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Quotes: Coach Brian Daboll, QB Daniel Jones, QB Tyrod Taylor

Head Coach Brian Daboll

Q: What do we expect from (quarterback) Daniel (Jones) today?

A: He will not practice today.

Q: Has anything changed about your sense of his possibility for playing Sunday?

A: I'd just say he won't practice today. We're day-to-day with him.

Q: He said yesterday that avoiding contact would be the issue or the problem. It seems like that'll be unavoidable for a quarterback.

A: I'd just say let's let it play out here. Today, he's not practicing. We'll see how he is the next day, then the next day after that and then I think we'll take this all the way to the end of the week.

Q: What is the matter? Like what is it?

A: It's his neck. Yeah, sore neck.

Q: Is it nerve problem, a disk problem, a muscular problem?

A: I'm not going to get into the exact details of it, but he is a little bit more sore today so we'll see where he is tomorrow.

Q: The MRI, did it have good results? Without getting too specific.

A: With all due respect, I'm not going to get into that information.

Q: When you say more sore today, why would that be?

A: His neck's sore. Sore.

Q: Are you confident that the results that it's not the same as the last time? Last time, it cost him the last six games and he ended up missing a significant period of time.

A: I'm not going to get into the – with all due respect, the medical information of it. He'll have a chance, we'll see where he's at, we'll take it day-by-day.

Q: How about (running back) Saquon (Barkley)?

A: Saquon will practice today, do a little bit more than he did last week.

Q: (Tackle) Andrew (Thomas)?

A: Andrew will not practice today.

Q: (Quarterback) Tyrod (Taylor) becomes the temporary QB1, right?

A: Today? Yep, today.

Q: What does he bring here?

A: Well, he's a pro. He's done this a long time. He's played in a variety of systems. He prepares every week like he's going to play. He's a true pro. He'll be out there today getting all the reps.

Q: It's been two games where Daniel's gotten hurt in the game and he's had to come in and both times Tyrod's gotten hurt.

A: The one in Miami, he got the wind knocked out of him.

Q: Yeah, I know he didn't have to come out of the game, but does he have to be more aware that he's sort of the last man standing when he plays?

A: I mean, the play that he got the wind knocked out of him, he got the wind knocked out of him. Yeah, you only have two of them when you go so – he doesn't go out there and try to get the wind knocked out of him, I'll say that.

Q: Do you have to approach things differently with (quarterback Tommy) DeVito this week knowing that if Daniel doesn't go later in the week that he needs to be ready?

A: Yeah, we try to do the same thing with DeVito each week and try to develop him as young player, particularly a young quarterback. Very involved in all the meetings, I'll meet with him, does a good job out here on the show team. So, we're trying to develop him even though he's on the practice squad, that's a position that you have got to spend a lot of time with, particularly in the early part of their career to try and develop them, the system because they're' not getting a ton of reps so they're getting show team reps. But his process of what we expect out of him in terms of preparing and learning the gameplan information, going through the tapes, spending extra time, he's done that since he's been here.

Q: I know it's a hypothetical, but do you need to prepare for a situation where you might have to bring a veteran in here to back up Tyrod or is DeVito the guy?

A: I'd say (Senior Vice President and General Manager) Joe (Schoen) and I, we talk a lot about a lot of different things. We cross that bridge when we get to it.

Q: You say DeVito could be QB2, but do you need to bring him up to the 53 to take advantage of that emergency QB rule?

A: Yeah, I'd say those decisions and discussions between Joe and I, there's a lot of things that you could do based on what happens and if you don't have the answer to that, you've got to go ahead and have these conversations, which we have. Just not going to share them, with all due respect.

Q: Given the performance and injuries on the offensive line, you haven't been able to establish any type of continuity. How concerning is that to you and how much is that impeding you with what you want to do on offense?

A: I mean, you want all your players out there but next man up mentality, so we've got to do a good job of coaching it and we've got to do a good job of executing.

Q: Is there any concern that Daniel's injury could become a long-term issue? Like keep him out long-term.

A: It's day-to-day right now so again, if he feels better tomorrow and he's ready to go, then we'll put him out here but today, he's not ready to go today.

Q: Is it a matter of him feeling better or is it a matter of having to get cleared by a doctor for contact?

A: I think it's everything. You talk to Daniel, you talk to the trainers, we'll always do what's best for the player.

Q: Is he cleared for contact?

A: I'm not going to get into a bunch of the specifics. He's not going out here today. We'll see where he's at tomorrow.

Q: On Monday you said you were optimistic. Now, you're giving a vibe that you're less optimistic.

A: Well, I said I've got to have some more meeting, too. When I meet before so –

Q: So that changed that?

A: We'll see. Yeah, I mean, we'll see. He's a little bit more sore. Again, it's a day-to-day deal with him right now.

Q: Could you end up bringing in a veteran quarterback?

A: Yeah, I think there's a lot of discussions that need to be had when your starting quarterback is not practicing for today. Again, whether that changes for tomorrow, we'll see.

Q: Would you be comfortable going to Buffalo with Tyrod as the starter and DeVito as the backup? And that's it.

A: Yeah, those are conversations we have. Yep.

Q: You said you talk daily with ownership. How much patience has (President and Chief Executive Officer) John (Mara) articulated to you and Joe for how the season started?

A: Patience in regards to?

Q: The results.

A: Look, nobody's happy with the results but we have great meetings. Again, this is not the results that we want the first five games of the season but we're going to work to get better.

Q: Do you think ownership views this as year two of the rebuild? Or do you think their impatient about trying to build on the progress from last season?

A: I would say we have – whether it's with the Mara family, Tisch family, we have very good conversations.

Q: Do you anticipate some changes up front?

A: Depends on who's ready to go.

Q: Not doing the playcalling kind of helps you oversee everything. Do you have to get more involved with the offensive line? That's a position group that seems like it may need more attention.

A: Try to be involved with everybody. Again, there's been a lot of moving parts, that's no excuse. We've got to do a good job with the players, they're working extremely hard and that's what we'll try to do.

Q: You guys signed (OL Yodney) Cajuste to the practice squad. Is that one of those things where he could be ready to go immediately?

A: Yeah, we've got to get him out here and see where he's at. Anything's on the table relative to what happens or transpires the next couple of days with the guys that are not practicing.

Q: How much more will (guard) Justin Pugh do today?

A: He'll do more than he did last week, so we'll try to get him involved. He took some reps the last practice and we'll get him some more reps today. I think we have four practice squad players on offensive line, so with the nine guys out here today practicing, or 10 should I say with (guard Shane) Lemieux because Lemieux will be out here. We have 10, four of them are practice squad. Cajuste just got here, Pugh got here a couple days ago and then the two guys we brought up.

Q: Justin is considerable lighter than he was this time around than he was the first time. How is body and conditioning to play guard in the NFL?

A: Yeah, I thought he did a good job last week. Again, we will see more this week.

Q: I'm not great at math, is (center John Michael) Schmitz (Jr.) included in that 10, or no?

A: You're not great at math?

Q: No.

A: Schmitz is not included today, he's not practicing. So, the guys on the offensive line that are not practicing are (tackle) Matt Peart, John Michael, and Andrew Thomas.

Q: What happened to Peart?

A: Peart has a shoulder.

Q: Is it serious, is it day-to-day?

A: Day-to-day.

Q: Do you still feel good about (offensive lineman Joshua) Ezeudu despite his struggles?

A: Yeah, working with him, trying to get him better, but he is a conscientious guy that's working as hard as he can work.

Q: Why haven't you guys brought (guard) Tyre Phillips back? A guy who started games from you last year and knows the system.

A: I'd say we have the four guys right now on practice squad, we have the other guys that we have on our roster. Again, those are discussions that Joe and I have, not just about Tyre, about a bunch of different players. We are working a guy out today, that's just standard. We worked a couple guys out yesterday, not offensive lineman, more skill guys, but that's always going to be the same.

Q: Is Justin Pugh more of an option this week or is he still coming along?

A: Yeah, I'd say we'll see. We'll get him out here and see what he can do this week. He'll obviously do a lot more than he did last week. We were ramping him up and see how he does.

Q: When you look at the Bills offense and (Bills quarterback) Josh Allen, how similar does it look to when you were there and does it look different much to you? What do you see?

A: It's a system he's been in for six years. This is his sixth year in the system. Got a lot of respect for (Bills offensive coordinator Ken) Dorse(y), obviously he adds his own flavor to it. Are there a lot of things that are similar? Sure, but that's from a quarterback that's been in a system for now his sixth year, but they advanced. Dorse adds his things, they got new coaches, they've done a good job. He's one of the top players in the league and he's been that way for a long time and he makes the engine go.

Q: There was a lot of talk last year, like, he missed you. He played different because you weren't there. What did you think when you heard that?

A: Josh Allen is an unbelievable player, one of the best in the league. You can put him in probably any offense and he's going to produce. You know, I missed him as a person, we are close, but as a player, he's a heck of a player. Put on any tape, he's exceptional at everything. He can run, but he can throw it and he can throw it wherever he needs to throw it, 80 yards down the field, drop a dime, on the move to the right put it back across his body, scramble, back up, scramble around, throw it out, throw it on time. He's got significant playmakers in terms of (Bills wide receiver Stefon) Diggs and (Bills wide receiver Gabe) Davis, who I have familiarity with, who are unbelievable players. (Bills tight end) Dawson Knox, they added (Bills tight end) Dalton (Kincaid). They've got three good runners, their offensive line is intact, but he's a special player. He's one of the best in the league. And he makes you better as a playcaller, too, so he's one of a kind.

Q: You know what that area is like, obviously. You are from that area, but also know what it's like to be the home team and welcoming a team in. What do you tell your team about what to anticipate Sunday night and what you are going to get in that stadium?

A: Yeah, it's an electric environment. They'll be going all day, getting ready for the game. It's loud. It's an unbelievable atmosphere. It's hard to hear. Been on the other side of it, too, when I was with the Patriots, the Dolphins and the Jets. And they have a fantastic team. You know they are one of the only two teams that are top five in points on offense and defense, the other team being San Francisco, so they are a great team, and their fans will be ready, they are loud. It's a loud environment.

Q: Do you know yet if (tackle) La'el Collins is healthy enough to play football?

A: We are going to work him out after practice, so go in there and watch the workout and talk about it with Joe and the rest of the guys, see where he's at. It's a Tuesday workout, or Wednesday should I say, usually Tuesday or Monday. We will see where he's at.

Q: Anybody else not practicing today?

A: Yes. (Inside linebacker Micah) McFadden won't practice, he has an ankle. (Wide receiver) Wan'Dale's (Robinson) knee, not long term. John Michael, talked about. (Tight end Darren) Waller has a groin. So it would be Jones, McFadden and (outside linebacker) Azeez (Ojulari), his ankle. Jones, McFadden, Azeez, Peart, Robinson, Schmitz, Thomas and Waller.

Q: With Robinson and Waller, so you are saying not long term, but they are not just maintenance or there is injury there?

A: Groin for Waller and (Wan'Dale), his knee.

Q: Is Darren in jeopardy this week of playing in the game?

A: No, I think he's day-to-day. I don't think it's a long term. We will see where he is tomorrow.

Q: Groin and his knee?

A: No, Wan'Dale's knee.

Q: Wan'Dale's an actual injury or is this like maintenance?

A: Yeah, it's more maintenance from the surgery and his ACL deal. I'd expect him to be out tomorrow, but you never know.

Q: Out as in playing?

A: Out practicing.

Quarterback Daniel Jones

Q. What's the pain that you're feeling right now? Is it a pain? Is it a stiff neck?

A: Still a little bit sore but feeling better. Felt better every day since Sunday, so just continuing to listen to the doctors and trainers and trying to get better as quick as possible.

Q. You said you're feeling better? I think (Head) Coach (Brian Daboll) was saying that you didn't feel – it almost sounded like it was a step back. So how do you explain how you felt today?

A: I'm still a little bit sore. Just trying to get better every day and that's where I'm focused.

Q. Were you surprised to wake up and feel that soreness based on how you felt yesterday?

A: No, not necessarily. I think I've felt a little better every day. Just trying to continue to do that.

Q. Do you have any concern about this being a potential long-term injury?

A: No, I don't.

Q. Is this something that's like a whiplash thing in a sense that when you got hit from behind your head looked like it snapped a little?

A: Yeah, I think that was kind of the mechanism of the injury. Like I said, I'm focused on healing up and I'm a little sore today and I'm going to keep getting better throughout the week.

Q. What have they told you that gives you confidence it's not a long-term thing?

A: Just what the injury is and kind of how they expect it to heal.

Q. Does it feel different from the last time?

A: Yeah, it feels different. It's not the same injury.

Q. Brian Daboll said you were more sore today but you just said it's getting better every day, so what's going on?

A: I'm still a little sore, I think that's probably what he was talking about. I'm just focused on improving daily and trying to get back out there.

Q. Is the goal to still play Sunday and what were the results of the MRI?

A: Yeah, the goal is still to play Sunday, that's certainly my goal and that's what I'm working on. I'm preparing to play like I always would and taking the advice of the doctors and trainers.

Q. How about the MRI? Nobody's really said what the result was. Was it positive?

A: Yeah, it wasn't negative. I think as far as what exactly the MRI said, I'm not going to discuss that necessarily, but it wasn't negative necessarily and like I said, I'll continue to get better every day.

Q. What is your level of concern with a second neck injury in your career?

A: I'm not concerned. I think this is something I'll be able to recover from quickly and like I said, my goal is to play on Sunday.

Q. Is this something you can push through here or do you have to be careful with the nature of the injury?

A: I think we'll see how it feels tomorrow and then day-by-day, kind of taking it at that pace and then listening to the doctors and trainers. I'm just focused on that right now.

Q. Did you leave the area to get tests done or did you stay in New York?

A: No, I stayed in New York.

Q. You know the pounding that quarterbacks take and the way that you run and are getting sacked. The way you feel now, can you envision getting cleared for contact and absorbing that kind of contact?

A: Like I said, my goal is to play on Sunday so I'm going to continue to improve day-by-day and trying to focus on that and what's immediately in front of me and how I can get there best. So, that's where I'm focused.

Q. Was the decision today not to practice more yours or the team doctors?

A: It was both. I'm going to follow the advice of the doctors and trainers.

Q. How much of it is you having to be cleared for contact? How much of it is you feeling better to get on the field?

A: I think both. There's communication with the doctors and trainers as far as how I'm feeling and that has a lot to do with the advice they give me.

Q. What do you need to prove then to get cleared by doctors?

A: I think just continue to heal and feel better day by day.

Q. Obviously, there's no way to prevent that type of hit. If you played though, is that a concern you can reinjure and make it worse if you were to play?

A: It's a contact sport, it's a physical sport, so I think the idea is to recover and be healed. That's the idea. So, I'm trying to get there as soon as possible so I can get back out there.

Q. Do you have to practice just a little bit to play? Or can you go into a game without practice and play?

A: My goal is to play in the game and I'm going to do whatever I need to do to get there. Obviously, you'd like to practice and prepare but I'm going to go through my process and do everything I would do in a normal week that I'm able to do.

Q. How realistic do you think that is at this point?

A: I think it's tough to say today. It has a lot to do with how I feel tomorrow, the day after that, so I'm just going to continue to do what I can to heal.

Q. A couple of years ago, you we're able to go out on the practice field and throw a football but you never ended up coming back into a game. So, why is this time different that you can actually get back into a game? Because we've seen you with a neck injury throwing, looking pretty good but never coming back.

A: Like I said, I think it's a different injury, it's a different circumstance so I'm not really comparing it to that a couple years ago, but this was the advice from the doctors and trainers so I'm going to follow it.

Quarterback Tyrod Taylor

Q: How, if at all, different is this week for you?

A: I don't think it's any different for me. My mindset each and every day is to come in and challenge myself to be better, lead, and when my opportunity is presented in front of me, to go out and make the best of it.

Q: How many snaps with the first-team offense do you get in a typical week if (quarterback) Daniel (Jones) is healthy?

A: Not many, if any. You've got to prepare from another perspective, more mental reps then throwing with guys after practice. Here our 1s, the starting quarterback takes the 1s reps.

Q: Would it mean anything to you if you did get the start to be able to go back to Buffalo? It's one of the places you obviously played and started at.

A: As a competitor, any time you get a chance to go out and play, you always look forward to it. It just so happens to be Buffalo this week. Obviously, I love to compete, so wherever that is, if it's this week, if it's another time, I look forward to those opportunities.

Q: Have you and Daniel had much communication about how he's feeling or anything like that?

A: We have.

Q: Is that the end of the answer?

A: (Laughter).

Q: What do you take away from it though?

A: Take away from what?

Q: From your conversations with him…

A: It's a good conversation.

Q: As a competitor, if he can play, he's going to try to. You can certainly appreciate that feeling, right?

A: 100 percent. Obviously, as competitors, you get nicked up throughout the season, but we push through and battle through things. He's one of our leaders in this locker room, one of our leaders on the offense, and obviously, if he can go, he'll be ready to go.

Q: When you were hurt, did you just land on the ball?

A: Yes. I just got the wind knocked out of me. I fell in an awkward position. I'm okay, though.

Q: If you do have to start, do you – I don't want to say have to be careful – have to pick your spots on when you can be aggressive? How many hits you can take? What type of hits you can take?

A: No, I don't think you've got to go into a game with that mindset. I think you play free. Obviously, it's a contact sport that we play and a collision sport that we play. Playing scared is never a good thing. Obviously, as a quarterback, you want to limit the hits that you take on your body, but at the same time, you've got to do what's best for the team in certain situations as far as fighting for extra yardage or making plays. Never playing timid, going out there and competing at a high level and dealing with what comes with that.

Q: How much of a loss for them is (linebacker Matt) Milano leaving?

A: It's a big loss for them. Milano is a hell of a player. He means a lot for their defense. It's just like every team, you preach the next-man-up mentality and I'm pretty sure they have someone that they're looking for to step up in that role. Prayers to Milano, a teammate of mine. Wish him a speedy recovery.

Q: Obviously, everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. How much different do you think the offense looks with you compared to Daniel, or would look?

A: I think it all boils down to execution at the end of the day. (In audible) that's up front, that's the skill positions as well, too. Just about executing regardless of who's at quarterback. It's about executing at a high level and doing it consistently.

Q: Do you think they call a similar game from a play calling perspective with you and Daniel, or do you think you maybe do some things differently?

A: I think so. But also, that's out of my control. That's up to our coaches to be able to put our players and our skill players in the best position to go out and execute at a high level.

Q: Can an offense make explosive plays if protection doesn't hold up?

A: I think that's part of it. Obviously, protection and being able to push the ball down the field, but yes, explosive plays can be created in different ways. We've had our opportunities throughout this year to be able to create explosive (plays), we just haven't done a great job of executing. You can name a number of different things. Obviously, as a team we know what we can do better. We've been working on trying to do better in those areas.

Q: I know you said you don't approach the week any differently, but even just logistically, do you have to meet with (guard) Ben (Bredeson) more to make sure you guys are on the same page of protection and stuff like that?

A: No. We all sit in on a lot of meetings throughout the week. Our conversation is fluid throughout the week. Quarterbacks, offensive linemen, we meet a number of times outside of what's on the schedule, and all the quarterbacks and all the offensive linemen are in on those calls. It's not anything different from a weekly basis.

Q: You know what that place is like. It's a primetime game up there. That matters for an offense.

A: For sure. It's going to be an electric atmosphere. Obviously, their fan base is one of the wilder ones, I guess they've been labeled as it. They create a great environment for football. Communication has got to be at its best when you're going into an environment like this, but as a player, I think you live for these types of environments and these types of moments.

Q: Do you feel any more game ready from having been in so many games this season? I think you've played in every one but one. Does that help you get acclimated for a game where you might start, or does it not matter?

A: I don't think it matters for me. Obviously, the best experience is having experience in a game. But whether I played snaps or didn't play snaps this year, I think execution is, like I said, what it boils down to. That's going out there and executing in every aspect to give ourselves the best chance to go out and compete.

Q: Would it be helpful if you got (running back) Saquon (Barkley) back if you did start?

A: For sure. I mean, Saquon is one of our better players on this team. He's a leader on offense. If we can get him back, that would help the offense. But if not, the next man has to step up and be ready when called upon. I think the backs have done a great job of playing into that role and contributing at a high level.

Q: Are you surprised by the number of challenges this team has had at this point in the season?

A: No, I'm not surprised, but maybe that's 13 years of playing professionally. I think the season always takes twists and turns, some for the good, some for the bad. The good teams are the ones that can endure those and be able to stay levelheaded through all that and stay positive. That's what you see within this locker room. A lot of positive attitudes, guys working to get things right, and obviously, get back in the winning column.

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