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Quotes: Coach Brian Daboll, CB Deonte Banks, WR Jalin Hyatt, G Jon Runyan Jr., RB Devin Singletary

Head Coach Brian Daboll

Q: Dabs, where is everything at with Daniel? You had left open the possibility of maybe by minicamp next week he would be out there in 11 on 11. Anything on that?

BRIAN DABOLL: No. He's still making progress. He'll be in 7 on 7 today. That's been the plan all along. We'll assess after this week. But he's coming along; making progress.

Q: Do you think Evan Neal will take any 11 on 11s?

BRIAN DABOLL: Not sure. Not sure yet. If he can, he will. If he can't, obviously he won't.

Q: Seen anything different from Jalin Hyatt coming in year two? And in what ways?

BRIAN DABOLL: Sure. Yeah, there's a lot to learn as a rookie, so he was trying to pick up how we do things here, the playbook.

I would say this off-season in terms of breaking the huddle, getting aligned, knowing what to do, I think he's made a tremendous improvement in that area.

You can tell he's been in the system for a year. He's playing with some confidence in terms of the pre-snap stuff which allows him to play faster post-snap.

So he's done a good job. He's improved from year one to year two. He's really done a good job here I would say in these OTAs of improving each day. Pleased with where he is at.

Q: Was his rookie year the way he adjusted normal or a little less or a little more? You know what I'm saying?

BRIAN DABOLL: They're all different. Every player is different. I've had some young -- let's just talk about receivers. I've had some young receivers, Deion Branch comes to mind at New England; second round pick out of Louisville who was probably one of the fastest guys at picking up I would say a tougher system.

Then I've had some other guys that it's taken -- takes almost a year to kind of really feel comfortable. Jalin has done a good job. He meets extra; Coach Groh does a great job with him. Those guys are constantly meeting. I think that has really helped him leading into this year. He still does that with Mike.

So he's made progress. He's done a good job in OTAs. I think he's improved, and happy with where he is.

Q: Those are one-on-ones?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah. Sometimes he's just in there. Sometimes there is a couple other guys in there as well. Spends a lot of time at it. Works really hard at it.

Q: Expect to have a definitive word on Darren Waller at some point?

BRIAN DABOLL: At some point. Right now there is no change from the last couple times I talked to you guys. He's in the same spot.

Q: I guess mandatory minicamp is the next deadline.

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, what I said earlier is we're giving him his time. When he makes his decision, he makes his decision.

Q: When is the last name you talked to him?

BRIAN DABOLL: I've communicated with Darren throughout the off-season. Mostly via text.

Q: Have you seen his videos?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, I have.

Q: The music?


Q: So many good receivers in this league now that I don't know if any team can get away with not having a No. 1 cornerback. You guys didn't make a big move at corner this off-season, which I think is a vote of confidence in Deonte Banks. Is he ready to step up and be on the No. 1 receivers in this league?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, obviously he played a lot for us last year. Liked him coming out of the University of Maryland. He's another guy like Hyatt in terms of the more he plays, the more comfortable he's gotten. He's playing some different things here with our new defense, but he's done a really good job I would say throughout the OTAs as well.

Q: Dabs, talk about your running back room. You've got two young guys. A veteran in Devin Singletary. Obviously, no Saquon. How is that shaping up for you and what do you like about these guys?

BRIAN DABOLL: I've had familiarity with Devin. Devin has been a productive back when he was with me at Buffalo, he did a good job at Houston. Has some good leadership traits about him.

You know, he's been in the league for a little bit here. He knows our system inside and out. He was in Houston for one year, but he's very comfortable with how we do things.

He's done a good job leading that room with some younger guys in there, whether it be Gray, Tracy. Tracy has been a good -- I wouldn't say surprise later round draft pick, but he's done a good job in this camp of picking up the information pretty quickly.

Joel Thomas has really done a good job with him; the rookies need extra. So I'm encouraged by the group until we get the pads on and taking shots and blitz pickup and things like that. Up to this point they're doing everything they can do to be as good as they can.

Q: Dabs, Devin has that personality where he shares with the rookies? He loves to take them under his wing?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, he's had some good mentors, too, in his career. I wouldn't say Motor is overly vocal, but he is a very smart, cerebral player. Understands how we do things. Very good in terms of assignments.

I think that helps the younger players and helps Coach Thomas, too.

Q: Dabs, when you go into an off-season and go into a new season, there is always so much talk about how are you going to fix a player, how are you going to get a player up to a certain level. Is it almost a lost art to be able to go in and take what you would consider good players and be able to identify things that can take them from good to maybe the next level that they could make?

BRIAN DABOLL: We spend a lot of time on that right at the end of the season of our evaluations. That's one of the most important things we can do is evaluate our players. Just use Dexter (Lawrence), for example. Dre Patterson has done a great job with him, along with Brian Cox of taking things -- that's what you try to do as a coach, no matter who you're coaching, is try to help improve your players, whether it be via technique, whether it be scheme.

So that's the job of a coach. Regardless of the talent of the player or where they rank or anything like that, that's our job, to evaluate them and then ultimately try to help them be as good as they can be.

Q: Has Tyler Nubin taken a lot of snaps with the ones that we haven't seen?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, I would say this is OTAs, but ones, twos, three, a lot people mixing in there. Nubin is taking snaps with all of them. He's another really smart player. I think the scouting staff did a great job along with Jerome (Henderson) and (Michael) Treier of evaluating that.

You watch them over in individuals a lot of times, people are going through it and he's over there to the side before he gets his rep doing the exact same thing as (Jason) Pinnock. He asks a lot of questions. Very attentive. I'm glad we have him.

Q: Do you have high starting expectations for a second round rookie? Or do you look at it more like this guy is here to develop and if he doesn't start for us, that's okay?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, I think we throw them out there, give them as many reps as we can, do as much individual technique work as we can, and it's really up to the player in terms of how they progress, the production they have, the assignment execution we want them to have.

And regardless where they're drafted, whatever round, free agent, you try to play the best guys.

Q: Dabs, you said this is only OTAs, but how much can the work and the effort that you put in here develop the attitude for the season?

BRIAN DABOLL: Well, the chemistry and the stuff that the players do off the field, along with the competitive style we have on the field, obviously there are certain rules we abide by.

It's important. Again, it's a voluntary camp, but we've had a great turnout. Again, this is really a teaching camp, too. It really is, particularly for the young players, so they're mentally prepared going into training camp in a month or so.

Q: Was Gunner's injury bad?

BRIAN DABOLL: It wasn't over the top. He won't practice today. He'll be good for training camp.

Q: What has impressed you about Alex Johnson?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, with all these guys, we're really rotating a lot of different people, and if they do good in one practice, we give them some more reps. But we're switching.

That's what this time of year is for relative to giving them as much as they can handle, move them around, see how they communicate with other players within the system, and then once training camp hits, obviously the closer it gets, the more you want to be set where you want to be.

Q: Is Gunner going to be able to go next week?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, I don't think he'll go next week. Yeah, training camp I think he'll be -- should be ready to go in training camp.

Q: Jon Runyan, what does he bring to the room so far and is part of him being on the right side to help Evan Neal?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, he's played in multiple spots. He's a pro. Chris Rossetti and his staff and Joe have done a good job of identifying smart and tough. He communicates well. I think that's important between Jon and Evan to have good communicator. It's important on the left side with (Jermaine) Eluemenor and AT (Andrew Thomas) as well.

He's done a really good job since he's been here. He's a true pro.

Q: Dabs, you were asked about Banks. What about the depth behind him; where is that?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, good competition. Looks good. Jerome (Henderson) is doing a really good job with those guys. They are improving every day. It will be good to get out here in a month for training camp and get the pads on and let them compete it out.

Q: I'm sure you saw the Nick Sirianni comments about how he responds to Giants fans. Any thoughts on that?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, I love Giants fans.

Q: What about Eagles fans? They get on you a lot here, too?

BRIAN DABOLL: I love Giants fans.

Q: Do you think that they got your best player?

BRIAN DABOLL: Look, I'm focused on OTAs, I'm focused on our football team going out here and having a good practice.

Cornerback Deonte Banks

Q: Deonte, how do you look at the challenge of Adoree' not being here anymore and they're probably going to look for you now even more so than last year.

DEONTE BANKS: I actually love it. I take on the challenge, and I face it. I feel good about it.

Q: Do you feel like them not making a move to resign Adoree' was a vote of confidence that you can do that?

DEONTE BANKS: I wouldn't really say that, but they believe in me, so they trust me to do it.

Q: How was your off-season?

DEONTE BANKS: It was lovely. I love my off seasons.

Q: How is it being back?

DEONTE BANKS: Feel good. Feel really good. Get back with the guys, it feels real good.

Q: Were you around here? Were you training back --

DEONTE BANKS: I was training in Florida.

Q: Are you bigger than last year?

DEONTE BANKS: Just a little bit. (Laughter.) A little bit.

Q: How much?

DEONTE BANKS: Like two or three pounds.

Q: What did you prioritize in the off-season?

DEONTE BANKS: Getting my core stronger.

Q: Coach Henderson talked about you, wanting you to increase your NFL football 101 knowledge, film study, and things like that. How do you go about addressing that?

DEONTE BANKS: Being a better player every day, taking it day at a time.

Q: On shadowing wide receivers

DEONTE BANKS: I love that. I shadowed a few receivers last year.

Q: Do you remember who?

DEONTE BANKS: I followed CeeDee (Lamb) in our second game, and I also followed (Garrett) Wilson.

Q: Do you look at that as a compliment?

DEONTE BANKS: Yes, for sure.

Q: Do you expect that in this system?

DEONTE BANKS: I wouldn't say I expect it, but if it happens, it happens. I'm cool with whatever.

Q: What are some of the differences you see in Shane Bowen's system compared to the last two?

DEONTE BANKS: Probably playing not as aggressive. It's still aggressive, but just not as aggressive.

Q: Can you get into it a little bit more? More zone? What exactly do you mean by that?

DEONTE BANKS: I guess a little bit more zone. I guess you could say that.

Q: How does it suit you? What skills will it bring out in you? Obviously, they drafted you last year thinking press cover corner.

DEONTE BANKS: I really still have the same responsibility. I'm still pressing, still up close on the guy. It doesn't really change that much.

Q: You have any goals this season?

DEONTE BANKS: I have a lot.

Q: You want to share a couple?

DEONTE BANKS: I want to keep them to myself. They're really for me.

Q: On how the younger defensive backs keep each other motivated.

DEONTE BANKS: We motivate each other and compete every day. That's how we uplift each other, by just competing.

Q: What you do you think of Nabers?

DEONTE BANKS: I love Nabers. That's my guy.

Q: What do you think makes him a special receiver?

DEONTE BANKS: He's explosive. Me and him really like the same person. If you look at our build, size, and speed, we are really the same person for real.

Q: Matchups...

DEONTE BANKS: It's been real fun. It's been really fun. Real competitive.

Q: A year ago you were just adjusting to all this. What is it like to be in your second year and kind of know some of the ropes?

DEONTE BANKS: It feels way better. I feel really comfortable, really confident.

Q: Did you ever lack confidence?

DEONTE BANKS: No, never.

Q: How do you look back at your rookie year individually? How do you feel like you played, grew? Sum up your rookie year for us.

DEONTE BANKS: I feel like I had an okay year. I started a little slow, and towards the end -- towards the middle and end of the season I got better. I got my awareness of what's coming. I just felt good, felt better.

Q: Like awareness on the field?


Wide Receiver Jalin Hyatt

Q. When you left here in January, you kind of had a list of things you wanted to improve on. Over the last couple weeks on the field, have you seen some of the things that you said, check this, check that?

JALIN HYATT: Yeah, just being more comfortable. You know, trusting my teammates, trusting in myself this off-season, and I'm proud of what I've done so far.

But got to keep going.

Q. What did you do throughout the off-season in terms of did you train anywhere special or with anybody special?

JALIN HYATT: Yeah, I took some trips to Houston. Worked with my receiver coach and stayed here most of the time working with DJ trying to get the rhythm down with him.

But at the same time, it's a steppingstone. Every day, just trying to get better, trying to push what I want to get to as far as my goals. Stacking days.

Q. Who's the receivers coach?

JALIN HYATT: Delfonte (Diamond).

Q. Seems like last year was a lot of little knots, bumps and bruises. Was it important for you to sort of get bigger, more physical? How did that rank on your list?

JALIN HYATT: Yeah, I think that was one of the things I wanted to improve on. Talking to coach Dabs and Coach Groh, just getting bigger. Playing on the outside, you're going to get more press coverage and more body-to-body catches.

So just getting bigger, getting strong with my catch point, getting stronger with my hands, and so far everything is working so far.

Q. Put on weight?

JALIN HYATT: Yeah, I have so far.

Q. How much?

JALIN HYATT: Can't say it yet.

Q. A lot?

JALIN HYATT: Can't say it yet.

Q. Significant?

JALIN HYATT: Can't say it.

Q. Are you slower?

JALIN HYATT: Nah, nah, that speed didn't go anywhere.

Q. Coach Groh says you flexed in front of him.

JALIN HYATT: Yeah, I did. I did.

Q. Once?

JALIN HYATT: Multiple times. Multiple times. He always sees me when I'm in the weight room. I'm all energetic and ready to go. I'm glad to have Coach Groh as my receiver coach. Taught me a lot of things. Been in the league for a while, knows a lot of things, so it's just a blessing to be coached by him.

Q. So is your flexing now more impressive than last year as a rookie?

JALIN HYATT: Oh, yeah. Way, way better. Way better.

Q. Way more?

JALIN HYATT: Yeah, way better.

Q. And then how does that help you? On the beach it helps you.

JALIN HYATT: Yeah, it does. But it just brings confidence. Brings confidence to myself when I'm on the field knowing I can do it. You know, I think it definitely helped my confidence. Helped me improve my game in certain areas as far as this is a hard league; most of your catches are going to be body to body. That's one thing I learned my first year.

Q. When you look at this whole unit, is there an excitement around the wide receiver corps going into this year that maybe wasn't there last year?

JALIN HYATT: It's a lot of excitement. Bringing in Malik Nabers, elite guy. He is one of my good friends. Talked to him before the draft, before we got him. Everything he did at LSU, man, it's elite.

When he got here he's still the same guy. Not only that, brought Slay back, one of our leading receivers, and still got Wan'Dale. Brings confidence to the whole room. We're ready to throw it, and Dabs can see it.

I think our receiver room, we're stacked and we're ready to prove what we can do.

Q. You set really high goals last year; you wanted to be offensive rookie of the year.


Q. There were obviously a lot of external factors around that. Will you still set really high goals?

JALIN HYATT: Always, man, always. New year, new opportunities, new goals. You know, for me, I always set high expectations. Just looking our team, looking at what we got, we have a good chance to do whatever we want to do.

For goals, I just want as a team goal. We have a playoff team and that's what we want to do and that's our focus. We're going to get there.

Q. What did you think of Malik's practice today in particular?

JALIN HYATT: Yeah, man, he looked good. He looked good. I have no worries about him. Just seeing how he plays, watching his film, you know he's going to be elite.

Q. What do you think is unique about him?

JALIN HYATT: I'll just say how explosive he is at his weight; the way he catches the ball; what he does after the catch. The run after catch, all of that is elite.

When you bring that to us and the Giants and with Coach Dabs, we can do a lot of things with him. Put him everywhere. That's one thing about him. You can put him everywhere, outside and inside, slot, running back, whatever you want to do. That's the type of receiver he is, and we're going to make sure we get to the ball to him.

Q. How did you already have a relationship with him?

JALIN HYATT: I think it's an SEC thing. Played against him, and when he was going through the draft process he hit my phone just asking about the Giants, asking about the organization.

You know, those are questions I asked when I was being drafted, too. He loves the team and he's a good guy. Just when he got here, he's already in film, he's already learning plays quicker than I thought.

I'm very proud of what he's done so far.

Q. How did you know Malik?

JALIN HYATT: Yeah, one of those things. When we played LSU and we'll say what's up, what's up, whatever it is. We're always so busy as far as schedule and everything, it wasn't anything where we were hanging out or anything.

Q. How did you link up then?

JALIN HYATT: I just knew him. I'm talking about this is before --

Q. You said you talked to him before he got here, right?

JALIN HYATT: Talked to him. I didn't see him. Just texting.

Q. Did you like your rookie year?

JALIN HYATT: You know, as far as playing, you know, I enjoyed it. It's a blessing to be here. A lot of improvement to go. You know, we set high expectations for this team and last year, that wasn't what we wanted. I don't think anybody wanted that.

Q. For you though?

JALIN HYATT: For myself, I always shoot for the highest thing. Disappointing for my rookie year.

Q. What were some of the things you learned from Steve Smith when he was here last week?

JALIN HYATT: Being more aggressive. That's the type of receiver he is. Being more aggressive at the press point. He was teaching me a lot of little things that he has done when he was in the league. Obviously he is one of the best receivers that played this game.

So just having him out here for a couple days and hearing what he had to say, you know, film, when he was out here on the field, man, helped me a lot. I appreciate it.

Q. Does a guy like Malik make life easier for the other receivers in the sense he may get the doubles?

JALIN HYATT: Oh, yeah, it makes everything easy. Who you going to double, you know what I mean? You got Leek on one side, you got myself on the other, you've got Wan'Dale, you've got Slay. That's how we're looking at it. We're ready to go.

I think last year we didn't hit our expectation, and as receivers, we've got to play better. Starts this year, so...

Q. You didn't get a lot of work with Daniel Jones because of his injury last year. How was the conversation headed into this season and that chemistry?

JALIN HYATT: That's the biggest thing that I think myself I had to work on. Last year I didn't really spend a lot time as far as reps with him. I started with the threes when I got here, so kind of got reps just a little bit in training camp.

The season hit and he gets hurt, so we really never had that time to really learn each other. I think this off-season is the biggest thing. I've been with him when he was doing his rehab, staying up here with him, learning how he sees the game, what he sees on the field, and trying to come out and execute.

I think that's the biggest thing I want to do is just stay around him, listen to him, so when we get out there it's comfortable.

Q. What stood out about how he's tackled his rehab?

JALIN HYATT: Man, he's probably the biggest work ethic guy I know. He is the first guy in the building. I don't even know what time he gets here, maybe 5:30. He stays here forever and he is the last guy to leave. That's what you want in a quarterback.

When your quarterback comes in here, he's the first guy in the building, he's the last guy out, it just shows how much he respects this, how much he respects this team, and how much he wants to improve and do whatever he has to do. We have so much confidence in him. So much faith in him.

He's out there throwing in 7-on-7s and he looks good. Can't wait to have him back in team activities and for training camp. We're all going to be excited.

Guard Jon Runyan Jr.

Q. How much do you put into -- you're on a new team now, but how much did you put into no padded practices and offensive linemen? How do you gauge what's going on out here?

JON RUNYAN: Yeah, really gives you something different to work on other than developing that physicality. You know, this is kind of a new system for me, so learning it and being able to apply it when everybody is going full speed, you know, it's good mental training.

That physical training comes during training camp, so getting together with the guys, feeling how everybody meshes together, and getting these full-speed reps in against the defense is really good mentally. Trying to understand the new scheme, the new system, and it's been going well.

We've been going back and forth, offense and defense. The physicality is down, but everybody's mental awareness and acuity is up. We're getting after it.

Re: offensive line getting together outside of the building. Is that a priority for this group now?

JON RUNYAN: Yeah, I think it definitely is a priority. Since I've been here, it kind of feels like there has been some type of event that has been put together, whether we go to Top Golf or some kind of dinner, whether an offensive or defensive player sets it up, everybody is invited.

Everybody comes over. We hang out, and it's a good time. Especially being a part of a new team, I try to go to as many of those as possible, get to know the guys, where they're from and went to school and stuff like that. Just get comfortable and kind of understand who you're playing with.

I think that kind of breeds this chemistry, and you need that going forward building a good team.

Q. Jon, any time anybody outside talks about the Giants, like they could be good if the offensive line is better. If the offensive line is better. Every sentence about the Giants starts with if the offensive line was better. Will you guys wear that responsibility as like, yeah, it's on us?

JON RUNYAN: Exactly. That's what the position of playing offensive line is about. You get none of the credit. We don't even need the credit. I love watching Singletary score touchdowns; I love watching Daniel Jones throw touchdowns; all these receivers catching them. That's what we take pride in.

So to give them the availability and the option to do all that stuff, that is what we get our joy from. We have a job to do and we know this organization really invested heavily in the offensive line and elsewhere this season.

That's the priority, and we're wearing that on our shoulders. Coach Carm (Bricillo) and coach James (Ferentz) have been doing a fantastic job this off-season. We've really been enjoying it, liking their coaching. I can already see going back, watching a little bit of film from last season and where we are today, I feel like everything has just been meshing a lot better.

Granted, we are in the beginning of June. We've still got a long way to go with training camp coming up, but I can feel everything moving in the right direction of where we need to be.

Q. Jon, you're in between two young players. John Michael Schmitz and Evan Neal, even though he hasn't taken a whole lot of reps. Is that additional responsibility for you being between young guys like that?

JON RUNYAN: Yeah, you can look at it like that. It has really been amazing playing next to John Michael. If I would've came in here not knowing his background, I would've thought he was a five-year veteran. He comes in here and he takes it serious. He is on top of his stuff. He rarely makes a mistake, he gets everybody set on the offensive line.

Having a center like that is awesome. It helps everybody out, the five across. Helps out the quarterback, helps out the running back when everybody is set, so having John Michael in there has been really important.

Evan, I don't know what Evan is dealing with, but he hasn't been in there any of the team periods. He's been in there in walk-through. I think he's been taking his time getting his body right, understanding our scheme. When we are in there in walk-throughs together he's been on top of his stuff. He's been helping me out because this is still kind of a new scheme, something I've never done before. He's helping me. He's in my ear about it, too.

Those are two young guys, but they're really mature for their age and I'm really impressed with them so far.

Q. How do you feel about settling in on the right? I think when you came in you said you like the left side. We know you can play both. How do you feel about that?

JON RUNYAN: Yeah, my whole career, it didn't matter where I played. Early on in the career I played mainly the left, and towards the end, second half, moved over to the right. It feels natural for me now. Kind of when I moved over there about two years ago, I kind of felt like a fish out of water, but it's kind of my home now and I feel comfortable there.

Been taking reps there pretty much this whole time, and day by day just gets more comfortable in the sets and the footwork and everything has been flowing.

Q. How much more do you view that stability position-wise? I know some coaches believe they can just move guys around. Would you rather just like stay in one spot the whole time or you good with moving around?

JON RUNYAN: Yeah, I mean, I think if any offensive lineman would have it, they would only play one spot. That's not really the nature of playing in this league, in the NFL. We've got guys going back and forth between tackle positions, playing all three on the interior, and I think it gives you more value as a player being able to do those -- you know, being able to do those no matter what and being that guy for those coaches that put you in there.

Some guys prefer sticking to one spot, and if I need to play left, if I need to play right, it doesn't matter. You can even kick me out to tackle, I'll figure it out, or center. It's just different things for different people.

It's what coach sees as the best fit for the guys up there.

Q. What have you learned from your new position coach?

JON RUNYAN: Carm, he's very detailed, very detail oriented. He really kind of stresses getting -- there is some bad habits I've created over my career that through the glass of me back with Green Bay, kind of pushed to the side, and come here, and have a new, fresh set of eyes on me.

It's something I've been able to reevaluate and take a step back and look how I can fix these things. Since the beginning of this, we've been doing drills on the field and just put myself in different positions, making myself feel uncomfortable, and trying to rewire how I used to think, how I used to attack defenders, and stuff like that.

It's good because it's making me think more, it's making me think more about my hands, my feet, and how everything is correlated to each other. Having those fresh set of eyes has been really beneficial, and I think it'll help carry me the rest of this and into the training camp and pay dividends for me in the season.

Q. How important is that in this league? You're a player now. You've gone through a rookie contract. Got to free agency. Signed a good deal to go to a new team. But to look at the things you still consider weaknesses in your game and to try to go from a solid starter, I want to be better than a solid starter, how do you go about doing that?

JON RUNYAN: Definitely. Good question. That's just kind of day by day what are you going to do to make yourself better; continually building these habits and holding yourself to a certain standard; not becoming complacent.

That's something you learn being a young player. When you first get in the league, you're trying to figure out where you're going to fit in, stuff is flying through your head. I submitted myself as a good player in this league, and I feel like it's time to take that next step. I also feel like it's time for the Giants organization to take the next step to win the division, get in the playoffs, and make some noise in the big dance.

From a team perspective and from a personal perspective, it's all just not being complacent and putting your best foot forward and developing a routine and good habits that put you further down the road.

Running Back Devin Singletary

Q: How are things coming together for you this spring? What are your goals? Where do you feel like you are?

DEVIN SINGLETARY: Yeah, get back into knowing the offense. I'm familiar with it, but they changed some things, so I have to get back to knowing the offense. Get to know the guys. I think that's going well. You know, just finding ways to get better.

Q: You enjoy being a leader veteran in a young running back room?

DEVIN SINGLETARY: Yeah, it's been fun. I feel like we have a great room. Guys are ready to work and willing to learn, so it's been fun so far.

Q: You said you feel like you have a great room. It's certainly not an experienced room.


Q: Have You ever been in a room with so little experience?

DEVIN SINGLETARY: No, this is probably the first room like this, but we got guys ready to work, and, you know, with the opportunities, whatever they get, they ready to go. We're looking forward to the season.

Q: What's the difference for you mindset-wise when you know you're going to be a lead guy or top guy?

DEVIN SINGLETARY: Same thing. You have to be ready to eat and ready to go. You know, the mindset is still the same. Whatever it takes to help the team win, you know. The mindset never changes. You always have to be ready to go.

Q: You have to be salivating a little at the idea you could be a three-down back who never comes off the field.

DEVIN SINGLETARY: That's always been my mindset: Just be ready to go.

Q: Have you always worn 26?

DEVIN SINGLETARY: Yeah, since I've been in the league.

Q: College?

DEVIN SINGLETARY: No, in college, I wore 5.

Q: What about this offense do you like?

DEVIN SINGLETARY: Man, it could be explosive. You know, I feel like it's a lot of opportunities for the backs as well. I've been in the offense. It's fun. So, yeah.

Q: In what ways are there opportunities for a running back?

DEVIN SINGLETARY: You could do it all. You can catch the ball out the backfield, and they can spread you out wide and run the ball.

Q: What did you think of the game Malik Nabers had today? It seemed like he made a couple of highlight-reel plays.

DEVIN SINGLETARY: Yeah, he's starting to pick it up. You know, it's the league. It's a little different than college, obviously, but as you can see, he's adjusting fine. It's just OTAs, but he made a lot of plays today.

We're happy to see that.

Q: They say players know right away when guys walk on the field; they know if somebody has it.

DEVIN SINGLETARY: That's true. You can tell how they approach things and how they work. He's just one of those guys, you know.

Q: 1000 yards, is that a goal for you?

DEVIN SINGLETARY: I mean, of course. As a running back, you always want to get 1000 yards. At the end of the day, it's still helping the team in any way to win. But of course.

Q: What would you tell Giants fans who are concerned that Saquon Barkley is no longer here and they have a different 26 now?

DEVIN SINGLETARY: You're getting a dog, somebody ready to work. You know, I'm a bring it week in and week up.

Q: What do you think it's going to take to get rid of that Saquon shadow?

DEVIN SINGLETARY: I don't know. Just ball out and win games. You know, that's the biggest thing.

That's our focus anyway: Win games. We aren't really worried about the shadow of Saquon or none of that. You know, it's just finding ways to win games.

Q: On the offensive line

DEVIN SINGLETARY: You get a slight feel in OTAs, but definitely, training camp, when the pads go on, you get a real feel of what we are going to be like all the way across the board.

Q: You're one of the few guys here in Buffalo; you know Brian Daboll as a play-caller. How would you characterize him as a play-caller?

DEVIN SINGLETARY: Man, fearless. He's fearless. No fear of failure. Only the desire to excel. That's the best way to put it.

Q: Does he ever surprise you in the huddle?

DEVIN SINGLETARY: No, you have to be on your toes at all times with Daboll. It's never like we didn't see that one coming.

Q: Did you think he gave you guys an advantage in Buffalo with his playcalling?

DEVIN SINGLETARY: I would say so.

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