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Quotes (12/26): Coughlin, Beckham Jr., Pierre-Paul

Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: How important is it for you and the team to get a win to end the season?
A: Any time you line up, it's important to win. Obviously with the last game of the year, it's very important. We've had a couple of wins. We certainly enjoy that part of it much more than the other. That offers no disrespect for the Eagles. They're an outstanding football team, and certainly we found that out first hand when we traveled there before. I've talked all year about improvement and individual improvement and team improvement and progress and all of those kinds of things, and there has been a little bit of progress and I certainly would like to see it continue.


Q: What have you thought of Ben McAdoo's after one year? **
A: I'll wait till the season is over. I think there's no doubt that Coach McAdoo is an outstanding coach and he's done a good job here. We've made some progress.

Q: With this being the last practice of the year, do you say anything to the team in terms of what this game means for this team?
A: We talk all week about that. We just don't stand there. It's about the idea of this is the last game of the year. It's against a divisional foe. You have all kinds of things going on - young people who are getting opportunities, veteran players who want to be in a position to win, a coaching staff that busts their tail to win week in and week out. Nothing changes because it's the 16th game.

Q: Do you think it's possible for guys for whom it may be their last game to not think about that and not have it creep into their head?
A: No question. They want to play. They want to win. They want to play well. What other motive do you have in this business? It doesn't help anybody not to be at their very best, so that is not even a consideration. This is a team. These guys have worked hard together. They like each other, they play for each other and it's unfortunate we only get to line up and do it one more time.

Q: Andre Williams is questionable. Do you have confidence that he can play Sunday?
A: Yes.

Q: Does it ever creep into your mind that this may be your last game?
A: No, it doesn't.

WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Q: What will this offense be like next year with Victor [Cruz] coming back and your second year in the system?
A: The sky is the limit. You can't really put a limitation or expectation on it. You can see it and I think I said it earlier in the year. Victor, Rueben [Randle], Larry Donnell, Rashad [Jennings] and myself and Eli [Manning]. I think, why would you not want to have one of the best offenses in the league? As a competitor, you goal is to be the best, so I would expect everyone else on the offense to feel as if we should be the best.

Q: Last Philly game you had just started to get into the lineup… How anxious are you to show them the full Odell Beckham Jr. repertoire?
A: I am definitely excited. I was just getting back into it and we didn't come out and play well. They came out and played extremely well. They did a lot of things right and we didn't. Not revenge, but 27-0 leaves a bad taste in your mouth.


Q: For you personally, that was your worst statistical game… Do you view that as your worst game? **
A: No. It was just one of those games where things weren't going right for us. It was hard for all of us to get involved.

Q: Which one does bother you then?
A: Certain plays here and there. Every loss bothers me.

Q: What are you going to be doing in the offseason?
A: I know I am going to get together with a few guys during this offseason, for sure. I am actually going to be staying with [former LSU teammates] Jarvis [Landry] and Jeremy [Hill] and go back to API where I trained at and work around in Arizona for the most part and then probably go down to Eli's camp or other camps to get work in wherever you can.

Q: In terms of business opportunities?
A: I am sure there will be. I haven't looked so much into it. I am trying to finish the season strong. I wish there was something after this game, but that is not the case. Got to deal with it.

Q: Odds are you probably are going to get to go to the Pro Bowl… What would that mean to you if that happens?
A: That would be huge. It is obviously a goal. To get there and to see it happen and make first alternate is a huge accomplishment. Everyone was saying that I should have been in it. To me, really, I always say, 'What God has for you no man can take.' So if I am supposed to be in it, then I'll be in it. If I am not, then that is motivation to work harder next year.

Q: Have you surprised yourself this year?
A: I wouldn't say surprised. I am surprised at just being in the NFL in general. The atmosphere, the vibes and everything. The whole experience was surprising to me. It is everything I could have imagined and everything I could have asked for. I do like to set the goals and expectations very high for myself. It would take a lot to surprise me.

Q: With having a year under your belt, what is the biggest thing you have learned that you want to work on?
A: Patience. If you find a way to let this game slow down to you, it will be a lot easier. I feel throughout the season, it did that. The biggest thing for me is definitely going to be patience.

Q: Talk about what this offense could be next year… Top-5, Top 10 offense?
A: It has the potential to be one of the best in the league. That should be the mindset of everybody. You never know what the future holds, so I guess we have to wait and see next year.

Q: Are you excited to get Victor Cruz back?
A: Hopefully he can come back healthy. I know it is a long process. It is a long road. During the offseason, I just hope his training and recovery goes right.

Q: He said watching what you have done has motivated him a little bit… Do you guys talk?
A: Every time I see, we talk. It is still the same. You just don't get to see him too much, so you are not talking as much. I know how the recovery thing is. You are always busy and he is a high-caliber guy, so I am sure he has a lot of things going on. I know I backed off and checked on him and made sure every time I saw him we were talking. Everything was still the same. Just giving him that space [because] I know what it is like to be out and have to rehab every single day. Hopefully he has a speedy recovery and it goes the right way.

Q: One game left… Is there any piece of unfinished business in your rookie season you still haven't done yet that you want to get done?
A: Finish. Finish strong. It is just kind of something that has hit me throughout the season. Every time I step on the field, you never know when it could be your last, so go as hard as possible at all times. Never take a play off, and that is what I plan to do Sunday.

Q: Do you sense that why you are so popular is because you bring a joy to the game and that is something you have always done?
A: I don't know what it is. Like I said, I just love playing this game. I love being out there. Not too many people get this opportunity so you have to take full advantage of it and I am going to enjoy every last second of it.

Q: Do you have to change anything with the celebration dances?
A: Just don't get a penalty.

Q: How do you do that?
A: That is really up to the refs. I don't feel like it should have been a penalty, but it was. Just being mindful of their tendencies and what they may call or whatever may be close or cutting it close. Don't step near the line.

Q: Will you ask them for a clarification before the game?
A: No. Hopefully I can get in the end zone Sunday and I guess we will see what happens. I know we are all excited to play.

Q: Does it matter to you that you are tied for receptions for rookie receivers with Jarvis Landry and touchdowns with [Mike] Evans? Would it be important to you to lead in those categories?
A: Of course, it would be nice. That is always in the back of your mind. Obviously, like I said, the goal is always to win. Just take every play as if it were your last. Jarvis called me the other day and we were talking about that. He was saying, 'You've got to go hard Sunday.' I know how he is coming. I know how he is. It is a loving competition. I am looking forward to Sunday.

DE Jason Pierre-Paul

Q: What did you learn about yourself this year that maybe you did not know?
A: Just keep hustling, playing football, that is just me, period. There is nothing special about it. I am just a kind of guy that loves to play football game.

Q: In your heart of hearts, do you expect to be here next year?
A: I don't know. Everybody asks me that question and I really can't answer that question truthfully. I don't know what my future holds. Who knows if I am going to be in a Giant uniform, who knows where I am going to be in the offseason. Like I said, now, the numbers are there, I had a great season, and everybody sees it. There really is nothing else to say, just negotiations and it is coming.


Q: Is it an uneasy feeling? **
A: It is a good feeling. I got those five years, it's a good feeling. RE: Not knowing where you are going to be though.
A: It's a good feeling, man. At the end of the day, it's business, it's business. Everyone knows that, even the fans know that, my family members know it, and I am going to make the best decision to better me and my family.

Q: You said you'd really want to be back with the Giants.
A: Yeah, I'd love to be a Giant for the rest of my career, but at the end of the day, it doesn't always fold like that. Look at Justin Tuck, look at Osi Umenyiora, look at Brandon Jacobs, it doesn't matter. RE: They were older, much older than you.
A: Yeah, you're right. I'm hitting 26 at the beginning of the year. Yeah, I am entering my prime, there is much more football to be played, and at a very high intensity for me.

Q: You got through this season healthy, which means there is still upside for you, don't you think?
A: Yeah, I wasn't completely healthy, but I made it through. That is a good thing, I made it through a whole season again. Last year wasn't so great; I had back surgery. Had some injuries, shoulder injuries, but this year my main goal was no matter what injury that occurred to me, I have to go out there and keep fighting, keep fighting, no matter what, get up from it. I am just a tough guy and it all paid off because I played great this season. I've got Jonathan Hankins on the side of me, he did a great job, he got seven sacks. It has been a great season.

Q: Is there a part of you that is curious about what you're worth in the market?
A: I think I am worth a lot of money, what do you think? RE: I don't have the…
A: Oh okay, I don't have the answers.

Q: Would you give the Giants a hometown discount?
A: Like I said, it is going to be a business situation, it's going to be about my family, and what I want to pursue. At the end of the day, I'm here. Like I said earlier in the season, if I am a Giant, then I will be a Giant for my whole life. I don't know what is going to happen.

Q: Do you remember the last game against the Eagles?
A: Yeah, we got embarrassed. What was it? 27-0? It was embarrassing, they caught us off guard, it was off guard, unexpected. They went fast paced; we weren't ready for it at all. We did a great job of preparing for them this weekend, and it is going to be totally different from the first game. I guarantee you that.

Q: Do you owe them one?
A: Yeah, we definitely owe them one. At the end of the day, it is going to be who plays the most physical, who wants it more, and who is going to come out to play. RE: Going out on a good note with one last game
A: Yeah, this is going to be a good game because it is a division game and everybody has been waiting for this rematch.

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