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Quotes (9/29): Donnell, Manning, Beckham

TE Larry Donnell

Q: When you put up numbers like you are, you become a marked man… Ask Victor Cruz about that
A: Maybe so, but we are going to stay the course and look at the film and find ways to still be able to make plays.

Q: If they are going to guard you more, that may leave a one on one for someone else.
A: We have a great group here. We are capable of winning one on one matchups. Whatever they throw at us, we are going to continue to stay the course and continue to do what we have been doing.


Q: They were talking about your basketball background… How much basketball did you play? **
A: Coming up as a young guy, I played basketball and football all my life. Ever since high school I have played basketball. Some pick-up games here and there, so I have been playing a while now. That is my game, too.

Q: In the end zone with a jump ball, it helps you?
A: It does. It is about the same as going up and getting the rebound. I was a throw-down type of guy. I break the rim. Not too many rebounds. It helps. It is just going up and having a bigger body and going up and getting it.

Q: Did you always believe your opportunity would come….For so many years there were other tight ends we talked about?
A: All my life, it has been like that for me. I had to go through the back door to see out the front door. Coming up, nothing was ever a straight path for me. That was never anything that disturbed me. I just kept going and staying the course and now it has panned out.

Q: Were the coaches always positive with you behind the scenes?
A: Behind the scenes, they told me all the time. I have been here for three years. They always told me that you have to put it together on Sundays.

Q: Do you find any of this unbelievable… You have a bunch of reporters now surrounding you after years of probably everyone just walking by you?
A: Yeah, it is kind of weird and different. I guess it is what happens when you make a couple plays.

Q: What has the reaction from family and friends been like?
A: A lot of love and congratulations. They are happy for me.

Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: Did Odell Beckham do a little more today?
A: He did. A little bit more.

Q: Was he limited at all?
A: He did a little bit more.

Q: What does he have to show you to get into a game?
A: There are a lot of things. He has to practice, he has to practice consecutive days, he has to be able to show us that he's not only strong enough but can endure day after day, so there's some room here to make some progress and impress everybody.

Q: From a confidence standpoint, have you seen him open up just because of the fact that he's been able to get back out there for a couple days now?
A: I don't know that I've seen that yet.


Q: Does he have to be a punt returner for you before he can get on the field? **
A: No, he doesn't have to be that to get on the field, no.

Q: The game day field, I meant, not the practice field.
A: Your question was, 'Does he have to be the punt returner?' No, he doesn't have to be the punt returner.

Q: How about Jon Beason? What did the couple days off do for him?
A: He seemed to be okay, did a little bit.

Q: Is Jayron Hosley going to be ready to go or is he going to need time?
A: We'll see what he looks like. We have until next week.

Q: How is Devon Kennard progressing at this point?
A: Not bad. He's getting better. Hopefully it'll be soon. Any other injured people you want to talk about?

Q: The last two weeks, obviously, were much improved than the first two weeks of the season. What gives you confidence that the last two weeks is really your team?
A: That's the direction we're headed. We're trying like heck to be the best we can be. We're trying to improve on a weekly basis. We're trying to do the things we didn't do in the beginning. We've had some takeaways, we've had pretty good control of the ball, with the exception of the one the other day. We've done some things that worked together as a team, so I'm hoping that continues.

Q: You have everything pre-planned. You have a lot of new players, probably more than you've ever had, a lot of young guys. Did you have to alter the plan coming into the season and if so, how much did you have to tweak what you've done in the past?
A: Each team is a new team, so everything you do is adjusted for the new team. It's a whole new venue and the way that we go about it is different as well.

Q: What kinds of things do you have to do for so many new players to bring everybody together and do it in a reasonable amount of time?
A: The real good thing is that we have some veteran leadership in that regard, they recognize exactly what you're talking about. Did a very good job of trying to make the players from other clubs feel at home here to advance them as fast as they could on the field. That's been a process that's been taking place.

Q: It's rare you get a Sunday off. Did you sit and watch the Atlanta game and make your own personal notes?
A: I did that and I was back and fourth on the other two, as well. Probably the most important game of the day was at 2:20 when the 11-year-olds played…

Q: How was Quintin Demps, the change you made at free safety? How'd that hold up for you?
A: He played well. I think he had seven or eight tackles, did a nice job, had a nice interception.

Q: Because you didn't go into it last week, can you go into why that change was made?
A: Just to try to increase the play that we're getting in the middle of the field, trying to make sure that we get Stevie (Brown) to be in the best spot he can be in as well.

Q: What does Demps bring to you skill-wise?
A: He's very fast, he's a good returner, he catches the ball well, he's been a veteran in the secondary, he's played in the secondary.

Q: When you sit and watch these games, which is so rare for you on a Sunday, do you see things that help you?
A: Sure, absolutely. It's a live scout watch is what it is. I've done that before for many years.

Q: Any takeaways from the weekend?
A: Not that I'm going to share with you, but I do…the reason you watch them is to get a feel for how the team is playing and where their strengths are, maybe where their weaknesses are. What's the other team doing? Is it working? It's kind of like a checklist.

Q: Are you starting to see Will Beatty from 2012?
A: Yeah, I think he is getting a little bit better each week.

Q: Did you show your team the standings today? You said you do that a lot of times in the morning?
A: I don't do it in the beginning of the week, the latter part.

Q: It looks a little bit different, it's got to be good for you guys to see at least.
A: Well one other one could have…

WR Odell Beckham Jr.

A: Yeah, I cut it loose a little bit. There wasn't any chance where I got to really just go. I think there was only one deep route, but it feels good for sure.

Q: An athlete knows. When you look at Sunday, do you say, 'I can play Sunday?'
A: Definitely want to, but at the end of the day, that's not really my decision. I'm just trying to stay right by coach, get as many reps as I can and go from there. If I get the opportunity to play, then I'll do what I can do.

Q: Do you feel like you could? Are you back to 100 percent, do you think, your hamstring?
A: I mean, in this game, I feel like you're never really 100 percent anymore, but I feel pretty good and maybe as close as I'm going to get. You just have to go out there and prepare and go with it.


Q: How about the other stuff. Being an NFL player, it's not just go routes. It's blocking, it's everything. **
A: It's something that I haven't done in a while, but I'm a guy who likes a challenge. Whatever's thrown at me, I'm just going to do the best of my ability to make plays.

Q: As you see, you can't go out there and make a mistake that's going to cost the team. Do you think you're ready to not do that?
A: Definitely. I never would want to cost the team by any mistakes, but sometimes that happens in football. For the most part, I just try to stay in the playbook and get better every day.

Q: Coach Coughlin said before that, 'He still has time to impress us this week.'
A: I've got a full week of practice, day off tomorrow, so I'll get a little bit of rest and then come out Wednesday prepared.

Q: You'll go full on Wednesday or do you think you'll be limited?
A: Pretty much full Wednesday, pretty much. And full Thursday, so I'll get some good reps.

Q: You said you're as close as you think you're going to get. You're going to have to deal with something all season long.
A: You'll have to deal with something, it's just the way it is.

Q: Can you then still play the way you want to play? Will we see the real Odell Beckham at this point in the season?
A: I hope so, I sure hope so. Any time you step out on the field… I know I'm going to be anxious, I'm going to be excited, so I'm just looking forward to it.

Q: Has it been a struggle for you? You want to be out there, you want to compete but at the same time you don't want to set yourself back by going out there before you're ready. How have you been dealing with that struggle?
A: I've been dealing with it since it first got injured. Going back out and injuring it again is something that's frustrating. You obviously want to be out there and something's limiting me to do that. It's not something I'd wish on anybody, but like I said, I'm just trying to get over it now.

Q: I would imagine in this age of Twitter you've probably heard the frustration of fans pretty loudly too, right?
A: Yeah, I've heard, I wouldn't say I've heard it all, but I've heard quite an ear full. It just comes with the game, it comes with your profession. You've got to take it as… for me I take it as motivation. You ignore it as much as you can and keep moving forward.

Q: What they probably miss is that nobody is probably more frustrated than you are. You want to get out there.
A: I think a lot of people fail to realize that. I don't think there's anybody who's been more frustrated than I have been, sitting out, coming in and leaving, this being your first year and you've already missed games and you've never missed a game in your life. It's just not something that's easy to deal with.

Q: Now that this offense seems to have found itself and is playing better, what do you think you can add as a dimension in this group?
A: Maybe, for me, just, like I said, I'm really just trying to learn the playbook and wherever I fit in is where I fit in. Maybe see some deeper balls or we keep doing what we're doing, I don't really see a need to change. Don't fix it if it isn't broken. I feel like we've been doing a great job on offense the past couple weeks.

Q: Eli said he's been picking it up with you in the sense of little, private meetings to go over what has to be done. How much time are you spending with him?
A: Really no time limit but I know that me and him have set up some meetings to review plays, signals and do all of that, just kind of get on the same page being that I've missed a few weeks, to say the least.

Q: Is Atlanta still the target?
A: Definitely. For me, I want to play as soon as possible, but it's not really all the way up to me.

CB Jayron Hosley

A: Yeah man, it's been four weeks but I feel good, I'm healthy, I feel strong, I'm focused, so I'm ready to go.

Q: I guess you worked out obviously for the past month. Where were you the whole time?
A: I was here, yeah, I was here.


Q: Here but not here, obviously. **
A: I was here, yeah. I wanted to stay as close to work and around my teammates as I could and just stay focused, stay grinding, stay in shape.

Q: Did you have a tough month?
A: No, it made it easier being here. Being able to still come to the facility and be around my teammates, be around the coaches, so it made it easier. It went by fast.

Q: In training camp you get into football shape, you hit and all that. Are you still in that shape?
A: I mean, I'd be lying if I said yes because I haven't been out there practicing with my teammates, but I have been working out every day. I'm in good enough shape. I felt good today at practice, so I'm just building off that.

Q: What do you think the quickest way for you to get back in a contributing role will be? Specials, dime package, nickel package? How do you feel you'll be able to get back in there?
A: Wherever my team needs me. At this time the secondary is playing good. I definitely can contribute on special teams. I can contribute wherever I'm needed. That's what I'm here for, so I think pretty much anywhere I'm needed I'll be ready to contribute.

Q: With DRC a little banged up, it might not hurt.
A: Yeah, but he'll be good. He's a tough guy, man, he'll be all right.

QB Eli Manning
A: It was a good weekend. It's always nice to have a weekend off, especially after a win. After a short week, get to rest up and get ready to keep things going.

Q: Did you watch Atlanta just to get a feel?
A: I watched them on film and I watched a little bit of their game yesterday, but I was kind of flipping through a bunch of games. Yeah, I definitely watched a little bit but also watched their previous games on tape already to get a better idea of what they're doing. You get a little bit better of an idea watching the game film than the TV film.

Q: Just getting the two wins back to .500, is it almost like there are bowling balls lifted off you guys' lungs? You can breathe a lot easier now.
A: Yeah, definitely. Definitely it's good to get those two wins, get two in a row, get back to even, but we're still down in the division, so we can't let off the gas. We've got to keep working to get better each and every week. Another huge game this weekend, so because of our start, they're all important, they're all big for us. We've got to find a way to win this game.

Q: When you looked at your film, how much did you think that the ball was coming out quicker? That guys were moving quicker?
A: Yeah, I thought we did a good job of getting the ball out fast. I thought we had a plan, I thought I had a good plan for most of the plays and where I wanted to go with the ball, getting through my progressions. There's still some improvement, still some things to get better on, some things with footwork and whatnot but definitely made strides and have to keep trying to get better each and every week. You can't get satisfied, you can't think we've got this thing figured out because we still have… there' definitely still room for improvement.


Q: Are excited to see Odell Beckham getting more and more work? **
A: Yeah, it's good to get Odell out there and even just throwing routes with him. Just small steps, just trying to get on the same page. I have not thrown many routes with him, get him out there where he's seeing signals, where he's getting checks, just talking through them, things in the locker room, just going over situations. We're going to have to work hard with him to get him up to speed so when he's in there he's confident, he can play fast. I don't know what the game plan is for him right now, but we'll just take it day-by-day.

Q: Do you have a sense yet of what he can bring to this offense? I know you don't know how he's going to be used but…
A: I think he's definitely got some speed. He's got a quick burst and has some big playmaking potential. He's got to be able to do everything, everything that a receiver has to do. That's running short routes, that's blocking for the run game, being able to get open, beat man-to-man, do your job and be able to play fast for us. That just comes with time and reps. We don't want to put him out there in a situation where he's not comfortable and doesn't know exactly what's going on.

Q: Have you ever seen that speed? When was the last time you saw that speed that you're talking about?
A: We've obviously had fast guys in the past, Tim Carter and some different guys. He's very fast, but he's got good body control. He runs good routes, from what I've seen he's pretty polished on what he's doing, so that's a good thing, but he still needs reps and lots of practice.

Q: Have you ever seen that speed from him though? Because he hasn't been out there. Have you ever seen one or two plays where you said…?
A: You see the burst. You see, even if it's not a deep route, coming off the line of scrimmage, getting in and out of his breaks. He's got a good burst of speed and energy. That's what you like to see and you get excited about.

Q: When you get closer to a game day, whether it's this week or further along, do you feel the need to sit separately with Odell and put extra work in with him?
A: Yeah. We've been doing that a little bit this week – talking concepts, talking signals, talking route conversions. Little things that pop up, get his mind thinking when he's sitting down, when he's in the locker room, when he's in the meeting room, get him where he's thinking… kind of having to think through every situation right there so when he gets it out on the field, he's reacting and not thinking what he should be doing.

Q: You've been around this area long enough where you know if things don't go right, people can yell at you. Have you ever been tempted to look up in the stands and say something stupid to the fans?
A: Try not to.

Q: Have you thought it?
A: You can always think things, but just try to. For the most part, if they're yelling at you, then you probably deserve it in some sense.

Q: Did you feel a little bit for Geno Smith? Obviously frustration got the best of him, which happens.
A: Yeah, every quarterback goes through it. You're going to have some good games and you're going to have some bad games. You'll have some tough stretches, just getting through it, working through it and work hard and if you're doing the right things, it will ease up.

Q: What's going on with the run game the last couple weeks? It's really clicking. Can you see something different?
A: It just seems like guys are hitting their gaps, running backs are running hard, making some guys miss and getting those extra yards. The receivers are blocking well so I think we're doing a good job of everyone being on the same page on what their responsibilities are. We're not having negative plays and that's what can kill you in the run game, if we're hoping to get four yards a run but if you get negative two on a run, you're way behind and you're making it difficult. We've done a good job where our bad runs are getting two yards and getting positive yardage, so we're at least standing in a decent down and distance and can stay in our game plan.

Q: Did you sit down last night after a nice weekend and have a little snack in front of the TV and watch your boyhood team against the Cowboys?
A: No, last night I didn't watch the Saints and Cowboys. I watched football all day and I just kind of got on, I knew we had practice today, I wanted to start watching a little Atlanta film and get a little idea of what they were doing before we come out here and do a quick practice, just to have a feel of what we might be seeing today. I did check up on it in the third quarter and saw the Cowboys were playing pretty well. They're played well the last couple weeks, a couple big wins. They're 3-1, the Eagles are 3-1, so we've got to do some catching up.

Q: All of a sudden this NFC East that everyone, after one week, said was in the dumps…?
A: It's always strong. That's football, you don't know who's going to be the hot team, the hot division. It's all competitive. We've got to keep finding ways to win games and win the battles between each other when we get to that point.

Q: Your team has obviously looked a lot stronger in the last two weeks than it did the first two. What makes you so convinced that these last two weeks are really what this team is about?
A: It's just good to see. Good to see the rhythm of this offense, the way it's supposed to look. I think the no-huddle's been effective, guys were pushing the tempo. We're getting positive plays. Guys are playing fast. We're not having the mental errors. Obviously last week the defense did a great job of getting tons of turnovers for us and getting us great field position. We took advantage of it. Not every week will be like that, not every week you'll put 45 up, but I think we'll have the ability to score and move and be effective and play smart football.

Q: After Week 1, if you had said, 'I saw the film, we can see where we need to get better,' we could have said it was pretty obvious. Coming off of a game like you had offensively on Thursday night, the fact that you can watch the film and still see areas to improve in, does that speak to the potential that you guys might have?
A: I think you have to do that every game. You're going to find areas to improve on. You see some third down areas, we missed the third down early on to Victor with the bad throw, had a couple other throws we could have made in the green zone and so there are still some mishaps and that's football, those are going to happen every game. You're never going to have a perfect game out there, but you can strive for it and you make those corrections each week and make sure those things don't happen again. Next week, something new will happen. Sometimes you have a good play, you have a completion, it looks like a positive play, but it could have been better. You could have maybe gotten fortunate, so you have to look at those circumstances also and make corrections from there.

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