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Quotes: RB Matt Breida, LB Jihad Ward, OL Jamil Douglas

Running Back Matt Breida

Q: Why the Giants first of all? And then did you have a deal before you showed up there today or was this one of those come visit talk it through and then we'll talk contract situations?

A: To your first question, nothing but great things about this organization I've heard about. Obviously offensive coordinator and now he's a head coach Brian Daboll, he's a great guy, great person and he's a great coach, so that was big in the decision in why I chose to come here. Second of all, yeah, something was already in the works before. Like I said, I already had my mind made up before this, so I knew I was going to go.

Q: What do you think bringing in all these guys from Buffalo does for this team and with the new head coach and general manager obviously coming from there too? What do you guys bring besides the on-the-field football stuff?

A: I think definitely guys that know how to win, leadership, guys that know what it takes to get to the playoffs and that's definitely what we expect here with the Giants, nothing short of that. Definitely having those guys here is going to help with the rest of the team and I'm excited to get to work.

Q: How would you define the culture that you guys had in Buffalo? We hear a lot about that culture and it's pretty clear that they're trying to import that here to the Giants?

A: Winning culture. I believe the guys here that are around the team with the Giants obviously have one too. We're just coming in to add on to that and build what's already been here.

Q: What are your thoughts from afar on (Running Back) Saquon Barkley and what do you expect your role to be? Like a 50-50 time-share kind of thing, short-yardage guy? Like I'm sure you've discussed how they envision using you, what's your role and what do you think of Saquon? Two different things.

A: Saquon's a great running back. I definitely believe he's one of the top running backs in the NFL. Whatever they want me to do here with my role, I'm just going to leave that up to the coaches. I'm just here to help the team get better. I know Saquon's going to help me get better. I'm going to help him get better and that goes with all the rest of the running backs on the team.

Q: When you look at your years as a running back, there's always been a lot of talk in New York about is it the running back? Is it the offensive line? You've run behind some really good offensive lines. How much does a running back need that in your experience and if you don't have a great offensive line, what can a running back do about that?

A: Football's an 11-man game, so it takes everybody. The running backs need the offensive line. The offensive line needs the running backs, vice versa. You need the quarterback, you need the tight ends, you need the receivers to block, so it goes both ways all around. You just can't have one guy running the show, so I think it's going to take everyone to get the running game going and that's going to be like that everywhere you go though.

Q: You played last year with (Offensive Lineman) Jon Feliciano who is now here to presumably play center. What kind of guy is he? What kind of player is he?

A: Man, he's a great player. Definitely a big vocal team leader, which I think is definitely going to shine on this team. He's going to help us get going and like I said, nothing but great things about him and he's overall a great player here.

Q: Are you surprised he's coming here as a center? You knew him pretty much as a guard, right?

A: I'm not surprised. He can play a lot of different positions. He's that good, so I'm not surprised at all.

Q: You didn't get to play much last year. How much do you feel like you have something to prove that you've still got a lot left because you know how this league goes, once running backs get in their upper 20s, people start to say they don't have much left. You didn't get to play much because (Bills Running Back Zack) Moss and (Bills Running Back Devin) Singletary were there. How much do you come here with something to prove?

A: Every year I've got something to prove. I came into this league undrafted. I guarantee a lot of people didn't think I would be on year six right now, so I'm going to keep going for as long as I'm able to play and allowed to play. I'm blessed every day to play this game. I'm just very fortunate.

Linebacker Jihad Ward

Q: You played for (Defensive Coordinator) Wink (Martindale) in Baltimore, right?

A: Sure did.

Q: Tell us, obviously, we've seen his style on film, but what's it like to play for him? What's it like style-wise, mentality-wise? What does Wink instill in his defensive players?

A: Basically, just coming in with that aggression. Basically, just strong and really the aggression is just some blitzes and stuff. You don't know when we're going to come. That's his type of style. That's his type of deal. We're going to come at you. With Wink and him coaching me, he's a great coach.

Q: Is that what led you to the Giants or was it just the best offer or did you feel like you had your most success with him and wanted to reunite? Why the Giants I guess is my question?

A: Just like I said, I wanted to go somewhere where they're going to make me feel loose and Wink is one of those coaches where basically he's going to make me extend my career being the best that I can be. Wink is one of the coaches that did a hell of a job with me when I was a Raven so I'm here now and ready to win some games.

Q: What are the Giants getting from you? What do you think you can bring to this team?

A: I can bring a lot to the team. Basically, the most important thing I can bring to the table is bringing just trying to win games, dominating the edge and then dominating the d-line. I can bring that to the table. I'm not here to try to describe what I can bring if that makes sense, but I believe that I can be one of the best and one of the top-tier d-lineman (inaudible) Giants. So, when you play the Giants, the d-line is going to be one that's mentioned. So that's what I can bring to the table.

Q: You were asked before about Wink's scheme before, how important is it to have a strong front presence, so that the things in the back can function the way they're designed to?

A: They can function really well. I can play all the positions. Everything is really simple. The only thing is with the rest of the d-line that's here, we've just got to basically understand its different types of fronts. When we play a different type of team, we might go straight to base on this one, like a basic front and certain teams, it's quite difficult for us and we'll change the scheme up based on whatever the personnel is. It's basically like a mixture of everything. For example, you can't really say it's a 3-4. You can't say it's a 4-3, it depends what type of front that you're in. That's what he brings to the table. It's going to be a lot of confusion and basically versatility if that makes sense.

Q: Did you grow up in Philadelphia?

A: I sure did, man.

Q: So, did you grow up hating the Giants?

A: No, I never hated the Giants. I'm from Philly so I was more of an Eagles (fan). I never hated the Giants. That was never in my particular. When you're a kid, it's like the Eagles and stuff like that, but I never hated New York. I love New York. I went to school here. I went to JuCo (Junior College) here, so that showed me a good time. Quite a struggle with all this transportation with this bus, boats and trains and all that stuff like that. But New York will forever show me a good time.

Q: You've got to get with (Tight End) Ricky Seals-Jones. He signed because of the subways so maybe he could show you around.

A: I'm not going to hold you, when it gets cold outside, those subways get hot.

Q: You mentioned Globe Institute, what it's like playing there? That's a far cry from the NFL, I guess we'll put it that way.

A: Like I mentioned the bus, boat, and the train, it was part of being a grown man. That's the way I describe it. It took me three hours every day to go to school, so it's quite different now that I have a little bit of funds now. Everything's more difficult when you have no money, so when I come back here, I just think about those times like I really made it out of here doing two years of that and coming from junior college. Everything was special. I'm going to forever like it here though. I'm glad to be back here though.

Offensive Lineman Jamil Douglas

Q: Why the Giants? What made you sign here; did you have anything else cooking that you picked this over? Can you just talk about the process?

A: Really, this is the best opportunity for myself and my family. I want to be a part of an organization that has a lot of pride and I know with this coaching staff they are looking to bring it to that point. So, when an opportunity presented itself, for me, it was really a no brainer just looking at the guys that are in this building and the goals they are trying to accomplish.

Q: You know the offensive line coach here better than we do, what is it about him that you like playing for? Because you have come, (Offensive Lineman Jon) Feliciano has come, it seems like there's a Bills migration to New York. Can you tell us a little bit about (Offensive Line) Coach Johnson?

A: Coach Johnson is a great coach, man. I've been fortunate enough over my career to have some really good o-line coaches, really good coaches in general, but the thing about him is he's going to instill confidence in his guys and he's also going to coach you hard. That's all you can ask for, really, as a player is to be coached hard. That's how you get better. A guy that you know cares, he knows what he's talking about, is very detailed in his process and his work and I think that it transfers into the room. Just naturally guys bring that same energy and gravitate towards that. Just playing for a guy like that, it's what you want as a player.

Q: You're in the building with (Running Back) Matt (Breida) today, too. Are you guys going to be able to get a group rate on a moving van from Buffalo to New Jersey or something?

A: (laughs) I hope so. If you've got any good companies let me know but yeah, for sure, I hope so.

Q: Why do you think so many guys are in this pipeline? Obviously, the head coach and the GM come from there, but what are you trying to bring besides people on the field. Is there any kind of culture you're trying to bring here?

A: I definitely think it's a culture-type thing. Like I said, even just talking about Coach Johnson and the energy he brings and how he is as a coach, that's the same thing with Coach Daboll. Just being around him in my short amount of time in Buffalo, he's high energy. You know he's a guy that's going to coach you hard and like I said, as a player that's what you want. I think a lot of guys respect that as you go throughout the league and a lot of guys want that feeling when they walk into a building that this coach cares, he's going to be on you, but it's for the better of the team and for the better of myself.

Q: You've seen firsthand what a great quarterback can do for a team, a big, strong-arm guy who can run. Can you talk a little bit about what (Buffalo Quarterback) Josh (Allen) brought to the Bills and I don't know if you have any familiarity with your quarterback now, Daniel Jones, but is there any sense you see some of that in him possibly?

A: I mean I don't like to compare players just for the simple fact that everyone in this league is special in their talents and what they bring to each organization. I think Josh's resume speaks for itself. I know that we're going to have a lot of talent in this building because of the business that we're in and it's our job to create a team that we can be proud of and put a good product out on the field.

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