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RB Ahmad Bradshaw

Q: Looking forward to a good test from the Jets' defense this weekend to see where you guys are at as an offense?
A: Yeah, they always have a great package on defense. They run a bit of a 3-4 so it's going to be a good test for our offense and our running backs to get used to.

Q: Is it good to be back in your normal routine here in this facility?
A: Yeah. It's always good to be back home. We have great facilities here, so I can't wait to get back to them.

Q: You still have a few weeks but I'm sure you want to get this running game hitting on all cylinders, right?
A: That's the plan. In the running back room, we want to just get started and be a spark to this offense.

Q: Sometimes preseason games can be rather mundane and monotonous, but the buzz in this stadium with the Jets, I would imagine, get you guys going a little bit?
A: We always come to play no matter who it is. The Jets are a great opponent to play this week, just to get us ready for the regular season. The 3-4 defense, offensively, on an offensive standpoint. They're always a great team. I'm sure they'll be a great challenge.

Q: Your old buddy Brandon Jacobs said the Jets are never going to one up the Giants, they think they own this town, even though they don't. I kind of got the feeling he was saying things that maybe you guys feel?
A: You get what you see. Like I say, we come to play no matter who it is. The Jets are the hometown rivals, but we just come to play with whoever.


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