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Head Coach Brian Daboll

Q: How do you sum up what happened out there today?

A: A disappointing loss.

Q: Can you explain the decision there on the (kicker) Graham (Gano) field goal? Not going for it, what went into that?

A: Kick a field goal there, and they have 24 seconds with no timeouts, and they need a touchdown. So, counted on making the field goal, and then they'd have 24 seconds with no time outs, still have to drive it the length, and our defense was playing well all game. That's why I made the decision.

Q: The flip side is to say—

A: There's always a flip side. I understand what it is.

Q: That still doesn't end the game, right? Why not take the opportunity there to end the game by getting the one yard?

A: Yeah, I mean, in hindsight, I understand the question. Completely legit question, but it's a decision that we made to try to kick a field goal with Graham. Our defense was—they were like, 0-for-12 on third down. They were playing well. That's the decision we made. It didn't work out.

Q: Is Graham healthy?

A: Yeah. Graham's alright.

Q: Wouldn't trusting your defense embolden you to go for it?

A: What's that?

Q: In that type of situation, trusting your defense?

A: Then they would need a field goal to tie. There are so many different things. If they go down and get a field goal, we didn't get it. I felt comfortable with what we talked about. It didn't work out, and I'm disappointed.

Q: What was the real plan behind (quarterback) Tommy DeVito the last two weeks? Because it seems as though you didn't trust him on the field. He didn't throw a lot. If that's the case, why didn't you bring in somebody like (quarterback) Matt Barkley, who is experienced? Because (quarterback) Tyrod (Taylor) is not necessarily—he's very familiar with injury.

A: I'd say this: this game, I kind of figured this is the way the game would be played out. We were going to run the ball regardless. With the weather conditions and the way our defense was playing, we knew it would be kind of a fourth-quarter game. I felt comfortable with him running the offense. But again, the plan was we were going to keep it on the ground quite a bit based on the weather and based on how we thought the game was going to be played out, and it played out pretty much the way we thought it was going to be played out. Just came up short.

Q: How is Tyrod doing? Is he back here?

A: No, he went to the hospital. I don't have any update on him. Prayers go out to him. I hope he's okay.

Q: Did you get a chance to speak to him before he left or when he came to the sidelines?

A: No, I was going to the sideline. He went kind of right down, and trainers took him right in. Right now, he's there.

Q: Do you know how bad (tight end Darren) Waller's injury is?

A: I don't. Just hamstring.

Q: You obviously bottled them up all game, like you said, up until that last drive. What happened for them to get the two big completions? Did you soften the coverage?

A: One, we had the DPI there in overtime. The other one we kind of lost it, got outside of the contain, and threw it up there. They made a couple of good plays.

Q: With Tyrod's injury Graham Gano missing field goals left and right, and the report coming out about the swollen leg, is it the plan tomorrow to bring in a couple of quarterbacks like you did and also maybe a couple of kickers?

A: I understand the question. I'm not there yet. We talk every Monday morning, so, it's not right now.

Q: What did you tell your guys afterward and what's their mindset after a game like today?

A: I said it was a tough loss. This one hurts.

Q: What do you think was the problem in the passing game? You finished with negative nine yards.

A: We ran it almost every play.

Q: Why is that? What was the thinking behind that?

A: Weather, control the game, thought our defense was going to play well, figured it would be a close game. (Running back) Saquon (Barkley) had some good runs. We had some opportunities. Just trying to win the game a little bit of an old-school way today.

Q: If (quarterback) Daniel (Jones) is not ready, what's your plan for quarterback next week?

A: I can't give it to you right now.

Q: What did you think when Matt Barkley and (quarterback) Ian Book came to visit?

A: I'm not there. We'll talk about that stuff tomorrow when I sit down with (General Manager) Joe (Schoen) and the rest of the guys. This one hurts. It's a tough loss.

Q: There were times when it looked like Saquon was trying to will the offense. What did you think of how he did play today?

A: He played hard. I mean, I told the guys at halftime we're going through 26 (running back Saquon Barkley). We're going to hand it off a bunch, we're going to play good defense, we're going to try to control the field position with our kicking game. We drove down there; it was a long drive there in the third quarter. Just kind of play it a certain way to try to win the game, and it just didn't work out.

Q: You've been around the game for a while. Have you had a disappointing loss like this before?

A: They're all disappointing. Every loss is disappointing.

Q: The way you leaned on your defense all day, how stunned were you that they were able to get into field goal range in 24 seconds?

A: They did a good job. Give them credit. Not much else for you.

Q: What was the feel in the locker room afterward from your players?

A: Disappointed.

Q: There was another fourth-and-one in the second quarter—

A: Same situation. Points. We were trying to get points. So, when we got down into the area, we thought that we were in good field position, and we were going to take points. So, it didn't work out.

Q: You said Graham is good, but he told us that he needs surgery on his left knee. Do you think that's affected him at all?

A: I don't know. Going into it, we felt comfortable with him.

Q: Did losing Waller early affect any of your game planning?

A: Anytime you lose a good player, it affects your game plan, sure. Down to one tight end, and (offensive lineman) Marcus (McKethan) played some tight end that (Tight e End coach Andy) Bisch(off) was going through with him during the week. But that's not an excuse. We just didn't get it done.

Q: Is there a concern Waller is going to be lost for several weeks?

A: Don't know. Yeah, I have no idea.

Q: Does an offense need you sometimes to put confidence in them to get a fourth-and-one? Is that a tangible part of a decision like that at all?

A: Look, I made the decision I thought was the best for the team. It didn't work out. So, at the end of the day, I take responsibility, but I thought it was the best for the team, and that's the way I'll always make them.

Q: Have you recognized that some of those decisions over the last few weeks even going back to Buffalo kind of were the difference in some of those low-scoring, very close games, where it's, like, fourth-and-inches, fourth-and-one, that you can continue the momentum?

A: Yeah, every decision that you make, you try to make for the best interest of the team in that particular game. That's what we'll always do. Sometimes, it doesn't work out. I accept responsibility for that, but you sit down, you have discussions, you talk about it on the headset, and then you make a decision, and that's what you need to do.

So, it didn't work out. We still had a few seconds there at the end to try to stop them. Give them credit, but disappointing loss.

Q: How do you think (quarterback) Tommy (DeVito) handled himself? It was his first NFL game in the regular season.

A: Obviously, we handed it off a bunch. He controlled the huddle. He's made progress since he's been here, but we didn't throw it much.

Q: How much of a reflection of the game plan in the second half was DeVito being at quarterback, or your game plan—

A: I would say it was a collective. How the defense was playing, we tried to play field position game, control the ball, run the ball, we came out and had a good drive there, not turn it over. We had a couple of little actions here or there. We threw one to (tight end Daniel) Bellinger, and we threw one out into the flat, but it was really to rely on Saquon, the offensive line, our defense, and play field position in terms of the kicking game.

They did an outstanding job on their units. We were backed up three times, I think, which is a long, hard way against that defense, too. Also controlling the ball in terms of not giving it to them in a backed-up field, a short field, something happens. So, we were playing, I'd say, a conservative game. Just didn't work out at the end.

Q: What'd you see from your new punt returner (wide receiver Gunner Olszewski)?

A: He fielded the ball, and he made some good plays with it.

Q: You're sitting at 2-6. The trade deadline is two days away. Where do you guys stand, does that affect how you'll handle the next few days?

A: I understand the question; I'm not there yet to talk about that.

Q: What did ownership think of today's game when you talked to them?

A: Yeah, I'll keep all that stuff that we talk about between us. Nobody's happy when we lose. When you lose, it's disappointing. Good conversations, but normal conversations.

Quarterback Tommy DeVito

Q: What was today like for you?

A: A lot of emotions. Wish it would've ended better to fulfill those emotions but the little kid in me is smiling right now that I got to play in an NFL game and really in a meaningful NFL game. I just wish the outcome would've been different.

Q: What was going through your head when (quarterback) Tyrod (Taylor) went down, and you started taking those passes?

A: Hoping that he's healthy and everything's going well, I don't have any updates with that or anything but it's time to go. It's kind of the same thing that Tyrod's been telling me about how he prepares and what goes through his head because it's tough. You never know what play it is, what time it is, if it's going to happen, if it's not going to happen so there's a tough part about staying ready, being ready for that role which is what makes that position so difficult. So, I thought Tyrod did a good job helping me throughout these last couple months being here, and just when he went down, everybody just looked at me and we were all good and we were going to go through with (what) our gameplan was.

Q: Do you wish that maybe you would've passed a little bit more? Or did you just say, 'look, this is my first NFL game, I want to leave it up to the coach. Coach knows best.

A: Yeah, the plays are called, and my job is just to go out there and execute and help lead the offense.

Q: Who were you turning to on the bench during the game? You mentioned you were relying on Tyrod but he's not there for you to talk to.

A: Really with (center) John Michael (Schmitz Jr.) and then (running back) Saquon (Barkley). That was part of our game plan and clearly, he carried the load of the offense really the whole second half so really just rely on those two and make sure all communication was good and then being able to execute the offense.

Q: How much did the game plan change with Tyrod to you and using the run more?

A: I don't think it was too drastic. Obviously, we had some injuries and people get banged up, people are out, kind of affected some things but like I said, again, whatever plays called, they call it, I haul it. Just make sure everything's and go out and execute.

Q: Obviously, you didn't get the win but what did it mean for you to get your first NFL touchdown?

A: It was cool. I kind of blacked out at the time, not really sure what happened. They said they had the ball in the back, but it would've felt a little sweeter with the victory in the end but blessed to be in the situation and I'll charge it.

Q: Have you spoken to your family at all yet?

A: Say it again.

Q: You speak to your family at all yet?

A: I did not. No.

Q: You mentioned you were turning to Saquon and JMS, what were they telling you after the game?

A: Just be you. Continue to be you and just that they have my back through everything and that I played a great game but, in my eyes, there are definitely things to correct but I'll just look forward to the film tomorrow.

Running Back Saquon Barkley

Q: How can you put this into words, today's loss?

A: This one definitely stings. We played a really good team. You've got to give hats off to the Jets, defense played great, the o-line battled their tails off, (New York Giants QB) Tommy (DeVito) came in and did a great job. We came up short.

Q: Can you believe you lost this game?

A: Yeah, I guess I can, because we lost. In that moment when everything's going your way, you feel like we can finish the game. We've just got to do a better job of finding a way to win that game. There are so many plays out there that we want to have back, especially myself, and we'll start by going and watching film, and seeing what I can do better and what we could do better.

Q: Were you surprised at the field goal at the end, 4th-and-1, were you hoping to get the ball there in that situation?

A: It's 4th-and-1, I could sit here and be like oh I want the ball in that situation, but we've got nothing but trust in (New York Giants K) Graham (Gano), and we're going to continue to have trust in Graham. To be honest, I could have gotten the first down the play before. I've got to drive my feet a little more, or some other back could find a way to get a first down. You could sit here and pick and choose, oh the 4th-and-1, that decision or what should we have done there or not, and you could make that the play but there are so many plays that go throughout a game that helps with the decision of how the game turns out. Just got to be better, all of us.

Q: What was it like when Tommy went in there and that transition?

A: I think he did great. He was cool, calm, collected. It's a tough defense to go against for your first time. He was able to get in the end zone. He's a local kid, probably felt great for him. Just disappointed we couldn't get the win from him. We came close but didn't get it done.

Q: You were told basically at halftime that the ball is going through you here. You knew it would be difficult, right? They were going to stack it, you were going to get the ball and get the ball. What kind of a challenge was that?

A: It's football. That's what my answer is, football.

Q: It's an unusual game when they're not throwing the ball—

A: I mean you would think it'd be a little different but you're in the situation where that's what we're going to do. I was made aware of it, I was all for it. Came up short.

Q: What's your message to your teammates after a game like this?

A: They know what it is already. We'll definitely talk about that this week, but we're still in a fight. Everything we want out there is still there, so we've just got to watch film, get better and improve.

Q: You've been on losing ends of games that are emotional at the end. How does this one compare, considering everything that was at stake for you guys?

A: It stings, but a loss is a loss no matter how it goes down. It's still a loss and you've still got to be professional about it, and you've still got to come to work tomorrow and get ready for next week, and that's the National Football League.

Q: How important is it for this team to get back Daniel Jones sooner rather than later as your starting quarterback?

A: DJ is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. He's our starting quarterback. He's our leader. I don't want to speak for him but whenever he's able to get back out there, definitely going to be helpful and we're going to do what we can to help make his job easier.

Q: What's his presence in a game like today on the sidelines?

A: I've been in that position. It's hard to lead in a sweatshirt, hoodie and shorts, but he did a great job. I think he did a really good job, especially when (New York Giants QB) Tyrod (Taylor) went down and keeping Tommy cool and being in his ear and talking to him and helping him out and giving him advice. That's what we expect from DJ. He's a heck of a guy, heck of a quarterback, heck of a leader, and whenever we're able to get him back we know he'll be ready to roll.

Q: Do you hate not going for it on 4th-and-1 knowing who you are and what you can do?

A: Yeah, like I said we could sit here and talk about that decision all day. We have Graham Gano, one of the greatest kickers of all time to be honest. That's life, sometimes it doesn't go your way, but we're going to continue to have faith in him. We had faith in him coming into that moment, and we'll continue to have faith in him after that moment. That's football. That's life. It didn't go our way and that's the situation, but as a competitor – yeah you want the ball, but I'm not going to harp in that situation. I've got to find a way to get the first down before that.

Q: Does it surprise you though at all from Brian's standpoint? He's shown to be an aggressive coach before, obviously your defense is playing great, there are a lot of factors that go into it. Does it surprise you at all that, especially the first one early in the game?

A: No. I mean, he's going to do whatever he can to put our team in the best situation. We are going to rock with him with any decision that he makes. I mean, what would you guys do? Our defense is playing lights out, we have a really good kicker. I rock with his call – he made the decision.

Q: Is there ever an opportunity where you see coach being conservative on multiple fourth and shorts and you go back into the break and kind of talk that over as far as, we are a 2-5 team, is there a conference around those situations if you ever were to get it again as far as player and coach?

A: No, I mean we have those conversations in the leadership council with the captains and coaches. We go through situations, sometimes we vote on what we would do in a situation and what we wouldn't do. We all have faith and confidence in Dabs and his decision. He's going to do whatever he can to put the team in the best situation to win a football game and that's the call he made and if we execute as players, then we aren't talking about the call, but that happens. Football happens. We can't be there, put our head down. We've got to find a way to make a stop or when we get the ball on offense, we can't come out and get negative plays and put ourselves in bad situations. That's how the NFL works, we've got to have each other's back and we didn't do that, especially on the offensive side of the ball with the way the defense played today.

Q: Is there any feeling here that this room could look a little different on Wednesday based on this result and where the season is?

A: No, I mean if anyone is they need to grow up. This is the NFL, you can't control that. It's business. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, it doesn't. Obviously, we want everyone that's here to continue to be here. Everything we still want is out there. We are still in the fight. We are going to get healthier, we're going to get some of our guys back and we've got to make a run at this thing.

Q: What do you make of 2-6 at basically the midway point of the season after you were a playoff team last year, coming off now a disappointing loss?

A: Yeah, not ideal, not where we want to be. Could easily be (4-4), or whatever the math is, losing two close games to Buffalo and to the Jets, but can't sit here, can't pout. Like I said, everything is still there. We are still in the fight. We can still go out there and give us a chance to compete in the playoffs and compete for a championship. That's every team's goal at the start of the season, that's all still there. I'm going to stay positive, I'm going to keep believing, keep trusting the coaches, keep trusting the system, keep trusting my teammates and lead. Try to get this thing back on the right track.

Q: There was a portion of that game where in the press box it looked like you were just going to take it over. You were really dominant for a period. Is it harder to lose a game like this where you gave what you did on the field that way?

A: No, I don't really look at it that way. A loss is a loss. This one stings a little bit more, obviously, because of how close it was and almost coming away with it – and against the Jets to be honest. A loss is a loss. Got to go back, see what we could do better as a team see what I can do better as a player and then get ready for Vegas.

Q: Rhythm-wise, am I on to something there, though? The way that you were performing on the field.

A: As a back when you start getting downhill, you start making guys miss, you start falling forward, falling forward. You definitely can get a rhythm and you can get that juice inside, just kind of like anything in life, but yes. Hats off the offensive line, hats off to Tommy, everyone in this stadium knew that we were going to run the ball. That's tough to do, especially in this level and this league and they did a great job of making me look good.

Q: With your dad as a Jets fan, did he send you a text already?

A: No, I haven't talked to him. You know my dad's a good dad, I think he knows this one stings a little bit, so probably be picking me up and giving me some words of encouragement.

Outside Linebacker Kayvon Thibodeaux

Q: What's the most disappointing aspect of this game to have that lead late?

A: You've just got to finish. NFL is a game of finishing, and they were able to execute at the end of the game and get enough points to win.

Q: You played all over the football field today. Does that make you feel even worse here because you gave the effort, and the team didn't get the win?

A: Nah, man. It's a team sport. It is devastating that we didn't get the win, but it takes all of us. It takes all of us, so we've just got to keep going.

Q: You said you've got to finish. Did you think with twenty-four seconds to go it was pretty much finished at that point?

A: It's the NFL. It's not over 'til the lady sings, so we've just got to finish better on the defense.

Q: After the way the defense played for fifty-nine minutes and thirty something seconds, you didn't get the win.

A: Yeah, man, the (New York Jets) quarterback (Zach Wilson) made some great plays and they got enough to kick the field goal.

Q: What was different about (Zach Wilson's) ability to escape and find time on the last two drives where they were able to get the points?

A: We've just got to make plays. I don't think he did anything crazy. For them it's a routine play, for us it's a routine play. It's just about who executes it at a higher level.

Q: What was the plan on that last possession defensively?

A: Make a play. Make a play.

Cornerback Adoree' Jackson

Q: Did you think that you were the better defense today for most of this game?

A: I felt like our defense played well, and their defense played great also. They got stops when they needed, we got stops as well, but I think our defense played great out there.

Q: What was the feeling when you guys were on the field there with twenty-something seconds left in regulation?

A: What was the feeling? Get the game over with. That's it.

Q: Why weren't you able to do that?

A: They made a couple of plays – scramble, extended the play, was able to make them.

Q: Were you guys in a prevent at that point? Or were just trying not to give up big plays?

A: No, we were actually playing outside-man. Ran a d-seven, breaking out and seeing the quarterback scramble, gave him a little nudge, went back inside, boom, they caught the ball, and they clocked it and got the field goal to go into OT. It wasn't a prevent or any of that. We were in outside man-to-man.

Kicker Graham Gano

Q. Can you talk us through those two missed field goals?

A: I have no excuses. That's not who I am. I'm sure some people want me to sit up here and make excuses, I've got none. I've got to play better. It's frustrating, I know the team played well. I just didn't. I've got to play better.

Q: As you try to diagnose this, what do you think has gone wrong with you lately? This year has not been your usual productive year…

A: I'm not going to get into all of that. The truth of the matter is that I just have to go out there and make my kicks. They send me out there expecting me to make them. That's just not who I am to sit up here and make excuses or to cower or do anything like that. I just have to do a better job and not let everybody down.

Q: How are you physically?

A: It's not a problem. My knee is what it is, but I've got to make my kicks. It's not the reason that I missed today, I just played poorly.

Q: The snap, the hold everything was there for you?

A: Yeah, it was fine. I'm good enough to make those kicks. I just have to do a better job.

Q: You mentioned that you let everyone down, obviously there's a lot that goes into the game with why teams win or lose, but do you feel that way?

A: 100%, yeah. If I make those kicks, we win the game. It's frustrating. I care about this team, the fans, I put a lot of work into this. It sucks, it sucks that I let everybody down. You can put it straight on me; there is nobody else honestly. This one is on me for sure.

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