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Quotes (9/11): Coughlin, Randle, Pierre-Paul

19 of the best photos from Thursday's practice

Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: It looked like Jon Beason was a no-go?
A: Yeah. We knew he would be limited, but I didn't know he wasn't going to go. I guess by the time…

Q: Was he fooling around with different cleats…?
A: I thought it was, what's the name of that shoe store? I was hoping he was going to purchase a pair and get that over with.


Q: Do you have the expectation that he will practice tomorrow or do you not know? **
A: I don't know. They think he'll play. I think if he feels a little bit better out here on the grass, he's fine.

Q: Was it just some sort of soreness?
A: Sore, sore.

Q: How much does playing on the turf, all of your games…?
A: It certainly doesn't help.

Q: How is Devon Kennard doing? How serious is that?
A: I wouldn't even try to say how serious it is, but he has not practiced this week. Don't expect it tomorrow.

Q: How did Josh Brown look as a punter?
A: Inside the 10 punts, he did alright. DeOssie punted, he seems to have that perfected.

Q: Is that more of an emergency thing or would you feel confident having to trot him out there on a more regular basis?
A: I think it would be an emergency.

Q: Talk to Jeff Feagles?
A: Not a bad thought.

Q: How much has the game changed from defensive linemen just kind of working to get the quarterback off his spot, that was a successful play, to actually having to bring him down now?
A: Well, the game has changed from the standpoint that you have athletic people that can move no matter what. If you don't get a good wrap on the quarterback, these guys that are 230, so on and so forth, they just slide to an open area and make the play. So yeah, you've got to wrap him up just like any other player.

Q: It seems like the two touchdown passes against you on Monday night, both of those may have been considered successful defensive line rushes…
A: Had we gotten him down. But we didn't get him down. Had him in his sights.

Q: Was Damontre Moore overanxious on that play? Just kind of outran him a little bit?
A: He juked him a little bit. He went sailing through the air and he stepped underneath him and made the play.

Q: Damontre only played a limited number of snaps. How much of that was because of that or was that just sort of the plan?
A: No, no. Actually he should have played more. There wasn't any intention there.

Q: Why didn't he play more?
A: That's a good question. We'll have to take that to the defense.

Q: The Cardinals yesterday, from Bruce Arians through his players, indicated that they thought you guys would rely on pride this week, that you would certainly play better in front of the home fans and that you're better than you were Monday night. Have you seen indications so far this week that that sort of appraisal is correct?
A: There's good resolve. I think early in the week they were very disappointed, somewhat discouraged, and they have to be brought back up, but they're mindful of the performance, not happy about it at all, would like to do something about it, so I'm hoping that's the case.

Q: You talked to your group today after practice. Was there a message, is there anything September 11 related?
A: That's what we were talking about. I just talked to them about the significance of 9/11, 13 years since that fateful day and the fact that we had been over to the museum and just to remember to honor those brave and courageous firemen, policemen and first responders, many of whom gave their lives so that others might be saved. And then we spent a moment in respect for those that perished. And we also talked about never forgetting. Never forget 9/11, but we also honored America and the resilience and the courage shown by the country and the way that New Yorkers and all in the tri-state area rallied around each other in that point in time. I think that's something we could all be proud of.

WR Rueben Randle


Q: What is the best way to jump start this passing attack? **
A: We just have to execute. I don't think it matters whether [the pass] is deep or short. It is all about playing together as an offense and working together to get one job done. The receivers have to do their job and get open, the line has to their job of blocking for the quarterback. and the quarterback has to throw the ball. The main thing is just going to be executing.

Q: Does it have to be done early in the game to give you guy's a sense of success?
A: I think so. I think we want to get started early. I don't think we want to wait until the game is out of hand to try and throw the ball. I think we need to start off balanced and find a way to get this offense rolling.

Q: [Arizona] likes to keep their corners on an island… In the past that was something receivers liked to hear… What about now?
A: We still like to hear it. Receivers like to face a team that plays a lot of man-to-man. Right now we are doing a great job of game planning to offset those corners, and get those guys … so we can make some plays.

Q: Is that execution directly related to familiarity in the offense?
A: Not necessarily. I think we know enough. We know the basics and the ins and outs of it to execute. It is just about going out there and doing it.

Q: What is your confidence level of being able to win those individual match-ups against their corners?
A: I am very confident. I think as a receiver, you have to confident to go against man-to-man. If not, you are already offset behind the eight ball. You just have to be confident in yourself that you are going to go out there and get the job done.

Q: What is the key going against a guy like [Patrick] Peterson?
A: Timing. You have to try to get him on his heels. You can't let him get back there and be comfortable to where he can be the athlete that he is and break up the ball and create interceptions. Just by keeping him off balance.

Q: What about [Antonio] Cromartie?
A: He is longer, so our job is to get his hands off of us. We can't let him jam us up at the line of scrimmage and we have to get him running to open up his hips.

Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn


Q: [Steve] Weatherford thinks he will be able to play Sunday… Are you as confident? **
A: Seeing is believing. He is very optimistic. He knows his body very well, so when it comes time for him to check it out and see. we'll take a good look at it.

Q: Is Josh [Brown] the backup or….?
A: Josh is the backup, but we will probably bring some guys in to work out and see to have an emergency plan if we needed one.

Q: Has [former Giant P Jeff Feagles] volunteered?
A: No, I think he has settled in with you guys as a member of the media.

Q: Nassib would be the holder [for field goals]?
A: Yeah, Ryan has gotten some reps holding, so he would be the next guy up.

Q: What have you seen from Preston Parker in stepping up as the punt returner?
A: He has been out [at practice] number one. It is a good thing that he is durable and practices hard. He has good quickness and we are pleased with what he did in the first game and through training camp.

DE Jason Pierre-Paul


Q: Coach said he understood the discouragement earlier in the week after losing to Detroit and that you guys have to pick yourselves up off the ground. How do you feel that's going so far? **
A: I think it's going pretty great. We're out there executing our plays and doing what the coaches are asking us to do. The team, we're not down or whatever, we're just ready for the next game.

Q: You guys looked like you got a lot of good pressure on Matthew Stafford but only got him down once. Can that be good enough if you get close to him and rush him or is that just not good enough?
A: Honestly, we've got to get to the quarterbacks. It wasn't good enough. I need to do better, everybody needs to do better on that defensive line and you've just got to get to the quarterback. We stopped the run, but we've just got to get to the quarterback.

Q: Could you talk a little bit about what Carson Palmer brings to the table?
A: A lot. He's a good quarterback. He definitely can scramble, passing is good. We've just got to get to him. We have to play some good football this weekend.

Q: A veteran like him, sometimes they get really, really hot if you let them…
A: Yeah, any quarterback can get hot if you let them. We're not worried about that. We're just worried about going out there and winning a game this week.

Q: You guys used to say sometimes if you weren't getting sacks, at least you were getting the quarterback off his spot and making him move. Has the game changed so much with the mobile quarterbacks now that that's not good enough?
A: I feel like mobile quarterbacks, it's harder but at the same time we're used to getting to mobile quarterbacks. You have the Vicks, the RGIIIs and we took care of them so it shouldn't be a problem for us.

Q: Did you see enough signs in the first game to believe that the sacks are coming?
A: Yeah, you can't hit home runs every time, you've got to set them up. At the end of the day they will come eventually so we're not worried, we're not worried about that. We stopped the run, the next thing to do is to get to the quarterback even faster.

Q: Were you guys pretty pleased with how you stopped the run?
A: Yeah, of course. We don't have to worry about that. We have to continue working on it and, like I said, we just have to get to the quarterback and that's the main thing. We're going to stop the run.

Q: Damontre Moore took his missed sack pretty hard…
A: It happens, it happens.

Q: What kind of advice do you give to him?
A: It happens. I even texted him that night and told him, 'Don't worry about it.' Stuff like that happens, you never know when you're going to get to the quarterback that fast. He juked him and, you know, it just so happened that there was a touchdown on that play. At the end of the day, it is what it is, move on to the next play. Don't let it bother you, otherwise it will mess you up the whole game. He did a pretty good job out there, so it is what it is. The game is over now, you've got to move on to the next one.

Q: When you look at the first game, I think they had 346 yards passing.
A: We literally gave them about 200 and something yards. We gave them those yards. I feel like, as a defense, I even heard our defensive coordinator say, 'Make them earn their yards.' I'm pretty sure they didn't earn those yards, we gave them to them. Any time you give away yards, you're going to wind up losing the game. We gave them the yards and we lost the game and, like I said, we've just got to move on to the next one. There's nothing we can do about it now, we can't dwell on it. We've got Arizona coming in and we need a W this week.

Q: Are you saying gave them, do you mean by like mistakes you guys made?
A: Yeah, mistakes, errors we made. There are things that we should have done and we do in practice that we do correctly… we just gave it to them. That's basically it.

Q: This was your first full, healthy game in a while. I know you got the neck but even before that, did you feel like your old self? Did it feel good being out there?
A: Yeah, I felt good. Honestly, I felt good. I was pass rushing, I played the run great, I was getting to the quarterback a couple times and pressuring him. There is more to come. We've got 15 games left, that's a whole lot of football.

Q: Any lingering issues with you neck?
A: Not at all.

Q: Is it good to have a game at home?
A: Oh yeah. 1 o'clock game.

Q: All the fans, maybe get a good start behind you?
A: Yeah, I know the fans want to be in it. We need them to support us. It's going to be a good game.

DE Damontré Moore

A: Nothing he just took me out the game. Just told me good job on your pass rush moves and he was just trying to help me out. He was trying to help me out, teach me what I did wrong and just help me get better and because it is really about helping all of us as a whole. Get better, learn from my mistakes and he was up actually pretty late watching film. We were just texting back and forth that night, it was all good though.

Q: Technique-wise, what kind of little things did you talk about? Angles and such?
A: More so just little angles and the finer details and just clean those things up. It is just one simple mistake. Like if we can just fix one little thing, who knows what could have happened that could have been a difference in the outcome. It's more so about us getting in, learning from our mistakes, and fixing the finer details.

Q: Like don't leave your feet?
A: Don't leave your feet, don't be overexcited. Those little things, but like I said, the best teacher is experience.

Q: He said he never made a mistake like that?
A: I don't know if he had. We didn't get that far. We just addressed the situation at hand, which was me overshooting it and being a little to eager instead of playing with a firm base. Not being so excited and just kind of trusting my technique

Q: He said part of his message was if you miss one, don't let it affect the rest of your game. Is that a hard thing for you?
A: It's a hit or miss. I feel like it is a hard thing because I always think about it even after the game. Currently, during the game, I get mad situation but I try to go out there and do better, not harp on it too much. But after the game, it was eating me up, it's still eating me up to this day. I got in there, watched film, learned from it and now I am just trying to go out there, fix it, and never let it happen again.

Q: Coughlin said that he probably should've played you more in the game. What do you think about that, and do you have an explanation as of why you might not have played as much as you should of?
A: I don't know. I am not in their head. All I can do is control what I control. I should've gone a little firmer on my schemes and stuff like that. The only thing I can do is control what I can control. Get in there,…my schemes, do what they say, and everything will take care of itself, which it has so far in the past. Keep trusting those things, don't stray away from it because when you stray away from it, that is when things go bad and wrong things happen.

Q: On your schemes.
A: Just learn the technique and the schematic plays. Making sure I am just staying firm in the gap or playing technically sound. It is just one of those things.

Q: Tom was clear that that one play had nothing to do with your playing time. Were you surprised that you didn't get more snaps?
A: Not really because I didn't go in with any expectations. Going from playing specials last year to this year, honestly, I wouldn't think about any of that. I just think about going out there when my name was called, just being ready. I really didn't pay attention to it too much.

Q: Is there a feeling on the defense that you are better than what you showed?
A: I feel like it is. It is always a better feeling. We are all obviously upset about the loss. We seen a lot of good things and it wasn't as bad as we thought it was. We were very disappointed at the outcome and some of the stuff we did, but there are also some good things in there. We were trying to go in there pick out the good things, but also learn the mistakes and fix those so we can become even better. We know we are way better than what we played this previous weekend.

Q: Who shot the text with you and Jason Pierre- Paul back and forth?
A: Jason Pierre-Paul did. He texted just out the blue. It's crazy because I was actually talking on the phone with my mother and she was looking who is texting you this late. I looked at it, I was like, "hold on," because my phone was going off. When I looked at it I was like, "oh snap, it's Jason Pierre-Paul." He was texting me and I was like, "oh you're watching film" and he was like, "yeah I'm watching it right now". I'd say we texted for at least and hour, hour and a half. Like after we got back here and we just talking about the play, all the plays, the snaps that I had, what little things he seen immediately that I could of fixed and played better. We talked about that and we talked about just little details like watching the game, and going over film at night. It wasn't as bad as we thought it was it just little stuff we need to fix. He said ,"That is why I's rather text you right now while its fresh on my mind so we can get this addressed and handled".

Q: Just a pat on the back?
A: Yeah pretty much. Just a lesson telling me little rookie mistakes, early mistakes you make early in your career that either he made [Jason Pierre-Paul], Mathias Kiwanuka, or somebody else that he seen and tried to help me out from it.

Q: What time did they start coming?
A: The text? I think we was texting until like 2, 3, I don't know 4 am in the morning. Just talking about the game and certain plays and techniques.

Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell


Q: Coach told us to ask you why Damontré Moore didn't play more? **
A: Tough questions first, huh? We had several packages for him, but we never got back to those packages because of the state of the game. It was not an oversight or anything like that. We had several specialized packages for not only [Damontré] but some other players. One of the other guys got dinged in the game, so we had to put that package to shelf and etc. Hopefully we will do better this week.

Q: When [Damontré] was out there how do you think he did?
A: I thought he played with good energy. We wished he would've capitalized on that one sack. I can tell you the number he had, so out of that number of plays he had, which was about 10-12, he only had the minus on that missed sack. There are good things to come, I believe, from him.

Q: Were the big plays people missing assignments or was it people trying to do too much?
A: A little bit of both. It was some missed assignments and it was a little bit of [the defense] trying to do too much. Trying to help another guy when they really should have gotten tighter to their coverage. The first touchdown, I cannot explain. I haven't seen two guys run into each other like that. It was just a comedy of errors.

Q: Did you like the fact that your new secondary affords you to blitz some guys that you weren't able to in the past?
A: We think that we have the ability to bring a lot different people now with the guys that we have. We are going to try to explore that more and more. Definitely we have that capability to do that and we will try to do that.

Q: In the past when sacks weren't coming, teams would say 'we got the quarterback off his spot'… Now with so many mobile quarterbacks, do you have to get the sack?
A: Yeah. I think the quarterbacks have done a better job of using their mobility. For instance, we are playing Carson Palmer this week. He is not known as a scrambler, but he is a 4.7 [40-yard dash] guy. He made a big play on Monday night getting out of the pocket and got a critical first down. I think that quarterbacks today are more athletic and they are using their legs more and it causes a problem for the defense.

Q: How do you combat that?
A: Obviously you have to win some one-on-ones. That is the main thing. You have to fill up some of those gaps. You want to try and get the fifth guy involved. You can also use a spy at times for the really athletic and mobile quarterback. The quarterbacks, they pick and choose. It is a chess game. Based on down and distance, if they think they can run and get that down and distance, then if you have the spy, you are the smarter team. If it is a 3rd and 4 or something of that nature and you don't have a spy on him, then they feel confident they can pick up four yards before you can get to them. It is a little bit of a chess game so to speak that we are playing with the quarterbacks.

Q: Aside from the early touchdown, how do you feel Dominique [Rodgers-Cromartie] played?
A: I thought he had a rough go after the early touchdown. Then Calvin [Johnson] made a really nice catch on an out cut and I thought [Rodgers-Cromartie] competed for the ball on that. I thought he competed throughout the game. It was easier to say he could get frustrated and not compete, but he made a nice play down in the red zone and pulled one out on him. Calvin really had a good day. I thought Dominique competed well after that first touchdown. I was not disappointed in that he didn't hang his head. He went out and kept challenging himself to do better. [Johnson] beat [Rodgers-Cromartie] on a slant route, zero pressure, he beat him on a slant route when [Rodgers-Cromartie] tried to quick jam [Johnson] on the line of scrimmage and Calvin got away from him. I think that was for 24 [yards]. Dominique ran him down, tackled him and really he could of used better judgment on that particular style of defense we were playing in order to play it better. He will learn and get better from that.

Q: You can look at the stats and say, '400 yards given up, 35 points,' but do you see other things that are encouraging?
A: I saw some very encouraging things. As we looked at it, from missed assignments, people trying to help and do too much… we probably gave up about 167. We could tackle better, that's another 36, so if we can correct those things there and play better together as a defensive unit and as a secondary, then yes, there are some encouraging things there. We did a good job I thought in the run game. I expected us to force some more turnovers and that's going to be an emphasis and that's always been an emphasis. You can improve from Week 1 to Week 2 and I definitely, we want to improve from our first outing.

Q: Was that something you were counting on going into that game? It's not like the Lions were known for being protective of the football, it's actually been the opposite. It's pretty impressive about what they did with holding onto it. Were you counting on that in terms of…?
A: Yeah, we thought we could be able to force some turnovers. We thought we could create some field position for our offense and for our football team through the turnover game. They were very impressive. My hats off to them, they did a fine job in protecting the football. 81 had a monster game.

Q: What did you see from JPP? I know he was hurt part of the time but he's coming off two seasons where he's… How did he look to you?
A: He flashed; he flashed some old JPP at times. There was one run play when he went right down the line of scrimmage and he scooped the guy up. He played with some power and strength before he got hurt. He had really good energy before he was dinged, so you can feel his presence out there. And then I was very pleased that he came back into the ballgame and finished the ballgame. Was he as effective as he was when he wasn't dinged? I can't say he was as effective. You couldn't feel his energy as much as you did before he was dinged but I think the mental part of him going back out saying, 'Oh yeah, I can do this,' I thought that was encouraging.

Q: With Mathias Kiwanuka and Robert Ayers, are they situational when they flip in and out or do you almost ride the hot hand with one of those two?
A: We ask them to play hard, play fast and then if they need a blow, we'll rotate them. We kind of rotate them sometimes by series. Sometimes we have different packages for them based on what some of our calls are. It's not rocket science, it's not anything that's… we just have some different ways that we rotate.

Q: Did you get what you thought you were going to get out of Beason and are you concerned now that he wasn't able to go back out there today in practice or is that just part of the process getting ready again for Sunday?
A: We really didn't know how much we could get out of Jon because that was his first game. If you're in a preseason game, starters usually play, what, 15 to 19 plays, so he is in excellent condition but he's in the condition where the trainers have been working with him and he hasn't played a lot of snaps of football. We weren't real sure about how many plays he could play, how long he could go and all that type thing. I thought he was rested initially because you have to play the game but then I thought he got into the groove and played better as the game went on. I think he played maybe 45 snaps, so that probably exceeded what we thought he could do.

Q: Do you expect him to play on Sunday or…?
A: I wish I could answer that question with a definitive answer, that's a question for Tom and the trainers. But I'm banking on having him. If I had to answer that question, I'm banking on having him, but you have to ask Tom and the trainers.

Q: How disappointing was it not to have Devon Kennard? He got hurt early.
A: Knocked us out of some packages. When that occurs and you have a 53 and a 45-man and you build some different things and some different looks that you want to get into then you have to go to plan B or wipe out that particular thing that you would like to do. I think he didn't play very many plays before he had the hamstring. That's the breaks of the game.

Q: Just to get back to Damontre Moore for a second, you said he had just the one negative play that he graded out on.
A: Well, that's the one that stands out the most, yes.

Q: Up until that moment, though, it was probably a positive play, right?
A: Yeah, he had positive plays, yes.

Q: But I mean the stem of that play until he missed would have graded out as a very positive play.
A: Oh, it would have, yes, because it would have been a sack. No doubt.

Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo


Q: Talking to your players, they seem to think a lot of the mistakes are correctable. What leads you to believe they will be corrected this Sunday? **
A: Well it is a commitment that we are making in practice right now. We had a good day at practice today. We had a good week last week. Yesterday was a brief, light workout, but today was a good day in full pads and we are making progress and they showed it again today.

Q: All of the players go back and analyze what everyone did. Do you do that for yourself? If so, how did you think the first game kind of went and what kind of things did you learn from it?
A: I am my biggest critic. A lot has been said and a lot has been written and that is never going to change how I view myself. I am always going to be hard on myself; I am always going to be hard on the players. We ask them the same thing. We ask them to be their biggest critic.

Q: How does a coordinator sort of analyze or break down his performance?
A: You need to look in the mirror like everybody else. You ask opinions of the people you trust around you, and you take it with a grain of salt and move forward.

Q: Do you see a lot of the same mistakes being made from week to week, or are they different mistakes?
A: The encouraging thing is they are different mistakes. Guys are very young, they are very approachable, they want to be corrected, they want to learn. You have a chance to go out, you talk to them, they make a mistake. Listen every day to the same thing over and over. You go out, you teach. We come out, we practice. We make mistakes, we correct the mistakes, then you go on to the next day. The encouraging thing is you are not making the same mistakes every day. Now we just haven't been doing it very long together. We need to speed up the process and make less mistakes so when we get in the game, we take advantage and we can execute better. There are definitely signs that things are starting to click. We do have chemistry. I think we had a nice day today.

Q: How do you speed up that process?
A: It's called development for a reason. I watched SEC media days before I came back and coach Gary Pinkel said, "If I had the answer to that, I would be sitting in a high rise with a cell phone in my hand." We are going to work hard, we are going to work smart, we are going to trust each other and we are going to count on the chemistry kicking in.

Q: Bruce Arians said yesterday it took until Week 8 for the Arizona Cardinals to kind of pick up the new offense last year? Obviously you guys don't want to wait until Week 8. Do you think it's going to be a building a process, or can we see instant change on Sunday?
A: We prefer to kick in on Sunday instead of Week 8. I will say this, in 2007 we came up here when I was with Green Bay and played the Giants and they were struggling at the time on defense. Then we had a chance to play them in the championship game that year. It was interesting on how they looked on film and the progress that they made and how impressive they were. At the end of the day we are going to trust who were are, we are going to trust the character in the room, trust the fundamentals, we are going to count on the chemistry to kick in. We are not going to apologize for it.

Q: Until maybe things are where you want it be, do you think you may have to figure out a different way to try to win a game each Sunday?
A: There is no question. You have a system and you install the system and you go out and you try to execute the system. At the same point in time you are learning about the players and what they do best and you are applying that versus a defense each week. Things change, there are moving parts each week, but that doesn't mean you change the process in what you believe in. The system can adapt to any personnel group. If we want to go run the Wing T, we can run the Wing T, but that is not going to help us on Sunday. We need to take the system, to tailor it to the players and their strengths. We've got to do it with a defense over there that is playing pretty well on the Arizona Cardinals right now.

Q: I want to ask you two things about Eli Manning that is sort of out there in terms of common perception right now. This was somehow unfair at this point in his career to thrust him into an offense where he is just not a fit. What is your take on that?
A: He is a perfect fit for this offense. He is very smart. I thought that if there was anything encouraging about what happened in the game, it was the comfort level in his feet and the progress that he is making fundamentally. He is seeing things, he is not 100%, but who is? At the same point in time, he is making progress and I have 100 percent confidence in Eli Manning.

Q: The other thing was said by an individual publicly and that is, "Eli looks somehow disinterested." That was from preseason, to be fair, but what have you seen in terms of his commitment since you've been here?
A: I don't see that. That is surprising. I see someone who works very hard at his craft, works very hard at his profession and it is important to him.

Q: What are your thoughts on the series where you scored that first touchdown on the goal line? I think you had one yard and you did the three fades into the end zone. Was it kind of a height mismatch that you liked?
A: Yeah, we have some guys that have a little bit of height, have some length to them. The coverages that they were playing gave us favorable matchups there, so we thought we could take advantage of it.

Q: Was that meaningful for you at all? As your first time as a play caller, first time you call a play it scores a touchdown. Any sentimental thing for you there?
A: The fly route on a touchdown, I am glad that Larry Donnell went up and made a play, I am happy for him.

Q: Victor Cruz was saying that on the three step drops the ball is getting there on time, but on the five step drops the rhythm isn't quite there yet. Is that what you are seeing?
A: We are always working to get on time. That is the biggest challenge we are facing right now. It is all about the timing and the rhythm, whether it is the run game or the pass game. It's taking some time but at the end, we need to listen to our bodies. Listen to the rhythm in our bodies and like I said, it's showing up in practice and we've got to show them on Sundays.

Q: The offensive line. Eli Manning got sacked twice, hurried nine times; the running game never got going. Is that because they didn't play well? You got one dimensional in the sense that you fell behind early.
A: I thought early on we didn't run the ball as well as we liked. I had a couple runs come out. We need to run the ball better and more consistently. I thought protection, there were times when we were balanced that they did a decent job and kept things clean. Had firm pocket inside, which everyone knows is a challenge to do versus those guys. You don't sit here and say there are only negatives that come out of this game. There are some things that we did well, but there are a lot of things that we need to clean up and we need to improve at.

Q: How important is to get Victor Cruz involved in the offense earlier in the game?
A: Yeah. You would like to get all your playmakers a touch early. That is easier said than done. Again, the way I believe it goes into preparation and it goes into practice. I need to do a better job coaching and the players need to do a better job playing, but it starts here.

Q: How much of a challenge is it to have Patrick Peterson and Antonio Cromartie at corner going into this week when you are trying to get some plays down field and you have those two guys on each side?
A: They complement each other well. Two big bodies with some length and athleticism, this isn't their first rodeo. They have been around a little bit, so it will be a challenge.

Q: Do you make sure that you don't shy away from those guys and kind of go in and challenging them a little bit?
A: I don't know if I can give that information out. We are not going to shy away from anything.

Q: How is Larry Donnell as a blocker? I know obviously he is built as a blocker, and obviously he is built for receiving but how is the blocking coming along?
A: When I got here I was surprised. You hear a lot about him being an athlete, but a receiving type tight end. I thought he had done a nice job blocking, and I still think he has room to develop.

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