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RB Ahmad Bradshaw - 10/22


Q: How did you come through the game yesterday?
A: I'm great. I feel good. It's a great day, a great win and continue to feel great. |

Q: Did your foot factor into your number of carries?
A: No, I don't think so. They just had a great scheme and we just didn't run the ball that much.

Q: Did you know going in that Tom wanted to mix it up a little bit more?
A: We knew that they'd keep the safety down and tried to stop us from running and that had kind of stopped us. So we figured we could just throw it over their head and try to beat the safeties.

Q: What was the exchange with Tom Coughlin about?
A: Nothing. I'm just saying run the ball. Going on the field, a lot of my emotions kick in and I just want to help my team win as much as possible.

Q: Do you think you gave Victor a concussion with that slap?
A: No. We're just always trying to get better. We're trying to make each other better and we deserve it.

Q: You were saying run the ball to Tom?
A: Yeah.

Q: Did you want to run the ball more than you did?
A: I just wanted to help my team win and any chance I can get, that's what I want.

Q: How important is being emotional to your success?
A: It helps our team. It pumps our line up. It gives us a lot of emotion going out on the field in different drives and when we need it, I just try to hype myself as much as possible.

Q: Do you remember what Tom's retort was when you said let's run the ball?
A: He's animated just like I am and we're just excited to go out.

Q: You guys both know that you're just fiery?
A: Yeah. That's the thing about this team; we all just want to win. Anything we can do to help, I think it helps.

Q: How much of the emotional spark is necessary now; Brandon Jacobs used to provide that a lot? He's not here. Do you feel like you need to step up in that regard?
A: I try to take a place in our offense and be the emotional leader and I feel to help our line and motivate our line to go out and be motivated for a certain drive, I feel like speaking up helps.

Q: Andre Brown got a couple of plays on the goal line. Is it tough for you to come out on the goal line?
A: No. He just got a couple of plays, different goal line plays for Andre and that's where we've been successful and it's helping.

Q: Jerry Jones said people are coming to watch the Cowboys kick your ass. Is that something that guys in here remember?
A: Definitely. We take pride in the billboard postings and different things, which motivates our team, and we just use it all for motivation for the game. 


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