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Quotes: Coach Tom Coughlin post-practice


Head Coach Tom CoughlinQ: Did you have a discussion with Hakeem today?**

A: I did. We talked. We'll talk again.

Q: Did you clear the air?
A: That's between he and I.

Q: It's nice to have him back right?
A: Absolutely.

Q: He did admit that he should have reached out to you. Did he express that to you?
A: That's between he and I.

Q: Is he going to be limited?
A: We don't know where he's at, so we're trying to figure that out. But he got some work in today and that was good.

Q: Could you tell that he is behind because he hasn't been to any of these OTAs?
A: He's definitely not in tune with where we are. We've had nine OTAs and we've thrown a lot at him. He's just had one meeting. If he's around, he'll pick it up quick. He'll get it fast.

Q: How much does his presence change the look of the receiving corps you currently have?
A: It will make a big difference once we get him here for some extended time, which this camp is not going to allow us. But at least he's here and he's working.

Q: If you have him healthy in training camp, isn't that where he and Eli can establish continuity?
A: I would hope that they would do some work between now and then together so that they would make up for some lost time and one thing I did mention to him is you've got to kind of go out in the backyard like you did when you were a kid with the quarterback and you guys get on the same page.

Q: Was that the idea of him out there with the four quarterbacks?
A: He always has done that. Whenever the special teams period is up and the quarterbacks are throwing, he'll go over and catch the ball.

Q: Did anybody stand out?
A: No. We had good energy, though. It was good energy today. We've got the (inaudible) which sometimes you got to fight through it and you will in training camp. One group is a little bit ahead of the other group and you've got some errors that don't allow the kind of execution you'd like to see on both sides, but there's nothing unusual about that. It will be that way for a while in training camp also. I think there are certainly players that we want to get back in the fold and then we think that once we start camp with these guys we can start making some progress.

Q: Will David Baas and Chris Snee be ready for training camp?
A: That's what I'm told, that they will be ready to go. I'm sure there will be some limitations. It won't be like what it is here. They'll be able to work.

Q: Have you been able to do more with having a tight end back at fullback, throwing more to them out of the backfield than you have with a traditional fullback?
A: No. Henry has demonstrated outstanding hands. It's not been any more. You see, when there's a tight end playing the fullback position you've got a bigger, taller man that looks…as you look over the field, he certainly is very obvious about where he sits. The ball may be going to him. I don't know that's the case, but no more no less.

Q: Any updates on Hynoski?
A: He's doing well. Everyday he's in there.

Q: Is it realistic for him to be ready for the start of the season?
A: I hope so, just like I hope for JPP.

Q: Have you had any updates on JPP?
A: He's back and he's here, but he's in the process of getting to the point where he can do some things and I know that probably for the first three or four weeks he's not going to be doing much.

Q: Any interest in the former Ravens' fullback who became available today?
A: We're interested in everybody.

Q: Is there any concern that Victor Cruz is still not here yet?
A: I've been optimistic since day one and it hasn't gotten me anywhere, has it? I just continue to be that way. The clock is running. The calendar dates are going by. This is something that at least we could have benefitted by, if nothing else, this mini camp. But you have to realize that there is no contract at this time. So without a contract, he's not going to be here.

Q: Have you sensed that the rookies are becoming more comfortable now that they're starting to fold in and work with the veterans?
A: They're definitely getting better. They're definitely getting more used to the routine. It's just as more stuff gets thrown at them… It might be one step forward and two back. They're getting there though. It's a good impressive group right now.


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