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RB Ahmad Bradshaw


Q: Are you worried about Brandon not being there this week?

A: I think they are taking care of it and I think that he is progressing and the swelling is going down. Hopefully he will be back as soon as possible.

Q: You don't mind being the main guy in the backfield?

A: No, I don't mind. Whatever they give me I am ready for. Hopefully we can get a lot of plays running the ball this week and protecting the pass. Hopefully I will be in there.

Q: What have you seen for the Bills run defense?

A: They like to flow hard and that is what we are looking for, a lot of zone plays. A lot of their interceptions come from a lot of tipped passes and we just can't be that careless.

Q: Do you see an opportunity to jump start the running game this week?

A: We take it for what it is worth. We are going to come out and try our best. Up front, we have to handle them and we have to hit the holes hard.

Q: Are you frustrated?

A: As a running back, you just hope they come. I believe in my line and I figure that they get better every week and hopefully this week they are 10 times better. 

Q: Is there a different approach this week?

A: We are coming off a loss, so of course we are approaching it different. Of course, everybody is ready to go and get a win but all we can do is play our game. Hopefully we come out successful.   !

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