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Quotes: Giants postgame reactions

Giants Head Coach Pat Shurmur

"[Giants G Kevin] Zeitler has an ankle [injury]. Good start to the game, obviously it got away from us at the end. Credit [the Eagles], they did a great job and controlled the ball on us in the second half. We didn't do enough to stay on the field, I think that's the story of the second half with the lead that we jumped out to."

On why Giants WR Darius Slayton was targeted only twice in the second half:

"We didn't get away from [Slayton]. We didn't stay on the field, so you don't get a chance to run as many plays as you like. We weren't trying to get away from him. I wouldn't necessarily say [the Eagles defense] did anything to take him away."

On the decision not to call a timeout sooner prior to the Eagles' 4th-and-1 from their own 45 at the end of regulation:

"Because I just wanted to make sure [the Eagles] were going to punt us the football there. You're talking about the very end of the game? Yeah, I wanted to see what they were going to do. I wanted them to punt us the ball and make a play."

On the Eagles' defensive changes that led to a scoreless second half:

"[The Eagles] had the same mix of coverages, I would say. We didn't execute well enough to stay on the field, especially on third down."

On the Giants' ninth-consecutive loss, tying a franchise record:

"I have no thoughts on that. We lost a game tonight and I think that's what we're talking about. Unfortunately, that's our reality right now and I have no thoughts on that other than the fact that we lost the game tonight."

On the success of the passing game in the first half:

"I thought we executed in the passing game pretty well. We were making plays – explosive plays – [Giants WR Darius] Slayton had the two touchdowns and we were trying to still keep going with that and blending the run, but we just couldn't convert on enough third downs to stay on the field."

On what went wrong during the Giants' attempted flea-flicker:

"We didn't get it launched and I think the quarterback got [grabbed by the facemask], actually. But we didn't get it launched and I don't think it was protected great, either."

On Giants QB Eli Manning's overall performance:

"I thought [Manning] battled. He did a lot of good things."

On the possibility of Manning starting the remainder of the season:

"We're going to play this thing week-to-week. We'll see."

On the starting quarterback situation next week:

"I can't tell you that."

On whether he expects the organization to let him finish out the season as head coach:

"Yeah, I do. But I just have to wait and see. You have a lot of tough ones for me today."

On his emotions at this point in the season:

"When you lose like this – and you lose in tough, competitive games like this – it's hard. I think it's different than when you get blown out or something really bad happens throughout the game. But our guys fought really, really hard and [the Eagles] did a good job of beating us here at the end. Those of us that are here won a lot of games before we got [to New York] and we just have to fight through it and do the very best we can to keep going. Even though the results aren't where we want [them] - we don't have an opportunity to go beyond the next three games – we have to do everything in our power to make those games as meaningful as possible, and that means getting wins."

On the current nine-game losing streak tying a franchise record:

"Ties a franchise record? Yeah, it's not something that you want to be a part of. That's what I think."

On the Giants' inability to score in the second half:

"Well, we didn't convert on third downs. I think that was the big thing. And [the Eagles' offense] did a very, very good job of controlling the ball on us. They had a couple really long drives that don't allow you to get back out there. The [Giants] defense battled. We found a way to get ahead and we just didn't finish the game strong enough on either side of the ball."

On the decision to not call a timeout sooner in the final minute of regulation:

"I wanted to make sure [the Eagles] punted the ball, because you never know. We could have blocked it, or we could have returned it for a touchdown. I just wanted one more play before we went to overtime."

On the decision to not force the Eagles to attempt a fourth-down conversion on the final drive of regulation:

"We did dare [the Eagles]. By calling a timeout, that gives them an opportunity to think about whether they want to go for it or not. You could tell that their sideline was trying to decide, but then they made the decision to punt it. I like to think that calling a timeout gave them a chance to think about it and they punted the ball and we went to overtime."

On whether calling the timeout earlier would have changed the Eagles' decision:

"Possibly. [The Eagles] still had timeouts, you know, and I think you have to be careful at that point - with a long field – doing something crazy and giving them another opportunity to score there."

On whether the Giants' went to more conservative play-calling in the second half:

"No. We didn't execute well enough on third down to stay on the field. Not at all. We had some opportunities, we just didn't take advantage of them like we did in the first half. That's what I would say."

On Giants RB Saquon Barkley's limited role in the offense:

"[Barkley] was involved, and then again, it's the same answer to the questions we're talking about in the second half. When you don't convert on third downs, you don't get enough plays that you like and none of the skill players can be involved as much as they were in the first half."

On the Eagles' game-winning touchdown in overtime:

"It was a little glance route and we were in man-coverage and [Eagles TE Zach Ertz] beat the coverage."

Giants QB Eli Manning

On the lack of offense in the second half:

"We just didn't hit the big plays. They did a good job of playing more zone in the second half and keeping everything in front of them. We had some decent first and second downs, but just weren't able to convert on third down. We had some decent runs and some third-and-manageable situations, but weren't able to do anything. We had a sack on one play on first down that put us behind. They did a good job of changing some things up. Credit to them, they played well in the second half and took away some of our things. We weren't able to execute well enough."

On getting the start tonight:

"It's why you practice and play, to go out there and compete. We obviously would have liked to get the win. I thought we had a great first half and gave ourselves a chance, but in the second half the offense didn't do hardly anything. That put our defense in a bind, because they're on the field too long. We have to score some points in the second half."

On his expectations for tonight after not playing for so long:

"To go in and win a football game. I've played a lot of football games, I know the offense and know what I'm supposed to do. I made some good throws, and didn't make some plays that I needed to."

On late, game-winning drives:

"I would have liked to have one today. Obviously, it's important to a football team to be able to come back and score late in the fourth quarter. I wish we could have done that today."

On shaking off the rust:

"I missed my first throw, which should have been an easy throw. After that, I think I got things going a little bit and hit a couple of completions. It was good to get a two-minute drive before the half and get into a rhythm. Unfortunately, we just couldn't find it in the second half."

On how he felt after his second touchdown pass right before halftime:

"It felt good. We were in a good rhythm. [Giants RB] Saquon [Barkley] was running well, the offensive line was protecting well, and guys were getting open. We had a good plan going. I thought we could keep it going, but obviously it just didn't carry over to the second half."

On the emotions the Giants are going through right now:

"It's tough. It's frustrating because we work hard and practice hard. We've been in a bunch of close games. For whatever reason, we can't put the game away. Today, I think that's on us as an offense. We had a lot of opportunities to extend the lead and put it out of reach. We just have to have some longer drives, even if we're getting field goals, to give our defense a break. We kept them on the field too long."

On the status of QB Daniel Jones for the rest of the season:

"I don't know what his status is, so I'm just going to take it one week at a time. I'm just going to see what the coaches are telling me and find ways to improve, help the team, and get a win."

Giants RB Saquon Barkley

On whether the Eagles defense made adjustments to slow down the Giants offense in the second half:

"They probably did a little more two high but, I don't think they did anything crazy. They just made more plays than us."

On how frustrating it was to not get the ball towards the end of regulation and overtime:

"Yeah definitely frustrating. That's the position I play and sometimes, the game prevents you from being involved. I was ready and the offensive line was ready for if we got the rock back. We already knew the mindset was going to be a lot of ground and pound, a lot of running the ball. But, the Eagles offense made a lot of plays and went down and scored to win the game."

On whether he thought there was a chance for a big play when the flea-flicker was called:

"Yeah, if you look at the play, you go back and see we've got guys wide open. We've got to do a better job all around."

On what it was like to have Giants QB Eli Manning back out on the field and how long did it take to get into a rhythm:

"I don't think it took long for anyone to get into a rhythm at all. It's #10. #10 was going to go out there and do what he does best, he's a great player and he played lights out for us today. But as a team overall, we've got to find a way to finish and win the game."

On what the mindset is of the team after nine consecutive losses:

"We've lost nine in a row. Everyone is upset, everyone is frustrated. No one likes losing, especially how many times we've lost and the way that we've been losing games. We're a way more talented team than what we are but your record shows who you are. We're not playing up to our potential and to the talent that we have on this team. It sucks, it's annoying, it's frustrating but, we have to come to work and figure it out and keep working."

On whether two consecutive losing seasons change the outlook of what this team is capable of doing:

"I know what we're capable of doing. We're just not doing it. We're going out there but we're not winning games. We're up 17-3 on a team and they find a way to win the game. We get the ball first on offense and we don't make anything happen right away. We see what the Eagles were able to do when they got the ball in the second half and that's what we have to get to. We're a talented team but, the good teams and the great teams find a way to make plays in critical situations and that's what we haven't done all year. All year. We've got to find a way to get better in that and that takes time and repetition. We have three games left to figure it out and we get to go back home against the [Miami] Dolphins and try to finish the season off strong."

Giants WR Sterling Shepard

On the difficulties the Giants have when playing the Eagles:

"Yes, it is pretty difficult, especially when you start off strong. Similar situations as last season. We talk a lot about finishing and we were not able to do that today. We have to go back to the drawing board and see what was giving us problems in the second half."

On the impact Giants QB Eli Manning had on the offense today:

"We got off to a fast start and that is something we talk about all the time. We made some great plays, Eli made some great throws, we were moving the ball, running the ball pretty well, but just coming out of the half, it just did not go our way."

On how difficult it is to watch the opposing team to tie the game and then to not get an opportunity to possess the ball in overtime:

"It's tough. Our defense played great today. That is really on us. We have to do a better job. We had three straight possessions of three-and-outs, so that is no good for the defense."

On not winning a game since September:

"It is tough, especially with a game like this where you start off pretty strong. You think you are going to have another shot to go down there and score and you don't, it's tough. But we have to keep going. We will figure this thing out and whenever we figure this out, I believe that the train is going to keep rolling."

Giants WR Golden Tate

On what the difference was between the first half and second half:

"We came out hot the first and couldn't get things going in the second half. I think at times we kind of got behind the sticks and couldn't bounce back."

On whether they played it safe offensively in the second half:

"I'm not sure, I haven't seen it yet, there were probably things that I could've done better to help us. I can really on speak for the receivers, I think we all wish we had a few more opportunities to make some plays. But with the flow of the game it didn't happen that way. There were way too many three-and-outs and I just felt like we couldn't get into a rhythm in the second half. I'm not sure if we have any explosive plays in the second half."

On the offense only having 30 total yards in the second half:

"It's hard to win doing that in the second half. They obviously came out and played with some fire and had some big time stops and we didn't."

On whether the Eagles defense did anything different in the second half to take away the explosive plays:

"Again, I haven't seen it yet but for me it felt like they didn't change too much on the perimeter. So no."

On what it was like playing with Giants QB Eli Manning:

"He made some terrific throws and his knowledge of the game is one of the best out there. But at the same time he can't do it by himself. We all have to be a little bit better. There were some times he was pressured, some times we were slow out of our routes or we didn't get open. So we have to help him."

On how frustrating it is when the team is in the game but can't pull out a victory:

"It's very, very frustrating. When you look back at the games we've played up until this point, every single game going into the fourth quarter, we are in the game. We've got to get over that hump and find a way to make some plays. We scored zero points in the second half, I mean how many first downs did we have? We could not get into a flow in the second half and that's tough. We have to find a way to catch a rhythm. When we're moving the ball we're hard to deal with. You don't know if we're going to run it, pass it, run a trick play, whatever it may be. So we just have to look at it and fix that second half problem. It's happened a couple of times this year."

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