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Quotes: Coach Brian Daboll, QB Tommy DeVito

Head Coach Brian Daboll

Opening statement: "No update on Daniel [Jones]. I will give it to you right now. No update really on any of the guys other than it's a knee for Daniel. He will get tested and find out where it's at."

Q: The doctors give any preliminary word on what it might be?

Coach Daboll: "No. They gave him X-rays and came back nothing was wrong on the X-rays. We will get more tests, MRIs and stuff done tomorrow."

Q: There are reports that it could be an ACL?

Coach Daboll: "I'm going to wait to find out and go through it. You never know with those things, so when we get back, we will get the information and see where it's at."

Q: How tough was that to see him go down like that?

Coach Daboll: "Tough. You never want your guys to go down. He has worked really hard to get back and it's unfortunate."

Q: It looked like he got hurt on the play at the end of the first quarter. Can you explain the sequence on that play?

Coach Daboll: "Yeah, he felt like he buckled and then he was running it off. We went over to him, we talked to him, and he said, 'Nah, I'm good' and then went back in. He obviously wasn't."

Q: Did the trainers check him?

Coach Daboll: "We all talked to him. We said, 'How are you doing?' He said, 'I'm good. I'm good.' And then he was jogging back and forth and said, 'I'm good.'"

Q: Did he sense anything or say anything that he thought happened?

Coach Daboll: "I haven't talked to him."

Q: How does his injury change things for you guys going forward?

Coach Daboll: "We got to get the next guy ready, [Tommy] DeVito, [Matt] Barkley. We got to get those guys ready to play."

Q: Would you add to that list potentially?

Coach Daboll: "I'm sure we'll have conversations tomorrow and the next day."

Q: You decided to do a quarterback sneak with Daniel Jones and didn't get it. Was it just that he didn't get pushed?

Coach Daboll: "We just came up a little short."

Q: We're you going to go for that first fourth down attempt before the penalty?

Coach Daboll: "Potentially. What we were really trying to do was to draw them offsides, but we moved."

Q: So, you weren't trying to go for it?

Coach Daboll: "There's a couple of little mechanics within there."

Q: Is Evan Neal now injured again?

Coach Daboll: "I don't know. I know he's out right now, but I haven't talked to the trainers or doctors at all."

Q: He clearly did hurt himself at some point?

Coach Daboll: "He did towards the end, but I don't I don't have any information on it."

Q: Did Adoree' Jackson hurt his neck again?

Coach Daboll: "Yeah, concussion, I guess.

Q: In the big picture, what does this mean for your season when you're going to potentially lose your quarterback?

Coach Daboll: "Got to do a better job. Got to get back to work, get the guys ready that are going to be available and get ready to play."

Q: With everything that you've tried when he [Daniel Jones] was in, then he was out, and now back out again. How hard is it to just be discouraged?

Coach Daboll: "We can all do a better job and that's what we'll do each week. We go out there, practice the right way, we prepare, and we have to do a better job on Sundays."

Q: What tests did Daniel Jones have done so far?

Coach Daboll: "He had an X-ray. I let them know before you were in here that he had an X-ray and then we'll get more when we get back."

Q: What happened defensively today?

Coach Daboll: "They did a good job early in the game running the ball and hitting some big plays. They took advantage of the opportunities that they had. I thought they did a good job. I thought their quarterback played well, the receivers got open and caught the ball, and made some big plays down the field. They did a good job offensively. I give them credit."

Q: Is there some human nature to being discouraged when you see Daniel Jones go off the field?

Coach Daboll: "I'd say each week we do everything we can do to try to prepare and play our best, but again, you don't want to see your players get hurt. But that's the nature of the game."

Q: How do you keep from being discouraged?

Coach Daboll: "I've been in this league a long time, so obviously not the results we want, but stay firm and committed to the things we need to do and go out there and have a good week of practice and put a better product on the field on Sunday."

Q: What do you think of the way Tommy DeVito performed?

Coach Daboll: "I thought he did some good things. Obviously, we had the two picks. One was off the hands of a receiver. The other one was kind of a cross post, the back side corner ran with it, and they [Raiders] made a good play down the field. I thought he made some good decisions, stood in there, competed well. So, keep working with him."

Q: Is it something where now worst case if Daniel Jones is not back do you have to sort of switch your playbook toward what [Tommy] DeVito is capable of doing, or do you get him up to par?

Coach Daboll: "Yeah, I mean, any quarterback we have in whether it was Tyrod [Taylor] or Daniel, or in this case DeVito, we always try to tailor to what those guys do well and what they prefer. The quarterback position is an important position. So, definitely if DeVito is the guy that you tailor stuff towards him."

Q: You seemed to have a big, warm hug for Antonio Pierce?

Coach Daboll: "I said congratulations. That was a good win for him, and I got a lot of respect for AP. We go back a ways, and I just congratulated him for the win."

Q: You talked a lot about dealing with adversity, how are you going to approach this next stretch coming up here?

Coach Daboll: "Go back, look at the tape, get ready to play next week, have a good week of practice and get ready to play on Sunday."

Q: Is Matt Barkley in position to be the backup next week?

Coach Daboll: "Yeah, I mean we'll talk about that I think right after the game here. I appreciate the question, but yeah, a little bit of a ways here."

Quarterback Tommy DeVito

Q: Tommy, the second you saw Daniel Jones go down and your number's called, you have to be ready to get in there. Can you walk us through the emotions there?

DeVito: "Yeah, it was the same deal as last week, really. Last week when Ty [Tyrod Taylor] went down and was kind of slow to get up, everybody kind of looks around at me, 'Hey, get ready to go get some snaps.' Same deal this week, DJ [Daniel Jones] went down right before that first quarter, and the first quarter played out and he said was good and went out there and then went down again. So, I took a couple snaps with John Michael [Schmitz Jr.], just staying the course."

Q: It seemed like Daniel Jones was trying to shake it off or make sure he was okay between the quarters there. Did you speak to him at all? It seemed like he felt like he was okay, for the moment. Did you get a chance to talk to him about what was going on there?

DeVito: "Yeah, it's my normal, 'You good? He's good. Okay.' Just making sure that I wasn't going in that direct play."

Q: And how did you feel today compared to last week? Did you feel more comfortable?

DeVito: "Yeah, I mean, a completely different scenario, right? Last week, the score of the game, the situation of the game, the weather, everything that was going into it. Offensively, mindset was different. I mean, this week we were down early. I made some mistakes that I'm looking forward to cleaning up, but I'm saying it was a different situation."

Q: Tommy, does part of you say, "You can't believe what happened", with Daniel Jones getting cleared, coming back and having this happen again? Does part of you as a teammate, and presumably a friend, do you think that?

DeVito: "Yeah, it sucks. I mean, that's part of the sport. Injuries are the one thing that you can never not have happen in a sport. Obviously, for someone to be gone for a while and then come back, and then something happened, obviously I don't know the extent of it. But he's in my prayers and with all the team's prayers, and we're hoping for him to be back."

Q: Do you think you guys can regroup?

DeVito: "Yeah, for sure. I think as players, we talked about it in the locker room, the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So, even if you think you're doing something all the way right, or doing as much as you can, there's always more to give. Everybody has to change, starting with me. And everybody trickling in on offense, defense, special teams, everybody, even coaches included. We have to look at ourselves in the mirror and try to give more."

Q: Talking about the long pass to Jalin Hyatt, did you just not get enough air under that? What happened there?

DeVito: "Yeah, that was me just pushing too much. We were down, let it go a little too late. I was just giving him a chance. But yeah, I have to see the backside corner pushing back to it and either leave it out or just get down to my other outlets over there."

Q: Tommy, have you had a chance to process that potentially down the stretch this is your team?

DeVito: "I just take it one day at a time. I don't know the decisions being made outside of right now and what's going on. I can only control what I can control. I go in, watch the film, get better and continue to do that each and every day."

Q: Is a part of you saying this might be my chance to prove yourself?

DeVito: "For sure. I think that every time I step on the field, I want to prove that I belong on that field. Go out and give my best effort on every play and make the right decision, but obviously that doesn't happen every time. You make mistakes, which I will grow from the ones that happened this game for next week. But yeah, every time I go out on the field, I leave it on the field. I have been hit with injuries in the past before, and like I said before, you can't control them so you give it your all, 100 percent on every play because you never know which is going to be your last."

Q: Can you talk about throwing your first NFL touchdown pass? And do you feel the optimism and positivity of that play in this moment?

DeVito: "Yeah, a little bit. I mean, we were down, so we weren't able to really celebrate or anything like that. But that drive, and I think the drive before, you saw us move the ball down the field. I think the offense started to click at that point, but I guess we clicked too late."

Q: You always hear the phrase "win as a team." You don't want to make excuses, but at the same time, how much can you sort of put this one on emotion? Losing Daniel Jones, turnovers, and then everything with the Raiders. Their coaching change, Antonio Pierce's debut, the offense hasn't scored 20 points all season. A lot of emotion working against the Giants today?

DeVito: "We're not going to feel sorry for ourselves by any means. Obviously, things happen. They came out with energy; they played good football. I had two turnovers which led to points. That does not help, certainly, for our defense. Offensively, we have to execute more, come out and make plays, and I need to make more plays."

Q: There are people who have doubts that the Giants are moving on with Tommy DeVito at quarterback, are you driven by that at all?

DeVito: "Yeah, I mean it's just outside noise regardless. I'm going to do everything that I can to lead this offense down the field and score points. That's my job, that's what I'm going to continue to do and just operate the offense."


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