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Quotes: Coach Joe Judge, WR Kenny Golladay, RB Devontae Booker

Head Coach Joe Judge

Q: What's your feeling on (Running Back) Saquon (Barkley) now that COVID's not an impediment for him playing Sunday?

A: Today's his first day really in the building with us. We'll have him see the trainers and see how that leads. We'll see if he's going to be available for practice or not. We really don't have anything leading into it until we kind of see him out there and moving a little bit. He's kind of in their hands right now.

Q: What's your expectation on him about the possibility of practicing?

A: I really don't have one until I get some feedback from the trainers. Like I said, he's been out of the building the last couple of days. We haven't had the chance to see where he's progressed to and where he's at physically, so they're going to take a look at him and move him around and then we'll see if he can progress and practice with us.

Q: With him, I would assume you need to see him practice in order to play?

A: I would say a guy who's been out for several weeks like that, yeah, we'd like to see him on the field and make sure that we can ensure how he's moving and that he can get out there and do things safely and stay on the field. In terms of like where he's at or our expectation, until they give me some information and feedback, it's all just guessing right now.

Q: (Safety Xavier) McKinney should be good for Sunday?

A: From all the information we have, Xay's in the building right now along with Saquon. Look, the only positive we have that we're still kind of waiting in limbo on is (Running Back) Gary Brightwell. He still has a chance to clear as well. He's been in the Zoom meetings and staying up to date on the game plan.

Q: How did (Wide Receiver) Kenny (Golladay) hold up yesterday? He was doing a little more than he had been lately.

A: Yeah, he had a decent day yesterday. He moved around with us a little bit more between Wednesday and Thursday. We'll see how he comes out today, but he had a couple of decent days for us.

Q: How close do you think he is to game action and being ready for game action?

A: Well, I know he's mentally ready and prepared for it, so we'll just kind of see how he moves around today and see if we can open him up a little bit and see if we think we can get him on the field and keep him on the field. I know he's pushing to get out there. He's been very open about wanting to play, so we'll make sure that he's in position to play if we put him out there.

Q: The last time, at least I saw Saquon, it was on TV and his ankle was about this big. Do you know at least that the ankle is back to where it's not –

A: You're referring to the Dallas game when it happened?

Q: Yeah, I mean, that's the last time I saw his ankle.

A: That's been a significant amount of time. It's obviously gone down since then through treatment and just natural healing. They've done some different things with him as far as whatever treatment they can do. He's assured us that he's moving in the right direction. But again, he's a very competitive player. He wants to be out there. He wants to be out there competing on the field with his teammates. We've got to make sure we can get him out there and see him before we go ahead and just take someone's word for it.

Q: So without this COVID situation though, would you likely be counting on him on Sunday?

A: I couldn't answer. That's all a hypothetical because we wouldn't have had a chance to see him on Wednesday when we got back out there. Not having him those two days with COVID removal really kind of changed a lot of things in terms of expecting what we would get to see out of him today.

Q: He was optimistic right afterward it wouldn't be kind of that long an injury, and he wouldn't be out that long.

A: You're talking about right after the initial injury?

Q: Yeah, I'm talking like the week after when he talked to us a few days later, that Friday. How come it's maybe taken longer and was there a setback or has it taken a while for the swelling to go down?

A: I think it's a combination of things without going into the specifics of every injury. I'm always hesitant to give timetables on things because every injury is different. Every body does respond different. So just by simply saying, it's an ankle, sometimes that gives you an artificial timetable to maybe what somebody else went through. Everyone's body's different. You've got to give them a chance to get out there and make sure you can play full speed when he does get out there. He's worked hard through it. He's done everything we've asked him to do. He's dealing with the medical team the entire time through. He's stayed involved in the meetings, whether it's here or through Zoom the last couple of days. I don't have a whole lot of answers for you right now on physically where he's at. I know he's continuously gotten better and when he's able to get out there, we'll put him out there.

Q: The Browns officially announced – the team announced that (Wide Receiver) Odell Beckham, Jr. got released. I'm curious what your thoughts are on him as a player from afar?

A: I would say just on any player, until it officially hits the waiver wire, they're still on someone else's roster. We're not going to comment on any player who's on other people's rosters. I'm not going to get into hypotheticals on that right there. I appreciate the question, just understand that's going to be the policy always.

Q: What do you expect from the Raiders on Sunday?

A: They're a well-coached team that plays at a high level. They play very balanced on offense. We expect them to come in here and try to establish the run and use the play action pass. They're definitely an explosive, downfield passing team. (Raiders Quarterback Derek) Carr does a great job of that, whether it's early downs or third downs. Especially when it's that third and call it four to six range, where you get a lot of man coverage. A lot of times you see Carr and he'll go and stay away from all the traffic underneath with the mesh routes and all and just take the one-on-one matchup outside. We expect to see him push the ball down the field. It's something he's done very well throughout his career and has been doing it at a very high level right now. Really, the offense, it goes through a lot of the backs and tight ends. The receivers are big playmakers, as well. Obviously, you've got (Raiders Wide Receiver Hunter) Renfrow and those guys on third down. You have to be aware of those guys. Really, those backs and tight ends with the early down runs, the screen game, the checkdowns. They do a very good job of being balanced and staying committed to taking the profit and then when the shots come, they take them. Defensively, this team plays fast. I expect them to come in here and really try to get after the quarterback and try to penetrate and disrupt the run and make you one dimensional. On the back end, it's a very play top down and make sure you check the ball down and then go rally and tackle you. In the kicking game, I always expect every time you play (Raiders Interim Head Coach) Richie (Bisaccia), they're sound, they're aggressive. He looks to always have something up his sleeve. You've got to understand with Richie, what's he looking at based on what you put on tape. You've got to go in understanding what gimmick or gadget is he going to look to make a play in the game, whether that's early – especially early on the road, it's been a history of his. But he's very aggressive when it gets going. In terms of their coverage units, they've got big leg specialists. They like to move the ball around on the kickoff team that leads into a lot of you playing more of a reactive mode showing where the ball is going to go. There's a lot of twists and folds. They've got a good combination of size and speed, so the fast guys play down there fast. The big guys flow off them and they cancel out lanes. They do a very good job of that. In terms of their rush game, they're very good on the field goal block and the punt rushes. (Raiders Linebacker) Cory Littleton's a guy who really made his name in this league blocking kicks for the Rams. He's carried that over with the Raiders where he's still being used in that right there. I'd say in terms of what we expect from them, we expect a team that's going to come in here, play balanced in all three phases and be situationally aware.

Q: There's probably going to be some sort of an emotional component for them given the week that they've had. Do you as a coach just have to discount all of that and just do what you just did and that's focus on the X's and O's?

A: All we can control is what we can control. I don't know what it's going to be for them in terms of in the locker room and any of that stuff. I couldn't answer that question. In terms of us, it's our responsibility to get ready for what's going to happen on the field.

Q: With (Wide Receiver) Kadarius' (Toney) thumb – I know obviously he's practiced on a limited basis this week. Did you guys have to do anything in terms of extra padding with the way that situation was or is that something you guys kind of took care of Monday night? Does it still affect him?

A: He was out here yesterday catching the ball well. So, there was some limited things with a number of players yesterday kind of being on a short week. In terms of how he came out here and practiced yesterday, he had a good day yesterday with us.

Q: With the bye week on the horizon, more so with Kenny and Saquon, how do you sort of factor that into whether they're ready for this week or whether maybe it's best for them long term and for you guys long term to give them basically another two weeks to get healthy and get ready for the second half?

A: To me, it always factors into are they medically ready to play in this game. Every game is important. While there is a bye on the horizon, right now we're focused on the Raiders. For all the players, it's can you get them healthy to the game where they can play, be productive and stay on the field? The bye week will take care of itself. We'll address that as it gets here.

Q: We saw (Wide Receiver) John Ross (III) pop up with a quad yesterday. Did he get hurt in practice yesterday? That's a new thing that we haven't seen the quad with him.

A: No, nothing happened in practice. Again, there's some bumps and bruises coming out of the game. He was out here yesterday moving around still.

Wide Receiver Kenny Golladay

Q: How are you feeling with your injury?

A: I feel like I'm doing pretty good. Just trying to stack good days on top of one another.

Q: Do you think you'll play this week?

A: I would like to. It depends how my body responds from a couple days back-to-back.

Q: How does it feel so far? Do you feel like you're limited at all at this point still?

A: I think we're all just being smart about it right now. Definitely avoided something very serious. Right now, just making sure I'm not trying to go out there and push it and make something worse.

Q: Is there any feeling – you've got a bye coming up – to just take the two weeks or do you say, 'No, I want to go out on Sunday'?

A: We're going to talk today and tomorrow and see.

Q: When you first suffered the injury, what did you think?

A: To be honest, I really wasn't sure because I was able to finish the first half, but the amount of swelling I got in it kind of had me nervous a little bit.

Q: So the next morning, you basically thought there was a chance that it was torn?

A: At least something.

Q: You thought it was a hyperextension at first, something like that?

A: Yeah, which it actually was.

Q: But it just happened to swell up, you're saying?

A: Yeah.

Q: It seemed like you were kind of getting in a groove with (Quarterback) Daniel (Jones) there before the injury, so how tough was it to miss the last few games?

A: That's the frustrating part. That Saints game and then came back for the Dallas game. The Saints game went very well with us and then it was the first half of that Dallas game. You never know how that game could have went on. I think we had a good game plan going into the game, but me, (Running Back) Say (Saquon Barkley) – that's very frustrating and I did feel like I was starting to get into a groove a little bit. I mean, that comes with the game.

Q: What have these last few weeks been like? I mean, Saquon's in there with you, (Wide Receiver) Sterling (Shepard) is in and then he's out, (Wide Receiver) Kadarius (Toney) is in and then he's out.

A: Like I said, it's frustrating. All of us could be out there at the same time. I feel like that would be very exciting for everyone. You just can't control injuries.

Q: Are you confident you can pick up where you left off?

A: Yeah, I feel like I'll be able to pick up where I left off. But at the same time not being able to practice or do any of that for some weeks now – you know, everybody else is still practicing and everything, so hopefully I'm not steps behind or anything like that but got to see.

Q: What's left for you to show to yourself that you're ready for Sunday?

A: To be honest, it's about how my body recovers from it, what's my body going to tell me come tomorrow, come Sunday. Just got to listen to it.

Q: I assume your body responded favorably though after yesterday considering you're out here today?

A: Yeah. I would say it was alright.

Q: Do you feel anything? Are you swollen or sore?

A: No, I didn't catch any swelling. A little sore, but that's football.

Q: Obviously, they brought you in here to be a dominant receiver and I'm sure you expected that of yourself. How frustrating is it that largely because of injuries, that hasn't happened?

A: Like I said, it's frustrating not being on the field because I know what I'm capable of doing and I just want to prove that.

Q: What do you say to people who are like, 'He was injured in Detroit, he's getting injured here. He's injury-prone'? That narrative is out there, people do say that.

A: I don't really look too much into it.

Q: Do you think you are injury-prone?

A: No.

Q: You guys obviously have the bye coming up. I know that there's a feeling that that is on the horizon, but is there a sense of urgency at all? How would you describe the feeling going into Sunday and wanting to get a good performance together before you guys head out on the bye?

A: Are you talking about as far as me or the entire team?

Q: I guess the entire team, but also for you, because like they said to you earlier there is that idea that the bye is there so wait. But there has to be some feeling that you want to get back before that happens.

A: As far as the team, I feel like every team in the NFL wants to win before the bye – you know, go out feeling good instead of having a bye week coming off of a loss and then you have that taste in your mouth still. Of course, as far as the team we want to win this game and then go into our bye healthy and everything. As far as me, that goes back to me just listening to my body, knowing that there's a bye next week and if I'm not ready then I'll have another week to get ready.

Q: How disappointing is it to be sitting here with a 2-6 record?

A: It's disappointing. Period. No one wants to be 2-6.

Q: You talked a few minutes ago about how you know what you can do. When you get healthy, what are your personal expectations for the rest of the season?

A: I just want to go out there and make plays. All of you guys have seen me make plays and I just want to go out there and keep doing that week in and week out. Every time the ball comes to me, just make plays.

Q: How do you think Daniel has handled losing so many top weapons?

A: I feel like he's been doing good. It's tough, you're losing your back, losing a couple receivers, but I feel like all of us in the building have faith in everybody in there and there's always that next man up mentality.

Running Back Devontae Booker

Q: Revenge game?

A: Not really. It's just another team, go out and just play and have fun as I do every week.

Q: I said that as a joke – but playing against your former team, how much of a special feeling does it have for you?

A: Shoot, I don't really have any special feelings. Like I said, it's just another team to go out and play and just have fun as I do every week.

Q: How much do you feel like you kind of found your groove on Monday night?

A: I got a little bit into a groove getting some touches and (was) able to be in the open field and run and help my team out in any way as I could.

Q: Have you gotten more of a groove as (Running Back) Saquon (Barkley) has missed more games? Like do you feel almost like a starting running back again?

A: I'm not sure. It's just being prepared and going out there and when my number is called – I have an opportunity to just go and play. That's really been the main thing for me week in and week out is just going out and having fun at the end of the day.

­­Q: What's it been like in the running backs room this week where you've had all of the guys kind of in and out with the COVID stuff?

A: I mean, it's been pretty much me in there (laughs). I'm looking around like, 'where's everybody at?' But it's been tough, but just got to learn how to work through it and be safe.

Q: Were you nervous when you went to get your COVID test?

A: I'm not going to lie I was because everybody – they made all of us test and I'm starting to think on it and going to the trailer and standing in line for forever just to get my test. I'm like, 'I hope this isn't anything positive.' But I'm all good and ready to roll.

Q: Were there days where it was literally you and (Running Back) Sandro (Platzgummer) and (Fullback) Eli (Penny) I guess?

A: Yeah, me, Sandro and Eli. There were days like that pretty much all of this week. (Running Backs) Coach (Burton) Burns has been at home, Saquon, (Running Back) Gary (Brightwell) now and so it's just been dropping like flies by the day.

Q: I know it's obviously a positive that guys, almost everybody, don't have COVID. What's been the reaction among guys about the whole – I mean, it's been a lot of false positives, but the whole situation with the false positives happening all over the place? How have guys sort of processed that?

A: Some guys or really everybody, like how you get a negative and then you have a false positive and then a negative and then a positive – it's just a back and forth. You're like either do I have it or do I not? It's something kind of hard to deal with. I know I had it last year when I was with the Raiders and I got it right before training camp and came in with antibodies and stuff. Basically, I had went through that with false positive, then a negative, and then another negative, and then a false positive again. I had to stay out a few days. It can be frustrating. But at the end of the day, we're just trying to be safe and keep everybody around us safe.

Q: I know you guys have done a lot of virtual stuff, so has Burton still been involved in all that?

A: Yeah, on the virtual stuff he's been involved every day with us and chiming in on the meetings.

Q: Are you dealing primarily with (Offensive Assistant) Jody (Wright) or are you dealing primarily with (Senior Offensive Assistant) Freddie (Kitchens)? Is it split?

A: It's been Jody all the way. Jody's been doubling down this week, so he's been pretty good.

Q: How's Burton doing?

A: Burton's doing good. He says he may have a little cough here or there, but that's about it. He's doing good though.

Q: I know we joked about the revenge game, but is there any familiarity from that defense? I mean, you saw them in practice I know it really depended on how much during the season last year out in Vegas, but do you have familiarity with what they're trying to do as far as their schemes go that can help in this process, especially because guys have kind of been on a crunch?

A: A little bit. A lot of their defense and some of their guys are new, (they) came in under (Raiders Defensive Coordinator) Gus Bradley and they're just running different schemes. I played Gus when I was with Denver pretty much every year because he was with the Chargers and stuff like that. Me personally, I'm kind of familiar to it. Like I said they've got a couple new pieces on defense. Just trying to get up on their defensive scheme.

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