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Quotes: Gilbride, Cruz - 12/6

Coughlin: Good afternoon. The guy you'll add today will be (Hakeem) Nicks, who had a sore knee, so we held him.

Q:  Same knee that's been bugging him?
A: Same one that's been bugging him.

Q:  Was he able to do anything today?
A: He did nothing.


Q:  Did you give Ahmad Bradshaw most of the carries on Monday because he was the "hot hand?"
A: He was doing great. We were running the ball. Again, it was about as good a performance as you're ever going to get; you just wish you had more points to show for it. I was very pleased with the way we were running the ball.

Q:  It looked like David Wilson didn't get many opportunities to pass-protect:
A: It's just a matter of how the game was played out. He wasn't in that much so he didn't get a lot of chances to run it or pass-protect. Again, the other guy was doing very well.

Q:  How much does the Saints defense remind you of when Steve Spagnuolo was here?
A: Nothing like the last few years, but exactly like what we saw when we went against Philadelphia. It's Jim Johnson's defense. Steve was there with him, learned right there. It's an outstanding concept. He's got a great command of it. As always, everybody kind of goes off in their own direction and tweaks it a little bit. Same difficulty to contend with defensively because it's well designed and well thought out. They're about 50-50 pressure/dropping back to two-high. It's a well thought out, well conceived approach to defensive football.


**Q: With David Wilson


Q: When a coach says win four in a row, what's that like for you?
A: It's not the easiest thing in the world you want to hear. But we've been in this position before where we've had to win games to continue to stay alive for the playoffs. We're no strangers to that, so we've just got to be able to stay focused and get these wins under our belt.

Q: One would assume you guys have the advantage playing outdoors.
A: Yeah. We're playing at home. We're used to these elements. We're used to playing in a little bit of chilly weather, so hopefully that plays an advantage for us. But they're a good team and defensively they do a lot of different things coverage-wise and we just have to be ready. We have to be prepared for the things they throw at us and it's going to be a lot of blitz, a lot of different coverages so we've just got to be prepared.

Q: Talk about the attitude heading into this four-game schedule.
A: We're just excited. We're excited for the opportunity to play these last four going into the playoffs on a good swing with some good momentum potentially and just be able to finish this thing strong headed to the playoffs with a positive mindset and we're excited for the challenge. We're all up to it and we're ready to go.READ MORE >> DE OSI UMENYIORA

RE: Facing Drew Brees
A: I would never say there's anything easy about playing against him. He's one of the best quarterbacks in this league and we definitely have our work cut out for us, for sure.

Q: There is less to prepare for than all the options that RG3 presents.
A: We don't have to play the option, but that's pretty much about it. We still have a lot of work. They do a lot of different protections. The secondary has their work cut out for sure with all the stress that he puts out there. It's probably a tougher game physically than against Washington.

Q: Have you re-watched the tape of last year's game against the Saints?
A: I never watched that tape. I got hurt that game. So to this day I still don't watch that game.

Q: What do you remember about watching what happened?
A: I remember going in to get x-rays on my ankle and by the time I came out they scored like four or five touchdowns in that span. So it was like we didn't know what had happened, but I don't think that's going to happen this game.READ MORE >>

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