being in the huddle with Giants QB Daniel Jones in pressure situations:

"He goes in there confidently and doesn't change a thing. Everyone trusts him to make the play and that is what he has been doing all season."


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