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RB Ahmad Bradshaw - 11/23

A: I'm getting a little healthier, I feel; getting a little firm on my feet and I felt good today at practice.

Q: Do you guys sense with Dallas losing that you guys can really open up a lead in the division?
A: On that aspect, we don't really pay attention to it. We just worry about what we can do. We just want to take advantage of this right now. It's a big opportunity, so why not?

Q: Do you think the Packers are a tough team?
A: With a leader in Clay Matthews, who never stops and has a high motor, they just never quit and they're a tough team. They're physical and we've just got to be a physical team this week and we'll be fine.

Q: How different do you think they would be if Matthews doesn't play?
A: They're no different. They played Detroit last week without him and they did what they had to do. I don't know if it's any different without him. They're a good team.

Q: Do you think you have an advantage because of the rest due to the bye?
A: They played last week and you just never know how we're going to start off and hopefully we start fast and finish.

Q: Did the bye help you health-wise?
A: Yeah. A lot of rest.

Q: How much are you guys just looking forward to getting out there?
A: We can't wait. I was just talking to the linemen today about just getting back to football. G-Men football is what we call it and if we can get that started, get going offensively, we can give the team a spark and be ready.

Q: What's the key for you guys in the red zone?
A: Just score. That's the key for every red zone team or every red zone. Any time you're in the red zone, you should score and that's just what we have to work on. Just finishing the drives and the plays and I think we'll be fine.


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