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Head Coach Joe Judge

Opening Statement: Today we'll prepare for Philadelphia. Obviously, you talk about this team, there's been recent experience between us and them going back a few weeks, but I always think it's a mistake when you play someone for the second time assuming they're the same team or you're the same team. Both teams have had some change in recent weeks. We'll have to go ahead and look at that and approach that as a team in terms of what we have to do different or better as a team, and what they've improved at and what their strengths are as a team. You talk about offensively, obviously this is one of the top rushing teams. You go back through the statistics – since the 1985 Bears, really no one has run the ball more consistently through a stretch or effectively as a team. That's something that comes with note. That's their running backs, that's their quarterback. They've done a very good job of extending plays and capitalizing on opportunities.

Defensively, it really starts up front with these guys. They create a lot of opportunities for their defensive backs to make plays. You talk about their front and the pressure and how well they're stopping the run right now as a team. This team is really improving overall, really hitting their stride.

On special teams, they're very aggressive. They do what they do in a lot of regards, but what they do has some multiples built into it. A lot of the movement up front, the aggressive rushers on the punt and field goal that you've got to account for. They do a very good job of playing their techniques and winning their matchups. That being said, we have a lot to prepare for. We'll get going today as a team and continue throughout the week. Any questions?

Q: Because they probably think they threw it too many times against you last time, do you expect them to come out even more run-heavy than their personality?

A: Well, we didn't do a good enough job stopping the run last time. They ran the ball for over 200 yards on us, so you do that and you're (not) going to give yourself a chance for success. Do I expect them to throw the ball? We absolutely do, but I don't think it's going to take away from the run game, as well. You look at them even last night in that game against Washington, they ran the ball very effectively, but also took their shots down the field. You talk about (Eagles Tight End Dallas) Goedert, this guy is really coming into his own, being effective as a player and definitely a weapon in this league. Smitty (Eagles Wide Receiver DeVonta Smith) being a young player, I said last time, you knew what this guy was going to be coming out. He's obviously one of the top players in the league. They use him in a lot of good ways, they create opportunities versus man-to-man with him, moving him in different places, really creating some game plan opportunities. You watch him play in the backfield, he gets isolated against linebackers at different times, so they're very creative in how they use their pieces and they're very effective with them.

Q: Any COVID-related updates? Any guys coming back?

A: Really there's nothing new to this moment. (Defensive Back) Keion (Crossen) has been placed on the list, that was shared. Really looking at it, (Wide Receiver) Kadarius (Toney) has an opportunity to get back in the building tomorrow. We expect him to be here with us. That being said, in terms of where he's at physically from the injury he was dealing with as well as COVID, we'll have to wait and see where he's at tomorrow to see whether we can get him on the field.

Q: Any sudden change of heart on naming a starter at quarterback?

A: No, we're going to watch the guys practice throughout the week and we'll see where they are at the end of the week. I wouldn't expect any announcement until maybe the end of the week at the earliest.

Q: Kadarius's injury changed from a quad to an oblique. Where did the oblique come in there?

A: That was something he aggravated, an injury back in the Tampa game. It's something he was dealing with. It obviously restricts someone at his position. We haven't seen him for over a week now, so we'll have to see where he is physically when he comes back.

Q: What has the season been like with him? It seems to be so choppy. Even in the Spring you didn't have him. How much has that kind of—

A: There are a lot of things that are really outside of his control. What I've been pleased with him is when he's been in the building with us, when he's been healthy and present, he's really done a really good job. When he's been removed for different reasons – obviously, he's dealing with COVID right now – he's done a good job staying engaged in meetings. One thing that's really a strength of his is he's very, very intelligent. He has the flexibility to play a lot of different positions. He really learns the entire offense conceptually and it gives him flexibility within it to play in different spots, which really with his skillset, that's something you look to do is build him in for matchups in different places. I'm really pleased with the way he's worked. Obviously, there have been some setbacks. These are things that are outside of his control. He's tried to play through injuries, he's been set back with some different things. Sometimes you have things pop up, that's just the reality of it. I think for any of these rookies, the nature of it is it's a long season. There's not a guy who's a rookie in the league who's played a season as long as they ever will in the National Football League and this year being 17 games instead of 16, you throw that on top of the three preseason games and postseason for a lot of the guys, it's a long season. The reality is, you look at what the guys are doing right now. By the time they hit Thanksgiving (in college), their season is over. Maybe they've got some kind of league championship game, they get a few weeks off, they play a bowl game and that's it. There's no down time like that in the league. You get a bye week, but that's not nearly the same as the down time they get leading into bowl practice. So, about the time you get to halfway through your season, they've already played a full college season, including preseason and the games they're playing already, so it's just different. When you talk about the rookie wall, I've been pleased this year with our guys in terms of pushing through, staying active. We talk to our guys a lot of times about changing the stimulus of your daily routine to make sure you don't hit that wall, that kind of just mental block that you naturally hit. They've done a good job with that. I haven't seen any of our guys really hit that wall, if you would say. I think that our guys inside, the assistant coaches and some of the support staff, have done a good job helping them through that path.

Q: Kadarius – COVID aside – are you concerned about him being a little injury-prone? He's had a series of ankle, leg, feet, quad, oblique. Are you concerned about that? He's not the biggest guy.

A: I think he's compact built and he's very, very strong and explosive. This guy's got great muscle tone. Talk about his body type, this guy is explosive. His body type is how he's built and structured. Everyone goes through nicks and bumps. You can't always control all of the injuries and what you can control is how you rehab, recover, come back and get ready for when your number is called when you come back. He's done a good job of that.

Q: When you're evaluating (Quarterback Mike) Glennon and (Quarterback Jake) Fromm this week and trying to make a decision on Sunday, obviously you've seen these guys in practice the last couple of weeks together. Maybe the reps are a little different, but what do you need to see?

A: We've seen more of Mike than Jake. Jake's been new to the offense. We saw a little bit of Jake in the game the other day. I said the other day, there's a drastic difference between starting an NFL game and just coming in at the end, so there's a lot of things you're going to see structurally, defensively, the situations in the game that pop up. Playing the entire game is a lot different than coming in at the end of the game and just playing a snapshot for us as a team to see. Both guys have worked hard, both guys have done very good things for the team. I'm pleased with the way both guys showed some leadership with the groups around them. We're going to watch them go through, watch them run the offense, prepare for it and we'll make our decision at the end of the week.

Q: You've said in the past that your practices are structured the way they are and you've got to go in, get your work and basically get out. Will you structure anything differently over the next couple of days to make that decision and to have more to evaluate from that quarterback spot? Or is it just really let's just go through a week of practice and see what we feel Friday or Saturday?

A: We'll have a couple of things built in in terms some good-on-good work and some competition work just based on where we're at with our roster and what we need to see anyway. We'll look over completely how we practice. Will we add some things to it to make sure we get a good snapshot of everyone involved? Absolutely.

Q: With (Quarterback) Daniel (Jones), this is the first week where he's been shut down. Will you give him anything extra or any other responsibilities now that he knows he's not going to play? You said he's been helping, but something maybe more structured now that he can maybe help?

A: I don't think there's much more Daniel could have done than what he was already doing. My expectation for him is to continue on the path he's on of helping his teammates to stay mentally engaged and keep preparing. Obviously, through his rehab is where he's going to have to get his conditioning and some throwing and things of that nature. But he's done such a phenomenal job for us already. My expectation is just for him to continue doing what he's been doing.

Q: Were there any other injuries besides Shep (Wide Receiver Sterling Shepard), obviously? Is (Running Back Gary) Brightwell any closer to being back this week?

A: We'll have to see how he moves around. He'll be a little limited today with the trainers. That's nothing too far out of the ordinary for not finishing the game. We'll see how he progresses and hopefully get him in practice tomorrow.

Q: Was there anybody else in the game who got nicked up?

A: Just normal nicks and bumps.

Q: You were asked the other day about Daniel's future and you said something like, 'I'll coach the players, that's for other departments to handle.' It seemed like a change of tone for you. What did you mean by that?

A: The reference that was kind of being alluded to was more contractual. Obviously, I deal with the personnel in a large quantity. We talk about the evaluations, who's coming in, the draft, free agency. That's something I've been involved in and I always want to stay involved in. When it comes to contracts, I've told the players this before, I don't want to be involved in contracts. I want to coach the players. It's tough to coach a player and have the players understand and truly believe that you're playing the best players all the time when you've had to negotiate a contract. After you negotiate with someone and get them on the field, whatever it may be, sometimes there's a little bit of an incentive that 'I had to go through all of this to get this guy here and now I've got to play him to justify that.' I don't want to ever be in that situation. I'm going to play the best players based on how they're playing. That's what we're always going to do here. I don't ever want to be involved – at this moment, I'd say I don't ever want to be involved in the contracts at all. That's not something I'm interested in doing. I want to coach players.

Q: When you look at (Tackle) Matt Peart and evaluate what he did the other day – I think he took the last five series or whatever it was – did he do enough for you to say, 'Okay, he's my guy. He's going Sunday, he's going to start Sunday'?

A: I would expect all of our linemen to play on Sunday. I expect them all. Matt did some good things in the game the other day. He's done some things he's got to clean up as well, same with all of our other players. There are some positives that we've got to keep building on and we'll come out here today in practice and work on correcting things that we did in the game on Sunday that weren't good enough, but he is making some strides. I'm pleased with the way he's working and the attitude he comes out here with. In terms of our rotation on the offensive line, I would expect to see everyone this week.

Q: How are you handling this week with Christmas and the players and scheduling and all that?

A: Actually, timing-wise, it's worked out really well. With Christmas being on Saturday, it really is just going to lay out as a normal Wednesday, Thursday, Friday for us. Friday's obviously Christmas Eve and then on Saturday, we'll travel. What we'll do is we'll give the players the morning, we'll come in here in the afternoon and we'll have our normal Saturday day-of meetings, but we'll make sure that everybody who has family in town or children, whatever it may be, that they have time to see them and spend Christmas morning with their family.

Quarterback Daniel Jones

Q: What have these last few weeks been like for you and then what was it like when you heard the news you were officially shut down?

A: I think it's always tough to miss games and miss time. These last few weeks have been tough. Obviously, you want to be out there. You want to be playing. I was doing everything I could to give myself a chance to get back out there. Obviously, frustrating, but trying to find ways to help and help the quarterbacks, help our offense and contribute.

Q: Do you have any concerns on how this will affect your long-term outlook?

A: No, I don't. I think from all conversations with doctors and our medical staff here, going forward I think it's something that's going to heal. It's just kind of like a timing thing and unfortunately, (I) kind of ran out of time this season. That's disappointing and frustrating, but it's part of this game and something I've got to deal with, but I don't have any concerns long term.

Q: You say timing issue, do you think that if you guys had the chance to make the playoffs or were going to be in the playoffs that there would be a possibility that you would've been able to return if that were the case?

A: I do think it was something that's going to take some time. I think if there was more time if it was earlier in the season – yeah if there was more time, I think I would have a better chance of coming, a good chance of coming back. Like I said, it's disappointing and frustrating to miss games, to miss any game, and certainly this many.

Q: This is a hypothetical but if they told you your scan looks good; would you feel ready to play? Would you say, 'man, it still hurts, it's still bothering me'? Are there any limitations that you're feeling right now?

A: I'd certainly be ready to play. I think if I got the okay and the clearance from the doctors, I'd certainly be ready to play. I didn't get that, so –

Q: Do you feel it? What's going on? Do you feel something?

A: I think that's the deal. I think it's kind of day to day in what I'm doing – throwing, running, lifting weights. I don't have any issues doing that. I think it's certain positions and tests that doctors do and look for that are still problematic.

Q: So, there's some range of motion or things like that?

A: I think range of motion's fine. I think symptoms in certain positions, and I feel good.

Q: Is there anything you can't do? Is there anything you can't do on the field like when you were out there?

A: Just contact.

Q: But nothing like throws or anything you –

A: Yeah, I have no problem throwing or running or lifting or anything like that.

Q: Now that you've played your last game this year, do you think you improved this season? How do you measure your Daniel Jones' specific season?

A: Well, we didn't win enough games. I think that's the most important thing as I evaluate myself going forward. I do feel like I improved as a player. I think I've made progress and played well at times and obviously not well enough plenty too because we didn't play well enough. We didn't win games. That's the most important thing I think as I evaluate myself and look to work on things going into the offseason.

Q: That first week when you were injured and then you practiced on a limited basis, right? It seemed like, 'all right, he's making progress.' Were you surprised that it didn't get better quicker?

A: I don't know. I think initially when I got hurt, it was something I felt like I'd be able to get over fairly quickly. It didn't work out that way, so that's disappointing. When I spoke then and, in those weeks, I always had the expectation to come back and play. That part's disappointing but it didn't work out that way. Like I said, my job now is to contribute to help this offense prepare, help the quarterbacks prepare and get ready to play.

Q: One thing that's been tough is that everything's kind of been vague. No one knows exactly what is going on, do you care to clarify or share sort of what is?

A: It's a neck sprain and I trust what the doctors are saying, and I've got to do my best to listen to them and continue to work through it.

Q: How much of a relief is it that there is no surgery required that you know of right now?

A: I think that's a huge relief. I think any time you're dealing with your neck or something like that, you want to be smart and cautious. Certainly, relieved there's no surgery.

Q: When people talk about sprains, like an ankle or something, there's always some swelling. Is it some swelling that is the thing that hasn't cleared up?

A: Yeah, I think there's some swelling there. With most injuries, you're going to have some kind of swelling around there. It's that and just I'm still having symptoms in certain positions like we spoke about.

Q: I think (Head Coach Joe) Judge told us you self-reported what you were feeling. As a player, is it hard that you want to stay on the field but you also like want to do the right thing? What was that process like of wondering whether it was serious enough to actually say something and why did you decide to do it?

A: Well, after the game a few weeks ago, it was pretty sore and didn't have a great range of motion. I knew there was something up with my neck and I think if it's ever obvious to you something's wrong with your neck, it's probably smart to say something. I did, but if at any time you get injured, you're reporting your symptoms and talking to doctors trying to get it right. That was the approach.

Q: I assume this is your first pretty serious neck injury since playing football. Do you think this maybe will affect some of the things you will do next year as far as running or anything like that? Maybe will you be a little bit more cautious or whatever it might be knowing that you had a neck issue?

A: I don't think it'll dramatically change that. I think that's part of what our offense does. It's part of what I feel like I can do. I think we've talked about being smart and going down, going down earlier, protecting myself, protecting the ball. I think those are things I'll continue to work on and certainly emphasized by this.

Q: So, do you feel in your head at all next year when you come back and you feel as far as previous neck injury and all that?

A: I don't think it'll be a concern.

Q: In the short time that he's been here, what have you seen out of (Quarterback) Jake (Fromm) and what are you trying to do specifically to try to help him?

A: I think he's a smart guy. He's picked up the offense very quickly. You can tell he studies hard and has done a great job. (I'm) continuing to work with and doing what I can to help him and all the quarterbacks as we prepare.

Q: Joe said Monday that as far as he's concerned, you've shown enough to merit being back next year as a starter and down the road in the future. Have you heard that and if so, what is your reaction to those comments?

A: Well, I think as we go forward and into next year, we've all got to do a better job. Like I said, we didn't win enough games. We've got three important games to finish the season that obviously I won't be playing in, but I feel like I can contribute and help prepare. We've all got to work to improve to make sure we're moving forward as a team and in a better position next year. I think the best way we're going to do that right now is finishing this season strong and making sure we are prepared and play our best ball these last three weeks.

Q: Have they said anything to you though about their desire to have you as the starting quarterback again next year?

A: I've spoken to Joe and we've had conversations about that, but like I said, I think there's things that I need to improve on. There's things he expects me to improve on going forward. I understand that and obviously take that very seriously. That's kind of my approach.

Wide Receiver Kenny Golladay

Q: It seemed like you had a little bit of instant chemistry with (Quarterback) Jake (Fromm) at the end of the game there. Did you feel that?

A: He really just came in and made the most of an opportunity. Things weren't going well, so I think he kind of just went in there fearless really and kind of, 'let me sling it around a little bit.' He did a hell of a job.

Q: Do you think he gave the offense a little bit of a shot in the arm?

A: Like I said, Jake came in and did well. I got some reps in with him today. It was nice to see that when his number was called, he came in and made some plays.

Q: No matter who's at quarterback, what do you guys need to do to just move the ball better?

A: I think we've got to stop shooting ourselves in the foot. I don't remember how many times we went three-and-out – I don't think we went three-and-out. We had some good drives, but we need to find a way to put it in the end zone.

Q: Would you like to see Jake start?

A: I haven't worked too much with Jake. At this point, it could be Jake or (Quarterback) Mike (Glennon). I don't really know. I'm not really saying who I'd like to start. It really doesn't matter to me.

Q: What does he do well? Does he have a confidence or what?

A: I will say when he came in the huddle, he definitely controlled the huddle well. I wasn't surprised, I took reps with him in practice before. It was good to see what he showed on the practice field translate to the game.

Q: Those were his first NFL snaps. Was it cool seeing him be willing to come out and take some shots to you down the field?

A: That's great to see. I didn't know that was his first NFL snap. That's great. He should definitely be excited about that. I'm happy for him.

Q: Did Dallas defend you guys any differently? It was sort of a two-minute situation where they were up two scores or was that the defense they were playing throughout the game on that drive?

A: I mean, of course you're going to play a little more zone, so they were kind of off a little bit. They kind of switched it up, but of course with a game like that, of course they're going to switch it up.

Q: Have you talked to (Wide Receiver Sterling Shepard) Shep and what was his message? What was your message? Anything you can share since he got hurt?

A: Me and his conversation, that's pretty much confidential. But I definitely hit him up and just told him how much I appreciate him. I know how much work he put in this offseason. I know how much work he put in to try to get back to play for this team. I know how much he did for this organization since he's been here and to see him go out like that with only like a minute-and-something left in that game, it's tough. I was definitely sad for him. But yeah, me and him talked a little bit.

Q: Did you watch the Eagles game last night?

A: No.

Q: I don't expect you to have an answer for this, but why do you think so many of the skill players have dealt with injuries this year? You guys sit around and talk. What's your theory?

A: I don't have an answer. It's crazy. I don't know. I think almost everybody on our team as far as skill player-wise has dealt with something. From the tight end to the running back room, receivers, quarterback, O-line. It's crazy.

Q: Does it make you think 'What if all these guys were healthy'?

A: I mean, you know there's always that, 'what if,' but there's nothing you can really do about it.

Q: Big-picture, what makes a good offense? Obviously, scoring touchdowns and scoring points, but what is missing right now just big-picture in your offense needs to be here next year?

A: I think when everyone's on the same page, the chemistry has to be there and then going out there and executing the plays. That's what makes a good offense. You see some of these teams that are scoring a lot of points or just offenses that are producing week in and week out. Health. Health-wise, there are not a lot of injuries to that team. A lot of ball together. Of course, just the plays and going out there and executing them.

Q: This was your first year playing with (Wide Receiver) Darius Slayton. His first two years were remarkably consistent. His numbers aren't quite there yet this year, but nobody's are. Yours aren't where they usually are, (Running Back) Saquon's (Barkley) aren't. What is your takeaway from Darius? What did you learn about him this year? What kind of player is he? What's his future and that kind of thing?

A: I've kind of seen – before I got here – Slayton from afar. I want to say they came to Detroit one year and I think he scored two touchdowns or something.

Q: He jumped over (Eagles Cornerback) Darius Slay.

A: I've liked Slay. I played with one of his teammates, (Former Auburn Running Back) Kerryon Johnson, and Kerryon spoke very high of him. When I practice with him, I see it. It's just been a rough year for everybody, like you said, all around the board. That's pretty much all I have to say. I like Slay, I like his game.

Q: We obviously asked you about Jake and you talked about the confidence in the huddle and the command, that fearlessness. There are a lot of guys who step on the field in the NFL and that doesn't necessarily mean results. Do you have a theory as to why sometimes guys are just that confident, that that confidence kind of becomes something more?

A: I feel like it's just one of those things you've just got to have. I also think there was no reason for him to go in there playing timid. It was under two minutes, there's nothing you could really do that's going to make or break the game right now. Not taking nothing away from him at all. He still came in there and controlled the huddle, like I said, threw the ball around, but just going in there and not thinking, 'I don't want to mess up,' I think that's the first step, 'I don't want to mess up.' With him going in there like, 'Hey, let me go out there and try to prove myself,' that was great to see. I think that's kind of what he did.

Quarterback Jake Fromm

Q: Tell us about what's the possibility of you playing Sunday and lining up against a team like Philadelphia with the colorful fans?

A: Yeah, I've heard a lot about the environment and for me, it's just preparation and making sure everybody's on the same page. Really, it's just going out and executing whatever the plan is and just trying to tune it out the best you can and go play football.

Q: Do you feel like you're in command of the playbook now?

A: Yeah, I'm learning more and more every single day. Just spending extra time obviously and really just learning everything, feeling more comfortable with the guys and with the scheme and trying to put together a good plan.

Q: (Head Coach) Joe (Judge) has talked about the difference between going in at the end of the game and then having to start. What are your expectations if you're in that situation? What's the biggest difference that you're expecting?

A: I mean, for me, I can't control what situation you get in. So, for me, it's just really, what's the play and just going and executing. If it's a two-minute drive, it's a two-minute drive. Let's go out, let's go execute and get points. Ultimately, the goal is the same. Go out and score points, but how you do it may change. For me, just understanding different situations call for different scheme. At the end of the day, it's about execution and scoring points.

Q: Do you expect to see things that you've never seen before?

A: Yes and no, yes and no. Just prepare the best you can and at the end of the day you have to be a football player and see what you see and trust your eyes and make plays we (inaudible).

Q: When do you expect to learn who is starting on Sunday?

A: We'll find out throughout the week and we'll see.

Q: You've said a couple of times about learning playbook and kind of rushing and cramming. Can you expand on that a little? Were you up until one o'clock for five straight nights? Did you not reply to your wife for a week? Can you give us a picture of what cramming looks like?

A: I love my wife to death, but I do have to say, there may be some advantages of being locked away in a hotel by yourself and studying your life away. No one o'clock nights because as athletes, we do need our rest. I definitely have spent a lot of time up here with our assistant (Offensive Quality Control) Nick (Williams) and he's the bomb at helping me learn everything and just the guys too. Especially (Quarterback) Daniel (Jones) and (Quarterback) Mike (Glennon) too, they've been guys I've been leaning on heavily and learning from them, a lot from them.

Q: (Wide Receiver) Kenny (Golladay) was saying you guys got some work in today. With a receiver like that, how much fun is it having a receiver where you can throw it up and he goes and gets it? How important is it to be given an opportunity like that?

A: Kenny is great, he's got a big catch radius. Throw it up, let him make plays. He did a great job making plays in the game and we'll see how that carries over and I look forward to him.

Q: If you get to start on Sunday, what do you know you're going to bring to the field?

A: Hopefully just for me and the way I played my entire career just good decisions, let's get the ball out, let's get everybody on the same page and really just trying to move the sticks, move the sticks, move the sticks. If we move the sticks enough, we'll get close enough and we'll score a few points.

Q: Do you think that being with a big-time program and playing in front of 80,000 people every week and have won a lot of games, is that minimized at all? People look at you and think not the biggest guy, maybe can't throw is 80-yards. The fact that you won at a high level of college, is nothing really too big for you here?

A: I would say I'm very confident in myself and what I can do. Winning football games is winning football games. Sometimes it may be pretty, it may not be, but at the end of the day, all that matter is a 'W' in the column. However we can do it, however it happens, let's just go do it. Looking to go 1-0 this week.

Q: When you came in the game the other day, it was a pretty low stakes spot for the team, and I know it was an important moment for you. Kenny said you played with a little bit of fearlessness. Is that you as a player or do you think that would change if you were the starter?

A: I don't think it would change. I think you have to have trust and confidence in the guys around you. Hey, let's just go out and spin it and you've got to cut it loose.

Q: Going back to last year, the controversial text message that came out, what was the process like for you of trying to re earn your teammates trust?

A: For me, going into a new situation and a new locker room, there weren't a whole lot of guys that really knew me. Really it was really selling myself and saying, 'Hey guys, this is me, this is my heart, this is who I really am.' It's a really long, hard road to earn peoples trust. I'm just super thankful for that family there in Buffalo that really took me in and helped me. I'm thankful to call them family and great teammates and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Q: Did that effect your spot on the depth chart or your ability to earn people's trust on the field at all?

A: No, I don't think so.

Q: Is that anything that's carried over with people here? Has anyone in the building asked you or anything like that?

A: No, sir.

Q: Have you found that your confidence, even in the early stages of your career, that your confidence can be an equalizer to the challenge you're trying to accept? Having that confidence, I imagine, would make a difference when you step in the huddle.

A: Yeah, I'm going to be me whatever the situation is. I'm going to be me and just really try to rally the guys the best I can and say, 'Hey, let's go execute, try to win a football game and score points.'

Q: Being out here without a coat, is this a Buffalo thing?

A: (Laughs) No, I'd like to say I'm trying to get used to it the best that I can. I love to hunt, I love to be outside, so you've got to get used to it the best you can. I always learned if you really freeze your butt off out there, like early in the year, you kind of get used to it the rest of the way through.

Q: This is not true.

A: (Laughs) Not sure.

Q: At any moment have you had the chance to say, 'What a month this has been'?

A: Yeah, it's been crazy. It sure has. There's no other way to really put it. I'm super thankful to be here, I'm just ready to go, so excited. I'm ready for Christmas this week, this is awesome. Yeah, it's just a great time of year and so thankful I'm here in New York.

Quarterback Mike Glennon

Q: Is this like any other week for you out there in practice, or do you feel like you need to hold on to something?

A: I just prepare as always. Always be ready to go, prepare, practice like I always do, and be ready to go.

Q: When you went back and looked at that last game, what kind of stuck out to you?

A: Obviously, you tend to focus on the negative, which was the two picks at the end. The last two kind of stand out to me, just poor decisions. But ultimately, I just felt like we couldn't really get into rhythm and get things going like we wanted to. I need to go out and execute better all-around the board and play at a higher level.

Q: Do you view it as you're in like a full-blown quarterback competition this week?

A: I'm just going to go out and prepare to be ready to go. We're going to support each other and be there for one another.

Q: One of the things (Head Coach) Joe (Judge) said this week is that there's a difference between coming in late in the game and starting an NFL game. You've done both, what is the difference there?

A: I think there are challenges to both, honestly. I mean, to come in at the end of a game not having played isn't always the easiest thing because you haven't had the work during the week. You're just kind of thrown in at the end, but there's also the defense is probably playing a little bit more vanilla, just kind of playing and letting you do things. Then as a starter, you actually get to practice and get those reps, but it's obviously more difficult when you're playing in a situation where there's a lot more on the line. There are challenges in both, but yeah, they're just different experiences.

Q: Have you been told how it's going to shake out? Will you play?

A: I'm not sure.

Q: What was your reaction when you heard that they were going to shut (Quarterback) Daniel (Jones) down for the year?

A: It's unfortunate, obviously, to hear. He wants to be out there for the team, and he works really hard at it. I know that's not the way he envisioned things going. It is a bummer to hear for me because you never want to see your teammate, your friend, in that situation. But we just have to move forward, and I'll be ready to go.

Q: For you, what's been the biggest challenge? Just coming out of each game trying to correct the mistakes and then trying to apply them each time. Each week-to-week, what would you say has been the biggest challenge for you?

A: I think just going out and executing at a high-level, play-after-play being consistent. I feel like there's been a play here or there in a game you would like to have back, which is normal in the NFL. Not everything is going to go as planned, but just eliminating kind of the bigger mistakes like the other day, those plays that you want to have back, but the reality is you don't. You just learn from them, put them in your memory bank, and try not to let it happen again.

Q: Most fans would look at this saying that the Giants are now playing out the string. Is that at all possible? I mean, don't you get hurt that way?

A: Playing out the string?

Q: In the sense that three games left, you're not going to make the playoffs. I mean, do you get hurt that way?

A: No. This is the NFL, we're out here every week. It's our job to go out and play and to prepare. I've been in these situations before, and I've never been in a situation where I felt like guys just give in. I mean, we all have something to play for. We're all in this together. We only have 17 of these opportunities a year. We have three left, and we'll treat them just like any other week. You have to go out and prepare and go out and play at a high level.

Q: Did you get a chance to watch last night's game?

A: I watched some of it, yes.

Q: I know you see film on teams, but just kind of watching the flow of a game, is that any advantage?

A: Honestly, as a quarterback, watching on TV is a lot harder because you can't see exactly what coverage they're playing, unless they show a certain replay. It's hard to tell all the time. I had a little idea just watching it what they do just because of having played them, but the true details and intricacies of the defense is kind of hard to watch on TV.

Q: When you signed here, did the Giants say anything to you – Judge or anybody from the front office – about your size being one of the big reasons they wanted you, like your height or anything about that?

A: No.

Q: You've played in Philly, so whether you play or (Quarterback) Jake (Fromm) plays, the challenges of a quarterback playing in that environment, I'm sure that it's a lot – on the road and it's a pretty hostile situation usually in Philadelphia.

A: I think it definitely will be a great environment. They have passionate fans, as are a lot of away games in the NFL. It's going to be loud. We have to prepare for it. But it's fun playing in those kind of atmospheres.

Q: They tend to have some language.

A: Yeah, I'm aware of that (laughs).

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