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Quotes: WR Murphy adds missing piece

Q: You caught some balls from Eli today.A: Yeah. I'm just trying to get better each and every day and trying to work on my craft. That's all.

Q: When you have guys like Cruz, Nicks and Randle, are you confident you can contribute to this receiving corps?A: Yeah. You've just got to come in with your confidence and come ready to play ball, ready to compete and just play ball.

Q: How different is this offense from what you've worked with in the past?A: It's a little different, but we've been studying the plays for about six weeks now without going out there. It just felt good to actually get out there and run through the plays. It's definitely a little different, but I like it a lot. It does a lot of different things that works to my benefit.

Q: You can stretch the field.A: Yeah. That's what I like to do. I can do a lot of things. I can go inside, play outside. I can do it all. But they do like to stretch the field and I like doing that.

Q: When you got to go to the Manning Passing Camp, you were with Victor, Hakeem and Eli. How much did that help you?A: That helped out a lot with getting the play calls, watching film with Eli, going through the plays, walking through and then doing two-a-days. So that was good to get down there with him and it was just learning how to catch the ball from him. Every quarterback throws the ball different and he throws a really nice ball, a great ball.

Q: I would imagine catching a ball from a Super Bowl MVP is good.A: Yeah. He's deceptive, too. It looks like it's coming in easy, but it has some zip behind it. It's good just learning that, too, just building that chemistry, too.

Q: That can probably do things for a receiver who is looking to progress in his career.A: For sure. I'm just here just to make plays. Come in and help the team win. That's my main goal.


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