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RB Ahmad Bradshaw Interview


Q: What does it mean to have Brandon Jacobs back out there?

A: It is just being together on the sidelines again and getting each other amped up to go out and play football. It is a blessing to have him.

Q: Does having someone else take reps help you get through a game?

A: It helps in the long run. During practice it takes off reps and it helps with our legs being a running back. Also in the games and having that extra power coming off the bench is a lot of help.  

* *

Q: Have we seen the best that the two of you can do?

A: I don't think so. I think we have a lot to come this year. Right now, our rushing numbers aren't where we need them to be. We are taking that into consideration and plan to do better.  

* *

Q: Can you handle 20-25 carries on a regular basis?

A: Of course, I want the ball as much as I can or as much as I can get it. The way the game has been going, it has been like that. I am just ready for any load, it doesn't matter.   

* *

Q: How did you feel after the game?

A: I felt fine. I didn't take any big hits or anything so my legs felt great after.  

* *

Q: What went right in the Buffalo game?

A: I think we did a lot better upfront. Just the courses from us backs and being able to take the hand off and being able to make a move at the line and getting a couple yards here and there. It helps and I think we beat them physically so I think we came to play.

* *

Q: Do you sense the frustration from Brandon Jacobs?

A: No, I don't sense it. I am sure he will have a lot more fun being on the field with us this week. Being running backs, we want the ball all the time and I think that is where he is coming from.

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