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Quotes: Manning, Nunn, & Flaherty

Coach Tom Coughlin

Beautiful day here. Nice breeze. Great work day. The defense was pretty good today. They did a nice job. It got better today.

Q: A lot of the younger guys had a bunch of interceptions today. How much does that tell you about what they're doing and how much does that help their confidence?
A: They were in the right spot and they made a nice play and hopefully we can grow with that, we can get better because of that. It's a good thing to see the people make plays.

Q: Can you teach ball-hawking skills? Or do they have to be more instinctive?
A: It's both. You can teach them where to be and how to play it and what position they should be in and where their eyes ought to be. And then, of course, there's some individual ability involved, but yes. You can definitely teach the whole thing probably except for catching the ball, which we can work at that, too. Being in the right spot, the eyes, the quarterback… Where is your leverage coming from? Where is your help coming from? When do your eyes go to the ball? If they do go to the ball and you're in man coverage, how do you handle that when the receiver is looking for the ball or which shoulder you're going to work with? So all of that stuff is taught.

Q: Are you anxious to get in pads to see how the defensive line and the offensive line bang?
A: We need that. You get to this point and, quite frankly, they bang on each other more than they're supposed to and no matter how many times you talk about hands and feet, there are a lot of shoulders. So we need the protection of that, especially as they get more and more aggressive.

Q: Was Hakeem Nicks limited today?
A: Yes, he was.

Q: For precautionary reasons?
A: I hope so.

Q: How do you think David Diehl can benefit from Justin Pugh pushing him along at right tackle?
A: David Diehl is a highly motivated guy in the first place and competition always brings out the best, so between the two of them competing and battling away for positions and especially with Brewer in there as well, that's all good stuff.

Q: Is Rueben Randle starting to show a little bit more early in this camp?
A: He's made some outstanding plays and today he had a couple that were almost that would've been nice plays. The one in the team drill in the left corner… The jump ball post in the middle of the field was a nice play and I don't know how close that one in the far corner was from Murphy, but it looked like it was competitive.

Q: It seemed like quite the battle between Randle and Prince Amukamara? Did you like what you saw from both of those guys?
A: Prince competed like heck. He really did and that's what we're trying to get there and he's rising to the occasion. He's being more and more competitive.

Q: Are you concerned that maybe Nicks is being a little too cautious? He seems to be really very worried about making it through camp and staying healthy.
A: I don't know that.  That's not what he tells me.  We just want him out there competing and practicing.  The guy has not practiced and he really needs to get out there.  We'll have to see the extent of which we have an issue here.  

Q: What needs to happen for you guys to bring the pass rush back to where it was two years ago in 2011?
A:  Well, I think 'back to work.' You know 'back to work' and I think if we start out the way we're talking about starting: about you know, stop the run, be more physical, and I think the opportunities will be there and I think we'll respond.

Q: Why do you think it fell off a bit last year?
A: There are a lot of reasons. I'm not going into that.

Q: Have you ever been a part of a team where all three linebacker spots are open, and what does that say about the chemistry and playing together, is there any concern on that?
A: Well, it's been the position everyone's wanted to talk about in the spring and now. It is competitive, we do have guys who have been outstanding special teamers who can run that are vying for those spots. Just because you don't know necessarily a lot of information about them doesn't mean they're not football players, so we'll see. It's very early, but they've done okay up to this point.

Q: Kris Adams looks like he had a hand issue?
A: Yeah, his finger popped out on him but he popped it right back in. He's fine.

Q: You talked about how much contact they've had being without pads so far, but when they do get pads on, isn't there a balance on how much contact you are having?
A: You're not supposed to be out of control. You're supposed to stay on your feet, stay on your feet. You're going to get some hitting in, that type of thing, but that's what those preseason games are for as well. You have to remember that part about it.

Q: But at camps years ago there'd be more tackling, there'd be more contact, why is that not so anymore?
A: There are lots of reasons. One is a salary cap. Secondly is that you don't have quite as long as some of those old camps where you brought them along slower and that type of thing. You have these off-season programs the way they are today, but you still have to, in this day and age, you've got to try to do the best you can. It's a very fine line you've got to get a team ready to play and they've got to be physical, but you can't step over the line. You have to take care of each other. Although it's highly competitive, it is a team, and you're working as a team to improve each other and that's what you have to keep in mind. Is it easy? No.

Q: Has it been hard for you to adapt because your whole career it's been 'work the guys hard,' and now it seems like it's a little bit-
A: Well no, that's not the right way to put it. Working hard…they work hard year-round, it's just you're not going to see any full scrimmages or anything of that nature, at least from me. It's been a very easy adjustment for me.

QB Eli Manning

Q: What do you think of Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks on the practice field?
A: I think both guys have done well. Hakeem made some great snags the first day, coming out of breaks well and good speed. Victor started off right where he left off and making catches and making good decisions. He seems quick out of his breaks and full speed, so I've been pleased with our receivers so far and how everybody is doing. We've got to keep that same pace.

Q: Do you worry about Hakeem tweaking his groin during practice the other day?
A: Hakeem is being smart. He is coming off some injuries. He's going to take it slow and do what he's got to do to make sure when he's out there he is full speed and is prepared for these preseason games and sat the start of the regular season coming in healthy. We have some time and it is early on and he has been limited in some practices over the spring, so we just want to make sure he goes at his pace that's going to keep him healthy for the upcoming year.

Q: At the back of the receiver depth chart, what are some of the things that you want to see from the Jernigans and the Bardens of the worlds?
A: The biggest thing for these young guys is just learning your assignments. There's going to be different things like learning how to get open, but for these young guys it's making sure they know what they're doing, understanding the concepts, the schemes, what their route is, what the whole route is. Sometimes your route… You're trying to get someone else open by doing the right thing and as we get more into training camp and put more of the offense in all of a sudden some things start to bleed together, so they really have to concentrate and study hard, understanding their assignments and what their route is based on all of the coverages.

Q: Ahmad Bradshaw isn't here anymore. Are you looking forward to seeing what David Wilson and Andre Brown can do?
A: Definitely. Andre has been here a number of years and knows the system well and has played well for us last year before he got injured. David is a different style of back than we've ever really had here at the Giants over the years and a lot of speed and explosiveness. We have to see what's the best way to use him and he might have some different runs that help him use his talents to the best of his ability. It will be interesting to see how things change up a little bit. Both of them are different style runners and we'll kind of understand that and put them in to do the things that they're best at.

Q: How can you help the running backs? Will you spend extra time with them on making sure they understand the pass protections?
A: Yeah. Definitely. We'll work a lot on pass protection and also their routes out of the backfield just understanding the ins and outs of it. A lot of that is during practice. Right now, a lot of is our base passing game and so you're talking to receivers. You'll have a lot of time in the film room to watch the receivers, but on the field as other groups are going, trying to get with those young running backs and just talk to them about the ins and outs of that passing game. When there are blitzes, they got to get it on to their routes and sometimes they have to uncover the receivers by doing their right assignments and doing it the correct way. Everybody has to work together in doing the right things for us to have success.

Q: Jerry Reese talked about putting up that countdown clock in the locker room. Does that put more pressure on you guys?
A: A goal at the end of the year is to always play in a Super Bowl and to win a Super Bowl and its good to have those long term goals that you want to have. You have to make the short term goals as well and we have to each day get better at something and each practice be focused on doing our jobs well and doing it at a high level and so it's kind of good to have it there as a reminder, but we have to also worry about this next practice and these preseason games and handle our business and doing everything well to make sure we are getting into the playoffs and hopefully be able to make a run.

Q: Is the clock up there yet?
A: I have not seen it.

D-Line Coach Robert Nunn

Q: Damontre Moore comes in as a rookie, realistically, how much can you give him for him to play right away. How much can he possibly absorb this soon?
A: So far, we haven't found that limit yet. He's been very good in the past, he's handled everything we've given him, both in OTAs and starting off training camp. I think he's going to give us a lot of versatility and do some different things for us and I really see him contributing as a rookie. He's got some growing up to do, he's got to help us on special teams, he's got to contribute on special teams when he's called to do so but the guy is off to an outstanding start and we have to see what happens when the pads come on. He's off to a pretty good start.

Q: Some teams look at him as an outside backer in a 3-4, you guys obviously look at him as an end in a 4-3, what made you feel that was better for him?
A: Number one, why we thought he could do it was when we saw him on tape against SEC opponents, he showed up every time he did have his hand down. He'd show up and pass rush. He's always close to the quarterback, he's always a physical player, he came in here in the OTAs and minicamp, he showed that again. He's got some rookie in him, there's no doubt, but it's the good kind of rookie. He's someone you have to tell to slow down, you never have to tell him to speed up. He's off to an outstanding start and, like I said, I really believe the guy is going to contribute early.

Q: What can you do to get this team better against the run in training camp?
A: Well, once the pads come on, we've got to be more physical. We've talked about that as a unit and, you know, there's no way to shy away from that. We weren't as physical as we wanted to be last year. As far as defensive linemen, when you don't have pads on, it's hard to evaluate a lot of things. But, when the pads come on, that's where you've got to evaluate our toughness, the energy, the passion we're playing with and how physical we are. I think that's the number one thing that we've got to improve on is being more physical, which will in turn stop the run, which will in turn allow for us to rush the passer.

Q: Can you talk a little about Cullen Jenkins and what he might being as far as stopping the run?
A: Cullen, I was with four years in Green Bay, he's a very explosive guy, talented guy, has matured a lot. He's a different guy than he was in Green Bay. He's a guy that has gotten better and better as time has gone on, very explosive player both in the run game and the pass game and he is going to bring a lot of versatility to us. I think he can go inside, he can play outside, we can do some different things, which, in turn, will allow us to different things with some of our other guys.  He really adds some versatility to what we're doing.

Q: Do you see a different determination in Justin (Tuck) this year? Obviously it's a big season for him.
A: Justin has probably had his best offseason since I've been with him. In the fourth year I've been with him, he's probably in the best physical shape, seems to be in a great frame of mind. The injuries were a factor last year. I think if he can keep himself clean with injuries, I am totally confident that Justin will be a big contributor for us and will be a very effective defensive lineman.

Q: Is there anything else that you think contributed to Justin's last few years? There has been a bit of a decline in his production, do you think anything besides the injuries contributed to that?
A: I don't think so, it's a tough game, those guys across from us get paid, too. He wasn't as bad as everyone thought he was, but he wasn't as good as he usually is so we've got to just keep building. He's approached the offseason, I thought it was just outstanding how he approached the OTAs in the offseason, he's in very, very good shape. I think he's got to prove it when the pads come on but I think he's prepared to have an outstanding season.

Q: A couple years ago Kiwanuka had a great start to the season, do you think he can have that sort of pass rush ability again when he's strictly playing end?
A: I certainly hope so. I know this – Kiwi and Tuck, since I've been with them, have had their best offseason. And the OTA work that Kiwi had was outstanding, he's off to a great start these first few days of practice. The truth will be told once we get in pads and once we get in preseason games and once the real bullets start being fired but the toughness he brings, the leadership he brings to that group in that room, I'm looking forward to that. We need some toughness in there and he does. He's a tough person naturally and I'm excited about it. He's where he needs to be before we get in pads so we'll see once the pads come on where we go.

Q: Can you teach toughness? It seems like you're either tough or you're not.
A: You know, some of that's true. I think there are some people that can't be taught to be tough. When everyone around you is playing physical and playing with energy and passion, it tends to being everyone else up to that level. That's what we're trying to do as a unit. To increase that passion and that level of intensity you play with. There were times when we were in the offseason watching cut-ups, you didn't see that when you turned the tapes on. Sometimes it was things that we could control, sometimes it wasn't. The thing that we're trying to do is what we can control we want to control. We want to play with energy, we want to bring energy and passion and physicality to this defense and, if we do that, the rest will take care of itself.

Q: Do you still believe Marvin Austin can be an effective player?
A: Marvin, along with Tuck and Kiwi, I said this earlier, he is another one who has had his best offseason. He's been healthy for the first time. He's never been able to go through a true offseason because of different ailments that he's had. He's where he needs to be right now, he just can't disappear when the pads come on. He knows what he's got to do, I've spoken to him about it, when the pads come on he's got to produce, when he gets out there under the lights he's got to produce. Right now, he's got himself in the position to give himself the best opportunity since he's been here of having a productive year.

Q: What's your best case scenario for a guy like him this year? What would you really want to use him for?
A: Anytime you've got big guys, you need the depth. Time will tell, once we get out there in pads and once we get into preseason games, he'll kind of dictate that, what he can bring to us. He's a very explosive player, he showed that coming out but he's had some tough luck. Once he's been moving in the right direction he's had an injury or something that's pulled him back. I think he'll kind of determine that, what he brings to us, by when the pads come on and what he's showing on tape.

Q: There have always been about four or five guys who could play defensive end over the past couple of years. Do you think you have the same depth at defensive end that you've had the past couple of years?
A: Yes, I really do. That's got to be proven when the pads come on. We've got some young guys that have to show up. They look good when they're running around with no pads on but you still see some things that get you excited. Like I said, Damontre, Adrian Tracy has had his best offseason. Obviously he's a good special teams player but he's got to produce both in the run game and the pass game when he gets out there and gets his opportunities.

Q: With Kiwi making the move back to defensive end, has there been a change in the sense of putting on more weight, getting a little stronger?
A: He might be a little heavier. I don't know what his weight is exactly right now but he may be just a little bit thicker. You see the physicality, he plays with an edge on him. When he's playing confident he's got an edge on him, which spreads into that room. You talk about toughness, that brings toughness to our room. We need that because last year, for whatever reason, whether it be injuries or whatever it was, we didn't play with that edge at times. At times we did and at times we didn't. We want to play all 16 games with a little edge and Kiwi brings that to us.

Q: Kiwi is such a good athlete and speaks so well, toughness isn't necessarily the first thing people think of. Is he really that tough?
A: He plays with an edge. Like I said, when he's playing confident, and is confident in what he's doing as far as, moving him around, he was very unselfish. He moved and tried to help us win. I think he's excited about being back at one position and he naturally plays with an edge on him. I love him for it and he brings that to our defense and our defensive line and our room. He is a little bit different when he's in the room versus when he's out there on the field . A switch goes off and it's a good switch.

Q: Seeing where JPP is at now, do you have any expectations as to where he might be for the season opener?
A: No, not yet. Just because those are all trainer questions. He's where he needs to be from a mental standpoint, he's in every meeting, he's at practice when they allow him to come, I know they don't want him standing which, I'm no doctor but that would be understandable. My back hurts when I stand and I've got a good back. He's where he needs to be from a mental standpoint and everyone knows physically so we'll just, once he gets back, we'll get him started and we'll go from wherever he is.

Q: Was there one thing that particularly gave you guys trouble last year in terms of stopping the run?
A: Missed tackles is one thing we looked at. The things that we can control as far as defensive line is missed tackles, we had too many missed tackles, and I said earlier, I didn't feel like we played with the edge that's got us where we have gotten to. We've got to get back to playing with an edge and playing with some nastiness and, when pads come on, that's got to show up. We can't just talk, we've got to go out there and, when pads come on, when we get out here in preseason games, that's where we've got to make our improvements.

Q: Do you expect to get a contribution from Jonathan Hankins as a rookie?
A: He has really surprised me coming in. I thought he did an outstanding job between when he started until now with his body. He's worked, he's trimmed up, he's gotten stronger, if he continues to do that I think he's another young player that's going to contribute to us. He really has looked good. Now, I haven't seen him with his shoulder pads on or anything like that, so it's hard to sit up here and talk about defensive tackles when you're out there in their underwear. When you get the pads on, you've got to show up.

Q: Hankins has been running with the second team?
A: Yeah, he's been running second team. He's picked up everything physically and from a mental standpoint, he's right where he needs to be. We'll see what happens when we start shooting real bullets.

Q: What did you guys see in Cullen Jenkins that made you want to bring him aboard?
A: Very explosive player, I was with Cullen for four years in Green Bay so I know him personally, I've coached him. He gives us some versatility. He can move inside, he can move outside, when we get to our pass rush stuff he can free up Justin and JPP and Kiwi to move around so there are several things he brings. The passion he plays with and the toughness, he's another guy that plays tough. On Sundays, he's a tough guy. We need that in that room.

Offensive Line Coach Pat FlahertyQ: So who is your right tackle?
A: Right tackle is David Diehl.  With Justin Pugh working in at right tackle and that's what we're starting out here in training camp.  We'll continue to progress that way.  It will work its way out whatever which way it's going to work.  Both of them are getting the same amount of reps and we have a lot of confidence in David Diehl.  Justin Pugh will get there as he continues to work.  

Q: Do you ever mix in Justin to other positions just to get him that different experience?
A: We will.  As we do with a few of our offensive linemen, we do put them at other positions.  Right now because of the nature of his experience in the NFL, we'll keep him at the right tackle position.  Maybe someday in the near future we might put him over to left tackle …  We tried to keep him somewhere he can learn the techniques and fundamentals and assignments, so we're not moving him back and forth.  

Q: When you met him before the draft, or you talked to him before the draft, what were you most impressed with Justin?
A: I think really his demeanor as an offensive lineman.  He came across to me as a player that, first of all, football is important to him.  He wanted to not only do it for an occupation, but playing the game itself meant something to him.  His demeanor as having some …, physicalness to him, and the willingness to learn.  God gave him some ability as most of the NFL players, where he can bend and move and do those types of things.  As players coming into the league for their first year in particular, they need to get bigger and stronger and adjust to the players he's going to play against.  

Q: Do you have any questions for him in particular?  After you saw the film was there anything that you want him to do more of in the NFL?  Or something that you expected more out of?
A: Every day I expect everyone to do more.  I'm not making light of that, it's just the nature of myself as a coach, coaching the offensive line.  We better be able to progress and get better with the fundamentals and techniques.  You come from college and go into the NFL, football is football, but you better be precise with your techniques because you're going to play against somebody as a first-year player in the NFL, you're going to play against people that have been playing in this league for 7 or 8 years now.  They've seen an awful lot.  For you to be able to be good, you just have to continue to study and go out and do it.

*Q: Is it a concern not having Chris Snee right away, or do you sit there and say he's a Pro Bowler, as soon as he's ready we'll be good. *
A: No, I never say because he's this or because he's that.  Chris is a good football player and he is a Pro Bowler.  That's what he's done in the past.  I'm not concerned about Chris because of the nature of the way Chris is.  It bothers veterans in particular.  A Chris Snee, a David Baas, a David Diehl, those guys have been around … It bothers them not to be able to practice at this time of the year because they know that they need a certain amount of reps to get ready to do what they do for their livelihood.  That's bothering Chris.  Obviously, with the nature of his surgery and so forth, we and the medical staff are being smart about it.  Chris is doing whatever he can do.  I know he's anxious to get out there.  He'll get out there in time enough to be ready to go.

Q: Coach, can you talk about David Diehl a little bit?  This is really the biggest challenge in his career in terms of keeping a starting job.
A: It is, you know he's as much as anybody because I believe it's being publicized…  As in particular in the offensive line, in the offensive line coach, starting with me.  Each and every year you have to be able to go and produce and be good at what you're doing and it's not different in the players.  It just so happens to be David Diehl because of maybe the nature we … position.  But you also as a player, you respond to that.  Most of us like to fill the little bit extra, you know, nudge, it's coming.  It's a big year for him.

Q: How has he reacted to it?
A: Well if you've been around David Diehl in the more than 10 years I've been around him, he's chomping at the bit. He said I'm ready to go, I know what I have to do, I have to play better and this is how I'm going to approach it.  This is my job to coach him up and … his attitude has been outstanding thus far.

Q: David is so versatile, if Chris weren't ready, would you slide him over and possibly start Pugh as the tackle?
A: That's always a possibility.  To move people around is something that we have to be willing to do and the players have to be ready to do that.  Still, someone's ready to handle what is going to be thrown at them in the first game in Dallas.  That's going to be a pretty good task.  We better be sure as coaches, players that were able to make that type of adjustment.  

Q: Knowing Justin the way you do, could he be smart enough to start opening day if you needed him?  Do you think he could pick it up fast enough?
A: That's something I wish I can answer after two practices but maybe after ten or eleven practices, I might give you a little bit better of an idea.  I know this, all of our guys in our offensive room are working.  When they come to work each and every day, these guys are attentive and they are trying to learn it to the best of their ability.  That's my job to make sure they do learn it.  Maybe the answer is going to be yes.  I'd like to wait a couple weeks to tell you that, but if you're asking me now, you better be ready.  

Q: I know it is just such a sample, but what has Justin shown? …
A: We haven't put pads on.  I want to see him in pads.  Right now he's done the best he can do.  He's shown that he is the reason that we drafted him… a good solid football player.  I'm anxious to get the pads on and then we will know a little bit more.  

Q: Brandon Mosley pretty much lost last year.  What do you see in him this year?
A: We'll I see a guy that's lost last year in terms of playing along injuries, but he's come back this year really aggressive and eager and … was him ready to go.  He lost some good repetitions from 2012.

Q: His future most likely at guard?
A: He's played tackle in college.  We don't say he couldn't be a tackle, it's just we have him in that spot right now because of where… is.  He's got to be able to play in multiple positions. 

DT Cullen JenkinsQ: …
A: …Moving, getting back in football shape and it feels good.

Q: Is it weird being over here putting a Giants uniform on?
A: No. When I first came over, maybe. I had to get used to wearing the blue. I've been wearing green my whole career. But now I feel like part of the team. I don't even think about it anymore.

Q: How's the adjustment going so far?
A: It's going really good. This is a great group here. This is a great defense. Between the defensive coordinator and Coach Nunn, they expect a lot out of you. We take it to the practice field and work hard every day, so I'm really liking what I see.

Q: What do you think the strength of the unit is?
A: The D-line is a pretty deep unit. Between the ends that can play inside or out, the tackles that can do the same and move around; there's a lot of different player types on this team. There's some great players in there. I really like the group.

Q: Jerry Reese came out the other day and said that one playoff appearance in four years is not enough, but they're only one year removed from winning the Super Bowl. How does it feel to work for an organization where the expectations are so high?
A: I definitely like the fact that it's a winning environment and they expect so much. The past is the past and I wasn't here for a lot of it. But one thing I know is what's expected this year, and that's what we have to do. That has to be our goal and we can't try to get too far ahead of ourselves. We have to take it a day at a time right now, at camp and as we get into the regular season, game by game.

Q: How are you adjusting?
A: I'm adjusting pretty good. At this point in my career, I've been around and seen a lot. There aren't too many new things to be thrown your way. You know what you have to do and what's expected of you. You just try to do it with a positive attitude and work hard.

Q: You get used to the color?
A: Yea, I actually like the blue. It's different. My wife said the same thing, that they can finally get some jerseys this year that look a little better.

Q: Coach Nunn said the first priority is to stop the run and that's going to free guys up to rush the passer. Is that how you see things working? That it's first stopping the run?
A: Yeah. That's what you've got to do. I know firsthand what will happen if you're not stopping the run, if you're not getting the sticks in your favor, if you don't have the score in your favor in the game. In Philadelphia, we went through the same thing upfront where you come off a season with a lot of sacks and pressures, and then the next year teams kind of key in on you and things in the season don't go the way you hope. The numbers can cut down fast, and it doesn't mean that you lost the step, it's just that you weren't doing the things necessary to put yourself in the position to get the numbers or the sacks or whatever it may be.

Q: How are you feeling?
A: I'm feeling pretty good. It's a little hot out here right now, but I feel good. Training camps are never the most fun, but being my age, I feel really good.

Q: Is one of your focuses working with Linval Joseph?
A: Linval is really good. He's a strong man; really strong. I can't even workout with Linval in the weight room. But he's one of the first people in here every day. Out in practice he's always busting his butt and you have to respect it. He's got some bright years ahead of him and I think he can do a lot of things in the league.

OT Justin Pugh

Q: How does it feel to get signed, get in here on time, and …?
A: It feels good. It was my goal to get in here as an offensive lineman. Getting in here and learning the playbook is huge. I also said I wouldn't be holding out, so I stayed true to that. It worked out well. I'm here and I'm happy.

Q: Were you nervous?
A: No. I know the Giants are fair. I just wanted to get out there and be with my teammates and learn from the great guys I have in front of me. I knew the whole time it was going to get done. Obviously the last couple days you're sweating it out, but everything worked out.

Q: How do you view this competition at right tackle with you and David Diehl? He's been here a long time, he's taken snaps with the first team. How much do you think you have to do to try to compete?
A: I just get out there and work and learn from him. Obviously he's been there eleven years and he knows the ropes and how to play the game. So I'm just going to get out there. I know my role, right now I'm running with the twos. Just learn as much as I can from him and go out there and compete. That's all I can do. I just challenge myself to get better each day.

Q: It's only been two days since you've seen the playbook. Do you think that's something you can digest by week one?
A: Yeah, definitely. This is the third time. I've seen it the rookie mini-camp and the OTAs, now this is the third time going over it and I'm definitely getting used to it. I understand the little things that go into each play.

Q: Will it just be the playbook or will it also be the technique for you?
A: Well, I think to get to the technique you have to master the playbook. Definitely, first and foremost, get the playbook down and then start working on the individual technique. From there you can start working on what the defense is doing. That's the progression for me.

Q: Where do you feel you are in terms of making that transition over to the right side?
A: I feel good about it. I'm feeling comfortable out there in my set and all the different things. I think it's just getting in there and learning the playbook, like I said, and then getting on the technique and mastering the technique.

Q: When the pads come on who are you looking forward to facing the most?
A: Coach always says just go up for whoever's out there. Just face the opponent and go out there and do what I have to do and play with a good technique.

Q: Have all your snaps been at right tackle?
A: Yes, they've been at right tackle. I may be getting some snaps out on the left side, too, just to see. I played there in college so I feel comfortable there as well.

Q: In OTAs and minicamps you did some guard though, right?
A: No, I didn't do any guard, just all right tackle. They want me to get comfortable there. I might see something else toward the middle or the end of training camp.

Q: Right now it's all second team?
A: Yea.

Q: …do you see any of the defensive linemen here?
A: You try not to. Coach Flaherty's real big on having us face the opponent and having us go out there and execute what you have to do. Knowing what your job is and making sure you get that done. When you go against some of the guys like Tuck and Kiwanuka, it's a little bit heightened. But you want to try to get out there and be as consistent as possible.

Q: So you don't see them working out really?
A: No, I try not to.

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