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Quotes: Tom Coughlin, Shane Vereen (9/18)


Head Coach Tom Coughlin**

Q: Is [Jon] Beason's status doubtful more just of having one practice or is he feeling…
A: Well, he is feeling better, he'll tell you that, but we're going to see.

Q: If he can't go, will it be Uani ['Unga] in the middle again?
A: Sure.

Q: Would Jasper [Brinkley]?
A: Jasper, [Mark] Herzlich can go in there.

Q: How big of a lift would it be if Beason could play?
A: I think that it would be a good shot in the arm. Players, not unanimously but wholeheartedly, voted him captain. It would be a definite plus for us. The only reason I answer in that fashion is because you don't want to get right down when you can get another week. I hope, but we'll have to see.

Q: It's a short week with a Thursday game coming.
A: It sure is because literally there's very little practice. A lot of it is very mental but it's not very physical, so you have to be careful with that.

Q: Will Cullen [Jenkins] move inside more with [Markus] Kuhn out?
A: Cullen goes in and out.

Q: It seems like [Daniel] Fells was a big part of what you did last week.
A: He certainly was, yeah.

Q: What has to change with him being out?
A: Well, [Jerome] Cunningham will go, we'll use the young guy, and we'll be prepared in other ways in case we have to be that way.

Q: As a blocker, does Cunningham do what Fells does? I know Larry [Donnell] has had issues with that.
A: Fells is the best blocker.

Q: Did you see the picture of JPP's [Jason Pierre-Paul] hand?
A: I didn't look, I heard it was out there, but I didn't see it.

Q: Did you see his hand when he was here?
A: No, it was wrapped.

Q: Why didn't you look? Were you not curious to see?
A: I was busy and whenever it was on I wasn't watching anything. By the time I got home, I wasn't going to sit around watching that.

Q: How do you think your team did putting last week behind them?
A: It was hard at the beginning of the week, no doubt, but I think they're moving along. I think yesterday was better than the day before.

Q: Has Louis Nix [III] shown you enough to get in on Sunday and have an impact?
A: He's been here a short amount of time. He's had an opportunity just really to try and understand the way we do things, and so the information that he has is very specific for him. He doesn't have the whole playbook, obviously, but yeah that's what he's here for, to play and help.

Q: Has Brinkley done enough to play extended periods?
A: He's done enough to know his special teams assignments and to play in there as well. As I say, we would be able to have him, and Herzlich, and some of those guys available.

Q: You spend any time this week on Washington or is it all crunched into next week?
A: Well, at the end of the week, the coaches have got to get ready for the basics of special teams and then first and second downs. From this afternoon until tomorrow evening or however you want to say it, they will have some opportunity to spend some time on just some preliminary things, so we can get going on Monday morning to formulate a game plan. Everybody has their own responsibilities and they have to be ready to go on Monday.

Q: You don't get it to the players until Monday.
A: Oh no, Monday afternoon. There's no information, it's all Atlanta, that's the key obviously.

Q: Does that involve extra time as a staff here, longer than it normally would be?
A: Sure, you've got more things that you have to get ready.

Q: With the championship celebration, do you get to enjoy that at all or is it 100 percent Atlanta for you?
A: My wife is going to be able to see some of the coaches' wives and stuff like that, but I don't. Hopefully I'll see some guys on Sunday.

Q: What was that staff like, the dynamic of that group?
A: It's a good group of coaches, good group of players, and it was a fun opportunity.

Q: Have you ever reflected on the history about how you guys helped define this league for 25 years?
A: Not really, I'm not much of a reflector.


Running back Shane Vereen**

Q: Rashad Jennings has run pretty well so far. What would you like to see as far as your role? Can it be a real solid one-two punch?
A: I'm happy as long as the offense is successful, as long as we can put wins on the board, put points on the board. It's a team game and the offense as a whole unit has to click, all 11 guys, regardless of who's on the field. So hopefully with the continued success for our offense, one guy will be able to get to play.

Q: What dimension do you feel you're going to bring with your receiving skills?
A: I just hope I can open things up for other guys. Create matchups that are favorable for the offense.

Q: Do you feel like it was tough for the offense to get in a rhythm last week because the time of possession was as slanted as it was?
A: The time of possession, I think, was hard on us. At the same time, I think we did a good job with what we were given. I think we were able to rally when we needed to, put drives together when we really needed to.

Q: Do you expect this week to be a little smoother, especially if you can get the ball before the 11 minute mark?
A: Yeah, hope so. We definitely want to see improvement from Week 1 to Week 2, that's what we're striving for. I know the confidence is still there, so hopefully we can go out there on Sunday and play well.

Q: Eli has said that this is one of those times that you'd like to have another game right away. What has this week been like getting through?
A: There's definitely still been a lot of motivation, I think. I think me personally, I can't wait to get back out there and get another game under the belt. And get back to doing things the way we want to do them, and get the taste of defeat out of our mouths.

Q: What is the sense of pressure to avoid an 0-2 start?
A: It's still so early in the season. I don't think there's really much pressure. I think, more or less, we just want to be able to play the way we're capable of playing.

Q: What about as far as matching Atlanta's offense? They're pretty prolific.
A: Exactly. That's another reason why we need to continue or grow from last week and play well, and put points on the board and stay ahead.

Q: Last week (somebody) had actually said you'll need 28 points to win this game. What's the goal? Is the goal this week a little different?
A: I haven't been aware of a goal this week. I just know the more we're on the field, the more points we put up, the better off we'll be at the end of the game.

Q: Is there a point in your mind that you guys have to get to?
A: No, not at all. I think if we get out there and just play and just try to execute on the small things and move the chains when we need to, everything will take care of itself.

Q: Everybody knows what happened at the end of the game. It seemed like before that you guys were running the ball a lot better. Do you feel that you guys made strides there?
A: I think, as a unit, that's going to be one of our strengths moving forward. And it's definitely been something we're working on. To have it come to fruition in a game and succeed with it is definitely something that we're looking forward to. Going forward, hopefully we can get better in all areas of the game and just continue to be successful in the red zone.

Q: Is there anything in particular you're looking forward to in your first home game?
A: I'm looking forward to it, yeah. It's definitely going to be fun. Looking forward to hearing the crowd and playing a game in a nice, new stadium.

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