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Quotes (9/18): Coughlin, Quinn, Beason

Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: Is Jon Beason going to Charlotte to see Dr. Anderson?
A: That was the original plan. I don't think it's any different.

Q: Do you know when?
A: What's tomorrow? Originally they talked about Friday being the day, but again, I have no new news about that one way or the other.

Q: So if he's going Friday, it's probably safe to rule him out for this weekend, right?
A: I wouldn't get too… We'll see. We'll see what the doctor says when he gets there.


Q: Is the fracture part though ruled out that he had last time? Last time I believe it was two separate injuries, kind of the same but… **
A: Again, there is no new injury if that's what you're asking. There's no new injury.

Q: Is he rehabbing?
A: Yeah, he's here all day long. He's one of those. He's in all the meetings, he doesn't miss a thing.

Q: How did he look on the field in the two games that he played?
A: He looked good. He looked good running around. Had great energy, missed a lot of practice time so I'm not going to tell you he was in as good of game condition as he could have been, but he looked very good.

Q: Do you know how it happened? Did he take a wrong step or did he step on someone's foot or…?
A: Something with, if I recall right, it was something about stepping on someone's foot.

Q: We always ask you about the opponent and the Texans present challenges in different fashions. How much do you look at it like your team, if it cleans up what it does, if it doesn't have the self-inflicted issues, how much better you would be on a game day?
A: Oh, there's no question. That's what we talk about all the time. Go back to John Wooden, it's your team. Your concern is your team. Obviously the opponent coming in here and you're looking for strengths, weaknesses, how they play, what their strengths are, so on and so fourth, but your team is where most of your attention and energy goes to try to correct the things that prevent us from winning a game.

Q: Whether it's the defense or the penalties, turnovers, receivers not making catches, O-line, whatever the case might be, how receptive, two games in, has this group been to doing what you're asking in terms of…?
A: Well they've been good about… they listen well, they've talked a lot among themselves about the same issues that I brought up. They mean well, but it's got to take place on the field.

Q: When you study what Andre Williams has done the first two games, has he gotten the most out of what he could get or was he a little…?
A: Well, there's some things there that he missed. He missed a couple opportunities the other night and he's well aware of it.

Q: After running well in the preseason, obviously the regular season is a whole different animal, is that just his rookie growing pains or…?
A: Oh, I think it is. I think he just missed… he made the error of not believing or not staying with his initial key and kind of getting off and being a little helter skelter and then finding nothing.

Q: That's just practice time and watching?
A: I think so.

Q: You had him in there on one of those final drives on first and second when you were in pretty much straight passing mode. Do you have more confidence in him now in the passing game…?
A: Yeah, he's made progress there and he'll continue to get better in that area too, but sometimes there's a need to make that substitution just because the other guy's had two or three things in a row and he needs a little rest. But we're okay with putting him in there. He's done okay with that.

Q: You've had some rough starts in the past. Does the way that you try to motivate a team, is that tailored to the kind of personality of the team each year or does your message kind of stay the same?
A: No, we'd like to win every game, thank you. We'd like to start fast. It's been a couple years since that's happened but everything's geared to start fast, including five preseason games. Obviously we haven't gotten that done.

Q: What, if anything, can you do on the practice field to prevent the penalties that have been so detrimental, particularly the ones on third down?
A: Well, you see the officials here and the officials, we've asked them to be very strict in their calls. Other than talk about it, show it, look at it, bring them updates on a weekly basis as to what we get from Dean Blandino in terms how of things are going to be called and what the exact interpretations are. We try to do all those things but if you look around the league, you see there's games where it's just an incredible number of penalties called and then there are other games. When we studied the first game of the year, so on and so fourth, and then last weekend we had more penalties that we could ever think would take place after having four in the opener.

Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

Q: On the punt return [for a touchdown vs. Arizona], is it as simple from what we saw as Zack [Bowman] making contact, things broke down when he didn't get him down?
A: Number one thing is you want to make the tackle. Second thing we want is more hang time and the location. We expect the ball to go to the right, and it didn't go to the right. Whatever comes off his foot, we have to cover.

Q: Did you look at the coverage and did you get caught off guard?
A: A little bit. A couple guys have to adjust. At any time you have to adjust, whether it is a kickoff or a punt, wherever the ball is kicked, you have to adjust to it. We may say one thing coming off the sideline but wherever it comes off the foot, we have to cover.

Q: With the gunners' responsibility, Zach seemed to take it hard?
A: You want to make tackles. It is his job to make tackles, so he feels bad about it. He just has to wrap up and hold on. We have to get other guys there to help get a really good returner down like Teddy [Ginn Jr.].

Q: We remember last year and the punt returns…Do you draw on that?
A: I hope not. I hope we all draw that we don't want that to happen again. You feel sick when it happened and how it happened and the impact it had on the game.

Q: Is Steve [Weatherford] better this week?
A: We'll see. He's injured so we'll see how he responds. The thing you worry about is the length of the game. He can go out and punt for a period (of time), but then a game is three hours long, so that is where your concern comes.

Q: Is that what happened last week?
A: I don't know. He had one good one and then two not so good and one we should've downed inside the 10. If he says he's ready to go, then he knows he has to be ready to go.

Q: There were a bunch of kickoffs you guys were returning from the end zone… How do you tell a guy to go or not to go?
A: We want to be aggressive. We felt like it was close. You look at the tape and one or two blocks each time and he could come spitting out of there and give us some good field positon.

Q: Even if it is five to seven yards deep [in the end zone]?
A: Yeah, [the kickoff returners] have clocks in their head. If it is hanging up there, hanging up there, hanging up there and deep. A couple of those didn't have great hang, so he was aggressive to bring it out.

Q: But even if you have a 26-27 yard return you're at the 18-yard line?
A: Yeah, but high risk, high reward.

Q: So you don't mind when [Quintin] Demps was….?
A: No we had talked about it each time based on the game and what we wanted to do. We were in concert with Tom on that.

Q: Were most of them good decisions last week?
A: I felt like they were.

Q: Tom talked about him spinning and the ball coming out… Is that something you worked on this week?
A: We have worked on ball security. We don't want to spin. That is probably trying to do too much. Just let the game come to you. If you try to hit a home run, you are not going to hit a home run. Hit some singles and they'll go out. We talked about him just relaxing. Any time you come to a new team, you want to do something that really helps the team, so make sure you do. Don't do something that hurts the team by trying to do too much.

Q: Do you anticipate with Preston [Parker] bumping up now with his offensive snaps that you might have to go elsewhere with the punt returner?
A: No, what we have on the roster is what we have. He is ready to go. He is hungry.

LB Jon Beason

Q: How is the foot?
A: It's feeling better, surprisingly better, I would say. In the game I stepped on someone's foot and it felt like… I felt a pop. It scared me right away, we went and got some pictures, but it's feeling a lot better right away, so it's an indication that it's probably just scar tissue moving. I head down to Charlotte tomorrow to see Dr. Anderson and get his opinion. There are some things that he can do that you can't see in the imaging with the MRI in terms of active movement and then we'll determine how severe it is. But it feels good, so that's a good indication.

Q: You left in a boot, you don't have a boot now obviously. When did you ditch that?
A: Yesterday when I saw Dr. Warren. He's been in constant communication with Dr. Anderson and it was based on how I felt. You put it in a boot right away just to take all precautions to make sure you don't make it worse than it really is.

Q: Did anyone warn you that this might happen?
A: Yeah. That was, really right before I came back, they said it was possible. You change your footwear, you put a steel plate in the bottom of the shoe, you tape it differently, all these things to prevent it. The turf is a little rougher than grass, we practice on grass right now. It happened to be when I was on someone's foot, so now I'm toey instead of being on the balls of my feet, which puts my big toe at a disadvantage.


Q: So when you say it's feeling a little better, what do you think your time frame is? Do you have any idea? Are we talking days? Weeks? **
A: Well, it feels a whole lot better right away and when is a whole lot… it's not a little bit based on the way it felt Sunday. Sunday to Tuesday was huge. If Dr. Anderson was accessible earlier in the week, he had cases, he's out of town, Friday was the earliest day we could do that. Now I have to kind of wait and see, but based on how I feel, I want to make sure everything's good and we'll determine when is a good time to come back.

Q: But it wouldn't be this week obviously.
A: I'm not sure. I feel like I could go out there and take care of business. I'm active in the meetings, I know the game plan, I'm still studying and preparing as if I'm playing on Sunday.

Q: Are you able to jog or do anything physical?
A: I feel like I can.

Q: Have you tested that though?
A: I feel like I can. I've been recommended not to until we talk to Dr. Anderson, so it's all kind of depending on his professional opinion.

Q: You had the day last week where you didn't practice. Was that a precursor to it or do you think it was completely separate?
A: Complete separate, just because when you do it, I thought I was just pushing on somebody and it just went on me. Then you go back and you watch the tape and you're just like, 'I stepped on somebody.' That's being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It can happen, but that would aggravate it more than anything else. That hardly ever happens but it did.

Q: From the pictures they've taken, any indication that anything's changed in there from when you did come back?
A: The problem is the images that we took on Monday are being compared to the images from June 12, which was injured more, so it's hard to determine what's scar tissue and what's not. The good thing is the images from Monday show scar tissue, which means there's healing. How do you really compare? You have to really do a physical test on it.

Q: Have they completely ruled out that it's fractured again?
A: Based on how it feels, the fact that I can walk on it. When I first did it, I couldn't walk.

Q: You're talking about when you first did it…?
A: In June. I could not walk. Sunday night, I felt like I could walk on it. And then Monday it felt a little better and then Tuesday it felt drastically better, which is good.

DE Jason Pierre-Paul

Q: You are 0-2, but the attitude in here seems pretty hopeful and optimistic… Why?
A: We know what we have to take care of to become 1-2. We have to come together as a team and go out on the field and work with your teammates, don't be selfish, do we what you are asked and we will be fine.

Q: It almost sounds like you are describing guys are trying to do too much?
A: Even myself, we all have tried to do a little too much. We want to help even more, but do your job. If you do your job, then everything else will take care of itself. When you try to do too much and you get out of a gap and you are supposed to be there, and you're trying to help your linebacker out, but I am in his gap. I am trying to do too much. It can be the opposite way, too. We know what we have to do. We have to come together as one and play together.

Q: What concerns you most about the Houston Texans?
A: Nothing.

Q: You feel like you should be able to handle that offense?
A: Yeah, I feel like we should be able to handle their offense. Nothing concerns me.

Q: What if JJ Watt is lined up at tight end… How would your defense have to react?
A: I will guard him. Just kidding. We will be alright. We are ready for the unexpected. That is how you prepare for a football game.

Q: How important is it to force turnovers?
A: We need turnovers. Turnovers win games, especially when you are on defense. We have to get turnovers, no matter what. We have to play and if [the opposing team] has the ball, we have to strip the ball and try to get fumbles. Whatever way we can get it, interceptions.

Q: What kinds of things can you do during the week to stress that and put emphasis on it?
A: Practice like you would play. If you say you are going to strip the ball and the running back runs by you and busts through his gap, run after him and try to strip that ball. [The running back] is going to do that in a game. If he busts through the gap and you are not running after him and loafing, then that is how you are going to do it in a game.

Q: ….Is that sort of the numbers you are looking at?
A: I just have to play. Numbers will speak for themselves. I am alright. I am blessed.

Q: You told us you have been feeling food… How do you feel that you have looked on film the first two games so far?
A: I am getting better and better each week. Honestly, I am getting better and better each week. I am never too good to learn. I am getting better and better each week. I am actually in the film room more and more trying to pick up some things on film for our next opponent.

Q: Did the film last week look more of what you wanted it to look like?
A: No.

Q: What is missing?
A: I am trying to get better. Everything. I need to stop the run a little more. I need to get to the quarterback quicker. That is basically it. Chase the ball.

Q: You say you that every week you want to stop the run… But this week I would think…?
A: We know what they are bringing to the table and we are going to be ready and prepared for it.

Q: No team in the league runs more than [Houston]… Do you like that or would you rather…?
A: I like it. If it is going to be a running game, then it is going to be a running game. We are going to be physical with them. The most physical team will win. They can bring it. There are going to bring it with the run game, and we have already prepared for it. I am ready. I know the defensive line is ready and we will be alright.

Q: Unlike other teams, they don't want their quarterback to throw the ball a lot…?
A: Everybody has problems. That isn't mine.

Q: Is that the problem you would like to cause… Putting the ball in his hands?
A: Yeah, make him put the ball in the air. We have to make him want to throw that ball. Stop the run and they will start throwing it. I promise you that. They will start throwing it.

Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo

Q: Did it look to you at times that Eli was more comfortable than he has been all season?
A: I thought he had some comfort in his feet. He felt good about where he was going with the ball. That is encouraging to see.

Q: Is that any coincidence that even on the first drive he was hitting Victor [Cruz] on some short passes… Do you think that gets [Eli] going early?
A: Short or long completions early always help. After you get the first couple completions you usually start feeling good about things and get into a rhythm early.

Q: Are you starting to see the offensive line settle down some more?
A: They are making progress like everyone else. Today was probably our best Thursday practice of the year. We completed the ball well. We didn't have pads on, but we had a good day running it. Yeah, it is good to see the line going.

Q: Do you feel like they have gotten over the hump with being comfortable in the offense and now it is more just executing?
A: We are not quite comfortable yet. We need to be comfortable being uncomfortable is what we need to be right now. We are continuing to grow each and every day. We have made some progress. We are continuing to plug away and we are climbing that mountain and trying to get to the peak, but we are not there yet.

Q: Turnovers were a constant theme here last year… Do you look at it and say there is a theme here that we have to break?
A: Absolutely, three turnovers. There is no excuse for it. It is inexcusable. What it does is deflate the team. It costs you plays. It costs you series and it takes points off the board. It impacts you negatively on the scoreboard. We have to take care of the football; that is number one.

Q: Do you care about the "stories" players tell about the reason behind their turnovers?
A: Obviously you want to eliminate them. You have to teach and coach and you have to demand that things are done the right way. There are probably four things on that play alone that could've eliminated the turnover [on Eli's first INT].

Q: Could you elaborate?
A: Protection-wise, you would like to see guys going above and beyond the X's and O's. You would like to see a smoother transition on the combination by number two and three. Simply put, you would like to see the quarterback, if it is not clean, throw it into the first row.

Q: Was that something where Larry [Donnell] was supposed to go out as wide as he did because it looked like Victor [Cruz] almost tripped over him when he was trying to avoid…?
A: We would like to see some width. It is a drive scheme. You would like to see him open the window. How we went about it was not as clean as you would like it to get. For the most part, they were doing what they were supposed to do. How we got there wasn't exactly right.

Q: What about Victor's slip?
A: They got their feet tangled up a little bit. Obviously any time someone goes around, good things usually don't follow.

Q: Was there anything you could even say about Rashad [Jennings'] turnover?
A: Emphasize the fundamentals. Coach the fundamentals. Talk about ball location. There were things leading up to it, preceding it, and things we could've done better after the catch. You are always teaching and you are always coaching.

Q: When you are building a game plan and you have a player on the other side of the ball like JJ Watt… What is your philosophy?
A: It is interesting. Each of the games that we have played so far, there have been great players on the other side of the ball. Whether it was up in Detroit or last week. You obviously have to take that into consideration. You can minimize the impact on the game. Be smart the way you call things. Be smart the way you scheme things. You have to minimize their impact. He is a special player.

Q: At the same time, is this a game where you look at Weston [Richburg] and think you would like him to take a big step forward?
A: They do a good job of moving [Watt] around. They are not going to leave him in one spot so you can put in one scheme and try to take care of him and double-team him every snap. Weston is a guy that he is getting better as the season goes on. He has played seven games already. He is not a rookie anymore. He is getting better. He had a good day today. He had a good day yesterday and tomorrow he has to finish the week strong out here on the field.

Q: Have you ever been tempted to take a defensive player and use him the way [the Texans] use JJ Watt?
A: I have done it in my past at the goal line. I have done some things with B.J. Raji and Mike Daniels in Green Bay. Look at those guys; of course, you want to use them. We have some talented guys. JPP [Jason Pierre-Paul]. You could probably throw it five yards over the goal post and he has a chance to go up and get it. There are some talented guys you would like to use. They have a full plate, too.

Q: With Jerrel Jernigan out, what is your level of confidence in Preston Parker and what does he do different or better at some points?
A: We have a next-man-up philosophy. Whoever is next in line gets an opportunity to go play. That is the way we move forward. Preston is on the roster for a reason. We trust him. He can create separation out there. He is aggressive to the ball. We know he is a competitor.

Q: Do you look at him and Corey [Washington] as having two different skill sets?
A: Whether they are outside or whether they are inside, each guy has a unique skill set you can tailor the plan to what they do best. Certainly they are two different players.

Q: Do you ever let yourself look forward to the time Beckham is healthy and what he could add to this offense?
A: No.

Q: Why not?
A: He has a special skill set. He is gifted. He is talented. He is smart. He is conscientious. I am excited for the chance for him to come out here. It has to be painful for him right now. I am not going to put myself or him through any of that. When he comes out here, it will be a good bonus for all of us.

Q: Coming off the second week, have you seen what you need to see to believe this is not a one or two game thing for Larry Donnell?
A: Larry is very focused. He is working at it. It is nice to see a guy that can go down the middle of the field and win for you. He is coming along as a blocker. That has to stay important. The challenge with those guys who are in the passing game, when they become a big part of what you are doing, that is all they want to do. So they have to stay humble and continue to work and grow and be complete players.

Q: What have you seen from John Jerry?
A: John has had a tough road. He has gone through a lot of things here in the last year health-wise. He has fought through them and he is a tough guy. He is a tough guy and a team guy, and he has done a nice job for us lately.

Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell

Q: When you go against a team like this, they run the ball more than any other team in the league. It is always number one on your board to stop the run. Is it number one, two, and three on your board today?
A: That is a great way of saying it. Yeah, because Arian Foster is one of the best in our league. Great vision, it is unbelievable his vision and how he can see the small creases. His acceleration into those small creases, his ability to get yards in a small crease that moves the chains four, five, six yards. It has been one, two, three, four, and five on our list this week.

Q: How much do they not want to have to put the ball in the air?
A: I think they have a very smart approach. They have been playing ahead in each of the ball games that we have studied as far as their regular season games. They are smart with the ball, that they can run the football and they can take some shots when they want to take the shots. They can dictate how they want to play the game with some short quick passing and then air it out at times. The quarterback hasn't been sacked but once in two regular season games. Yeah, they want to control the ball running, but big 80 [Andre Johnson], you've got to get the ball to that guy and he hasn't lost anything.


Q: Is there any New England Patriots in Bill O'Brien's game planning at all? Is there anything you picked up from the old Patriots games over the years? **
A: There are some New England Patriots traits there. Those are his roots and we some of the wham plays in there and you see some of the short yardage quarterback sneaks, or they have another answer to that. You see some of the New England Patriot traits in this game.

Q: How frustrating is the fact that through two games you guys haven't been able to force any turnovers?
A: Very frustrating. I think this group is a turnover conscious group. That is something we have done consistently and not only in practice, but we did that pretty good in the preseason. We haven't been able to do it in two ball games and not only is the (stopping) the run game one, two, and three, but the turnover emphasis is one, two, and three on our board this week, too. Four, five, on our board, too, because without those, we can't put our offense in position to score, and we can't score on defense. We can't do a lot of things that we would like to do in order to dictate the game.

Q: When you look at the lack of turnovers, is there a common thread? A guy just isn't getting there on time? Are they too deep? What is going on with that?
A: I don't think there is a common thread. It is the luck of the draw. We had our hands on two balls last week and we didn't come up with it. Stevie Brown had his hands on a deep ball and you expect him to come down with that one. Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie had his hands on a ball, you expect him to come down with it. We just haven't made our own breaks.

Q: Damontre Moore talked last week about how the situation kind of dictated his snaps, he got a little more this week. Were you happy with the way that went , or do you still want to find ways to get him on the field even more?
A: I thought all of our guys played well upfront last week, for the most part, in the pass rush game and some aspects in the run game. As far as getting him more snaps, yeah, he doubled his snaps. He was productive enough, not from the sacks standpoint, but he was productive in some of the things that he did. This game right here is a game where they are going to run the football, which is maybe not his strongest suit, but he will play. He will have a chance to contribute. I was pleased with what he did last week.

Q: Do you see Robert Ayers finally settling into the scheme and playing well? How do you think he has been doing?
A: I thought he really performed well Sunday in the football game. I think when we go to our four-rush package, he has a role in that package, I think he gives us some inside presence and push their. I thought he rushed well from the outside, too. Not saying he can't do that. Yes, I think he is getting more comfortable in what we do and how we would like to have it done. If he can keep coming, this group is improving, this group is improving. If he can keep improving, if we can get each guy to improve each week, we are going to be okay.

Q: How do you deal with the fact that the defense hasn't been able to get off the field on some really long third downs?
A: That is a tough pill to swallow for us. A lot of times we are putting ourselves in that situation to keep those drives alive. We are coaching from the practice film, we are coaching from the game film, we are trying to make them very aware. We have them in situations that we would like to have a football team in and we've got to make the plays to get off the field. Be it, not forcing the ball in the right way, not a lack of tackling, whatever the case maybe, whatever error may occur, that is an aspect we've definitely got to improve and it is frustrating for us.

Q: When you are down a linebacker and you have a safeties like Stevie Brown and Antrel Rolle that can play the run as well as they do, does a three-safety look become applicable? Or is it completely different things?
A: It is not completely different things. It's not out of the realm of our thinking. It will just depend on the situation whether we feel like that person can go in and get the job done from a run game standpoint. Does he have enough looks at the run fits to do that? Has he had enough looks at the pass fits to do that? It is not out of the realm of thinking for us.

Q: Mark Herzlich came in the last game. How did you look to use him?
A: I think Mark Herzlich did a good job out there at Mike linebacker. We tried to keep him in his spot and let him play. He didn't have a lot of plays, but Mark [Herzlich] knows what he is doing. He has played football, that is not an issue for us. He can go in and man that position.

Q: Trumaine McBride, he played on the outside for you last year. How is he going to do moving into the middle? It sounds like he is going to take over for Walter Thurmond III's snaps.
A: When we first approached Trumaine [McBride] with that idea back in camp, etc., he was excited to do that. He actually wanted to do that. I was a little bit apprehensive, but he has looked really well. He has some clinic plays just in practice, etc, from playing in that inside nickel spot. We are going to miss Walter Thurmond III and his knowledge and what he can do in there, but Trumaine [McBride] is excited about being in that spot and I think Trumaine [ McBride] will answer the challenge. He is a guy that plays bigger than what he really is and he really rises to the expectations.

Q: He is a little smaller than the guys you had there. Terrell Thomas last year and Walter Thurmond III this year. How can he make up for that?
A: You have to ask him that. I don't know how the guy does it. We talked about that a little bit last year like, "he's going against some pretty good receivers, he is not a very big man, and it's got to be heart, it's got to be want-to." Those are the things that you like and things you like within a football player, those traits alone will get you a long way.

Q: Who is behind him in that rotation? Who else do you think can actually play those positions?
A: We will put Quintin Demps in that spot, we have some other guys we will rotate in that spot. We had a plan and we did that in the OTA's, we did it in preseason, we did it in training camp, we have other guys that can rotate in that spot.

Q: Jon Beason said to not count him out for Sunday just yet. If he would get good news tomorrow from the doctor, would you be comfortable playing him without seeing him on the practice field this week.
A: That would be a question that Tom Coughlin would have to answer. He would definitely love to answer that. I have no problem because Jon Beason does a good job at taking mental reps, but that would be a Tom Coughlin question. That is out of my pay rate.

Q: When Jason Pierre-Paul is playing the run as well as he has been to us, does that change things you can do?
A: No doubt. It really does. It frees up instead of always having an eighth defender, etc. It frees up for you to do some other things with that defender and Jason Pierre- Paul, I thought he played really well last week in the ball game. Not only in the run game, but also in the pass game. He has had a great week of practice. We just keep patting him on the butt and saying, "Come on, JPP."

Q: If J.J. Watt is at tight end, how do you want your defense to react?
A: All eyes are on him. He draws a lot of attention. He didn't draw attention on the touchdown pass he caught and that was a classic goal line play that a lot of teams run. I know he was a former tight end. That is going to be a point of emphasis when we go into the meeting room and talk about our goal line situations and what he will bring to the table. He did a good job blocking also. He blocked the play before and then he caught the touchdown pass. It is going to be a point of emphasis that number one, let's not let them down there in order for him to have that opportunity, and then two, if he is in that position, know where he is and what to do.

Q: We asked Ben McAdoo if he would take a defensive player and put him out there. Have you ever had that happen for you? One of your defensive guys got put out there? What do you think about that?
A: I have not. I would be all for it. I say this to our coaching staff all the time, that Jason Pierre-Paul would be a great tight end. You've got to see the guy run and catch the ball around here, he would be a great tight end. Let's just keep him on the defensive side of the ball and let's not put that in his head anymore.

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