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Quotes (12/23): Williams, Kennard, Wynn

RB Andre Williams

Q: You have one game left here. Have you accomplished everything you wanted to take care of on a personal level in your rookie year?
A: I would say so. Coming into the season, the goal I held above everything else was just to come in and be productive, be able to get on the field and contribute in any way I can, and stay healthy, and finish the season. I definitely did that with one game left, the amount of productivity I was able to bring. I think I accomplished everything I set forward to do in my rookie season.

Q: What is the attitude around the team right now?
A: I think everybody feeds off of success. Everybody feeds off of winning. We have been able to cultivate that feeling and cultivate the feeling of winning, and stay hungry for it. It is a very positive feeling in the locker room, and we are just trying to run with it and finish strong.

Q: That was your first start against the Eagles the last time you played them. How much better of a running back are you since then?
A: I think I am more patient, I think I see things better, I am just more settled in the backfield. There is more communication between everyone in the offense as a whole that has been keying us being productive offensively. I think if we continue to build on that and prepare properly this week, I will play better this week than I did against the Eagles my first time around.

Q: Do you think guys on the offense feel like they have a little something to prove after that last Eagles game?
A: I can't speak for everyone, but I definitely had a bad taste in my mouth after that game. That was definitely the worst output we had offensively all year. I think we are excited for an opportunity to have the Eagles again, and this time on our turf. Hopefully we can produce a better outcome.

Q: It seems as though the running game is coming together. Does part of you think, "Why couldn't this have happened earlier?" What do you attribute to it all coming together?
A: Time and experience. Just growth as a group. I never really looked back at the past and said,"why did it happen this way?" I think everything happens for a reason. There is a saying that goes, "Only a fool trips over what's behind him." I am looking forward, and just looking forward to having more success this time around.

Q: Not looking back, but just reflecting on the early part of the season. Do you think you have seen the offensive line come together? Is it your evolution as a running back? Is it just a matter of all the factors coming together at the right time?
A: Exactly, I think there are a lot of different factors that contribute to the offense gaining momentum right now, and having the success we are able to have. I think the offensive line is definitely coming together and they are definitely helping me in terms of the run game. I know that we are fitting up a lot better on different run schemes, and it just looks cleaner out there, the communication is better. I think it is a combination of things. It is definitely not just me by myself.

Q: With the brawl that broke out on Sunday, who do you think really instigated that? A lot of the players said they came to the defense of Odell Beckham Jr. Do you think he may be at fault because of some of the celebrations that we have seen in the past couple of weeks?
A: I don't know who is at fault, and I don't think celebrating is any reason for a fight to break out. I think the atmosphere going into that game, there was definitely some electricity in the atmosphere. You could feel it out there that it was going to be a physical game. There was a lot of talking over the ball. I am not sure what the spark was, but I don't think you can point to any one person and say, "Oh, this guy started the fight." There were a lot of bloody hands at the end of it. I am not sure.

Q: The Pro Bowl rosters are announced tonight. What would it mean to this team and this rookie class if Odell Beckham Jr. made the team?
A: I think that would just be an awesome opportunity for Odell. I definitely think he deserves it. He is playing at very high level and I think he deserves everything coming to him.

LB Devon Kennard

Q: Can you talk about the first and second year players that are playing prominent roles on this team and the hope for the future?
A: We have a lot of young players playing big roles on this team and getting better every week. I think that is a huge testament to the organization and the guys that they have brought in, and to us players and the impact we want to have and to the future we want to have for this organization.

Q: The season got off to a rough start for you guys… What would it mean to close the season winning four straight games?
A: That is essential. That losing streak we went on for seven weeks was tough on everybody. I think it is a testament to the organization and the coaches and the players fighting back and winning these last three. We have to go out and compete and get this fourth one to finish on a strong note.

Q: You mentioned how important it would be to finish on a high note… Does part of you look back and say why didn't we do this early on in the season?
A: Of course, there is 'woulda, coulda, shoulda' when you are in a situation where you are not going to make the playoffs, but you can't worry about that. All you can worry about is today and doing everything you can today and this week to try and get a win. Hopefully we can feed off of what we have done so far and get a big win against Philly and finish the year right.

Q: How much have you seen your role increase in the last couple weeks?
A: I have become a bigger part of game plans and I have been playing more. In base packages I have been playing our SAM linebacker position. In nickel situations, on first and second down, I have been playing our WILL linebacker spot. I have definitely been a bigger piece of the game plan, and I am trying to grow as a player in every practice and every game.

Q: How hard is it to come to grips that this season is ending?
A: Sometimes it is like that, unfortunately. Obviously we wish we could've started quick and much sooner than this, but all we can worry about is this week and trying to get a win and finish the year right.

Q: When Jeff Fisher was asked about the brawl Sunday he said that the Giants should look themselves in the mirror… When you look back on that did you guys think you did anything wrong throughout the game or were you guys completely in the right?
A: I am not one to say who is in the right and wrong. I feel like we were defending our teammate. I think that is what it comes down to and you can point fingers all you want, but what happened, happened. I think it became a very physical game. There was a lot of bickering back and forth.

Q: Philly has hit a little rough patch… What has dropped off in their performance?
A: They are still a dynamic team. They had a couple of losses, but they are still a dynamic team that can play with anybody on any Sunday. We have to expect their 'A' game and expect them to come out flying and we know they have a very talented team and we struggled against them earlier in the year. It is going to be essential for us to come ready to play.

Q: Were there lessons you could take from the first game?
A: I think it is very essential that we don't let them get out on the perimeter and give them space to make plays like they did before. We have to play assignment ball and know where we fit and trust one another. I know the coaches are putting together a great plan for us and we just have to make sure we are executing all week and go and do it on Sunday.

DE Kerry Wynn

Q: Obviously, you had the key interception and the fumble recovery. Can you talk about how forcing some mistakes and making a big play in that big moment really gave the team a lift?
A: I guess it was being in the right place at the right time. It felt good to be in the position to help my team get a victory.

Q: Have you heard from guys at Richmond, some of your college teammates?
A: A lot of guys hit me up saying congratulations, keep it up, and way to represent Richmond. It feels good to shine a positive light on my school.

Q: A lot of different guys have played on the defensive line this year. A wide variety of guys, young guys, old guys, different personalities. Is there one or two that stand out for you in terms of having helped your development?
A: Of course. Mathias Kiwanuka, Robert Ayers, Cullen Jenkins, Jason Pierre-Paul. Everybody has done a great job. If I ever need anything, helping me out and if I have any questions, I make sure I ask. They are always there to answer for me and put them in the best position, give them a lot of credit.

Q: I am sure for you it feels like the season just started. You've only played four games, I think. Is it hard to sort of wrap your mind around the fact that it is coming to an end here?
A: Yeah, I only played four games. I wish we would be going to playoffs, continuing the season, but it is what it is.

Q: Do you feel that you were ready earlier to make this kind of contribution, or did you develop along the way?
A: I was confident that I can go in and make some plays, but God has a plan for me and it wasn't His time for me to play yet. So I take advantage of not playing and getting the mental reps, and as much mental reps as I could. At the same time, maybe go and get an extra workout in since I am not playing and I am not getting beat up on Sundays like other guys were battling on Sunday's. I was able to take advantage of the mental aspect as well as the physical.

Q: With the brawl that broke out, do you feel the Rams were more of the instigator and you had to stand up for a teammate? How did that whole thing transpire?
A: I don't want to speak too much on that. It is football, there are going to be high emotions, but I don't want to speak too much on that.

Q: What did you think when you saw the film of your play this last game? How would you assess your performance?
A: I did make some plays out there. There is a lot of stuff I can go back and change a few places I was supposed to be and I wasn't. That is me going back to the film and making sure next week I am in the right places that I am supposed to be in.

Q: Do you think you positioned yourself to really compete for a starting job next year?
A: I am rookie. That is nothing I really think too much about. I do my part and do what I can and worry about what I can control. That is not something I can control, so that is not something I worry about.

Q: When you made the decision to come to the Giants as an undrafted free agent, can you shed some light as to what the pursuit was?
A: Five other teams that showed interest in me, but after speaking with my family, I thought it was the best decision for me to make and I am happy with the decision. I didn't know too much about the Giants organization, but I did know from past years they had great defensive lines. That was one of the big decisions for me.

Q: Were you the kind of guy who would study a depth chart when the draft ended to have an idea on where you would fall, what kind of opportunities?
A: At the end of the day, you can't really control the draft. Just wanted that shot to show what I can do and told myself I was going to make the most of it.

DT Johnathan Hankins

Q: There are so many first and second year players on the team… Can you talk about how much of a role the rookies and second year guys are playing…? How much hope does that give to the future?
A: I feel that my [draft] class and this year's class have definitely made a big step forward contributing this year. It is looking good for the future with the guys that came in this year like [Odell] Beckham Jr., [Weston] Richburg, and [Jay] Bromley. They continue to get better this year, so going into the offseason, we definitely have some good things to look forward to.

Q: Do you think having the younger guys in the mix has re-energized this defensive line?
A: I feel like once we had a couple guys go down, we kind of got closer together in the defensive line room as a unit and trusted one another to go out there and do our jobs. If we did that, we can come out with a win or help out the player that is next to us. I feel like once we lost a couple guys on offense and defense, as a unit and as a team we definitely grew together and challenged ourselves to get some wins and play better.

Q: It seems like you guys are finally coming together this year as a team… Is it hard to face the end of the season when you finally feel like you are playing your best football of the year?
A: It is tough not to get a chance to play in the playoffs and play for the Super Bowl, but we learned a lot this year. We have been through a lot. We just have to continue to get better and hopefully we can finish the season off strong this Sunday.

Q: What is the biggest step you made personally?
A: I would say it is knowing the scheme and reacting a lot faster this year to pass or run and knowing my keys so I can react better and be in a better position for me to make plays.

Q: Pro Bowl teams come out tonight… Would it mean anything for you to make the Pro Bowl team?
A: It would be nice if I made the Pro Bowl, but I am not even sure how it goes or how the voting goes. If I was to be invited, it would be truly an honor. I feel like this year I have played pretty well to be considered, but that will work itself out. I am not really worried too much about that. We have the Eagles this week and that will be a nice challenge for us.

Q: How much would it mean to the team after everything you had to go through to close with four straight wins? Can you carry any of that over into next season?
A: We definitely can carry it on if we can close this game out this week and go into the offseason. We are eventually going to get guys that have been banged up or hurt back. That is going to make us better as a unit and whatever they have going on during the offseason, I feel like once we all get back together, the winning streak we have here is going to carry on over to next season. It is looking pretty good. I can't wait.

Q: Yesterday, the Rams coach, Jeff Fisher, was cynical reflecting on the brawl… He said the Giants also need to look in the mirror, too… Do you guys feel like everything you did on Sunday was justified?
A: That situation that happened with the brawl and us getting into it was crazy. I feel like both sides – it wasn't a positive at all with what happened. In that situation, I just try my best to not try to do anything stupid. As it goes to coaches and however they feel, I am not even sure because I am not in that right a decision or an example of what happened or went down.

T Justin Pugh

Q: How long have you been waiting for a second shot at the Eagles here?
A: It is something that I haven't necessarily been thinking about too much. As soon as the game ended on Sunday, I was already moving on getting ready to go for Philly.

Q: What are your plans for this week and do you need to do anything differently in regards to canceling out the noise on the outside when you play against the Eagles?
A: I am looking forward to the game; I am looking forward to getting out there and getting that second chance at them. I am going to prepare like I have the last three weeks since I have been back from my injury and get ready to go out there and win a game.

Q: What did you make of the brawl in St. Louis, and who do you think really instigated that whole scenario?
A: In regards to the whole incident in St. Louis with the fight and everything, I think it was guys getting heated, in the heat of the moment of the game. You're battling; you're blocking your guys, there are some hits after the whistle on both sides of the team. It really is just a natural reaction to go out there and try to defend your teammate and whatever the case may be there. Obviously, we took it a little too far and it can't happen again.

Q: When you look at Philadelphia, do you see the same type of team or have they changed much since the last time you saw them?
A: They are very good team. I think in the NFC East this year, you've seen all of the teams have weapons, have skill, and they do a lot of different things. Their defense is very good; you have to give them credit for the way they played. Obviously, as of late, they haven't closed the season as they wanted to. I think going into the last game, it's big for both teams.

Q: Do you think this offense feels it has something to prove to the Eagles. They are a division team you face twice a year.
A: Yeah, definitely, we didn't score at all. We definitely have something to prove, we have to go out there, put points up and take pressure of our defense. I think that is something we are looking forward to getting accomplished this week. We've got to put in a good week of practice and I think that will show on Sunday.

Q: How would you describe this season as a whole for you?
A: I look at it as a learning process. If you don't learn and grow from the way this season went, then it was a waste all around. I think, me personally, learning how to be a better player and where I can find and make changes in my game, and my routine, and my schedule. I think it is definitely something that has helped me and helped me grow as a player. I am looking forward to going out there Sunday, playing a good game and ending the season on a high note.

Q: The running game seems to have been successful the past few weeks. What do you attribute to it all coming together?
A: I think it is just guys going out there, working hard, keep doing what they've been doing, and making sure we are hitting our stride at the right time. I think, obviously, the running backs are running hard, we have been in close games so were able to stick with the run and didn't have to go to the pass right away. All of those different things combined have helped us out.

Q: Is it a little frustrating to have the season come to an end? It seems like you guys are finally putting things together, finding an identity, and playing pretty well the last three games.
A: Yeah, you wish you could've done that earlier on in the season. You look back at some games that were close that we could've come away with. It could've changed the whole dynamic of the season for the Giants and for everyone here. It is definitely something you want to get back and change, but that is the thing about this game, week in and week out, whether it is Week 8 or Week 16, Week 17, you have to bring your 'A' game, or else you are going to pay for it. Obviously, we are not going to the playoffs so we have to get better next year.

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