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Quotes (8/27): Coughlin, Cruz, & Brewer

Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: JPP jumped in there a little bit.
A: He did. Trainer's permission. He jumped in there and did a couple of good things.

Q: I'm sure you didn't try to hold him back.
A: No. We didn't stop the drill.

Q: What happened with Louis Murphy?
A: Contact lens got stuck.

Q: Do you know your distribution of snap counts?
A: The ones will take 12 to 15 and the rest of the guys will play.

Q: How will the quarterbacks play?
A: Nassib will go next.

Q: Is there anything in particular you hope to see from the offense?
A: I'd like to see some continuity and some execution, some performance. I'd like to see us get the ball in the end zone. I'd like to see us do well on third down. I'd like to see our passing game with our protection look like some type of an efficient operation. I'd like to see progress. That's really what I would like to see.

Q: How many quarterbacks do you want to play in the game?
A: We're going to play all of them. We're going to try to play all of them, let's put it that way. Carr would be next and then Painter would be next.

Q: What about Damontre Moore? Do you think he's going to play?
A: I don't know. We'll see. I'll have to have more information than what I have right now to say that. I'd like for him to play, but you've got to be sure…

Q: You've had James Brewer with the first team offensive line the last few days. How has he looked to you and how has he progressed?
A: He did well. He had a good spring and then he had a setback and he's kind of getting going again. Yesterday's practice for him was a good one, I thought. So we'll see how this is.

Q: Brewer has primarily been a tackle. What do you like about Brewer as a guard?
A: Athleticism, feet, moves well. He's naturally played tackle most of the time he's been here, but he can also play guard and he's going to have to.

Q: Have you ever started the first team offense in the final preseason game?
A: Every year since I've been coaching.

Q: What's the plan with the offensive line? Are you going to settle on something after this game?
A: We'll settle on something. They have to get ready to play. We will have some combinations in there (Thursday) night. That's just the way it is.

Q: What have you seen from Charles James?
A: I've been impressed by the kid going back to catch punts. He caught that towering punt a couple of weeks ago, which was very impressive. So he jumps right in and he does whatever you ask him to do, so that's been impressive.

Q: Do you have any sense David Baas is going to miss any games?
A: He's working hard and he feels a little bit better each day.

Q: You have a lot of defensive tackles this year. Has a guy like Mike Patterson stood out at all?
A: We don't have as many as we had a couple of days ago. We don't have Markus (Kuhn) on the field yet. So there's not that many numbers.

Q: What do you think of Patterson?
A: He's done pretty well.

Q: How about Marvin Austin at that position?
A: He's flashed. You have to admit, he gets after the passer. He runs really well. He's quick as can be. So he has flashed.

Q: Would you consider extending the first team offense if you don't like what you see or does safety override that?
A: I would take the latter as being the choice that I would make right here. I would err on the side of safety of the first game.

Q: Is Cooper Taylor going to get his first game snaps?
A: He is. He's running around out here doing a lot of stuff. I'm pleased with that.

Q: You have less than two weeks to go until the season starts…
A: Really?

Q: Are you satisfied with what you've seen from this team or how much improvement does it need to make?
A: I don't like the word. I never have. 'Satisfied' is not a good word for me. It doesn't work and it never has. I see things that I like and I see things that I don't like and I see things that have to happen and have to move along and get us to the point where we think where our production is and so it's a work in progress. There's no question about it. It will be a work in progress when we get ready to play the first game. It's just been one of those falls. Trying to get 11 guys to work together is not easy. I hope there's a silver lining in that lots of people have played, lots of experience, lots of guys have been in positions of flexibility. So we've had some things we can see and I'm hoping that becomes a good thing.

WR Victor Cruz

Q: How are you feeling?
A: Feeling good, feeling good. It's been better, feels a lot better, a lot of the swelling has gone down. Obviously I'm out of the boot now, looking forward to better days coming.

Q: Do you envision Sept. 8th as a good day for you?
A: Absolutely. I think that's definitely a target date for me. I think I want to come out and get some regular practice in as well once the doctors let me and the training staff lets me do so. Just taking it one day at a time.

Q: Are you targeting Monday to maybe practice?
A: Potentially. In my mind, that's a date that I'm targeting so I'm going to work diligently this week while the team's away and focus on getting myself ready and ready to practice potentially by next week.

Q: Are you having any pain? Any setbacks?
A: Just in the morning. There's swelling in the morning when I first put my foot down, that's about it. Other than that, once I get it going and get it warmed up, it seems to loosen up a little bit and feel better. We still want to take it easy and take it one day at a time but it's starting to feel a lot better.

Q: Besides icing it, what have you been able to do? Have you been able to do the bike?
A: We've been doing the works. We've been doing the bike, hot tub, cold tub, contrasting it, we've been doing a little massage, ice cup, we're doing a bunch of different (things)…I'm picking up marbles with my feet. A lot of different things were in there, so all of it's been beneficial, which is why I'm here in front of you guys bootless.

Q: You feel good about your chances for Dallas?
A: Yeah, absolutely. I knew initially that it was just a small bump in the road and that I just needed some time off to get some down time off the boot and off the foot and get things going the right way. Dallas was definitely a target date for me and I knew that I had to be ready for that date and now that that boot's off and it's feeling good, I still have some time to recuperate. It feels even better.

Q: What do you think about the first team offense's struggles so far in the preseason?
A: I think it's tough. I think, with the amount of reps that we get, it's hard to develop a rhythm. We just need to get it going a little bit and I think our balance isn't there yet; our balance of running the ball and passing it. Slowly but surely we'll get that back. Days of practice and getting everybody back out there, I think that will help us. But I think we just need to build some fluidity within the offense.

Q: How long has the boot been off?
A: It's been off since yesterday. Somebody was peeking through the window and probably saw me eating without it on.

Q: There are a lot of people who look at this team and kind of scratch their heads and say, "defense played poorly last year, the offense was inconsistent." When you look at this team heading into the season, do you have your own questions?
A: Not really. I think, because I'm here every day, I see my team on the field everyday and I know what we have, I know what type of talent that we have out there. I'm looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to us being able to line up, our best 11 on each side of the ball, offense, defense and special teams, and go out there and see what we can do. My money's on my team.

Guard James Brewer

I'm very excited to be playing left guard. Honestly, just the chance to start is big for me and whether or not I'm on the left side or right side, as long as I'm on the field. My main objective is to be on the field. Wherever they feel the need to put me to do so is a blessing. That's really how I feel about that.

Q: When coach Coughlin and the other coaches made the decision last week with putting Cordle at center and Boothe back to guard, were you worried that you may have missed your opportunity to get that starting spot?
A: No, we're a very versatile group as a whole. Some guys can plan. For example, I don't play center. Just with what happened to Baas, for them to give Jimmy that same chance that they're giving me right now. Nothing's set in stone, they're just kind of shuffling things around, seeing which best five is going to give our team the best chance up front and I just look at it as a shot to prove that I'm the next guy up.

Q: Is left guard a good spot for you?
A: I haven't really played it that much, but after this week, Flats feels I'm actually a natural at left as far as my footwork, technique and how I bend, so if he's confident in me, then I'm confident in it as well.

Q: When you came here, the thought was that you were going to be a right tackle in waiting. Is that what you thought also?
A: I think that was kind of the mindset. And then with the spring it was kind of just right side as far as me playing right guard for Snee when he was out. I think now, I'm just kind of showing that I can do more than just one side. I can play left guard, left tackle, right guard, right tackle, so wherever they need me at.

Q: Was the subject first approached maybe two days ago or yesterday?
A: Yeah, they told me yesterday that I was going to be playing left guard before practice, so then, obviously, you just have to go with it.

Q: What's that like? Because you want to show them, I know you said your movements are sort of natural there, but is it still kind of a nervous thing?
A: It's not really a nervous thing at this point because I know what I'm doing in the offense as far as the playbook and who we have and who's blocking who, that kind of thing. That takes off a lot of pressure just because I know what I'm doing. For me, it's more just technique stuff and just trying to get comfortable doing it. The first day, from practice yesterday to today, I feel way better as far as just my technique goes and stuff.

Q: What would you guess how many snaps you took at left guard this summer?
A: Zero. I wasn't on the left side at all during the summer. I haven't been on the left side since last preseason when they had me do some left tackle.

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