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Quotes (8/19): Coach Coughlin, Harris


Players speaking to the media after Tuesday's #GiantsCamp practice

Head Coach Tom Coughlin**

Good afternoon. No, I don't think Beckham hurt himself. He was sore this morning. You people saw (what happened in practice yesterday) before I even did. I didn't even realize he…. because the last play, one of the last plays of practice yesterday, he caught a pass and ran down the sideline and looked pretty darn good. But he evidentially was sore this morning. They don't feel like it's a re-injury but they're going to continue to be cautious if that's what it takes. They're saying no setback. That's kind of where we are on it. Other than that, I have nothing for you.

Q: Is he sore in the hamstring area?
A: I have nothing else for you. What more can I say? Is he sore in the hamstring? Where do you think he's sore?

Q: He could be sore in other places. Maybe he got hit somewhere else?
A: It could be his cheek maybe. I think it's the injury that he's sore. What contributed to it, I don't know.

Q: Does this rule him out for Friday?
A: Yes.

Q: It looked like you guys were game planning a little bit for the Jets. Did it feel like more of a typical, regular season practice?
A: That's the carded part of the practice. Probably half the practice was carded. As you move closer to the regular season, this being a normal third game, that would be the game that you would card up and try to spend a little bit more time on the opponent rather than just what you're doing, advancing your team with your own installations. Now it becomes a little bit more specific. Not like the regular season but a little bit.

Q: Do you think that could help the offense a bit? The Jets throw a lot of exotic looks at people.
A: They do? Really? Yes, they do.

Q: With all the time Beckham is missing, do you feel like it will take him longer…?
A: Well, he's been in every meeting. He knows the offense and he knows the terminology. The stamina, endurance part, all of those kinds of things are all going to have to be accomplished.


Q: Jameel McClain's sort of keeping that seat warm in the middle there. How has be looked? **
A: He's a veteran linebacker who knows how to play the game and he's been solid.

Q: Does he need to get more looks on the outside? So he can slide out there when Beason returns?
A: You've got to take care of what you've got first. When it comes time, he'll be fine with that.

Q: At the start of training camp the word that you used to describe the offense was, 'nervous.'
A: I used nervous?

Q: Yeah. How do you feel about it now?
A: Well, we're a work in progress just like I say every week. We're a work in progress. Last week obviously in one regard was not very good but on the other hand, what the second and third group did when they went in the game was historic, to be honest with you. The one's have got to get going on both sides of the ball.

Q: What did Ryan Nassib show you in that fourth quarter?
A: He was gutsy, he was competitive. The way he hung in there, he gave us a little bit of, as I said the other day and again I'm repeating other questions, he moved a little bit in the pocket, which is something that normally is not associated with us. And so the threat of him coming out of there, I think, helped us. And then when he did step up in the pocket, he made some nice plays down the field.

Q: You're working with a lot of different offensive line combinations these last couple days, these last couple weeks. Geoff Schwartz played on the right side in Kansas City. Is that something you would consider here or do you want to keep him on the left side and keep him in the same spot for now?
A: We would consider him to play any spot. There's no restrictions on what a guy can do. The combinations haven't reached out to that for him, but if he had to go over there and play over there, I'm sure he could.

Q: Today was the first time we saw Justin Pugh at left tackle. Was that just a product of necessity?
A: Same kind of thing we're doing. They're all playing pretty much everywhere. You guys usually see everything, who was the right tackle? Mosley was the right tackle when that happened. You always attempt to be creative, flexible. As many people as you can have to be centers, you never know about that either.

Q: Is it going to be difficult making the decision on the placekicker?
A: I hope so. I hope it is. Both are strong-legged. Both have done a nice job in the preseason, whatever we've asked them to do. Yeah, I hope it is a tough one.

Q: You've had a bunch of wide receivers that we didn't think of at first maybe that have impressed in camp. How do you stand on the possibility of keeping six? Have you done that in the past very often? Would you like to try and avoid that if you could?
A: Not necessarily. If they're evaluated as being solid people that can make the club, then perhaps you have to make an adjustment somewhere else. Are we against keeping six? No. That's been done before.

WR Marcus Harris

Q: Have you gotten to a point in practice where you're working on specific things to show them in addition to maybe receiving in games, just in terms of special teams?
A: Yeah, special teams, yeah. They actually have me bouncing around on special teams, starting on almost every special team. They said the more you can do, so they're just trying to see if I can do every position on the field. This week I'm playing fullback on punt so it's a new position but I'm comfortable with it because I practiced it last year on practice squad. The practice squad really helped me for this year.

Q: You know that it's one thing to be a wide receiver, but to really make this team, if you can show them you can be valuable in those spots, that could be one of those things.
A: Definitely, the more you can do on offense and on special teams. I know all of the receiver positions on offense, but I guess a bonus is that I know a lot of places on special teams. Hopefully it works in my favor.


Q: When you see a teammate like Corey Washington getting all these touchdown catches. On one hand, he's a guy like you trying to make a team. Do you get excited for him or do you look at it as this guy's trying to take your job? **
A: Definitely, we're all making plays. He's a big guy. I'm a former quarterback, I'm going to throw it over to a 6-4 receiver myself. I don't feel any type of emotion in a bad way. We're all excited – we scored, we won the game. At the end of the day, we won the game. I made my plays and he made his plays.

Q: Do you find that it helps you in the sense that Odell came in here as a number one but his injuries have kept him off the field and that, in some way, has created an opportunity for you?
A: I mean, I don't like to look at it that way. Like I said, hopefully he gets out on the field soon because we need him. He is our first round draft pick. The opportunity for me to get plays? Yeah, but I don't look at is as a positive with him being hurt and me getting plays. We're hoping for a quick recovery and to get him back.

Q: But it was an opportunity to take advantage of?
A: Yeah, it was definitely an opportunity. A big opportunity.

Q: When you do get those opportunities, if you don't make the most of them, someone else may get them.
A: Yeah, definitely. Limited reps for a guy like me. I've earned the reps I got and I kept making plays so they kept giving them to me. Hopefully I keep it that way.

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