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RB Ahmad Bradshaw - 12/27


Q: What's your take on which team is going to show up?**A: We can't worry about anybody else but us. All we can do is worry about the Philadelphia Eagles and what we're going to do and how we're going to execute.

Q: Are you convinced there will be some passion and playing with pride?A: Definitely. This team has been in this predicament before and we just don't want to end this season on a bad note. So our plan is to come out hard and play our hardest.

Q: What's the state of the team's confidence now and how do you summon that up?A: We're gaining it as the week goes and that's what we're practicing.

Q: The numbers in the running game have not been there. Is that what you see?A: Definitely. That's just what happens with the game and how it goes. When you're playing behind you have to pass a whole lot and all we can do is just execute what we can. The offensive line has been doing great up front running the ball, just getting the quick jump on the guys. The running backs have been trying to get four yards or more, so it's just our take on the running game.

Q: You're less than 100 yards shy of 1000 yards. Does it mean anything or is the win more important?A: Definitely the win. Just where I've been all season… I missed a couple of games and sat out half of a couple of games, but we're not worrying about 1,000 right now. All we can worry about is our execution and hopefully that will come.

Q: You've been around for two seasons following Super Bowls. Has this one been harder?A: No. I can't say this year has, I guess, because the recent one. The one where we lost to Philly in the first game of the playoffs was pretty tough, but other than that… We can't think about last year and what we did last year. It's all about this team. We're a way different team and it's a whole lot of new guys on this team.

Q: Getting ready for the last game of the season, do you look around and wonder who might be back?A: Of course. There's going to be a lot of guys that are gone next year and you just never know. You never know who is going to be gone. It could be me. It could be anybody, so you've just got to just praise the time that you have with the guys that are here.

Q: Is your knee feeling better?A: Oh yeah. I feel a lot better today or this week. I guess the game helped a whole lot, just putting the pounding to it, and I think I just get immune to the pain as my injuries go. I guess I can take it a little more.

Q: Do you think you'll rest after the season?A: Yeah. Definitely, but it's against my nature. I just always want to stay in shape or just be mentally focused and ready. I guess resting is not in my regimen.

Q: You don't think you'll have to have any surgery?A: Not as of right now. We'll see after physicals at the end of the year and see where we've got to go with that.

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