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Quotes: Coach Brian Daboll, QB Daniel Jones, OLB Kayvon Thibodeaux, OLB Brian Burns, CB Cor'Dale Flott

Head Coach Brian Daboll

Q. What have you seen from Daniel Jones so far? How much is he doing, what have you kind of seen?

BRIAN DABOLL: He's doing individual, routes on air and seven on seven.

Q. How is he looking?

BRIAN DABOLL: He looks good. We're not putting him in some team stuff, but he's making progress so that's why we got him in seven on seven.

Q. Any doubt at this point, I mean, he's always said the goal has been be ready for the start of training camp, is that still the goal?

BRIAN DABOLL: We'll take it day by day and when he can do more, we'll put him in more.

Q. How is Drew Lock looking?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, he's -- again, it's spring ball. We've talked about this I think the last two years. This is really a teaching camp. He's done a good job of picking up the information. So just try to get better each day.

Q. At this level do you still find yourself having to teach guys how to prepare or is that something that you expect?

BRIAN DABOLL: Prepare? No, they're pros. You better prepare in this league. They work hard. The rookies are learning, we have a plan for the rookies in terms of the amount of reps that they take in each period, just building those guys up. But again we've had I would say a productive three phases up to this point.

Q. Are you planning to get Daniel in 11 on 11 by minicamp?

BRIAN DABOLL: I think we'll just take it day by day and see where he's at. He's doing a nice job in the seven on sevens, he'll do that again today. We'll see how it goes.

Q. Seems like he's been rolling out and moving pretty well.

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, his movement skills have been good. Again, there's -- it's not a contact camp, we all know that, so we try to eliminate as much of that as we can. But that will be the next step of being involved in the pocket and things like that. When that is, I'm not sure.

Q. Obviously nothing is contact, is there more risk in 11 on 11 than there is in seven on seven because there's just more bodies in front of you?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, yup.

Q. And is that, is that the reason for starting him on seven on seven?

BRIAN DABOLL: That's just part of the plan, where we're at with the rehab plan, and I think the trainers have done a good job, DJ's done a good job of rehabbing, and right now we're at seven on seven.

Q. For the players who have played in this defense, how big an adjustment is it for them?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, that's what these are, that's what's so important, they're all voluntary, but it's important for those guys to hear the call, the meeting time, being able to take it from the classroom to the field. They have done a good job. That's why these are so important, particularly when you can get out now and line up against a formation or something like that, but it's a work in progress.

Q. How have the rookies been integrating in with the veterans?

BRIAN DABOLL: They're obviously behind mentally, trying to catch 'em up physically. I think (Aaron) Wellman has done a good job with the plan that he's kind of set in place along with the training staff of how many reps we give them each period. We are trying to build them up. We don't want to take any setbacks physically. Try to throw as much as you can on 'em mentally, which is different from the rookie camp, so they're getting a lot of information right now.

Q. Defensive line coach Andre Patterson said that he's working with some of the edge guys this year, which is a change. How did that come about and what do you like about that?

BRIAN DABOLL: Well, he's a good coach. I think him and Chuck (Bullen) do a good job, they work together. There's four-man rush patterns, games, things like that -- they do a good job of working together, him and Chuck and BCox and Ben (Burress).

Q. You guys let Adoree Jackson go in free agency and don't sign another veteran corner of that ilk. It seems like a vote of confidence in Donte Banks that he's ready to be that No. 1 corner. What have you seen from him taking that next step?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, it's always a big difference between year one and year two. Obviously he's done it for a whole year in terms of how we do things here, learning some new things of what we're putting in defensively, but he has the right mindset, he's working extremely hard and trying to do as good as he can do.

Q. With a new coach and obviously you're looking at a new approach, have you changed anything with your approach to the offensive line in OTAs and going into training camp and how has Carm Bricillo's philosophy kind of meshed with the guys you have now?

BRIAN DABOLL: I think Carm and James (Ferentz) are doing really good job. Again, this is a teaching camp here. There's no roster spots that are going to be made based on what they do here. This is more learning how we're doing it, the communication aspect of it, but as a whole they have done a good job in the meeting room, out on the practice field, working well together, so try to build off that.

Q. Is this a time of year where you want to see guys in different spots, do you get to a point where you want to see kind of your guys develop into, okay, this is what we want, this is our right guard?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, it's May right now, so we're trying to teach as many players different techniques. One time they might be guard, one time they might be tackle, you never know what we're going to need. We'll get to the depth chart much, much further down the road.

Q. Where are you starting Jon Runyon and Jermaine Eluemunor?

BRIAN DABOLL: Today, they're playing guards today.

Q. Do you have a specific side where you start Jon on or at least say, hey, you can kind of move from there?

BRIAN DABOLL: Today Jon is playing right guard, which is primarily where he has played so far up to this point. Eluemunor is playing left guard.

Q. Would you rather be in a position in August where you're not rotating guys in and out and you have a set five?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, I think we'll take it as it comes. So we got a long time between now and August and once we go through training camp, we get through this phase three, we'll teach them the that stuff we're doing. There's obviously certain changes we're doing. They will have a chance with pads on to compete and then when we figure out what we think is the right five combination, whenever that is, that's when it is. Whether it's in the beginning of August and however it sorts out.

Q. Are you expecting to have joint practices again this summer?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, we are. Yeah.

Q. Will the Lions come here?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, we're going to practice against Detroit and I would say most likely we're going to practice one day against the Jets at their place.

Q. The Lions obviously will be here?


Q. Have you set the dates for those?

BRIAN DABOLL: It's, it's pretty much, it's close to it. I would anticipate it, unless something falls through.

Q. Are Darius Slayton and Darren Waller here?

BRIAN DABOLL: They are not. No.

Q. Waller, June 1st has implications cap-wise if he makes the decision not to come back. Do you have a preference, would you rather have a decision before or after the 1st?

BRIAN DABOLL: I would say the same thing I said last month, let Darren take what he needs to take and once the decision is made, we'll go from there.

Q. You are just going to give him as much time as he needs?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, we have conversations, obviously, but when Darren makes his decision, that's what we'll go with.

Q. With Darius, do you get involved in those talks or do you leave that totally to Joe Schoen?

BRIAN DABOLL: No, I've spoken to Slay, I've spoken to Slay. So, again, this is voluntary. If he wants to be here, great. If there's anyone that doesn't want to be here, that's their choice, that's why it's voluntary.

Q. How have those conversations been?

BRIAN DABOLL: They have been fine.

Q. Are you optimistic that both situations will be resolved and they will return to the team?

BRIAN DABOLL: I would say whenever they decide, they decide. Darius is obviously under contract, so, again, whenever it comes up, we'll deal with it then.

Q. What's the plan with Isaiah Simmons? He's a very versatile guy, what do you kind of envision for him in this new defense?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, early. We'll see how it goes.

Q. You obviously did a lot of work on Brian Burns before you traded for him. What do you like about him since he has been here?

BRIAN DABOLL: First, I would say he's a great teammate, practices the way you want a pro to practice. Particularly a player of his type caliber. I think he's done a good job with the outside linebackers and his room of being a good mentor. He leads by example, but he also will speak up if he needs to speak up. He's been a really good addition to our football team up to this point. Glad we have him. Whether it's on defense, whether it's talking to guys on offense, the offensive line about certain things, good person and a good player.

Q. How do you know he's a good teammate right away?

BRIAN DABOLL: You just see him interact with players. You see how he handles himself on the practice field, with the group that's with. He talks a lot to Kayvon, he has some experience, he's still a young player too, but a true pro.

Q. What's it been like having the Hard Knocks crews around during the offseason?

BRIAN DABOLL: I would say there's more cameras in Joe's office, so, but it's been good. They're good people. Kind of winding down here. But it's been fine.

Q. How much access have you provided? Is it mostly Joe?

BRIAN DABOLL: I don't know. I haven't seen it yet. There's cameras everywhere, so I don't know.

Q. You talked in the past about how you kind of like to keep things pretty close to the vest. Were you apprehensive at all with the cameras being around in the off-season?

BRIAN DABOLL: You almost forget about it. They're kind of situated in a bunch of different rooms. You just, business is business.

Q. How has Nabers, being away last week and coming back here, how has he acclimated to what you guys are trying to do team-wise?

BRIAN DABOLL: I put him kind of in the group with all the rookies. There's a lot of information to learn, you know that. He works really hard. There's a couple different positions that he has to move around and learn, but that's why we drafted him. So, good young pro, works really hard at it. Spends a lot of extra time with (Mike) Groh when he can, kind of like Jalen did last year and Wan'Dale did the year before. So it's been nice.

Q. Do you see Evan Neal exclusively taking right tackle reps when he's out there or do you see him moving around?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, we'll start him at right tackle.

Quarterback Daniel Jones

Q. How does it feel doing stuff that looks a lot like football?

DANIEL JONES: It feels good. Feels good. Felt good out there today. Just getting back in the swing of things, playing football against a defense, against guys moving around. Thought it was good today. Continue to kind of progress and continue to work on things.

Q. How does your leg feel when you're moving around?

DANIEL JONES: It feels good. Feels really good. The rehab process has been smooth to this point. Feels good doing all of that kind of stuff.

Q. Are you wearing a brace?

DANIEL JONES: No, I'm not.

Q. How long does it take to get through the mental part of an injury?

DANIEL JONES: Not very long. Our trainers and strength coaches have built a rehab program that kind of takes a step every week. You make progress, do a little bit more on kind of a gradual process. I think because it's built that way, I've been able to feel good about every next step that we've had. So, the mental part has been good.

Q. Do you want to be physically completely cleared by the time you get to the middle of June? Is that the goal?

DANIEL JONES: I think just kind of continue day by day with the process. I think I'm in a good spot. Obviously, the goal is to be ready to go by the first day of training camp. I'm going to push to be ready as soon as possible. I think we've got a good plan. I have a lot of trust and faith in our trainers and coaches.

Q. Is this where you expected to be, where you hoped to be? Are you ahead of schedule?

DANIEL JONES: I would say about where I hoped to be. We've done a good job kind of adjusting the schedule based off of what I'm able to do. Every week I'm able to do a little bit more. The schedule can change or progress kind of as I'm progressing, which I think has been the right way to do it. I feel good. I think I'm in a good spot.

Q. You've gone through a lot of seven-on-seven drills in your career. Are you restricted in any way in what you're doing?

DANIEL JONES: No, I'm not restricted at all.

Q. Are you focused on being full go day one of training camp? I know that's what your hope is, but is that what you anticipate?


Q. Is there any doubt at this point that you think you can be ready for contact come beginning of the season?

DANIEL JONES: No, I don't have any doubt about it right now.

Q. What was the first night of the NFL Draft like for you? Did you think there was a chance they'd pick a quarterback?

DANIEL JONES: I wasn't sure what was going to happen or how it was going to play out. I was just watching and waiting to see like everybody else. But I'm fired up to get Malik (Nabers). I watched some of his tape in college. He's a dynamic, dynamic player. I was fired up to see that we got him. It's been fun getting to work with him.

Q. Any chip on your shoulder, all the work they did on quarterbacks, who would have been a challenge to your job had they taken one?

DANIEL JONES: I'm focused on what I need to do. That's part of it. I'm focused on playing the best football I can play. I'm always motivated. I consider myself a really driven guy. I'm always going to work as hard as I possibly can. It's part of it, but I'm fired up we got Malik and looking forward to getting to work.

Q. What are you learning about him?

DANIEL JONES: For one, you can tell he loves football. It's important to him. He cares a lot about it. Wants to get it right. Obviously, he's extremely talented. Everybody knows that. Great route runner, strong, fast, adjusts to the ball well. All the things you look for. It will be a process. I look forward to putting in the work with him.

Q. You say you expect to be ready. How have you been balancing pushing yourself versus sticking to the plan and being patient?

DANIEL JONES: Well, I'm always going to push myself and try to do as much as I can, as much as they'll let me do. To me, that is kind of the plan, so...that is sticking to the plan. As they see fit, they'll pull back and say what I can and can't do. I'm always going to push to do as much as I can.

Q. You mentioned on draft night you were watching like everybody else. That potentially affected your career. What was your thought process when you know there might be a quarterback out there? Were you thinking is this a vote for me or not me?

DANIEL JONES: I mean, I wasn't fired up about it. But I think it's part of it at this level, like I said. What I can do is focus on myself and getting healthy, play the best football I can play, and that I know I'm capable of playing. That's my job and that's what I'm going to do.

Q. Did you talk to Joe (Schoen) and Brian (Daboll) after they picked Malik about the quarterback pursuit?

DANIEL JONES: No. We talked about the pick, talked about getting Malik and getting to work with him.

Q. Do you feel they're committed to you for the long-term?

DANIEL JONES: Yeah, I feel good about where we're going. I feel good about this team. My job is to get healthy and play good football.

Q. Do you view Drew (Lock) as a competition for quarterback one job or do you think that's your job when you're healthy?

DANIEL JONES: I think we're all trying to do what we can to make this team as good as possible. Like any other year, I'm competing with the guys in there. Like every room on our team, there's competition. Like I've said a couple times, I'm going to try to get healthy, play good football.

Q. Do you feel like you got a lot to prove this year?

DANIEL JONES: I always feel like I have a lot to prove. I'm motivated, I'm doing everything I can to be ready to go.

Q. They tried aggressively to trade up three spots to draft Drake Maye. Do you take that personally?

DANIEL JONES: I don't think you can take anything personally at this level. How exactly it happened and what happened, I'm not sure I know and I'm not sure you know. At the end of the day, I'm focused on playing good football.

Q. Back in college, they are always recruiting over you. Is the mindset the same at the pro level? Do you look at it the same?

DANIEL JONES: Similar, yeah. I think I've always kind of had that kind of mindset. I don't think that changes how I work, how I go about my job, how I see my job and how I'm going to approach every day. That's not changing regardless of the situation.

Outside Linebacker Kayvon Thibodeaux

Q. With the addition of (Brian) Burns, how does that affect you, and how county two of you play off of each other?

KAYVON THIBODEAUX: That's funny, me and Burns go way back from me being in high school, him being in college, seeing him play. He hosted me on my college visit. I've always kind of compared myself to him as I continue my pass-rushing professional career. Being able to be with him, was kind of like that full-circle moment. Yeah, the competitive spirit. We're chasing greatness every day. He knows a lot of things. He been in the league a lot longer than I have. He got a lot of game, a lot of gems that's going to help my game. Continue to get with him on and off the field and continue to grow.

Q. What have you learned about him so far?

KAYVON THIBODEAUX: He's a Florida boy. You talk about a little bit of city, a little bit of country. I'm from West Coast, from L.A. You talk about the mix of the outdoors and the indoors, the big city and the wide-open country. It's a good mix. We've been able to get together, show him some things, he's shown me some things. Talk about culturally, music-wise. It's been a good time so far.

Q. You command attention. Do you feel that attention is going to have to be balanced more so?

KAYVON THIBODEAUX: It's funny, I haven't even really thought about the other team, what they're going to do. If you just talk about our energy, if you out there today, you felt it. It's going to be a grind every day whether we're in pads, not in pads. We're going to be laser focused. We're talking about what we're bringing to each other, bringing to the team, that upbeat tempo, that competitive spirit, just continuing to battle. Regardless of who is on the other side, we're going to try to have a party at the quarterback.

Q. Where are you now, compared to last year?

KAYVON THIBODEAUX: Never. You think when you're a rookie you have this long career, right? You look at a guy lie I take Aaron Donald, he just retired, went to 10 Pro Bowls. I'm already two years down, not been to one. Not saying that Pro Bowl is my end all, be all. Just talking about understanding that every day is the last day, right? You talk about trying to maximize all the time that I have and all of the ability that I have today.

Q. What in particular do you think are the next steps for you? I need to get better at this, this, this?

KAYVON THIBODEAUX: We talked about it. My coach, Charlie (Bullen), he's been cooking. I'm really happy to have him. I thank God I have him, to be honest. He's been very instrumental in the short period we've been together. Talk about accolades plus respect equals achievement to legacy. That's kind of what we've been talking about. Last year I was able to get 11 and a half sacks. Those are the accolades. Now it's about getting that respect throughout the league, having teams fear coming to play against us. Just taking everything I do to the next level as far as that extra. Greatness is optional. I just got to kind of take that next step.

Q. This defense is different schematically. In what ways do you think that can benefit you?

KAYVON THIBODEAUX: I think it's great that I don't have to think. I'm a smart guy, I always do lean to my wits. When you talk about being able to play, defense is about players, offense is about plays. When you look at that in the sense of having guys who are talented and able to put them in a position to hone in on their technique and things like that, it will be good for the whole defense.

Q. You talk about Charlie, but also Andre Patterson is working with you guys. What is that like?

KAYVON THIBODEAUX: Dre is a legend. He's like Mr. Miyagi, Yoda, knows how it all works. Charlie comes in and, he's the young, the energy company. When you talk about the scheme, things like that, they've been working hand-in-hand. When you see how it's going to continue to unfold, I think last year the interior and the edge weren't cohesive. Now it's going to start to work like clockwork. That's the maturity. That's where I'm growing as a player and we're growing as a defense, being able to play as a unit.

Q. We've been told this defense is going to put a premium on four-man pass-rushing. I assume you're one of the four.

KAYVON THIBODEAUX: I think we get paid a lot of money and we want to be the greatest. This is New York. You want to see your great players play. Bringing Burns in, having Dex. Dex is a Hall of Famer; Burns is a Hall of Famer. Hopefully one day I'll be able to get up and put that work in.

You talk about being able to display your traits. We're all here to see great players play great. I think that's what we're going to be able to show in this defense.

Q. On seeing the fan excitement from the success of the Knicks.

KAYVON THIBODEAUX: First, shoutout to the Knicks, they went further than a lot of people expected on the outside. They put in a lot of work. When you see the heart they play with. It hurt me. Speak to what you're saying. It felt good, but it also hurt because I was at seven and saw how much work they put in and couldn't get it done. Now people see me, you're next, you're up. Going back to that softball, baseball moment, when you're up to the plate, we got to keep putting the work in so we can show up on Sundays.

Q. You mentioned the interior and the edge weren't cohesive. What do you mean?

KAYVON THIBODEAUX: I think when you look at a defense, we're speaking of basketball. Basketball has a lot of star players. You can play one on one. You can go out there and have a LeBron, all these greats go and score. Now with football, you're not as good unless you have all 11 players. Now when you look at the front, right, one side isn't setting the edge and the other side is, it doesn't matter.? If the back end isn't covering the wide receivers, there's no chance for a sack. The front end is not pressuring the quarterback, there's no chance for a pick. When you think about how things work together, we have to understand that.

Dex is a guy, he's going to demand a lot. You talk about demanding attention. I have to learn how to play off of him with Nacho, Burns, and all the guys coming up.

Q. What is the key to playing off of him?

KAYVON THIBODEAUX: The key is letting him do him. It seems simple. I'm not going to tell you the scheme. Just understanding how he plays, and what his strengths are so he can bull rush a guy, set a guy down at any chance. Once he does that, the quarterback is going to flush. If you look at most of my sacks last year, the quarterback is dropping back because he sees Dex coming in. If I shorten my rush, the quarterback is going to get out. So I stay high, Dex comes up the middle. The quarterback either steps up, Dex gets him, or he falls into my lap coming off the edge.

Q. Before the cameras came on, you started talking about chasing records. Why is that something you do?

KAYVON THIBODEAUX: We're in a life that we only really get once. You talk about living it to the fullest. When you have people who have lived it and who have walked it, it would be kind of a disservice to myself to not strive to be better than the standards they set. Now being here, it's like he didn't have as many rush opportunities as I'm going to have. The game wasn't as much passes as it was before. I have an opportunity that people would wish they could be in. It's only right if I give the people what they want. I honor myself by putting everything on the line, trying to be the best.

Outside Linebacker Brian Burns

Q. Talk about how working with Kayvon and how you guys complement each other.

BRIAN BURNS: Right now, we're just pretty much getting used to each other, bouncing a lot of ideas off of each other. We just spend a lot of time trying to develop that chemistry. Also, healthy competition. We almost compete in everything we do, on the field, off the field. Having somebody to push me and I'm able to push, that's going to be a positive this year.

Q. How important is that for the growth of a young player? Did you have that guy when you first came into the league?

BRIAN BURNS: My experience was a little different. In my rookie year, I had a lot of vets to learn from. In my second year, I was kind of the leader of the group. My third year, that's when Haason (Reddick) came to the Panthers. That's when I developed that competitive nature with the other end on the other side. I was able to learn a lot from him. It's a similar situation going into my sixth year, he's going into his third year. That's the same as me and Hasson. That definitely did wonders for my career.

Q. What did you learn from Haason?

BRIAN BURNS: Pretty much just football. IQ, moves, small things you don't really think about, things only a vet can tell you about because they've been through that experience.

Q. Have you spoken to him lately?

BRIAN BURNS: We're supposed to get together next weekend to work out and train. It's kind of nice that he's close by so we can hang out again.

Q. What are you going to pick his brain about now that you're in a similar situation?

BRIAN BURNS: Kind of just like his mindset, his mentality when he came to the Panthers. Kind of what he was thinking. I want to know how I helped him, as well. Other than that, I want to pick his brain because he had a crazy season once he got to Philly. I want to know what he did that was different.

Q. As one of the pass-rushers, how much does the pressure excite you, you got four guys, let's go?

BRIAN BURNS: Yeah, it is exciting, especially when you got four guys that can do it. Allowing those guys to work is exciting, but it's earned. We have to show that we can get to the quarterback at a consistent rate by ourselves. That's going to take chemistry. It's going to take a form of a brotherhood. If I got Dex with me, just know if I got Dex with me, I got a plan.

Q. About Dex, what have you learned about him that perhaps tells you why he is the dominant presence on the field?

BRIAN BURNS: Have you seen him? That speaks volumes, just his size alone. He has a God-given ability of strength and athleticism. For a guy that big to move that fast, that agile, it's truly a gift. Something I didn't know before I got here, he's very clever. That probably came through experience. We were going into our sixth year together. Probably came with experience. Yeah, he has a lot of tricks he picked up along the way.

Q. What do you mean by 'clever'?

BRIAN BURNS: Personality, too. From a football standpoint, his IQ is second to none as far as the D-linemen I've played with. I think he definitely knows ball, knows how to rush, knows how to get to the quarterback, and knows how to work together. There are certain things he told me I definitely wasn't in tune. Yeah, he's helping me, as well.

Q. Thoughts on Daniel Jones

BRIAN BURNS: Getting to know him as a guy, he's a cool dude. Before I didn't know him at all. As an opponent, we always honored his athleticism. That was something we keyed in on. He definitely burned me to the sideline once. Please don't play that clip (laughter). He's a true competitor. I haven't really got to see him on the field yet because he's going through whatever he's going through. Looking forward to it.

Q. Going into your sixth year, the trade, the contract, how has your plan going into the season changed from what you were trying to get out of the spring to what you're going to try to get out of training camp helped you to go ahead to where you want to be week one versus two years ago what you would have thought going into the off-season program?

BRIAN BURNS: I wouldn't say anything changed. I feel like it was motivation. I've always worked hard. I always put the work in. In the sense of like I'm trying to reach a new level, always trying to get better. Being with these guys, it's a new city, a new team. It's a new everything for me right now. After I soaked all that in, it's back to work. Nothing too difficult.

Q. Does dominating a practice in May make a difference to you?

BRIAN BURNS: No, it means nothing, no. It means nothing. The main thing I'm focused on right now is pretty much getting my wind up. The moves and everything that's natural, that's going to come, that's going to be there. Yeah, me doing what I did today in OTAs...Training camp will show more. That's real football.

Q. You have a resume and an elite reputation in the league. Do you think coming here to New York with a new team with a big contract, there is a potential for you to reach a different plateau as far as stardom, everything that comes along with being a star in the NFL?

BRIAN BURNS: Is there potential for that?

Q. Yes.

BRIAN BURNS: That wouldn't be my main focus honestly. I feel like if I do what I have to do on the field, it will come naturally. I think the main thing, one of my sayings is to keep the main thing the main thing. Right now, my main focus is ball, getting better, and helping the team. Everything else will follow right behind it.

Q. Is any of that important to you?

BRIAN BURNS: It's important. But the main thing is football and everything else will follow. I feel like if I dominate the first step of it, everything else will come along.

Q. What does stardom mean to you?

BRIAN BURNS: What does it mean?

Q. Pro Bowls, Super Bowls. What threshold is there that he's a star?

BRIAN BURNS: Just generally speaking, I'm thinking maybe like a household name. I'm not pretty sure what the question is. I've been to a Pro Bowl. There are a couple of things I still want to check off my list that I've definitely striving for. If you're talking about that, yes, it's definitely on my list, on my mind. I have to do it on the field, first.

Q. What else is on the list?

BRIAN BURNS: A lot of things.

Cornerback Cor'Dale Flott

Q. Talk about the progress you're making out there and the competition while going into camp.

COR'DALE FLOTT: We've got a good DB room. Great players, great guys all around. As far as competition, I'm alongside to Tae Banks. Excited for this opportunity that (Head Coach Brian) Daboll and Coach Rome (Henderson) gave me. Take it day-by-day and continue to get better and compete against the offensive guys too.

Q. Do you prefer the outside role?

COR'DALE FLOTT: Either/or. Whatever works for the team. Just fitting the puzzle pieces around, fitting wherever, whether nickel or corner or whatever works for the team.

Q. How has Banks helped you with your game, with this transition?

COR'DALE FLOTT: We are two different types of corners. So, with this transition, Tae, learn from him and his press techniques. Nickel, you'll be five yards off rather up on the line and also use the sideline as a corner, too. Just taking notes basically from each guy and the other veterans in the room and that's what I'll continue to do.

Q. These coaches don't give a lot of depth chart updates and Daboll said the last couple of weeks "Cor'Dale I have a lot of confidence outside." Jerome said today, "If we played today, Cor'Dale is the starting role." What does that vote of confidence mean for you and also that they didn't go out and sign a free agent to replace Adoree'?

COR'DALE FLOTT: It gives me confidence too that the coaches have confidence in me, that the team has confidence in me. Like I said, just continue to be the best version of myself.

Q. You came into this league and here as one of the youngest players in that draft class at 20?

COR'DALE FLOTT: I'm still 22. A lot of the rookies are still older than me.

Q. But for you age-wise, it's one thing, but going into year three now, which is hard to believe. How much do you feel the urgency to kind of take advantage of the opportunity that's in front of you this year?

COR'DALE FLOTT: I took advantage of every opportunity I had from year one all of the way to year three now. The same urgency still applies. Continue to try to up my game. Continue to learn from older veterans. Continue to learn from other players. That's my approach to it.

Q. How different is what you'll be asked to do, like obviously when you're in Wink's defense, you're playing a lot of press man coverage. You know everybody's blitzing. Jerome was saying today, it's more like keep the ball in front of you, maybe a little bit more zone. Can you tell us what you'll be asked to do that's a little different?

COR'DALE FLOTT: Just like you said, zone. Being able to have a back to the sideline, being able to look at the quarterback, get more plays and opportunities on the ball. I feel us as a defense, as a unit, we continue to take control of that, approach this as a different defense than what we're used to and learn, and right now we're still doing that.

Q. Do you feel like this suits your skill set?

COR'DALE FLOTT: Oh, yes, most definitely. I'm excited for it, actually.

Q. How much interaction did you have with the rookie receiver from your old stomping grounds?

COR'DALE FLOTT: Malik (Nabers)?

Q. When you guys were down there, same player, how has he grown?

COR'DALE FLOTT: He's grown for sure. Same abilities but growing into his form. He continuing to learn right now. Excited to go against him, right now we are practicing, competing against each other. He's getting me better; I'm getting him better. I'm just glad to have an LSU brother on the team.

Q. That change of direction today…

COR'DALE FLOTT: He's quick. He's definitely quick. And a lot of DBs will have to deal with it. I have to deal with it myself. It's good I get to go against him.

Q. What was your first impression when you saw him out here for the first time again?

COR'DALE FLOTT: It was like déjà vu. It's just like back at LSU. I was a junior then. He was a freshman. I was excited to see him moving around. He looks explosive. He's ready to be in this scheme and explode.

Q. LSU used to be call DBU?


Q. Is it DWRU now?

COR'DALE FLOTT: It's both. It's definitely both.

Q. You guys talk a little trash out there?

COR'DALE FLOTT: Always, that's how we do.

Q. Are you doing anything different in your offseason program to make sure that you can stay healthy? I think you missed three games maybe last year, maybe five the year before that. How do you make sure you stay healthy?

COR'DALE FLOTT: Just taking care of the body more. Adding more massages, more acupuncture, compression boots. Just staying on top of it, keeping the routine going weekly, daily, finding more time to be able to take care of your body and stuff. I continue to work on it.

Q. So you and Banks will probably be, without me doing any research, probably one of the youngest pairs of corners in the league. It's obviously a position where the more experience you have is a good thing. How do you guys -- will you guys look at that challenge and being some of the youngest guys, maybe teams wanting to attack you guys?

COR'DALE FLOTT: That's personal – we don't really look at it being the youngest on the field. We don't let that get in front of us. We don't really even think about that, if I'm being honest. We just think about being the best duo that there will be.

Q. You mentioned Jerome, the idea to have the same position coach for your first two years now going into year three, how much has he meant to your development going into year three?

COR'DALE FLOTT: Rome has been growing with us. He's a good coach all around, even off the field. He'll take care of us as players. Take care of our mental. Make sure we are good off the field, too. When we're on the field and he's coaching us, we take it to heart, everything that he tells us, and we appreciate it. I'm glad to grow with Rome going on year three.

Q. I know your goal is always to get a little bigger. That was one thing coming out. Have you made strides in that field?

COR'DALE FLOTT: I am at 177 right now. The goal is 180 obviously. But obviously to get comfortable in the weight. I don't want to gain weight and it be bad weight and be out of shape and not be able to move around. I feel good so far, continue to build with the weights staff.

Q. What were you when you came in?

COR'DALE FLOTT: What was I? I was like 174.

Q. For the first two years, how hard was it to kind of get opportunities and to sit and watch and be patient at times and pressed, how much did you learn about yourself that you've kind of set yourself up now to know what to expect?

COR'DALE FLOTT: Most importantly, everybody is on their own the timeline, and you can't compare yourself to other guys and what other guys are doing. The best thing you can do is take notes from the veterans, the guys that have been around, and figure out what works for you, whether that's routine, whether that's on the field, off the field, film work, and just picking guys' minds – that's what I started working on and get better at.

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