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Quotes: Giants players talk goals for 2015

WR Dwayne Harris

Q: You are on the other side of a pretty good rivalry. Can you talk about that?
A: It is going to be fun. I played with those guys for four years over in Dallas. I know it is going to be fun to see them again. It is going to fun to play in that stadium. It is just going to be fun to play against a group of guys I have known for a long time. It is going to be a fun game I know that.

Q: Were you glad to see it as the opening game?
A: I wasn't excited, but it is going to be fun though. For me it gives me a chance to go out and play against guys I know. It is going to be a fun experience for me because it is going to be like playing in the back yard.

Q: Do you feel like you have something to prove?
A: I don't think I have anything to prove. I think what I have done in this league speaks for itself. I go out and play hard every play. I go out and do my job and I think that shows on the field.

Q: What was your reaction to the attention you received in free agency? And how important was the team you signed with viewed you as a receiver and a returner?
A: That is exactly why I chose to come here. They do look at me as a receiver and the things I can do on the offensive end. The things I did in Dallas limited me because I was doing a lot of special team work and then outside of that I was blocking for DeMarco Murray. I was one of the guys who was on the field all the time except when the defense was on the field. Being able to come here and show people I can play receiver and the things I can do when I have the ball in my hands is going to be fun for me. I think it is going to be fun for the organization to see what I can do.

Q: What did they tell you? What are your expectations coming in?
A: They have a lot of different situational things they are going to put me in. It is going to be kind of similar to Dallas but a bigger role. I think that they are going to put me in situations where I can go out and make plays. I really don't know exactly what Coach McAdoo has in store for what they want me to do exactly, but they described to me that they will use me more as a situational guy to come in and do different things.

Q: A lot of people would look at the depth at receiver and say there are not a lot of opportunities there… What did they say that convinced you?
A: Just with the things I can do. They know when I get the ball in my hands I am definitely a playmaker. They said with the guys we have on this and team and then me in the mix they can do a lot of different things. I can line up in the backfield, line up in the slot, on the outside and it definitely doesn't limit me as a player.


OL Justin Pugh**

Q: How are you?
A: I am good. I am doing well. I just got a puppy. He is wheaten doodle mix. His name is Murphy. His name was Murphy and I always said if I got a dog I would name him Murphy, so someone was trying to get rid of him and I adopted him. I got him now. He is doing well in the crate. We are having a little trouble here with the potty training, but we are getting it down. I will take him for a walk when I get out of here.

Q: Would Murphy prefer you to play right tackle or guard?
A: He is going to love me no matter what. He just wants me to play my hardest. We will see what happens.

Q: How much are you going to pay attention to the draft?
A: I am definitely going to pay attention. I want to see who we get. I am excited. We are going to get a guy in here who is going to help us win games and that is the biggest thing. We have another good pick, which obviously means we didn't do what we had to do last year so hopefully we will be able to get this guy in here and get him up to speed and get all those guys in here and up to speed and allow them to contribute down the road.

Q: Do you have a personal choice as what position they should go for in the first round?
A: I like the kid from Iowa, just from what I have seen. He seems like a tough kid. I have watched a few games on him and that is someone I would like to play to with.

Q: What did you focus on this offseason?
A: Luckily this year I had no injuries so as soon as the season ended I started training. I did six weeks here with [Strength and Conditioning Coach] Jerry Palmieri. Then this year I went out and worked with Jay Glazer. He has a MMA gym out in Los Angeles. My whole thing this year was wrestling, working on hand violence, working on leverage and playing lower. I was out there wrestling Chuck Lidell and Randy Couture. There were a bunch of other guys out there. Odell [Beckham Jr.] was out there. Kevin Ogletree. It was great. It was great for me to get out there and have a different type of training. It is body on body work and it is working on establishing the center of gravity. It was good.

Q: When you look back at last year and assess yourself was it a learning experience? How do you build on last year
A: Definitely build from it. I learned a lot last year. I started off the year well. Had a little rough patch then got hurt. It is hard watching a game. It is the first time that I had ever not played or started in a game. It was definetly a learning experience and I think I got much better once I got back and was able to re-evaluate my game mid-season. I have to build off that. I have to be better. I want to be better, obviously. I think that is something where I can grow from last year and I feel very comfortable with where I am at right now and the direction I am heading.

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