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Quotes (8/8): Giants gameday interviews

QB Daniel Jones

Q: Daniel, five for five, sixty-seven yards, a touchdown. Was that about as good as you thought going into this game? How it was going to go for you?

A: Yeah, I thought it went well. It was good to move the ball down the field and score, so as far as expectations, I didn't really know what to expect. I just wanted to play well and glad we were able to move the ball and execute.

Q: Take us to the [Cody] Latimer play. What did you see in the play action and finding him down the field for the big gain?

A: Yeah, so off of play action, had him on a crossing route and the line did a good job holding up and [I] kind of just found a spot in the zone and he did a great job getting open there. So, yeah, good play for us—something we've worked on during camp.

Q: Was that [Bennie] Fowler [III] touchdown just a matter of getting it to the back corner and letting him run under it?

A: Yeah, I think that's… I mean they were cover two there with the safety and playing the deep pass, so trying to hit that back pylon there in the red zone.

Q: Finally, one thing you talked about this week about how you're seeing different looks and maybe taking a little longer to process. First time you're seeing a 4-3 defense, first time you're seeing an opponent in an NFL game, it seemed like you were getting your back foot down, getting rid of the ball pretty quickly and pretty decisively. Were things slowing down for you out there? It looked like you knew exactly what you wanted to do with the ball when you did.

A: Yeah I think that was some advice I got, was to be decisive and make quick decisions so, yeah, trying to see what the defense is doing and trying to make quick decisions, but being decisive throughout was definitely a focus.

Q: Daniel, Bennie Fowler [III] told us that right at the start of the drive you said something to him that you say to him every day in meetings that showed him you were relaxed, but he wouldn't tell us what it was. What is it? What do you say to him?

A: Just said what's up to him. In a way we say 'what's up'. No, it was fun just to be out on the field first time and in the huddle and actually broke the huddle a little early in the tv timeout, but that was something to learn from there, but yeah, just fun to be out there with those guys.

Q: Daniel, what was the plan if the sky was sunny? Like how long were you supposed to play? We're assuming you only played the one series because of the weather. What were you supposed to do?

A: Yeah I think the weather kind of got us out of rhythm a little bit with the plan, but I don't know exactly what the plan was, but I expected I would have played a little bit more, but unfortunate that's  what happened and all good. That's the plan.

Q: Did you want to go back in after the weather or is that not smart with your arm? I'm trying to think, is it like a starting pitcher in baseball? You don't go back in after a long break?

A: No, I think as a player you want to play, but that wasn't Coach's plan. So I was perfectly good with that. I think that made a lot of sense.

Q: Daniel, with the success that you showed tonight, what was the biggest takeaway for you?

A: I think just in being decisive and trying to make quick decisions, trying to make the right decision and trying to make the right decisions as quick as I can.

Q: Daniel, how much does it help working with Bennie Fowler [III] everyday with the twos out there in practice and developing chemistry, out there tonight?

A: Yeah, I think that's what we've done these past couple of weeks kind of across the board, but particularly with the receivers, kind of building that chemistry and knowing how they're going to run certain routes, how they'll come out of breaks. That's really important.

Q: I think that's the first time you're out there with the starting offensive line. How did that feel to be out there with that group and do you think it helped you?

A: It was good. Yeah, I think it was the first time out with some of those guys and they're all really good players so it definitely helps.

Q: Could this have gone any better?

A: I don't know. There's a couple things I messed up there in the first couple plays, but when you're playing with good players, it helps, so we found a way to make it work and yeah, I thought it went well. We did move the ball and execute.

Q: Pat Shurmur said that you were supposed to move the tight end?

A: Yeah, so I missed that and luckily Wayne [Gallman Jr.] stepped up and we had Wayne on a defensive end and gave us some time, so that was big. I owe him for that.

Q: Outside that first play, you weren't really thinking?

A: I was thinking, but yeah just missed that and we had it again—I got it right the next time.

Q: Does playing in an NFL game feel different?

A: Yeah, I mean I think just being out there in an NFL game, yeah, I think it feels a little bit different, but at the end of the day, though, it's football. It's the same game, but yeah it feels a little bit different.

Q: You had said you were going to take a moment during pre-game to take it all in what was that like?

A: It was a really cool moment, I just kind of ran out there for the first time for warm-ups and looked around a little bit. It was the first time I had been in the stadium so, yeah just a really cool moment and got me more excited.

Q: Did you keep the ball?

A: I did, I don't know where it is now. I brought it off with me, so I will have to try and track it down.

Q: Pat said you missed moving the tight end on the first play?

A: Yeah, I missed that. That made Wayne Gallman's job a good bit harder. He got it done so I definitely owe him for that. It would have made it a little bit easier for us.

Q: Now that the rest of the league has seen you, how much do you think you opened eyes?

A: I don't know, I'm not sure I thought about opening eyes, just trying to go out and play the best I can for these guys in the locker room and trying to do my job with everyone else doing their job. If it works, we score points. I don't know how that's seen outside the locker room.

Q: How would you assess your performance?

A: I think overall, I did some good things. It was short, so you have to take that into account. I missed a couple things, I could've been a little bit better with a couple things so I will focus on that. Good to just get out there for the first time.

Q: Any butterflies when you first stepped onto the field?

A: I was looking forward to getting out there, I was a little bit loose anticipating getting going and getting on the field a little bit. More excited probably.

Q: How do you handle the buzz around you after a performance like this?

A: I think I will just continue to do what my job is, and that's to do what I can to prepare myself to improve as much as I can every day. I trust the plan and I'm a part of this team and I'm trying to make sure we are in the best position to win games this year. I try to do that the best I can.

Q: It seemed like they wanted to keep you in with the number one offensive line, did Pat mention that to you?

A: Yeah, I thought I would be out there one more time, but the lightning came.

Q: You were going out there to start that next drive before the lightning?

A: I think I was.

Q: What is the biggest difference between college and NFL?

A: You can kind of feel it on the practice field, too, but I think the speed. The difference in the speed of the game is real at all positions, particularly the defensive backfield. Throwing the ball and trying to find zones, people aren't as open as they were in college. I think that's true. I would say the speed is the biggest thing.

Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Opening Statement: Game One in the books. The first step in our journey this year. The four words that we use are team, tough, together, and finish. I think we displayed a lot of that. It's a preseason game, certainly, and guys only played a portion of the game. There are many ways we can go with this. I don't know how I feel yet until I watch the film. I do think that we competed hard, there was a great feeling on the sideline of guys supporting one another and coaching each other. It's fun to win the game. It is what it is, it's a preseason game, but there are plenty of good things that we can talk about. We made a lot of mistakes that we have to clean up moving forward. That's sort of where I'm at, and I'm speaking to you about an hour too late. But otherwise, I don't know if we had too many injuries to speak of, just (Jon) Hilliman. He got banged on the sideline there, (he has) a concussion. I'm sure something will pop up tomorrow. There are a lot of guys who got a lot of reps, especially the young guys, and I think they benefitted from it.

Q: To your point, and with Eli (Manning) only in for one series, would Daniel (Jones) have played longer if it wasn't for the delay?

A: I don't know that. Maybe. I wanted to start Eli, and he didn't get much of an opportunity, it was three-and-out. We would've liked to keep the drive going, but I wanted to play Daniel behind the number one line. That was part of the plan.

Q: What about in terms of the weather?

A: In terms of the weather, would he have played more? Maybe. When he had that long delay, I felt like it was time then, even though it was eight plays, I felt like it was time. I didn't want to go out there and restart the starters. We just made the switch to the twos.

Q: How do you feel Daniel did?

A: He got all completions and he got us in the endzone. That was a very effective drive. He did a good job. He had a couple mistakes in there that we'll clean up. I guess to the naked eye it was a good job.

Q: What kind of mistakes can you have when you throw 5-for-5 right down the field like that?

A: He didn't motion the tight end across on the first play. Those types of things. Things that we see. As I mentioned, to the naked eye, you possibly didn't see.

Q: What are your thoughts on the offensive line?

A: Pretty good. Early on we didn't get quite as much pressure as some had predicted that we get. I thought for the most part they did a pretty good job. Again, I am going to hold final judgment until I visit with you guys tomorrow at the 12:00 p.m. conference call. We'll be able to watch the tape, get evaluated, and I'll have a little better feel for it. The guys battled, and they kept the quarterbacks' feet clean.

Q: You saw the pass interference rule change out on the field. What was your reaction going through that, seeing the video, and having the play turned?

A: Well, to the naked eye and at game speed, I thought it was a terrific play. When you slow it down, you see that he grabbed his wrist. That's a great example of how a play is going to get changed. I am sort of glad that (Jets Head Coach) Adam (Gase) challenged it. It was good on his part. As soon as it was challenged, and had it been flipped we would have done the same thing, because as soon as it was challenged, my guys upstairs said, 'we're going to lose this.'

Q: What would you say to Giants fan who watched Daniel's drive tonight and says, 'I love this guy. I want to see more of him. I want to see this guy be our starter.'

A: I think, 'Slow your roll.' This is just his first go around. I think he did a good job. As I mentioned, all along he has done nothing to disappoint us, and certainly when you take the team down the field and score a touchdown—that's a good start. It's something good to build on. We have a lot of time left before we start playing games. Nothing at this point has changed.

Q: In the Jets' first series, there were a couple of busts on the defense…

A: Yeah. We had a couple of things that we needed to get cleaned up, and then we did clean it up and we didn't have those issues.

Q: How rare is it for a rookie quarterback to come into this situation here tonight and be so comfortable?

A: He looked pretty good, didn't he? We sort of knew that when we picked him. How rare is it or how frequent is it? I don't know. We are just going to stay in the moment and coach the guys we have.

Q: How easy is it to root for a guy like Corey Ballentine when you see him out there making plays?

A: I am a big fan of his, ever since we've done the evaluation on him and we picked him. If you're going to play in this game and have success, you have to be tough and competitive. He is both. He's had to go through some adversity here, but we've seen him compete and make plays in practice. I said it today when we were doing our in-house stuff. Some guys can learn it in the meeting room, but can't take it to the practice. Some guys can. There are some guys who can take it to the practice field, then when they get out here, it just goes away on them. It was obvious that he competed out there just like he did on the practice field, and that's a good thing.

Q: Using that analogy of what you're saying going from the practice field to the game—based on what you've seen in training camp compared to what you saw today, would you say for Daniel Jones it's been an equal transition from practice to the game, better or worse?

A: There weren't any incompletions. I'd say that's a pretty good job. He's been checking off the boxes as we've went along. It seems to be surprising to people outside our building, but it's not to us. I keep saying that. We'll just see how far he takes this. But with regard to what's going on, nothing has changed. He's just trying to get better. We have what's considered a Monday after the game tomorrow. They'll have their day off on Saturday, and we'll be back in pads on Sunday trying to make our team better.

Q: What was your take on your team's first opportunity to tackle people?

A: I thought it was pretty good. We missed a couple open field tackles. There were a couple times we missed a tackle, but we were running through the football, so the second responders got the guys down. But low blocks, low tackles, and tackles in general—those are the three things you don't get to practice on the practice field. You have to get them in the games. We probably could tackle better, but I thought for the most part it was a good start.

Q: When Jake Carlock had that pick-six, can you sum it up?

A: That was awesome, wasn't it? He's a team favorite because he's so tough. When we had all of those injuries, those little nagging injuries at the first part of training camp, he took a ton of reps—more than the law allows. He's tough, tough as nails. The sideline exploded when he scored. It was really a great feeling. He's a fan favorite on our team.

CB Corey Ballentine:

Q: Your debut and you come up with an interception, a spectacular one. You fronted the receiver. I saw you do that in practice this week too, so that wasn't exactly unfamiliar to you.

A: Right. I mean, just taking it from practice and transitioning to the game was a big thing I was trying to focus on, and just improving. Coach put me in the right position, and it was up to me to make the play. So, I went out there and tried to do my thing.

Q: How was the speed of the game for you? You come from D-II Washburn. I know you had training camp. You had practice, but now this was live action. What was it like?
A: I've always felt like I could compete at this level and with these types of athletes, so the speed of the game wasn't too different for me. I think I handled it well, and I think I'm fast enough to keep up with them and physical enough to keep up with them as well.

Q: What did you learn about how they're going to call pass interference in this league? They got you for that one PI on the review, which was certainly a unique situation now that we have review in this league on PI.

A: Yeah. It's definitely different. I'm not sure exactly how it was PI, so I'll go and talk with my coach about it. But now that they can review it, I think it's a whole different ball game. Maybe I just need to be a little more disciplined with my technique and play the ball better. That's why I tried to catch the ball the second time instead of batting it away. Then I won't have that issue.

Q: It seems as though over the last week, your star is clearly on the rise, and you're just opening more and more eyes every time you go out on the field. Can you feel that, and how does that kind of manifest itself in your own mind as your chances to play on this team?
A: Yeah, I'm just getting more comfortable. I'm trying not to think so much and just reacting more. You know, not letting the playbook get ahead of me and just going out there and playing the game that I've played since the 4th grade. It's just at a higher level now. I've just got to go out there and make plays. This is something I've always wanted to do since I was young, and now the time is here. I've got to just do my thing and make sure that everybody knows that I belong here.

Q: I know it's only one preseason game, but can you reflect on the pride you have right now? You've now played in an NFL game, even though it didn't count, and you accomplished an awful lot.

A: I'm just continuing to improve. That's really what I want to do. Go out here, put my hand in the pile and help this team win a championship is my real goal. Yeah, this was a game that I think I did some things well, but I think I have some things to improve on as well. So, I'm going to go back to practice, go back to the drawing board and clean some things up and hopefully I can go from here.

Q: You took the ball out of the end zone about 6 yards deep or something on the one return.

A: Yeah something like that.

Q: Did they just want you to return it, or did you just see something there?

A: A little bit of both. I think the first one, I just got a little bit ahead of myself. I was looking downfield and I was just so ready to go. The second one, I handled it a little bit better. I think they wanted to see what I could do. I think I'm back there because they know what I can do, and it's just up to me to prove it. I enjoy being back there, and I'm looking forward to doing it more in the future.

Q: Do you think that 40-yard return opened their eyes a little bit about what you can do?
A: Yeah, I think so. I mean, I hope so. I'm hoping to do it some more in the future. I just have to not get ahead of myself and take it step by step, and I think I can do some good things back there.

Q: And the interception?
A: That was just taking it from practice to the game. I think I had a couple of those in practice where I was in that same position. Just trying to transition, play good technique, and not get a defensive interference like the first one. Just make a play on the ball and be an athlete, and play the game that I've been playing since I was young. Just have fun with it.

Q: And when they went to the review on that one, did you know they were going to overturn it?

A: I didn't know, but I had forgot that they made that rule that they could look at the defensive pass interference. Once they had it up on the big screen, I kind of figured they might call that. I didn't really see what I did wrong, but I was just ready to go out there the next play and keep going, and make a play on the ball.

Q: You were a part of history with that. The first one.

A: Oh yeah? Well, looking forward to getting more.

Q: You don't want anymore of those, the pass interference I mean.

A: Oh no, I thought you meant the interception. Oh no, my bad, no.

Q: That was the first one to be called.

A: And I'm not sure how, so I guess I'll look at it more when I get into the coaching room.

Q: Corey, what are some of the things you're going to look to clean up going into practice this week, and the next game?

A: Just working on, I think—because we don't live tackle in practice, so it's hard coming in the game and getting the right angle. So, I'm just going to work on that, and just cleaning up my technique and learning the playbook a little more, getting more confident in what I'm doing, and just going out there and being confident from the start. I kind of took a little bit to warm up to the game, but then I started playing better as I got more playing time, but I just need to start faster and I'm definitely going to work on that for next week.

Q: Is it tough because there's no tackling in practice, and then going into the first game you took some angles maybe the wrong way and technique—is that a big problem?

A: I'm a professional now and that's just something I've got to get used to. I don't see it as an issue, but I think I'm perfectly capable of doing it. It's just I've got to be more disciplined, that's all it is.

Q: Corey, a lot of guys knock away those balls, and you're catching them for interceptions. How do you know when to just put up one hand and knock it down, and when to go for the catch?

A: It's hard, but I've been playing the position so long, you just kind of know by instincts. You kind of can tell by looking at the receiver if the ball is coming to him, his eye is getting big, the crowd gets loud, I kind of just know when to turn. Like I said, the first one I tried to bat away and they called PI, so the second one I just tried to catch it—it can't be PI that way. So, I'm looking forward to more of those.

Q:  What did you do in here during the rain delay?

A: We were going over film. We were looking at plays, we were getting in formations, we were figuring out how to play them.

Q: Like sitting at your lockers?

A: We were just kind of huddled around coach, looking at the iPad, trying to figure out how we're going to play certain things, and the older guys were kind of giving us tips on what they were doing because they started the game, and how to play them. So, that's what we were doing to make the rest of the game.

Q: Are you running around too in here just to stay loose?

A: No, I wasn't running around. I was trying to relax because it's my first game. So, I'm trying not to let my nerves get to me, I was sitting down, I was hydrating because I knew I was going to be going out on special teams.

Q: Almost treating it like a second pregame?

A: Kind of, yes. Just trying to hydrate, make sure my body was right, I'm not cramping up, taking the right carbs and everything. Just trying to get ready to go back out there.

Q: Drinking fluids and whatever?

A: Drinking fluids, eating bananas, making sure I don't cramp, things like that, and watching film and talking to the older guys.

Jake Carlock

Q: You were saying a couple days ago you had two busloads of family coming to the game. What was it like playing in front of them and then making that play?

A: I heard them chanting my name throughout the game and I kind of caught eyes with them, I think it was after the pick-six and I was pointing to them so I was just smiling and I was happy as could be.

Q: For undrafted free agents it kind of takes a little while to get into the game, and then the weather delay happened on top of that, given the fact you're a Giants fan and this is your first game did you have a little extra anxiety with that?

A: It kind of calmed me down and then at the same time I was like, I'm kind of too calm right now, I have to play a game. But right when we got out there we started stretching again I heard my family and friends screaming and then it kind of took care of itself.

Q: Having a game like this is something big for an undrafted free agent, both the pick-six and the sack. Talk about what kind of a big night that means for someone like you.

A: I think for me, it's all about effort. I'm not the biggest. I'm not the strongest. I'm not the fastest, but I can only control how fast I can go. So, every play, I'm going to give it 100 percent. 

Q: What did you see on that play?

A: On that play, I was just trying to get the tackle and make a play. I saw, I think it was (Jets QB Davis) Webb, drop back. I saw his eye. I saw when the ball left his hands and I just got my hands on it and tracked it in. I took off running and tried not to get caught.

Q: Coach (Pat Shurmur) was talking before about earlier in camp when a lot of guys were dinged up and you got a ton of reps. Do you think that's helping you grasp everything else on the actual playing field?

A: Yes, certainly. You have to take advantage of your opportunities. As an undrafted free agent, you don't get many. Once those guys went down, it was time for me to step up and try my best to make some plays, and I did.

Q: What was that? You got a bat, an interception and a return. What was the thing you liked best about the whole thing?

A: Probably celebrating with the guys after. I looked at the sideline and saw everyone going nuts after, so I had to join them.

Q: Is there a point when you realized what was--I mean, you have the ball in your hand and you thought, 'Hey, I could score a touchdown here.'

A: I know as a defender, once you get a pick, you never want to get hawked down from behind. So, I was running as fast as I could. After I scored and was celebrating, I couldn't even catch my breath. It was a good time. 

Q: Coach made you go out there on special teams right after that, right?

A: Yes, I mean, that's my job, so I can't miss that. 

Q: Where's the (interception) ball?

A: That's a good question. I don't know. The equipment manager came up to me after and I think I dropped it after I scored. I was too excited. 

Q: That's your first touchdown in the NFL? Is that correct?

A: Yes, that's correct. I have to find that one. I need to keep it.

Q: You had a sack later in the game?

A: Yes. I think it was the third or fourth quarter. I was just trying to make some plays and run around. Thankfully, I got a sack toward the end of the game.

Q: How has the adjustment been for you from defensive back to playing an outside rush linebacker to edge rusher? How has that adjustment been?

A: I enjoy it. It's a challenge, but these guys, these veterans and coaches--Coach (Mike) Dawson--the vets, they really helped me out and taught me so many things. I'm enjoying the role. 

Q: Did you hear any of your local fans when you were running out there?

A: Yes, I had a bunch of family and friends. I heard them the whole game and that kind of got me hyped up a little bit. 

Q: Guys in your position don't get touchdowns a lot. Is it almost surreal that you scored a touchdown?

A: Yes, it hasn't hit me yet, for sure. Maybe I'll watch it on my phone later and get some goosebumps, but right now I'm excited to go hang out with the guys, family and

RB Saquon Barkley Interview with WNBC's Bruck Beck

Q: You are not playing tonight, but you came out for warmups and you treated it as though you were going into a game. Is that the mindset?

A: Yeah, that's the mindset. Come ready to play every single game, and continue to have the same routine and mindset that I have as if it was a regular season game. Unfortunately, I'm not playing today, but I'll still try to lead and support my teammates as much as I can.

Q: What do you do for an encore following a season in which you had 2,000 yards from scrimmage?

A: The way I have a better encore season, I guess you could say, will be just helping my team win more games, and help put us in a position to win more games. Whether I do more statistically speaking, or even less, whatever it takes. I'll play my hardest every single game and put in work. Have the team mindset first, and help my team win games, that's what I want to do in my second year.

Q: How about this revamped offensive line? What do you see thus far?

A: They are doing  an amazing job. Obviously, you guys have seen a little snippet of it out there, before the rain started coming down, but at practice they are working hard every single day, continuing to gel, continuing to give reps to each other, and continuing to believe in each other. They are going against a great defensive line that I believe that we have. Every single day, they are just getting better.

Q: I know you're only 22, but in that running back room you take a leadership role. What do you think about the group overall?

A: I love the group. I told the group before we broke out and went for the game we have the ability that everyone in this room can be on this team. That's just the nature of football, you've got to get to a 53-man roster, but we have enough talent that all six of us—all six or five of us—can be on our team by the end of the year. So, just going to go out there and continue to compete at a high level, the same way we do when we work in practice, and they know what the standard is, so let's go to work.

Q: What did you think of the first drive ever for Daniel Jones as a pro?

A: I think he did an unbelievable job, understanding the offense, reading the defense, putting the ball where it needed to be. He did an amazing job of going down and putting points on the board. We needed to respond after they scored, and he did a really good job of that, but it wasn't only him. The offensive line did an amazing job up front blocking, Wayne (Gallman) did an unbelievable job running between the tackles and on pass protection, and wide receivers made plays when they needed to be (made). That's how you win games, and hopefully we can build off that.

Q: What's your advice to Daniel Jones and the other young guys on handling New York?

A: Just be you. You got here for a reason, you worked your whole life to be in this position. Unfortunately, the game is in a delay, some of those guys are going to have to wait for their first opportunity to touch an NFL field. You dreamed about this since you were a little kid, you played for this, you worked for this, so take advantage of it. A lot of people don't get to be in your position and have this opportunity, so make the most of it.

Q: Are we going to see you active in these preseason games?

A: Whatever coach wants me to do. If he wants me out there for one play I'm out there for one play, if he wants me out there for 100 plays I'm out there for 100.

QB Daniel Jones Interview with WNBC's Bruck Beck

Q: What a debut by Daniel Jones--5-5, 67 yards and a touchdown. Could you have drawn it up any better, my friend?

A: It went well. A good start for us—a couple things I could've gotten cleared up, would've made it a little easier on us, but it went well. I thought we did a good job moving the ball down the field.

Q: How nice was it just to get out there and get your feet wet?

A: Yeah, it was a good feeling just to be in the stadium, wearing a uniform, playing the first game. So, it was good to kind of see what we've been doing in practice and come out here and put it to work a little bit.

Q: How have you been able to block out the noise, the positive and the negative, throughout this first training camp?

A: I just don't focus on it a whole lot. I've got plenty on my plate with the playbook, everything I'm trying to learn here in the building and on the field. So, I've got plenty to do other than focus on that stuff.

Q: You've run for 17 touchdowns during your college career. Would you have liked to have had an opportunity tonight to show your feet?

A: Yeah, when it's available I certainly enjoy running the ball, but it wasn't in the plan tonight. We'll see going forward.

Q: Finally, what's it been like working with Eli (Manning) in the quarterback room?

A: It's been awesome. We've got a great room—(Alex) Tanney, Eli, Kyle (Lauletta), all those guys. I think we've done a really good job working together, trying to move forward together as a group, trying to help the offense move forward. So, it's been awesome, and I really appreciate all the guys' help with me.

S Jabrill Peppers Interview with WNBC's Bruck Beck

Q: What is it like to be back in this building?

A: It feels good, I have a lot of fond memories here, made a lot of great plays, I'm just here to build on it.

Q: How do you feel the defense did for the time you were out there?

A: We did fine, flew to the ball a lot. We stopped the run game, but we gave up a couple (big) chunk plays due to our miscommunication so we just can't shoot ourselves in the foot. Other than that, I think we got the job done.

Q: With all the injuries to the wide receivers did you ever think the coaches would ask you to play offense?

A: Not really, not realistically, I hinted at it and made a lot of jokes about it. This is the league, we have more than enough guys qualified to make plays on that side of the ball, but it was just all fun and games. In all seriousness I would do it if they need me to.

Q: How do you expect the secondary to come around and do you think there is talent back there?

A: Absolutely, us veteran guys combined with a lot of young, hungry and talented guys, combined with a strong linebacker core and a strong front core up front. So, it's definitely looking on the up and up, we've just got to put it all together.

Q: Jabrill Peppers is back in the Garden State, I know it feels good, right?

A: It definitely does. The air just tastes better.

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