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Quotes (8/29): Shurmur, Jones, Carter, Tate, Lauletta, Perkins, Solder


PS: So, the fourth preseason game. Obviously, there were a lot of guys who got a lot of opportunities tonight, and it was good to see whoever is in the game. It's always good to see when you find a way to win in a two-minute drive. I thought Kyle [Lauletta] did a good job at the end there, kind of engineering that drive. Made just enough plays to win the game, so it was fun. Regardless of the game, that's what you are fighting for. Obviously, this was a great opportunity for our two's and three's to get a lot of playing time. I think they learned a lot about themselves and we learned a lot about them. So we'll get back to Jersey here and you know, get to the business of putting the final roster together. That's where we are at.

Q: Regarding Daniel [Jones], was the plan to have him just the one series?

PS: No, I would have left him in there if they hadn't moved the ball. I thought it was important for him to go through the week. Kind of like I let you guys know earlier in the week that he was going to be the starter. I think it's important for him to go through the week and mentally go through that process of mentally, 'Ok, you're the starter,' and you come into the game knowing that. The first 15 is for you and all the things you go through mentally as a quarterback to get yourself ready to start a game. I wanted him to go through that process, beyond that, I wanted him to play a few plays, but going through that process was as important as playing, in my opinion.

Q: What do you think he got out of that?

PS: I think he just checked off another box in his development. And I thought he went out and executed pretty well.

Q: Is there a way to quantify how much Kyle [Lauletta] helped himself out tonight?

PS: Not really. I mean, I think outside the building everybody has kind of had the quarterbacks stacked up in their minds the way they wanted to stack them up. I thought today was a good opportunity for all three of the quarterbacks to play and show us one more time what they can do.

Q: You have a lot of guys in that 53 man range who are injured. I think there were six guys tonight.

PS: I think Pat [Hanlon] talked to you about that, I guess he released some of that stuff, right? I don't know much about the length of those injuries, so we will just have to see.

Q: How much does that complicate things now?

PS: I don't know. We'll figure it out. I don't know who is hurt, to what extent yet and how that will affect the roster. I think if I commented on that, I would be speculating and I don't want to do that.

Q: You said throughout the summer that you were getting Daniel [Jones] ready to play, whenever that is. Do you think he is showing you that, whenever that moment comes?

PS: He's getting there. We've got another week until we play Dallas. He's getting there and I think he's done everything we have asked to this point, in terms of how he prepares and gets himself ready and this was another opportunity to grow. And I think he did that.

Q: Is there a part of you that feels like it's going to be hard to keep Daniel Jones on the sideline?

PS: No, because he's going to continue to improve and continue to keep growing, and keep preparing. You know, once the season starts, he's going to prepare like he's going to be the starter and be prepared to go in there when we need him. So I don't think of any of them on the side. If you're on the 53, and certainly if you're on the 46, and you're out there ready to roll, you've got to be ready to play.

Q: Can you clarify your reasoning on not bringing Daniel back out for a second series?

PS: We moved the ball. We had a scoring drive. Yeah, that's what I wanted to see. And then I also was going to put in -- I was bleeding out some of the linemen that we had playing in the lineup, and I want to then move on with the other guys.

Q: You had Wayne Gallman Jr. playing late in the game. Was there anything to why he was playing late?

PS: No. All of the runners beyond Saquon [Barkley] played today. That's all.

Q: How about Paul, coach?

PS: Paul Perkins?

Q: Yes.

PS: I thought he did a good job. I mean, he's a steady player and he made the most of the runs that he had in there. You know, I have to go back and finally evaluate it. Sometimes those runs get mushed up in there and you don't know if there could have been more gained or it wasn't blocked quite right. We have good idea on the sideline, but I'd like to reserve final judgment until I look at it in detail.

Q: How does the roster depth at wide receiver shape out the roster after tonight?

PS: I don't know. We'll have to see. I don't know where we're at with some of these little injuries that you mentioned earlier, so we'll just have to see. But, he was out there battling. He had a lot of opportunities today and he made the most out of a couple of them. Any time you get in the end zone, that's a good thing.

Q: What are the challenges of continuing Daniel's development without game reps, and with Eli [Manning] getting the majority of the reps in practice?

PS: We have a plan to do that, and it's just like any year. We have a plan to keep developing the back-up as much as you can, and then get him ready to play.

Q: Was it different with a rookie though?

PS: Not really. I mean, there will be plenty of stuff for us to do during practice behind the scenes. This isn't the first time we've been through this, so we have a plan to keep developing him.

Q: If you were judging Alex Tanney versus Kyle Lauletta, how much do you weigh Alex's veteran influence on a guy like Daniel Jones? Is it just about how they play on the field or is that a factor?

PS: No, I think what's important is we want to keep the best 53 guys and how they fit. And we weigh everything. It's not just the quarterbacks, but all of the other position groups as well. We'll weigh what each player brings to the group and what his role is going to be, and how well he plays out that role.

Lorenzo Carter, LB

(On starting the regular season)

"It's time to go to work. The preseason is fun and all but it doesn't count. It's time to put all the work we have been putting in into the season and get to where we want to be at the end of the season, that's the chance to win a championship."

(On how he feels about the Giants team heading into the season)

"I feel good. I am very optimistic. We have a lot of high character guys, competitors. We push each other in practice. That is how it is going to be. It starts in practice and carries over into the season. Offense and defense, we go at it in practice so when we get to the game it is fun to be on the same side. We are all competing for the same cause."

Daniel Jones, QB

(On mentally preparing to start a game)

"It went well. I think it is different knowing you are going out there to take the first snap but a lot of the preparation and attention to what you are doing and thinking about going into the game was pretty similar and I tried to make sure I was in the position to move the ball and know what we were doing."

(On his one series and going 4-for-4 passing)

"I thought we did some good things. I thought we were able to move the ball. Golden [Tate III] ran a few nice routes and it was good to find him. We did a good job up front and thought we executed pretty well. It was unlucky that we stalled out there in the red zone. It was good but we want to score points."

(On the process since joining the Giants to now through preseason)

"I think it has been good. My goal is to be able to see improvement and measure improvement from each pre-season game to the next and from practice to practice. I have done that to some extent and will continue to work on a lot of things. As far as improving goes I think I have been able to do that."

(On things he wanted to get better at in preseason)

"Just some understanding of what we want to do on offense and where we want the ball to go against certain looks. I think that is a general way of saying making the right decisions and being consistent with that. Always taking care of the ball and moving around the pocket. Little things like that I have focused on also."

Kyle Lauletta, QB

(On the final touchdown play)

"We had four verticals called and they played that fence coverage. They kind of had everybody 1-yard deep in the end zone and I was trying to keep my eyes in the middle and throw to a big target and Zo [Alonzo Russell] made a great play. They kind of bodied him up and boxed him out and he made the catch and it was a great play."

(On the final offensive drive)

"It felt great and the guys dug deep. The coach called some great plays and the guys were executing. We had some receivers that were down and [Jake] Powell our tight end played slot the whole time. For us to execute like that at that point in the game was tremendous. I am so proud of the guys."

(On playing in the fourth preseason game)

"That is what you play for, close games and the opportunity to win the game at the end. On fourth down our defense had a huge play and we got the ball and had life. I looked at the guys and told them we are going to move the ball down and put it in the end zone and everyone believed it. We executed and I couldn't be more proud of our group."

Paul Perkins, RB

(On making the case to be on the team)

"I think I did pretty well. There are some things I can clean up on obviously. It was just fun being back out there with the guys and going out there and competing again. Just having fun out there in the moment."

(On if this was a closing argument to be on the roster)

"Yes, but I feel like one game is not enough to show you belong on a team. You need to do that over a compilation of games. I feel like this was a good way to go out. A good team win and good team victory. It was just good to get another win."

(On running back depth)

"It's really good. We have so many talented guys that it is going to be hard. We are making a good case for every guy in the running back room to be on the team. If we aren't on the team, I'm positive we will get picked up by another team because we are all very intelligent and more than capable of playing."

(On if New York is where he wants to be)

"Honestly, wherever God sees fit that is where I'm going to go. I love New York but if it's not the place for me to be, it's not the place for me to be."

(On being one of the longest tenured players on the Giants roster)

"I know, it's crazy. It is cool to see the team change and be around. I love playing for these guys, I love playing for the coach.

Aldrick Rosas, K

(On Carli Lloyd and the kicking game)

"She is a real role model to me. I saw the video of her the kicking field goals and she looks good, really good. It is impressive to see her kick like that. I have been following her and she is a great soccer player. I can't wait to see her continue her career in whatever path she chooses."

(On making the transition from soccer to football)

"I mean, I think as a specialist growing up we all played soccer. I played soccer my whole life. It is an easier transition if you played soccer to go to football. It kind of makes it super easy that it [the ball] is off the ground. Soccer helps a lot."

Alonzo Russell, WR

(On the last drive)

"It was great. I actually told the team in the huddle, there were, like, two minutes left, we were down four, 80 yards to go, no time outs and we're playing the Patriots. It sounded good. The right way to go out. I am glad we got the win."

(On his performance)

"This game was very important for me to showcase what I can do for the last, final time before cuts are made. It's just important for me to do my job. Whether it is going down as a gunner on kickoffs, catching balls, blocking for my running backs, whatever my job is it is important for me to do that."

(On his first touchdown)

"I saw the coverage and knew what I had to do. In my mind it was, 'Make a play'."

(On his second touchdown)

"Everyone was breathing hard and we were tired. I saw they were playing red zone coverage and I figured if it was just a cornerback and I knew I had a chance, an opportunity, and I knew I could come out with it. I knew I had to make a play for my team."

Nate Solder, T

(On the game)

"I thought it was a great team win. We got a lot of contributions from a lot of guys. We've got a big season ahead of us and we are looking forward to that. It's not going to be easy."

(On returning to New England)

"I've got a lot of great friends here. I am so thankful for everything that came out of here. But I have to focus on what's going on now."

Golden Tate III, WR

(On his frustration of not being able to play for the first four games)

"It's something I've never experienced. I actually tried to think about the last time I missed a game. It has to be five or six years since I missed a game. So this obviously hurts, but I'm going to go through this process and support my teammates as best I can from afar. I'm going to prepare myself as if I'm there every week, by obviously my training, but within the rules. I'll study my plays, look over the practice films, and try to be there without being there"

(On his message to his teammates)

"You know, just hold it down. We have a lot of confidence in our receivers. We have a lot of play makers as you've seen. The coach has some tough decisions to make, but I have no doubt that our offense is going to be just fine."

(On the pass down the sideline from Daniel Jones)

"Yeah, Daniel Dimes, that's what we call him. He saw single-high coverage and a match up that he liked. He threw the ball in the air, and about the time it caught my eye it was perfectly placed on the sideline where only I could catch it or nobody could catch it, I was fortunate enough to get my feet in. It was a big time first down."

(On Daniel Jones)

"I think the biggest thing that's impressed me is his composure in the locker room and the huddle. The way he handles business, his eagerness to learn."

Reggie White Jr, WR

(On how he feels going forward)

"I feel good. I feel I left it all out there; I did everything I could do. I just have to leave it in God's hands."

(On the future)

"I don't know, to be honest. If it's the beginning of a chapter then it's something that I'll be really happy for. If it's not, I can say I walked out of here giving it my all."

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