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Quotes (9/13): Amukamara, Rolle, and Bradford


Coach Tom Coughlin**

Q: Do you think Prince is ready to play?
A: Yeah, barring any setback. He seemed to do well.

Q: You said Prince Amukamara would need a good day today.
A: I think he did all right. We'll see. You've got to check afterwards; tomorrow morning and that kind of thing.

Q: Was he able to participate in the meetings throughout the week?
A: He spent a lot of time trying to meet with the doctors and go through the protocol. He was in and out, but he was coached through every practice. So he got the pluses and the minuses and that type of thing.

Q: What did you see out of David Wilson this week?
A: He worked. He focused on ball security the whole week, obviously. I'd say he did a reasonable job with it.

Q: How important is it to get David Baas back?
A: It's important to get him back, that's for sure.

Q: Did he look good today?
A: I think he did more and got better each day and got a little ornery and wanted more, so that was a good thing.

Q: What happened to Antrel Rolle today?
A: He's got a little groin soreness, so we didn't want to take a chance. He's reassuring everyone that it's temporary.

Q: Do you expect to have him on Sunday?
A: I do.

Q: Did you see Brandon Jacobs provide a little bit of an emotional lift with his arrival this week?
A: I suppose I saw that. Certainly the veteran players were glad to see him.

Q: When your defense is facing a Broncos offense that was prolific in week one, do you notice an extra attention to detail from your players?
A: They're talking football all the time and they're paying great attention in meetings. The meetings are probably as quiet as they would ever be, making sure that they get the information that they need and so on and so forth, and they've responded to the way we've had to practice. Yeah, I would say, yes.

Q: With Dan Connor out, is this Mark Herzlich's opportunity?
A: Sure it is. Mark still plays a lot of plays, whether he's the first one out there or comes out a little bit later like the other night. He's in all of these situations. Unfortunately with Dan, right behind him has been Mark and he's ended up taking at least half the snaps in each of these preseason and regular season games that Dan has unfortunately had to come out of the game, so he's played a lot.

Q: Are you comfortable with your depth there with just Allen Bradford as the backup?
A: We've got five linebackers, which is what we had when we started.

Q: What was the thought process with Dan Connor?
A: They just did a series of all the tests and the inability to actually give you an exact timeframe under which the individual would recover adds to it as well. If we're going to be short a linebacker, we're going to have to do something. So how is it that you choose to maneuver within your 53? And basically that's where the decision came from.

Q: How much can you expect out of Bradford with such a short week?
A: He just got off a plane. I'm sure in a day he can probably prepare himself to do some things, but it would have to be a limited role.

Q: Special teams?
A: Special teams as well, yeah.

Q: How does Brandon Jacobs look conditioning wise?
A: He looks like he's in decent shape. He's in good shape. He told me he's done a lot of running in a lot of heat in Atlanta and so he feels like he's in pretty good shape.

Q: Is it possible with having more running backs here that you would put David Wilson back in kick return?
A: It's always a possibility.

Q: How much can you expect from Jacobs in terms of snaps?
A: I'm not going to put a number on it, but as the saying goes, we'll see.


CB Prince Amukamara**

I've been studying like crazy. I know this is a big week, and even when I was out of practice the last couple of days, just being on the sideline and catching those mental reps, those really go a long way. Doing extra film work in meetings with coach Giunta so just always staying engaged really, really helped me.

Q: Were you able to study the last few days also or just today?
A: I was able to study the last few days. I was in the meetings and, like I said, just being out there on the field really helped.

Q: Did you have those symptoms? The headaches, light sensitivity and that type of stuff?
A: Yeah, some of those symptoms came and went away. The main thing was, the whole protocol is a long battery of tests and making sure that I'm feeling OK. It just took a while but I'm just glad to be cleared.

Q: Can you prepare with only one practice? Will you feel confident on Sunday that you're ready?
A: For sure. I was telling these guys, the mental reps, just being out there really helped, having the extra meetings with coach really helped a lot and then just having extra player meetings. Last year for the Eagles game it didn't look like I was going to play and I didn't really practice until the last day like this and I had a pretty good game. It's a different year and a different caliber of offense. I feel like I'm ready though.

Q: How daunting of a task is it? You had a limited week of practice and you're going up against a legend who threw seven touchdown passes last week.
A: It's a great challenge. Peyton is a great quarterback. My job when I was hurt was to still be engaged and that's what I was… I was getting all the mental reps on the practice field and being engaged in meetings. I'm glad I did that and I'm glad I didn't take a day off.

Q: How did you feel you did against Dez Bryant?
A: Dez is a great receiver. I felt like he posed a great challenge and it was just a great battle between the both of us.

Q: In your mind, was there any doubt at all that you were going to be able to play this week?
A: I was always studying and preparing like I was going to be out there. I don't think the doubt was in my mind. It probably was in the doctor's mind but I was always prepared to play.

Safety Antrel Rolle

I'll be alright.  I'll play through Sunday.  Just more precautionary reasons.  It's better to be smart than anything because Sunday is the most important day.  I do whatever my coaches and trainers tell me.

Q: Did you fight them to be out there?
A: A little bit.  They kind of shut me down and said no, sit down and don't do anything.  You can't fight them too much, but I'll be alright.  I'll be fine, just a little more treatment on it and everything should be okay.  

Q: How valuable is it to have Prince back and out there on Sunday?
A: It's extremely valuable.  On all of your drives, you want to have your key weapons.  We all know that Prince is an asset to this defense and he's come along great so far.  He's been playing outstanding for us and we're looking for him to continue that.  

Q: When did the soreness develop?  Was it just something this morning?
A: No.  It was actually yesterday during practice.  I felt it yesterday during practice and I was able to continue practice.  It stiffened up on me a little bit once I got home, but it's not a concern at all.  I'll be out there on Sunday.  The injury is not really a concern.  

Q: It happened while you were running or anything specific?
A: It happened in practice.  To be honest with you, I couldn't even tell you when it happened.  Like I said, I'll be fine and I will be out there come Sunday.

LB Allen Bradford

Q: So it's the USC crew now.
A: Yeah, it's the USC crew.  

Q: So is this all surprising to you or did you kind of have any idea anything like this was coming?
A: It was surprising.  I had no idea what was going to happen.  Once Seattle released me, I wasn't expecting to be picked up.  I was expecting to sign back to Seattle's practice squad and once I texted my agent, he called me and gave me the news.  It was good news.  I'm out here now, but my family will come back a little later, probably in like a month or so, just to see how things are playing out, just to make sure.

Q: You are a West Coast guy, right?
A: This is my first time in New York.  I got to see the city (sky)line a little bit and it was nice, but it was foggy with how far I was.  I want to go see it and visit all of the attractions because this is my first time being on the east coast really.  

Q: What about getting a handle on this defense?
A: Keith (Rivers) went over some of the plays.  I just think I have to translate the terminology in my plays.  I have all my plays in my backpack now, so I'm probably going to go and ask them for the playbook just to see what I can learn over the weekend and just get a head start going into next week. 

Q: How many years have you been at linebacker now?
A: This is my second year.

Q: And all before that it was all running back?
A: It was all running back.  I hadn't played linebacker since I was 17.

Q: They don't have a lot of depth at running back here, so.
A: I can.  I don't think I will.  My agent is saying we're going both ways.


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