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Quotes (9/10): Ben McAdoo, Odell Beckham Jr.


Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: Any update on Victor Cruz?
A: Nope.

Q: Are you ready to rule him out at this point? He hasn't run in three-plus weeks.
A: I'm not ruling anything out.

Q: How'd Jon Beason look yesterday?
A: Okay. Moved around okay.

Q: Now that the roster is set…
A: You mean, set for the moment?

Q: Yeah. What do you think of the collection of talent and players you have?
A: I think we're ready to start the season.

Q: What makes you feel that way?
A: We're ready to start the season. Whether you like it or not, it's right there. We're going to start the season. That's what I mean.

Q: Do you see anything from your team that makes you optimistic that you think they're ready to go out there and play well?
A: I see a good practice, and I'm looking for another one today.

Q: The offensive line was a level of concern or question coming into training camp. How do you feel it has come together?
A: As I went through yesterday, I think that we're ready to start the season. I think we'll steadily improve throughout the season. I think that they'll come together even more as they have an opportunity to compete and communicate under game circumstances.

Q: The players have described Steve Spagnuolo's defense as complex, and he obviously had a couple of hurdles the last time he installed it here. Have you seen anything that has indicated you won't have to go through that again?
A: Boy, you guys are working hard to come up with it, aren't you? Complex is probably a term that you can apply to any defense at this level, and the sophistication of which to try and defend the talented athletes that are part of the National Football League. Under those circumstances, whatever word you want to use. I doubt it will be verbalization that will hold us back. Once we get to a game plan and we zoom in and we feel like the players can handle the plan, then I think we'll go and play and play hard.

Q: Obviously Antrel Rolle had a big voice in that defensive room. Who do you think sort of stepped into that role?
A: There are different people, there are different people that have done it from day one. You've had Jon Beason, you've had Cullen Jenkins. In the secondary, some of the corners have come in with positive comments from time to time. So there's different guys that have stepped up. Hankins has been in that position. So different people.

Q: Do you view it as beneficial that there are different voices?
A: I think it is. I think it is. It's beneficial from the standpoint that more people contributing feels like more people have ownership.

Q: Speaking of ownership and leadership, I assume you're having your captains vote this week or maybe even today.
A: I wouldn't assume anything, but it'll come. It'll come.

Q: Do you anticipate keeping the same format as in past years with season-long captains or is it going to be rotating? Have you thought about that?
A: If we have the captains' vote, the captains will be representatives. Occasionally, there's been another player that's been out with the captains. If so, that will be the case.

Q: Is there any reason you wouldn't do that before Opening Day?
A: No. Not really.

Q: Damontre Moore is a guy that you guys have liked, assumed to be a good pass rusher. Have you seen signs of improvement from his this summer?
A: Yes. Even though his spring was limited, he did show that pass rush ability. And I think based on his last preseason game, you've seen it. Hopefully it will continue.

Q: Are there specific areas he improved in? Things that he didn't do so well before?
A: He has a natural feel for it. Whether he's developed other types moves or not, I think that remains to be seen. What he's been able to do is get on the edge, and he has long arms. That's been effective.

Q: You've spoken in the past about him, about not being able to get him to practice like you want him to practice; therefore, game opportunities have been limited. Has that changed?
A: I'm not sure that I would have said it that way. When he was restricted, obviously, in the spring, it was physical.

Q: Right, but in year's past.
A: But the more he learns and the more he understands, he does have some new things to learn, the better off he'll be. Focus and concentration and repetition are the keys for him.

Q: Dave Merritt talked a lot in the spring about with Landon Collins and the trust factor. The veterans around him will listen to what he's saying, trust what he's saying. Have you seen that growth as you're getting ready for opening night?
A: I think he's more concerned about his job. The communication back there is a natural thing between the safeties. As far as being someone who is one of the defensive guys who is pulling people together, I don't think that will happen until he's really sure of his own job.

Q: How difficult of a spot is that for a rookie on opening night?
A: Well, I'm sure it is. Anytime the potential of the ball in the air, and you're not in the right spot, it's pretty serious business. There's a lot to be prepared for.

Q: How confident are you that he's ready?
A: Oh, I'm confident in him. You bet I am.

Q: Why?
A: Why? Because he's a good football player. And he's demonstrated that throughout his collegiate career and he was taken in the second round.

Q: What has Markus Kuhn showed you to gain your trust?
A: He's anchored better, he's moved a little bit better, and he's more conscious of his footwork. He's doing a better job with that.

Q: What have you changed about your week? Tomorrow is different.
A: Yeah, it's what we call a GPS week. We're going to follow through with that. We did that for our third preseason game, and we'll do it here, too.

Q: Tomorrow will be that recovery day?
A: Tomorrow will be a recovery day. This will be a much longer practice. This will be a 23 mod practice today.

Q: Saturday changes?
A: Saturday changes. Saturday becomes a full-speed drill for a minimum amount of time. But it does put them in the mode where they've gone full speed the day before they play.

Q: What did you see that prompted you to stick with it?
A: All these things are being done for the health issue, that's what this is all about.

Q: You said you wanted a better punt return game. Has Dwayne Harris given you that?
A: He hasn't had many opportunities, but he will. He will.

Q: It seems like you obviously put a strong emphasis these past couple weeks on special teams, even with regards to the roster composition.
A: We've put a high regard on special teams and expectations on special teams all preseason. That's nothing new. People are here because of special teams, you're right about that. But the emphasis has always been to improve and give ourselves better field position.


Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo**

Q: Where do you view your offense going into the season? Maybe in comparison to where you were at the start of the summer or at this point last year?
A: I think we've been slowly but surely making progress. We had a good couple days of work here. Monday was nice to get out there, a little bonus day and we're right in the middle of the preparation phase and got a couple days to go [and] got to take advantage of them.

Q: What do you expect out of Odell coming off his great rookie year?
A: I expect Odell to go out and execute. He's had a nice couple weeks of practice. You didn't get to see much of him there in New England, obviously, but he's had a good couple of days and we're excited for the season.

Q: How much does Victor Cruz potentially being out, it doesn't look like he's going to play, how much does that change the dynamic of the offense?
A: We're going to take the approach that who's out here and who's practicing, we're going to have a good plan for them. If we get any surprises or bonuses, we'll be ready for that, too. We'll roll with the punches as far as that goes.

Q: How do you like the way the offensive line came together over the summer?
A: I think that's a group that's working hard. We have a couple different situations and ways we can go there, but they're working through it, they're working together. I'm excited for them. I said that earlier, I think I spoke to you once before in training camp and I'm excited for those guys.

Q: You'll start Geoff Schwartz at guard?
A: We'll start whoever shows up at right guard when we go out there for the first series.

Q: You worried people will not show up?
A: [chuckles]

Q: When we saw you last time you said you needed to see him out there on the field, you needed to see him stay out on the field. He was just coming back from the foot. What have you seen from him in these last few weeks?
A: What I meant was—I can't be sure of my quote but I just want to see him out there and playing. Yeah, seeing him out there playing and he's gotten some reps in. He's gotten some reps in with the first team, with the second team and on the look team. He's working his way into football shape and it's nice to see him coming out the back end of this injury deal.

Q: How close do you see him being to the player you thought you were getting last year? Health-wise, at least.
A: I think he has a pretty good chance to get there this week.

Q: This team has invested a lot in that offensive line, two first-round draft picks, Richburg, who is a high second and you spent a lot of money on Schwartz. Do you feel like it's ready to start paying off?
A: Yeah, we look forward to those guys. Again, they're working through some things right now and we look forward to them gelling as the year goes on. We have a solid group.

Q: Does Richburg bring a different dynamic at center than maybe you had last year? If so, what would that be?
A: Weston is a natural center. He has some leadership qualities that we like. He's a very capable player between the ears and can run the show there. I think Weston has a chance to have a pretty good year.

Q: Did that show up immediately when you guys made the decision to put him in there? Did he show that right from the start?
A: He's pretty natural with the ball in his hand.

Q: With the talent you have at the skill positions on offense, granted when Cruz gets back, what do you see the capabilities are for you guys offensively?
A: We're not where we want to be just yet in the pass game that showed up in the preseason. That was the preseason. We've had a good couple days of practice and we need to go out and show it on Sundays. There's been a lot of talk out there but that's nothing but talk. We need to go show it on the field, what we're capable of.

Q: Did the preseason worry you at all? Like you said it didn't show it.
A: No, not one bit.

Q: Last year the run game was inconsistent. Have you seen signs it might be better this year?
A: Yeah, it's part of the reason why I'm excited about the big guys up front. Rashad (Jennings) is healthy and running well; Andre (Williams), another year under his belt running a variety of schemes that we like to do, he's improved there with his reads. Add Shane (Vereen) to the mix and Orleans (Darkwa), as well. I feel like we'll be more consistent there and have a chance to be a pretty good running team.

Q: Is there any apprehension that Weston Richburg is going to play his first game at center in the NFL in an atmosphere like Dallas?
A: No. No. I mean he helped a lot with the communication last year on the road, the guards are a big part of things. It shouldn't be much of a transition for him.

Q: So that should help in that sense that he is experienced with..
A: Absolutely.

Q: How about Flowers? What have you seen from him?
A: Ereck, the biggest things for these young guys is going out and getting in this crowd noise and getting off on the snap count. If we give any piece of advice to the young guys, I'd say when the ball snaps, you better be moving.

Q: How difficult of a challenge is it to play in this league as a rookie left tackle? There hasn't been a ton of guys who have been ultra-successful over the past five or six years?
A: We've got to go out and we've got to help him and we've got to get his feet wet. I think any position up front is a challenge as a rookie, especially the tackle positions. You can shelter guys maybe a little bit more inside. But we felt like he's had a good camp, he's working hard on his technique and look forward to seeing him on Sunday night.

Q: Does where you're at offensively allow you to do different things and I'm sure with Eli you guys have progressed significantly in the second year of the offense. Does it allow you to do different things and do you expect to do a lot of different things because you're further along in the playbook maybe than obviously you were this time last year?
A: What type of different things are you referring to? No, we're going to do the same exact things we did last year [laughs]. No, we're going to see what we have personnel-wise. We like the group that we have and it may lend to doing a variety of different things, but we'll see how that goes when the ball snaps on Sunday night.

Q: How much does Shane Vereen offer as a third-down back coming out of the backfield?
A: You know the challenge that Shane is to be a complete back and we think he can do that and help us there. He's shown the signs that he's been able to do it in the preseason and that's the way we'll continue.

Q: So it could be several guys carrying?
A: Yeah, it could be a handful of guys out there on third down. It doesn't necessarily need to be one back.

Q: In New England it seemed like they would use him for specific runs and in-game specifics with their running back. How do you see it going forward? Are you going to lean on one guy in the game going in or are you going to feel it?
A: No, we like to spread the ball around and we're going to challenge all of our backs to be complete players. Then we'll start there.

Q: With the passing game in the preseason, do you feel like you fixed a lot of things in the last few weeks of practice?
A: A lot of what things?

Q: The passing game in the preseason. Was it in the preseason games what you would've liked to see?
A: It wasn't as crisp as we wanted it to be in the preseason. We didn't get a ton of reps with the first group. That's usually the way it goes. We looked a lot better in practice, but most teams do. We feel that with the last few days of work that we have that we can go out and look crisp on Sunday night and put a good product on the field.

Q: How good do you think this offensive unit can be in your mind?
A: That's a tough question to answer. That's a tough question to answer. I like our group of guys, I like the character in the room and that's all what it comes down to.


Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn **

Q: What have you liked out of [Brad] Wing so far?
A: He's been very good with his operation time, he's been good, location is getting better, and we're always constantly striving to get the hang and distance.

Q: Is the goal continuing to be to put the ball between the numbers and the sideline?
A: We've always said it's all in the numbers, you know, that's where the aiming point is, so we'll see where it goes.

Q: With [Dwayne] Harris, is he going to be pretty much the punt returner, kick returner and gunner?
A: We hope so, he's always been a four team guy, and continuing that role, he's done very well with that as many years as he's been playing, so continuing that role with him.

Q: Who's the opposite gunner?
A: It'll be a mixture of guys. We have to see who's up. It'll all come down to who is up on the 46 [players dressed], so they're battling that out.

Q: Has Josh Brown adjusted pretty well with his new holder [Wing]?
A: I think so. I mean, at the end of the day, he has to kick the ball, Zak [DeOssie] has to snap, and Brad has to hold. I told him don't worry about it, the ball will be down, and you kick it. A lot of times you get into problems when you start worrying too much about stuff you can't control. They've worked well together.

Q: Does Dallas prevent problems as far as…
A: Well, they're always solid on special teams. They've got excellent speed, two very good specialists, so it's always, you'll have your hands full going down there, so it'll be exciting.

Q: Without Harris who is Dallas going to…
A: They've got talent, whether it's [Lance] Dunbar, [Cole] Beasley, you know name it. Dez Bryant could be back there, so be ready for all of them. They've got a rookie, Lucky Whitehead has done a really good job, very elusive, so they've got guys.

Q: How valuable is [Nikita] Whitlock as a guy on special teams?
A: He's valuable because you get quite a bit of playing time from the fullback position, which is becoming rarer and rarer, so to be able to get four teams out of him, I think will be a benefit just for the overall roster.


S Landon Collins**

I'm not going to be nervous because it's just a game. It's a big game, but it's a game. Go out there and play my heart out.

Q: Do you expect to be tested early as a rookie?
A: Of course. I mean, Tony Romo said he's looking for key matchups. If he's going to look for key matchups, he's going to pick on me. He's going to get what he wants. He's not going to get what he wants, but he's going to get what he wants.

Q: Are you excited to see what this defense is going to do under the real fire?
A: I think we're all excited, definitely, because we've got a point to prove. A lot of people are doubting us. It's something that we look forward to. They're going to put us as underdogs. We're going to showcase why we shouldn't be underdogs.

Q: What'd you think when you heard that Tony Romo audio?
A: I just laughed at it. He's a vet, so he can say whatever he wants. I'm a rookie, but I mean, he comes towards my way, and he won't be happy.

Q: Are you excited about the challenge of a good offense; they have one of the best receivers in the sport?
A: Very, very excited about that. I love challenges because it gets the best out of the player. It pushes us to the limit.

Q: It's your first time back there since college. Did you ever play in Dallas?
A: Michigan game. Yeah, I played in Dallas.

Q: What were your memories of that game?
A: Just a blowout, that's all I remember. It was a long time ago. CJ Mosley had an interception for six. It was a long time ago.

Q: Why do you think you're so well-prepared for this spot? Why do you feel like you're ready?
A: My teammates, the guys, the vets, the coaching staff. They put their trust in me, and I continue to go out there every day of practice and work on what I'm supposed to do. Every day I work on what I need to keep working on off the field and on the field. Every day I come in and do the same thing. Push forward.

Q: Does the fact that you played so many big games in college contribute to the fact that you won't be nervous?
A: Yeah, definitely. I mean the next best thing from here, coming from college, is the Natty Daddy. We played in that, we played in big bowl games, we played in games where it cost the most. We played in games that can make or break a season. Same thing, only it's the beginning of the season now. Not really nervous about it.

Q: To be a defensive back, do you have to be confident? You almost sound cocky, but at the same time when you're back there by yourself, you have to have confidence in yourself.
A: Definitely. I'm definitely confident in myself. I have all the skills and ability that I worked on since coming out of college, high school, all that. All I got to do is thank God for it, and continue pushing with it.

Q: How'd you do in your first start for Alabama?
A: My first start, I got an interception against Tennessee. I got an interception for a pick-six. I had like five tackles with a forced fumble.

Q: Were you nervous that day?
A: Nah. Wasn't nervous because I was rotating in with the ones throughout the whole starting process.

Q: Was that your freshman year or sophomore year?
A: Sophomore year.

Q: Do you expect history to repeat itself?
A: Maybe, we'll see. The game is faster, you've just got to be able to pick up on the concepts of what they've done. We'll see what happens.

Q: Are you hoping Romo challenges you early?
A: That's all on him. If he does, he does.

Q: if you had your preference, do you hope they come after you early to get your feet wet?
A: Definitely. Definitely get my feet wet. If he comes after me early, be better on my side, so I can get challenges out and get the kinks out and know what I'm going up against.

Q: You say you're not going to feel nervous, but what do you expect to feel like once the kickoff comes Sunday night?
A: I don't know. Emotions are going to be everywhere. Just got to stay keyed and focus on your job and what you're supposed to do.


WR Odell Beckham Jr. **

Q: How much more did you end up putting in today?
A: We had the same practice that we've had the past couple days. So we just came out and did everything the same.

Q: How you feeling about Sunday?
A: I can't wait. Just trying to stay calm and just let it build up to the game. I'm not trying to use it all at practice. I'm definitely looking forward to this Sunday and being able to get out there and finally get back to football.

Q: It was obviously Dallas who you made the catch against. Do you expect their secondary to have any extra motivation to face you?
A: It's a Dallas-Giants game, anyways, so if that's not enough for you—whatever they need to use as extra motivation. We're going to do the same. Like I said, I'm just excited to be able to open up the season, especially against a team that's really good and a team that's in the division. And being able to go down to Dallas and start off the season the right way.

Q: Is there any pressure for you coming off an amazing season?
A: No pressure. No pressure. It's all the same, it's football. You've been playing since you were six years old. Just go out there and execute, do what you're supposed to do.

Q: Obviously you want to have better numbers than last year, I would think.
A: If you play, that would be the goal every single year—better numbers, better numbers, better numbers. But it's not all about the numbers. There's so much more you can do. Like I said, we're focused on winning games. As long as we're winning games, we're happy, and everybody will be happy.

Q: How often have you watched that catch?
A: Actually, I just saw a replay of it today. I don't really turn it on and watch it anymore. I've seen it a few times, maybe once or twice. And it is what it is. I can't really say much more about it.

Q: If you had a dollar for every time you were asked about that catch…
A: I'd be rich. I'd be rich. I'd be rich, for sure. I've been asked about it a few times, for sure.

Q: One or two times, though, you saw it? It hasn't popped on when you were in places or introduced you or anything like that?
A: Once or twice. That's about it.

Q: It was a pretty good catch, though.
A: I appreciate it. I try, I practice it.

Q: How much pressure is on this offense to try and go out and get a big number on the board against Dallas, knowing your defense is hurt a little bit?
A: I don't know if pressure is really the right word. For us, it's something that we want to do. We want to be able to go out and start the season off right and set the tone. Be able to come out there and go through everything we've practiced and put it into a game. Most importantly, go out there and execute. So it's all about execution this game. Make sure we get off on the right start, and get this thing rolling.

Q: Does it mean anything different that it's Dallas right out of the gate?
A: I don't know. I guess the only thing I can really compare it to is kind of like how I opened up the season in a huge game—they called it the College Cowboys Classic or something like that. It was us versus Oregon, and it was like four [fourth-ranked team] vs. five [fifth-ranked team]. In college that's like a big deal. Then TCU [Texas Christian University] we came out we played them and we were both ranked pretty high. So that's really all I can compare it to, is being able to come out and it being a perfect atmosphere and a contender in the same division. Obviously, there's a lot riding on the game. And it's game one, and you want to come out. I just want to snap that ball and get the first play over with.

Q: What does Dallas do that's disruptive?
A: They play as a team, and they've always played as a team. They put up points, and their defense makes stops when they need to make stops. Like I said, we just need to come out, execute, and do it to the best of our ability.

Q: How much different is it for you to go out there without Victor? Does it change what you're expected to do or what they're going to ask you to do? Maybe use you in different ways. If he's not in the slot, maybe you more in the slot. Do you expect it to be different?
A: With him not being able to play this first game, they're going to move guys around. That's what we've practiced, just moving guys around. Everybody has to know every position. Wherever they move us is exactly where we're going to be at. Yeah, of course, we all want Vic to be out there playing. It's hard when this is the one thing that you love. Not that it's taken away from you, but you can't be out there with your team, and I know he wants to be out there. All we can do is go out there and make him proud. Play to the best of our ability, and when he's back with us and back to going, I'm definitely looking forward to it and excited.

Q: Without him out there, do you take more on yourself to do more than if he was out there?
A: Not really, kind of the same. We played for what, two games, together? Then he was out for the rest of the season. Like I said, there's no extra pressure to go out and do anything extra than what you're supposed to do. Just go and like we always say, 'Do your job.'

LB Jon Beason

Q: How do you feel?
A: I'm doing just okay.

Q: Obviously you didn't practice today, was there a setback with the knee?
A: Wednesday was basically to gauge where I was full speed and see how I felt. Obviously we were in pads, tackling, and changing directions. Felt pretty good. It's just, see how it feels the next day, and so it's a little sore, so the smartest thing to do is to take a day off and see how it feels tomorrow.

Q: With the new schedule, having tomorrow just as a walk-thru, are you concerned about not getting back out there in a full practice and that might hinder your chances for Sunday?
A: You cut from 75 to 53, the same amount of time for practice, so the starters are taking more reps than we have throughout camp, if that makes sense. Yesterday was an extremely difficult day, it was very hot, full pads, and guys really got after it. You want to get out there and get those mental reps but I'm preparing mentally and tomorrow is a recovery day, which is going to help even more.

Q: Do you think you're going to play Sunday?
A: That's the plan. That's the plan. Trust me, I don't want to miss Dallas, Sunday Night Football, the opener, so for me personally, it means everything.

Q: I mean the way you felt yesterday.
A: Yeah, I was able to, I lined up fully padded, made some tackles, getting people lined up, changing directions, and chased the ball. I was pretty much myself but I was sore today.

Q: Dallas was kind of the end of last year for you, right?
A: It was. It was. That was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Q: So to be able to go back there and start the season there, does that mean anything?
A: It would. It's a great venue to play at, obviously against America's team, division champ, one play away from who knows what last year, so they have everything to play for and so do we.

Q: If [Uani] Unga has to spell you at all, I mean you have been like a big brother to him, at least he talks about the admiration he has for you and coaching him up. How well do think he can handle if he had to go in?
A: First off, I think he's tough, I think he's an extremely intelligent football player, and that's what makes him, him. He takes coaching extremely well and when you see a guy who wants it, you want to help him out. The game is bigger than all of us, we're all just trying to do the best we can for the time that we have, and if you can pass something on to somebody who cares as much as he does, it makes you feel good inside. I love to see him go out there and make plays, to get guys lined up, make checks, and be confident because he is kind of a mild mannered person. To get him out there, making checks, and screaming, it's good to see. I was happy when he made the team and now he's here and he's going to help us out tremendously.

Q: How much have you gotten [Jasper] Brinkley up to speed?
A: We actually had his twin Casper in Carolina, so I felt like I knew him. When he walked in, I was like, "Yo, Jas!" I never met him but I'm looking at Casper so it's almost like you know. I was like, "oh," it had been a long time. He's a guy who took advantage of his opportunity. EJ Henderson goes down, I think he broke his femur and this kid steps in and was all over the place for some years. I don't know what happened in Dallas but he's a steal for us and I think he's a great football player.

Q: Is there any truth to the idea that a guy like him could come in with some intel a couple days before the game? Does that happen in the league a lot?
A: You have a roster of 90 guys, half of your team ships off, and a lot of those guys make practice squads or they make roster spots other places. If it happened to me, I would know a lot about defense, I would know a lot about our personnel, about our offense going against them, so you would take advantage of that. If a guy can remember something, you do it. We watch the TV copies, you talk to other players, you've played them before, and they're the divisional foe, so you know them in and out. Any advantage you can gain within the rules, you do that.

Q: I missed the very beginning; it was just a precautionary day off?
A: Yeah, just sore. No point of pounding on it again. I was able to practice, which was a good thing, in full pads, full speed, down seven, but it was sore today.

CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Q: Wouldn't you worry about safeties?
A: Somewhat, because in this defense, a lot is put on the safeties. They have to make the call, the adjustments, lining people up and still play. That's kind of hard, but for the most part, guys have been picking it up and we've just been rolling.

Q: …
A: Sunday you are just definitely ready to get out there to see how everybody plays together, how it goes, how the calls are being made. Just get that real game up under your belt and see how they do it full speed.

Q: Do you feel like it's important for them early on—do you think Dallas might challenge the safeties early on and it might be big for their confidence if they can have a couple balls hit the ground?
A: Oh yeah, definitely. Anytime you can make a play as a young guy early, it sort of builds your confidence up. But I definitely think the guys are ready. We definitely put in the work. We have spent the extra time studying, understanding the playbook. I'm just anxious to get out there.

Q: You've been at this for a while, do you still get butterflies opening game and why?
A: Yes, sir. It's just new season, there's so much going through your mind. You're excited to play, you're nervous to play, it's a new system, you got new guys. I think you're more excited than anything. So you definitely just got to go out and hit somebody and calm down.

Q: Can you tell the youngsters in your secondary about that feeling and how to deal with it?
A: It's kind of hard going into Dallas. You got the amazing stadium and things of that nature, so you're eyes just kind of—you've just got to tell them to zone in and focus and understand we're there for a job and do what's asked of us.

Q: Jon Beason hasn't been out there. Are you concerned about?
A: Oh you know, Jon. You know the work Jon's put in and the leader. You definitely know he knows the stuff. He's the guy that flies around if you see him but he definitely has to fly to the ball every play like it's his last. It's just got to get him on the field. Once he gets there, we're not worried about that.

Q: And if he's not there Sunday?
A: With Spags, it's that 'next man up' mentality. You can't be worried about who's going to be there. With his defense, you've got to understand it and know it's going to work and just go out and play.

Q: What have you thought about Landon Collins so far?
A: I really like him. He's a competitive guy, tough guy. He flies around, he can definitely get hands to hands. He's picking up the defense, he's making the call, they're starting to use him a lot more as far as him being vocal, so he's been picking it up. Definitely impressed with him.

Q: Think he's up to the challenge Sunday night?
A: He's got no choice. He's kinda really got to be up to it. I think he is just watching him and going through practice. You got to get the first game under your belt to truly understand it and feel it and go from there.

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