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RB Ahmad Bradshaw Interview


Q: How are you feeling?

A: I feel great. I am getting better every day. I have a fractured foot and it is healing every day. It is a bone and it takes a while for it to heal so I am working on it.

Q: Are you still trying to push through it with no surgery?

A: Oh yes, definitely. I have a screw in the foot and it is a fracture outside of it. It is the healing of the bone. I can take the pain of the bone, walking around on the bone and putting the pressure on the bone. I will be right back out there.

* *

Q: When do you think you will be able to go out and give it a test?

A: I probably could now but I want to rest it as much as I can. Maybe there is a chance I get out there this week and maybe not.

* *

Q: You were walking today feeling good?

A: I feel good. I am surprised myself with how much progress I have been through and gained. Time will tell and I will be fine.    

* *

Q: What kind of treatment are you going through?

A: It is just rest because it is a bone and you can't do too much with it. I get bone stim and a lot of ice and let it rest. That is the best treatment for it. 

* *

Q:Do you plan on having surgery this offseason?

A: I am not even looking that far, man. I am focused on right now.   

Q: How did the injury occur?

A: I really don't know. It is a screw in the bone and it looks like I got rolled up on. I didn't feel it at the exact moment, I felt it when I was running off the field. I run on the outside of my feet so that puts more weight on the bones on the outside of my feet so it is a better chance of it fracturing.  

* *

Q: Do you think you will try practice next week?

A: Yes, definitely. I feel good right now and every day it is getting better. We are going to take it day-by-day. I feel good this week but next week could be a different story. I think I will be about to jump out there and at least put all my weight on my foot.

* *

Q: Are you comfortable enough to say you will play against the Saints?

A: Yes, I am comfortable enough to say I am going to try to go next week.

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