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Quotes: Coach Tom Coughlin post-practice

Good afternoon; beautiful day; gorgeous day, great to be outside. The fields look great. Once we settled down a little bit and got some things that we needed to – stretch being one of them – then it kind of fell into place a little bit better as it went along. I wondered in the beginning if we were going to have issues because it was nice and warm when we first came out but it cooled off a little bit and the guys handled it pretty well. So we got out here and hope we got inside without getting anybody hurt. Anybody have a question?

Q: What did you tell the guys before they came out here as far as your expectations? Is it just what you teach them and how well they retain it?
A: We talked to them last night. We talked last night about – it was a basic introduction but it also led to the idea of this is an opportunity. This is part of the journey right here for a lot of them. We are evaluating and everything that you do, come on out here and do the best that you can and impress people.

Q: What impressed you the most about Justin (Pugh) and his character?
A: Well, he is just a solid citizen. He is a good student. Those are the things that I best know about him. When we had a chance to interview him, we studied his profile. When we talked to the people at Syracuse we were very impressed – the hard work, the competitiveness; all of those things.

Q: Are you excited to talk Syracuse football during the season with two guys?
A: I hope we are talking Giants football, thank you very much.

Q: You have 35 people on tryouts. How many of those guys are coming back?
A: We'll see. When you do your signings with your college free agents - they come in, they have an opportunity. These other kids have an opportunity. How do you like them? Do you like one better than the other? Would you keep one? I'm sure there will be a bunch on the short list.

Q: You had one other one, I think, Chase Clement. Was he a 'failed physical?'
A: I think he was, yes.

Q: Did the draft picks come in in good shape?
A: Yes. I would say yes. A little bit here, a little bit there. But I would say yes.

Q: Weight for Johnathan Hankins?
A: Yeah, but I'm not sharing it with you. He has to be a big, strong kid for where he plays.

Q: Did Ryan Nassib look at all overwhelmed? Sometimes it is a lot for a quarterback on the first day.
A: Not at all; not at all. He went to a great school; had an excellent education. No, he did well. He was poised; picked it up well. You don't really have any meeting time, just this morning. Sometimes you have a little trouble just getting the cadence. But he did well. As time went on he got more comfortable and got better with it. Guys started to respond. He had better help. Huddle breaks - I don't know if you could tell from where you were - but he got some better huddle breaks. He did well.

Q: One of the guys we saw on the sidelines was Aaron Curry.
A: He was out here. He is in for a tryout. We'll see where it goes, There is interest.

Q: Is he able to work out?
A: A tryout – not a workout. He is able to do that – not with the team; individual workout, yes.

Q: Usually those guys come and work out and go. ……
A: No he is not.

Re: Curry's tryout and visit
A: Well he was here last night. We brought him back in this morning. We talked to him a little bit this morning.

Q: Is he in good shape?
A: We'll see what happens. There are about 60 some of them out here if you would like to talk about those guys.


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