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Quotes: QB Eli Manning on Nicks' return


QB Eli ManningQ: Have you seen Hakeem today?**

A: Yeah. It should be good to have him here and see what he can do and go out there and have a good practice.

Q: How much are you looking forward to getting on the field with him and getting reps?
A: I'm looking forward to having these last three practices and keep working on getting better, working on our offense, improving on things and see if we can… I thought we've made some progress these last few weeks of OTAs and hopefully we can finish on a strong note and take that into training camp down the road.

Q: How much relief is there that Hakeem is here?
A: I don't know if it's a relief. We have three days of practice and we haven't had a practice yet, so I think we just have to continue going about our business as we've been these last few months and all we can do is go out there and keep trying to get better, keep working on our offense making sure everybody is doing the right things, in the right spots and having success.

Q: Is there something you'd like to happen for you to leave and take this break feeling good about where the offense is?
A: I feel good about what we've been able to do these last weeks. Some guys have made strides getting better. We have new guys in camp with new tight ends and new receivers and some new offensive linemen playing, so I think guys have stepped up and kind of found what they can do or what they do well and then what we need to improve on, how they need to grow within the offense. It's learning all the ins and outs, but I've been pleased so far and hopefully these last three practices continue to make strides and make sure we're really sharp out there on the practice field.

Q: How much time have you spent on Hakeem and Victor's absences?
A: Only when I talk to you. That's the only time it's in my mind. I haven't made it a big deal and I'm coming here to work and practice and just trying to make sure I'm having great reps in practice and doing my job and whoever is out there on the field, talking with them throughout the day, throughout the practice and make sure we're all getting better.


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