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Quotes: Rookies react to 2nd day of camp


DT Johnathan Hankins**

Q: Do you find that you're not thinking as much out on the field and things are automatic?

A: The first day I was kind of thinking a little bit too much, but I'm starting to relax and starting to get comfortable within the scheme of the defense and just be confident and go out there and make plays. I'm not trying to make plays that I can't make. Just make the plays that come to me.

Q: How does this defense match up with what you did in college?

A: It's about the same. We ran the same kind of front. I don't think it's pretty different from college to the NFL. We've got some really good defensive ends. It's going to be great playing with the guys that we have.

Q: Did you ever come off the field at Ohio State?

A: No. (The coach) didn't like his starters coming off the field, so I had to make sure I was in good enough shape to stay on the field and contribute to the team.

Q: This team likes to rotate its players.

A: That's good. I'm going to embrace my role and get better.

Q: How did you feel at the end of the games if you never came off the field?

A: I felt good because we won.

Q: So conditioning isn't a problem for you?

A: No. I'm just trying to continue to get in better shape and condition.

Q: Did you laugh when the draft analysts said that you tire at the end of games?

A: Other people have their opinions and what they think, so I can't really comment about that. I know what I'm capable of doing and I'm going to go out there and work hard.

Q: Has it been fun going against Justin Pugh?

A: We've been having our little battles. Not so much today. I've been at zero technique most of the day so I didn't get to see him as much, but it's good for the competition on the front line.

Q: You've done work at both tackle spots. Is one becoming more comfortable for you in the scheme?

A: I'm getting used to both of them. I like the way the scheme is and where they put me at. So overall it's good.

Q: If you had to pick one technique to match your skill set, which one would you pick?

A: Probably nose. I like playing the zero technique.

Q: Were you ever tired at the end of games?

A: Yeah. Of course you're going to get tired out there playing every single snap, but it's just mental. I expect just to stay focused and try to win. Do as much as you can to help the team win. I did a pretty decent job at that.

QB Ryan Nassib

Q: Tom Coughlin said that you caught his eye the past couple of days and that he's seen some improvement. What's your reaction?

A: Yeah. I definitely felt a little bit more comfortable as these practices have been going on. I'm starting to get the terminology down. I'm sure it's nowhere near as much as what the whole playbook is, but I'm getting the… baby steps really and I'm just glad I got this extra time and going with the rookie minicamp to actually study it.

Q: When you see Pugh lining up on the right side, is that a little strange?

A: It's a little strange. I'm so used to him on my backside and kind of seeing him over there I'm not used to seeing him in my vision on my right, but he's a versatile guy. You can put him anywhere on the line.

Q: Did you feel OK with everything? You didn't look really lost.

A: I was fortunate where I kind of had an experience like this when I went to the Senior Bowl where I had to learn the playbook in a week. So I kind of picked up some good study habits that I'd be able to get ready for practice the next day right after getting the playbook for only 12 hours.


G Eric Herman**

Q:Coach Coughlin saying that you have a 'mean streak.' Do you want to be known as that mean guy?
A:Oh, no. No, I just love working hard on the field. When I am off the field I'm a different guy. When I snap up – it's a game. I love playing it and I'm going to work hard.

Q:Do you have any of that 'small school' chip on your shoulder?
A:No, I don't really exactly see Ohio University as a small school. We play really good football and we strive for greatness. A lot of people bring down the MAC a little bit, but we play big teams and we play hard ball.

Q:Do you know anything about the offensive line here?
A:Yes sir. We run a very broad offense. You have to be liquid on the offensive line and learn your positions and play hard football. It is exciting to be here and to learn from the best.

Q:These are veterans.
A:Yes sir.

Q:Do you look forward to meeting them?
A:Oh yeah, of course. I haven't got to meet the majority of them. I got to meet Chris Snee on my first day. I have to be a sponge in the meeting room and just learn from the best.

Q:Are you and Justin working well on the offensive line?
A:Oh yeah. That would be awesome. Justin and I are going to start going with each other throughout all of the practices, and really clicking. I'm excited to see what we can do with this great offense.

Q:Something offensive linemen don't have a lot of stats. Pancake is a honor for you – having that stat?
A:Yeah. It is exciting. When you play good football and you get rewarded for it.

Q:Your running back gets a lot of yards?
A:Yes sir.

Q:Pancake and knockdowns and all of this other crazy stuff in your bio when we got. Explain pancakes and knockdowns.
A:When you get a pancake or a knockdown, you are taking the guy to the ground.

Q:Is there any difference between the two of them?
A:Knockdown is a total number. And then we have de-cleaters – like more of a cut style. And then pancakes are actually physically taking the opponent to the ground.

Q:Before you got to Ohio had you kept those stats in high school?
A:No, that stat was made for us to finish our plays and our blocks. So that was more of an incentive. And I like the system – how we did it.


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