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Quotes: Coach Coughlin Conference Call


Head Coach Tom Coughlin
When you look at this tape, I mean I made an incredible number of notes on the side and not taking anything away from the Colts, but this game was a lot about what we didn't do, what we weren't able to accomplish.  When you go right down the line, there are some good things.  We held them to 2.7 (rushing average) and they had seven runs of minus yardage.  We averaged four yards a clip.  Of course we had the … stat in terms of sacks.  They sacked us six times, we only got them once.  The one key thing for me was the 10 penalties, which were totally the opposite of what the circumstance was the week before.  We were 0-for-4 in the green zone, they were one-for-one.  As I looked at it,  I thought we had the opportunity to intercept five balls, I really did.  I thought we had a great chance to have five interceptions and as I looked at the field position and the way in which the ball was driven, there's three opportunities for touchdowns if you just strictly stay with the minimum.  I was disappointed in the fact that we didn't make those plays and again, they made some and we made a few, but we certainly didn't make enough.  That's basically the disappointment that I have coming out of this game.

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Q: What about the injuries coach?

A: What about them?

Q: Do you have a report on Cruz and Baas?
A: I have basically what's in front of me.  What you know.  Baas is an MCL.  That's a weekly thing for us.  The Cruz thing is what they call a heel contusion and we'll see where he stands with that as the days go by.  He probably will not practice tomorrow, although I haven't seen him.  We'll have to take that one as it comes.  Those two were obviously disappointments right away, and as I said last night, the David Baas injury was a bad tangle in there.  We'll look at it in a positive way in that it was an MCL and nothing more.  With Victor, I didn't realize that he had had the issue until he was out of the game.  What we did see was him run right by a couple of people right away, first series.  That was a very good thing to see.  We're all sorry that he wasn't able to continue to play. Q: Are you going to go with Jim Cordle at center, or have you decided yet?

A: We're going to discuss that as we go along.  There's plenty of opportunities to play going forward, as you know, so whatever decision we make., you'll have Cordle and the other centers all involved.

: Justin Tuck is alright?
A: Justin Tuck has a mild hamstring and, again, who knows?  Come tomorrow morning, it may be that he can't work at all and hopefully he'll have an opportunity to do some things.  That's the word I have now. Q: Victor was hurt on the pass interference or the play after?

A: I'm not sure exactly which one.  Everyone wants to think it was the tangle of bodies in the pass interference call.  Until I have a chance to visit with him, I won't be able to answer that one for you. Q: You said "weekly" for David Baas.  You have less than three weeks until the opener, is his status for the opener in doubt?

A: Well, it's weekly.  That's all I can tell you.  It depends on how fast that whole injury and rehab goes.  We say weekly and that's probably the best I can do right now. Q: The offensive line, did they play well?

A: Well, we didn't score any points.  I don't know.
Q: And you gave up six sacks.

A: Yeah.  You know we had some issues, no doubt, and some of the opportunities that some of the younger kids got to play caused some issues as well.  We had better production in the run than we had and there were some things being done pretty well.  We'd like it all to come together, obviously, but that's not the case right now.  They have work to do.
Q: Are any of those issues attributable to David Diehl?

A: It's a multitude of things, not just David Diehl. Q: After watching the film, what did you think of the linebacker play and have you made a decision to put Connor in front of Herzlich?

A: They'll both play.  They'll both play a lot.  I don't know the order that we will decide on this week yet.  We'll see how the first part of the week in practice goes. Q: I think I know the answer before I ask the question, but does the Jets game mean anything special to you?

A: It's our third preseason game.  It's an important game from our standpoint because we need improvement.  We need to … something right away.  The Jets are a physical football team.  It will be a very good test for us and we need to look at this with the idea of improvement and the continual analysis of personnel and trying to attack some of the areas that we haven't been good.  We haven't scored any points, we haven't scored touchdowns.  We're still lacking in the turnover area, which as I mentioned, I thought we had opportunities the other day.  There are some things that we are definitely trying to accomplish: putting pressure on the opponent's quarterback, continuing to stop the run, having a good mix between the run and the pass, and having consistency.  Third down wasn't very good last night at all.  We need improvement in that area.  We've got a lot of things to improve on. Q: With the red zone, is there a common denominator there, in terms of why you…?

A: Execution.  It's execution is what it is.  That's the common denominator.  Execute.  There have been some opportunities to hit some open receivers, which we haven't done.  We got stopped our first time down on fourth and one, which is a good play by them.  I'm not going to say it wasn't.  They made a nice defensive play and we couldn't get to the free safety, or the strong safety, and he caught the runner at an angle, instead of perhaps getting north and south, which wasn't the fault of the runner.  He had to do what he had to do to avoid being tackled earlier.  There are execution issues along the line and again, making plays.  Make a play.  Somebody, let's make a play. Q: If you have to swap some people around for Baas, would you prefer that Justin Pugh and David Diehl stay at the tackle spots?

A: I'll take a look at that.  I can't give you any thoughts on that just yet. Q: Did David Carr do anything in the backup quarterback battle?

A: Obviously we had David.  We had Ryan.  This week we'll have Painter with an opportunity, so we'll continue to analyze things.  Obviously there were some good plays, some good throws, and then there weren't some good plays and good throws.  That kind of leaves us right where we are.  You certainly would hope that there would have been some great evidence on the entire offense's part, but it didn't happen. Q: Coach, do you have any update on your three remaining PUP guys?  Are any of them any closer to coming off PUP?

A: The only thing I have today for you is that Hynoski has been working very well.  They're pleased with his work and he was the only one mentioned from the PUP group this morning by the doctors.  I didn't ask specifically about Markus or Jason. Q: Is Antrel getting closer?

A: Yes, he is. Q: Do you expect he'll practice this week?

A: The projection is yes, maybe a little bit later in the week, but the projection is hopefully that we will have an opportunity to get Antrel on the practice field this week.
Q: How about Damontre Moore?

A: Well, he's getting closer.  According to the doctors, he's not there yet, but he's getting closer. Q: What did you mean last night when you talked about the team has to stop reading their clippings?  What are you referring to?

A: I said what I said last night.  I'm about 'don't tell me, show me.'  Talk is cheap, play of the game.  I like to see us play.  I like to see us go forth and be productive and do some outstanding things and then let people talk about it.  That's what I meant. Q: There has been a lot of talk about maybe limiting the preseason to two games.  How important is this third game and what does it mean in the development of the team?

A: They're all important.  And they're all important because the number of practices have been drastically reduced.  You've got to look at it from that standpoint.  In fact, my opinion, which you know is my opinion, you need the four games because you don't have the amount of practices that we once had in preseason.  These games are treated with a higher degree of appreciation than a normal practice because you're going against someone else and you have an opportunity to put the microscope on some people in a game type setting.  That's an important part of evaluation and I think that when you look at right now where we all are in the league after two preseason games, we've probably had 17 team practices, is all we've had.  Plus, the two preseason games.  We definitely need to have the practices and the games at this point and time in my opinion. Q: How did David Wilson do in pass protection this week as opposed to last week?

A: He did ok.  He didn't have many opportunities, but he did ok when he had the opportunities. Q: When you think about the limited amount of practices that you guys do have, is Cruz's injury that much more concerning?  Do you worry about that affecting the chemistry of …?

A: Any player that misses practice is missing the opportunity to experience things and instinctively react to things.  That's what happens.  That's what you worry about with any player who misses time and misses practices because you don't get the opportunity through repetitions to learn in a multiplicity of things that can happen on any given play.  It's important for everyone to understand that.  It is about being able to practice and it is about getting as many reps as you can so that you become much more aware of the circumstances surrounding each situation. 

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