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Quotes (8/27): Coughlin, Richburg, Amukamara



Head Coach Tom Coughlin**

A little different week for us. This is what I call the GPS week. We're following that to a 'T.' We've had two hard practices, followed by basically meetings, walkthroughs and a recovery cycle. So all three --- special teams, defense and offense -- had good, long meetings, they had walkthroughs and we finished that up with a recovery cycle. The recovery cycle has basically six elements and, by seniority, they can choose two. It is two fifteen-minute periods and we are currently right toward the end of the second cycle, so it is a unique kind of a day and I am interested in the feedback that I get from our leadership council and also from the assistant coaches as we go through the day and, of course, the proof will come later as to how we perform.

Q: What are those elements? What kind of things are they?
A: Yoga, massage. There are some fancy names for things we do with rollers and sticks and so on and so forth --- cold tub, but it is basically just the recovery cycle muscular so on and so forth along with yoga and some of the other things we employed.

Q: Is this something you may implement during the season?
A: We are going to see. I will see what it looks like and again tomorrow is another day of this experimentation, so we are going to go through with that and we'll see how we like it at the end of the week.

Q: Do you consider this the end of a certain segment? The last day of training camp, such as it is.
A: We just keep going. Nothing ended, everything keeps right on going. It is much different, as you know and as you have recognized in other years, and I think at this point in time the players who are able to have a home in this area, they have checked out of the hotel, the other guys will stay in the hotel and we just keep going.

Q: You talked about wanting to see more urgency in practice in the beginning of the week. Did you see that over the course of the week?
A: Yesterday, I saw a little bit more and I would like to continue to see more.

Q: Marshall Newhouse looked like he [got injured]?
A: He is fine. He just got stepped on.

Q: [What about] Nat Berhe?
A: Berhe re-injured his calf.

Q: Is it kind of back to square one with him?
A: He re-injured his calf, that is all I can tell you. Whatever the mechanism, whatever goes on, he had one day of practice, felt really good, came out here and had the same occurrence that happened the last time --- occurred this time, so he is re-injured.

Q: You have all these new tools, you have the GPS and all this stuff. Can it prevent these things from happening or can it decrease the probability of these things happening?
A: Not in the case of a guy that has not been practicing. It can tell you --- it can monitor the players under certain types of practices to tell you what their workload should be and if they approach that, you can back them down, but in the case of someone like Nat, he wasn't even practicing, so there was no workload level other than the fact that he was doing a very, very limited amount of work the day before.

Q: How bad is Marshall Newhouse?
A: That is a surface scratch. Someone stepped on his leg when he was on the ground and it was down relatively low and it scared him because of where the step occurred.

Q: He should be able to play?
A: I think so.

Q: Just to be clear, this GPS day, recovery cycle day, that would be in place of a practice if you implemented this during the regular season?
A: That would be in the place of a practice. What you would do is you would load up according to the GPS system the first two days of the week. In other words, you cover a lot of territory. I don't know if you noticed, but yesterday's practice was quite long and could've actually been another five minutes. So you're getting a lot of things done on an overload kind of a day and then you're having an unloaded cycle and then the week's not over yet.

Q: You don't seem like a 'less practice is better' kind of guy?
A: Let's not go there.

Q: Do you personally spend any time with the data? Do you find it interesting?
A: I have people that give me the feedback. It's interesting, there's no doubt about it.

Q: What about it has jumped out to you personally?
A: To be honest with you, they can tell you by virtue of the information the potential for a guy to have a soft tissue injury. When that happens, you back the guy down, and that's the whole purpose. The whole purpose is to recognize someone who is headed for a strain, if you will, and try to do something about it.

Q: Have there been instances when you've gotten the information during a practice?
A: We've gotten the information that's said to back off a guy, yes.

Q: Is Jayron Hosley okay?
A: Hosley practiced yesterday and he's got the greenlight to go.

Q: You said he was doing some things before…
A: Yeah, he was. We'd like to see him do some more things. There's a bunch of them we'd like to see some more things.

Q: After you see what happened with Nat Berhe, do you have to handle Victor Cruz any differently with his calf issue?
A: It's the same basic area but two totally different injuries. We'll do whatever we can if there are similarities. I'm sure the medical people follow that practice but each case is different. They're not exactly the same.

Q: Victor is not going to play, correct?
A: He's not going to play, no.

Q: With Weston Richburg, where do you stand with him?
A: He actually feels pretty good today. We should've called a practice for today. We're going to keep working with him and seeing what the doctors and those people tell me. I don't have anything new for you right now.

Q: Is it possible he plays then on Saturday?
A: Anything's possible. It might rain. You never know.

Q: You just said Cruz is out, though. Is Richburg likely to be out as well?
A: I'm not answering that question. How much more—what can I do? I answered the Cruz question, that's it.

Q: You said after a couple of days with the medical staff you may have a better idea on Jon Beason. Do you have that?
A: I don't have any more for you. He won't play this week.

Q: Will Landon Collins play?
A: Yes.

Q: How's Mark Herzlich doing? Is he still…
A: He was coming along well and just didn't feel real good yesterday. Not as well as I would like.

Q: So when that happens, it's back to square one with the concussion thing?
A: Protocol has to be accomplished; otherwise, no.


Weston Richburg**

Q: Is this something you've had before?
A: It's never been, no. Last year, I was fine. It just all of a sudden popped up this year. Like I said, we're trying to figure it out now. Figure out how we can eliminate this problem before the season rolls around and the games actually count and it's for real.

Q: Which knee is it?
A: It's my left knee.

Q: Something you feel like you're going to have to manage?
A: Yeah, it's all about management. Like I said, we're trying to figure out a way to manage this. I guess it's kind of a blessing it happened during preseason, where we kind of have just maybe a little more time, even though it's still urgent. Have a little more time to figure this thing out.

Q: How do you balance that you want to play with the whole offensive line, but you also want to be healthy for the regular season?
A: It's tough. I want to be out there just for chemistry purposes—work with my guys, make sure we're getting everything ready for the regular season. At the same time, you want to get healthy for the regular season. So it's a really tough conflict.

Q: I know we always throw hypotheticals at you, but if this was Week 4 or the first week of October, would you have missed these practices?
A: No. It'd be different. It'd be different, I think. Like I said, we're trying to figure out a way to kind of get a plan of action put together now, just in case something goes on in the regular season.

Q: Is it swelling or just soreness?
A: A little bit of swelling. That was the issue. The swelling can kind of take away from some muscle function. So trying to get that swelling down, get that figured out.

Q: Do you have any sense of if they're going to let you go Saturday night?
A: We haven't talked about that yet. Like I said, I want to be out here with them. But also understand that I want to be out there the entire regular season. We'll continue to talk about it and figure out what we want to do.

Q: Coach Coughlin said the other day that there's got to be a little sense of urgency because you only have two more preseason games until the opening day. You can't predict when an injury is going to come, but does this become even more of an issue that it has happened now?
A: Well, it's not as much of an issue as if it would have happened in the regular season, I think. So like I said, preseason gives us a little more time to figure it out, even though it still is an urgent situation. It allows us opportunity to figure out what we're going to do if this thing pops back up in the regular season.

Q: Realistically speaking, let's assume for a minute you don't play against the Jets. The last preseason game, the starters usually don't play very much. How much do you think you need as the starting center of this team to really be ready for Week One?
A: I need to be in with my guys. Whatever the snap count is for the first group, I need to be in there. Like I said, we'll wait and discuss it and see what we need to do.

Q: How have you enjoyed this kind of weird day, in the sense it's not a practice day, more of a recovery day?
A: It's different, yeah. I think there are definitely some benefits for it. I think we got some good rehab, kind of rejuvenation work for the entire team, which is good. I'm interested to see some results from this.

Q: Is it something you've ever done before? Did you guys do anything like this in college?
A: No. This is different. I suppose that it's happening in other teams. So I guess that's why they're trying it here. Like I said, I'm anxious to see some results from this, see what difference it makes.

Q: What's guys' reactions?
A: I think they enjoyed kind of working on their bodies. It was a mental day as well. We had a little walk-through, jog-through deal. So it was a mental day, kind of rejuvenation. I think guys like it.

Q: Did you do the massage?
A: I didn't do the massage, but I have one scheduled here for a couple hours. You guys are holding me up from my massage.


Prince Amukamara**

Q: Are you looking forward to your first game action of the preseason?
A: For sure. I think preseason games are important because you get your body in shape and you start to work that muscle memory. And going against players from a different team. So I'm excited I get to play this week.

Q: How are you feeling with the groin? Is this something you're still managing or is it something you are completely over now?
A: I feel like I'm completely over. I've been full-go, not limited in any reps. I've been able to do everything that I did before I got injured. So I wouldn't say I'm limited in any case.

Q: You've been here for a number of years, what does this Jets-Giants preseason game usually mean? Is there still any juice to this rivalry at this time of the year?
A: I think it's a rivalry only because it's in-state, both teams in-state. We're about like an hour away from each other and we play at the same stadium. I know for our fans it's a huge game. Jets and Giants can split families, so I've heard. I've never played against a rivalry being at Nebraska. We were the only team there. So I'm excited about this game, it's fun. And I think there's going to be great matchups with like [Darrelle] Revis and Cro [Antonio Cromartie] going against—I don't know if Reuben is up, but Reuben and Odell. And then with me and DRC going up against Decker and Marshall. I'm excited for this game.

Q: Plus you get to play them down the road, obviously in a real game.
A: Exactly, yeah. And that's huge. I'm sure that game, later in the season, is going to have more weight on it.

Q: You've been around for a few years, what do you make of this whole GPS when you can recover?
A: It's definitely new, but I don't think any of the guys are complaining anytime that we can get rest. But also, work on our soft tissue muscles and getting massage and stretching. And spend more time in the meeting room. So it's more of a mental day. I think guys really like that. Coach said he'll just see how we respond—and that's just our energy and our enthusiasm at practice tomorrow. If we respond right, hopefully we can keep the schedule.

Q: So there's a pact between the players? You go out there and win 41-0 on Saturday night, he'll give you GPS every week.
A: Exactly, exactly. It's kind of similar to the bye week. If you go out and demolish the team before your bye week, you would hope your coach would give you the whole week off.

Q: Could you foresee this happening on a Friday during regular season?
A: I don't know, because I don't know what the Saturday practice is going to be like. I think it all depends on how fast and tough the Saturday's practice is. But if we respond well to it, I'm sure Coach Coughlin will take in our insight. I'm sure that we'll continue to do.

Q: Tom doesn't seem like the type of coach who would give up practice because a computer tells him to. Does that surprise you?
A: Right. Yes, very surprised. I would say injuries may have something to do with it. Injuries have been huge the last couple of years here. So I guess guys—I guess we're all just trying to figure out and just trying to do different stuff to help prevent that.

Q: You were vocal in the spring about getting the young guys at safety to come together. This last week you guys have taken some more hits. Just curious what you've been seeing when Meriweather and Miles are back there together. Is it a different feel to when the young guys were back there?
A: I wouldn't say different feel because everyone is new to this defense. But a guy like Meriweather—he's a for sure, true vet. So he definitely takes ownership of the defense. So does Miles, and Collins does, too, when he's in there. So I haven't played in a game with them yet, so we'll just see how we all play together. That's what I like about preseason, because you get to build that chemistry and that communication.

Q: Is it comforting to have a guy like Meriweather back there? After losing so many guys, you could have been left with an undrafted rookie here or whoever. But to get a guy like him, it's unusual.
A: For sure. And especially because of his reputation. Just being a hard hitter. I'm sure quarterbacks and offensive coordinators are going to know where he's at on the field and whether he's going to post or something like that. Hopefully that puts fear in them from going across the middle.

Q: You're not saying that your defensive back might be targeting a wide receiver are you?
A: I'm not saying that at all. I'm just saying that his reputation is known for being a hard hitter. He's talked about being more careful when hitting. But when two guys are going full speed, it's kind of hard to adjust.

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