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Quotes (6/8): Coughlin, Manning, Beason


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Head Coach Tom Coughlin**

Q: You have had a bunch of time with the rookies now… How are they integrating?A: Whenever you throw something new, it is the same as if, obviously it is the first time they have heard it. There are a bunch of installations. When you have an installation and a review, they do fine with that. Add something new and it is a little bit more difficult, so that is how you see it. They have hung in there and worked hard and they are obviously making progress. They have to.


Q: Is it hard for guys like Landon Collins and Ereck Flowers when you throw them in there with the first team? Does it make it harder for them because they are trying to catch up to the veterans? **A: I don't think so. I think, if anything, if you put yourself in that situation, that really makes it interesting. Holy cow, here I am. They have to earn those spots. They have the opportunity right now.

Q: What can you tell about offensive line play in general without pads?A: It is not easy. You look at every tape and try to be as technical as you can, but there are obvious restrictions for both defense and offense without the pads.

Q: How is Odell Beckham Jr. doing?A: Seem to be better. Seems to be a little bit better today. They did more with him.

Q: Did he do anything last week?A: He did some individual stuff, but that was it.

Q: Is he going to be okay for next week?A: I don't know. I only know what they tell me. They probably won't be able to project that until we see this week.

Q: Do you still expect Jason Pierre-Paul next week?A: Yes

Q: Have you noticed if Prince Amukamara is out there trying to play at a faster speed?A: I thought he was playing at a nice speed last year, too, when he was injured, so I think he is just trying to pick up from there. It started out as it normally does. He was under control. He has been enticing people to try to throw it over his head because he has broken on the underneath stuff very well.

Q: How does Kerry Wynn look to you?A: Kerry Wynn works hard and makes plays. He is very consistent.

Q: Re: Nat Berhe?A: We have been standing here. This would have been the ideal time for him. Unfortunately, he has not been able to get to where he can really drive, so it has been very slow.

Q: That helps Cooper Taylor and Landon Collins get reps?A: It helps them, but it doesn't help Berhe any, and he was here as a rookie and got to play a little bit. He also did a nice job on special teams. He has a lot of things of that nature, but this would have been ideal for him. Crying over spilled milk there.

Q: Do you ever leave an OTA day in June like this thinking big picture?A: That is the problem with being a coach. The good things pop up and then you quickly talk about the things that weren't so good, so you kind of get back to the balancing it off. You like to see something go well and be enhanced and when it does, you are glad about that, but then you are thinking 'we do have to stop the run' or something like that. You start to look at a little bit more scope, but really on a daily basis, practice to practice, as I just told everybody – coaches this morning and players this afternoon -- what they should be doing right now is deciding how do they want to finish the spring and what are their goals and what impression do they want to have? What have we accomplished when we finish up the mini-camp? Hopefully that is where they all are.

Q: When you gathered them before today's session it seemed like they had a spirited response… Did you say something in particular?A: I just said we need to have four solid practices and a good mini-camp to wrap the spring up.

Q: You have seen the flashes from Corey Washington in the past. Have you seen more from him this spring?A: Yeah, he has had a nice spring. He has worked hard. He has had a good attitude. He has had a smile on his face. He has done most everything we have asked him to do. I think every time he has been called upon he seems to have responded.

Q: Can you assess where Washington has come growth-wise on special teams?A: Not on special teams yet, but I think the opportunities he has had offensively, he has taken full advantage of his year to learn, and I think he has matured a little bit. He has had a solid spring.

Q: We haven't seen Damontre Moore or Owa Odighizuwa in the team drills. Is that them needing to catch up or something physical?A: They are being held back. We want to get Damontre in some, but we don't want to do anything that is going to set him back. He may get a little bit more work than he is getting, but not a lot. Owa is being held out. It is a leg.

Q: Re: Jonathan Cassillas and Jameel McClain absence from practice?A: Cassillas just had some kind of injection where they have to hold him. McClain did something to his back the other day and it is not going to be anything major. They held him out today.

QB Eli Manning

Q: Some of it is hard to tell because it is just OTAs and you are not even in pads or anything, but what have you seen out of this group now that you have had them and how important is this for you going to training camp in over a month?A: These are important times. Important times to work on things that we need to improve on and to add some new plays going in. We have some new guys on the team, new guys that are practicing trying to make the team.

Q: Just because of what Odell went through over the summer last year, is there any concern not seeing him out there a couple weeks in a row?A: I think he is just trying to be smart and [does not] want to push this thing longer than it has to be, which is kind of what we went through last year. I think we are trying to avoid that. We don't want him missing training camp and missing obviously games next year, so hopefully he can get healthy real soon and get back to the team and back to practice.


Q: You guys want to be cautious, but is there part of you that just can't wait to see both Victor and Odell out there together? **A: You like to have all of your weapons out there and work with them and get on the same page with timing and get the chemistry going. They are both terrific players, but it is good to have all of your guys out there competing and seeing where we stand.

Q: We know it is just the spring, but have you seen much difference in Corey Washington? He seems like he is moving in the right direction.A: Yeah, I think Corey has had a good camp. He has made some plays and has a better understanding of the offense in his second year and playing faster, and I think he has always had the ability to make the great catch and run the go routes and fades but just kind of adding the complete package to his game. I think that he has had a good camp and done some good things.

Q: Had you ever heard of his college before?A: I had not. No, that was a first

Q: Isn't it pretty unusual when you look down a roster and you have never seen that college before?A: Yeah, it happens. That is why they have scouts; they go out and find these guys. Once you get here, it doesn't matter where you went to college, it is just about what you can do for the team.

Q: But there is a learning curve?A: Yeah, I guess so. Obviously going against different talent, but if you have ability and you have talent and you work hard, you can definitely learn what it takes to get open.

Q: You're wearing those knee braces or supports?A: Just knee sleeves. I'm 34, I think. I just like the look; it's a good style.

Q: Is that one of those copper things that help the circulation?A: No, I don't think it is the copper. It is just a little sleeve that seems to help a little bit. I think it looks good, looks like I'm a great athlete. **

Linebacker Jon Beason**

Q: Where do you think you are physically right now and are you happy with it?A: Extremely happy. I am able to run around. It feels great. Change of direction feels good. It is literally a non-issue. We are just being smart. I am still limited just based on the time of year.

Q: How much of Steve Spagnuolo's defense have you learned and how well do you think you will be able to lead it?A: I am learning as fast as I can, and as much as I can. Obviously there is nothing like getting out there and repping it. Our offense [gives us] a lot of problems, moving guys around and shifting personnel groups. They make it really hard on us at practice. We are just going with the flow right now and taking our reps. Guys are getting better each day.


Q: You know what Antonio Pierce meant to [Spagnuolo's] defense when he was here… Do you see that similar situation for you? **A: Yeah, as a MIKE backer, the onus is on me to get guys lined up and in the right situation. The good thing about this defense is Coach Spags puts pressure on everybody. Everyone has their own 'OBW's'. Oh by way. Little small tidbits that if this happens, that is when we have to be ready for it. The beauty of it is we won't be able to be dictated to. We will be able to get lined up and no matter what they do, we are going to be ready for it. That should cause a lot of problems for opposing offenses.

Q: From what you have seen from this defense, is that kind of attacking mentality what it is all about?A: Yeah, for sure. You don't want to sit back. Eli and company, these quarterbacks are extremely good. They are elite. They study us. We obviously have tendencies and they obviously have tendencies, but when you just sit back and stay in the same call, it is easy for them. So you make it hard and make them have to do some things post-snap where maybe we can steal a play and get an interception or a turnover. Get the ball back to our offense and hopefully win more games.

Q: That energizes defensive players? That is what you want to do?A: Yeah, it makes you feel young again. You are sitting there in meetings and you obviously have to pay attention and go home everyday and get ready for the next install. Not even just watching myself, but watching everybody. Every rep that I can get, mentally, on the iPad has been clutch so far. Just trying to go through it and get familiar with it so you know it like the back of your hand.

Q: Is that attacking radically different from what it had been like in the past?A: I wouldn't say it is different. The overall scheme [is different.] We have some things that are unsound, but based on the pressure, that is the illusion. When you send eight and it looks like an all-out pressure, but really you are dropping some linemen in coverage. Some man pressures. We do it all. I would say, more so than any other scheme I have been in, we do more than anything else.

Q: Is it a relatively easy defense to learn?A: I think we can learn whatever we want. We are great athletes because we chose to do it. You guys are great at reporting and being a great interviewer, because that is what you do. Whether you are playing the piano, whatever it is, you put the time into the things you really want and that is what we have to do. We are going to be young in the secondary, but at the same time, those guys are going to have to grow up quick, and we are putting pressure on them now. We don't make the calls even if we know them. If that is their call, they have to get us lined up. Right now every one is doing a great job just taking onus of what they have to do and we are going from there.

Q: Are the defensive rankings something that stick in the sides of the defensive guys here or do you not think about those?A: I don't read into much of the media. Obviously it is not going to help us win or lose a game. We have to go out there and we have to play. It is all about what happens between the lines. Predictions, you look at the Cavs, [Kevin] Love goes down, Kyrie [Irving] goes down, and everyone says it is over, but they stole a game last night. Anything can happen once you play the game. All of that stuff just fuels the fire.

Q: You had to know where you guys were in the defensive stats though?A: Yeah, it is doesn't add up to our standard obviously. We want to be great. That is what Big Blue is all about. Obviously the offense has done a great job over the years, but we think we go as the defense goes.

Q: I imagine you guys feel that you are a lot better than your rankings?A: Sure, we are a lot healthier, too. That is everything. That is the most important part.

WR Corey Washington

Q: What did you do this offseason to prepare yourself for Year Two and did you take any lessons from your rookie year?A: I took a lot of lessons from my rookie year. I went to the offseason and worked on my craft. I went down to Greenville, South Carolina to work out at TNT with Jordan Reeves and he got me right and the team has been working on everything to get me where I am at now.

Q: Do you feel like you have made strides on special teams after kind of getting a taste of that experience last year?A: Yeah, everything has slowed down now so I am getting adjusted to everything and working on me, working on my craft and helping the team out.


Q: Corey, what did you learn last year throughout the whole season? **A: Trust, gaining the coaches' trust and the quarterback's trust. Just taking everything day by day and not rushing it.

Q: Last year at this time I am sure you were hoping for a spot. Do you see a role now?A: I am not going to speak too fast, but coach is using me a lot down in the red zone, green zone area, so I figure I can come in [as the] fourth receiver [and in] goal line and the red zone.

Q: What is your confidence level that you can do that at this level?A: My confidence level is high. I am gaining Eli' s trust and coach's trust and he is throwing me out there with the ones, so I just have got to continue to work and keep it up.

Q: Did you feel that coming into this offseason you had to earn the coaches' trust all over again?A: Oh yeah, I came from Newbury. You probably know where Newbury [is]. I have got to show the coaches that I'm going to keep working and gaining their trust. Like I said, gaining Eli's trust and coach's trust to throw me out there to help this team win games.

Q: How do you tell when you have Eli's trust or if it's growing?A: How do I tell? [If the ball] keeps coming my way.

Q: You are sensing more opportunities for yourself this year. You said you are getting some reps with the ones. You didn't really get those last year if I remember?A: No, he was just easing me in and not throwing me out there. Let Odell and those guys take off and then we just sit back watch and learn from those guys.

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