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RB Ahmad Bradshaw

Q: What are your thoughts about the running game so far this season?

A: I think we all feel good out there about the running game. Coaches said we're going to get back to running the ball this year, and the backs are really excited about it. I think the running game will be good.

Q: What have you guys done differently in training camp that you think you're going to run the ball more?
A: We run the ball. In training camp, it takes a lot of repetition. That's what we've been doing. We've been really running the ball a lot, a lot more than last year. The run opens up the pass, and the pass opens up the run. I think running the ball will be more effective.

Q: Has your role changed in the offense?
A: It just comes that way. I'm expecting a lot more from the offense, and I'm expecting to help out a lot.

Q: Do you think about your feet and ankle injuries while you're out there?
A: Not when I'm out there, I feel good out there. If anything, it hurts when I get off the field. If anything, it's just a little sore. Everything feels great when I'm out there.

Q: Anything on the field that reminds you of your injuries?
A: No. Not at all. I feel great about it. I feel 100 percent compared to last year.

Q: When is the last time you felt it?
A: Two months after surgery.

Q: On the field?
A: Last year. After my surgery, I felt tremendous.

Q: You had a theory that maybe your style, running on the outside of your feet, contributed to that. Is that something that might happen every year?
A: That's just my running style. I run on the outside of my feet. Like I said, the fifth metatarsal is right under me. So, it was easy for the injury. I feel good now. I'm still running the same and I feel good on my feet.

Q: Anything you did to your shoes?
A: Just insoles. Just the regular things. I try to stay off of them as much as I can when it's possible. Just as long as they aren't as sore as they were last year, I feel good.

Q: Two years ago, the team led the league in rushing, then last year you struggled. Are you guys chomping at the bit to show what you can do?
A: The coaches just put the plays out there and we just run them. We expect to run the ball a lot more this year. We didn't have a lot of carries last year as they summed up.

Q: Does it concern you that two of your offensive linemen are off the field with injuries?
A: Not at all. They're tough guys. We know they'll be back as strong as they can. We know the guys that back them up are going to do just as good.

Q: How much did not practicing hurt you last year?
A: It hurt tremendously. The repetition helps. In this league, you need a lot of repetition. You need to get a feel for the game the whole week. The feel for the different teams that we play and that we rep against in practice. Not practicing hurts more than it can help.

Q: Are you surprised that you're going two-a-days?
A: No, not at all. I planned on it. I worked hard this offseason just to get used to the pounding and getting used to working my feet twice a day. Just running twice a day. I felt that I was going to come out here and practice twice a day.

Q: They're so cautious with guys coming off injuries though…do they not care about you or did you tell them they could do it?
A: I just felt like coming out and practicing twice a day would really help our team as much as possible. Sitting out practice would hurt myself. When you sit out of practice, and when you sit out for a day or two, it hurts to come back and get your feet back under you when you're a running back. I feel that practicing twice a day will keep my feet back under me. At least if I have to take off a couple of plays or just do a couple plays a day.

Q: Did they come to you or did you go to them?
A: No, I said I wanted to go play two-a-days. They said the one-a-day guys will practice in the evening, and I just felt that I could practice both times. So I thought I should practice for both practices.

Q: You're good with that?
A: I feel good. I feel good.

Q: Do you get extra treatment in between workouts?
A: Oh yeah. Just a lot of icing. Like I said, I don't feel bad at all. I don't feel like the injuries are coming back to me right now. Just the soreness, and you can always tell that you had surgery. The icing helps tremendously.

Q: Come September, are you eager to remind people what you can do?
A: I can't wait. I just felt that I was limited last year on my feet. This year, I feel great.

Q: Is it just a lack of soreness right now? Do you feel more explosive right now?
A: I'm on my feet and I'm out there running plays, certain types of plays. I feel good.

Q: You know Brandon Jacobs as well as anybody…how hungry is he this year?
A: We have some hunger in our room. Me and Brandon are roommates, and we talk everyday about how hungry we are and how excited we are to be running this team.

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